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    As time passes, New York’s marriage between fashion and nightlife has proven to be the LGBTQ community’s longest standing relationship. For decades, the art of dress has been practiced among queers to express themselves, but fashion has a way to either hide or embellish the truth. At a time when fear of retaliation was veiled with the suit and tie, the events at Stonewall initiated a dialogue for what it means to be truly “out”. It was in bars like this where an acceptance among peers developed into a community—strong enough to stand up against a homophobic society.

    As we approach 47 years of unwavering persistence, the urgency for equality and freedom of expression has never been more potent. In celebration of Pride, we’ve selected five bars for a special collection, highlighting the legacy of establishments—past and present— that cultivated communities still thriving within New York’s nightlife. The Stonewall Inn, The Eagle, The Monster, Meow Mix, and Cattyshack were selected by Opening Ceremony Co-Founder Humberto Leon, who started collecting memorabilia from these iconic bars after seeing so many spots he loved close down. As Humberto states, “Now more than ever, we stand behind these establishments that make our community strong.” 
    In light of the recent tragic events at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Opening Ceremony will donate 100% of all profits from this collection to the Pulse Victims Fund. To make a personal donation directly, click here.  

    Shop our collection of hoodies, tees, and hats celebrating Pride 2016 here.

     On left Zoey wears Meow Mix Chix T-Shirt in Navy, Tyler wears The Eagle Anniversary 1970 T-Shirt in Black. Zach wears the The Monster Hoodie in Red and Opening Ceremony Speckle Jacquard Slim Fit Shorts in Black Multi. Sally wears The Eagle Rock & Roll Friday T-Shirt in Black, Opening Ceremony Guilloché Jacquard Wide-Leg Pants in UV Blue, and Charly Embellished Leather Slip-Ons in White. Allen wears The Stonewall Inn T-Shirt in Black. Emily wears the CattyShack T-Shirt in Navy/Gold. Photography by Patrick Spears. All subjects self-styled. 

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    It can be stressful dropping a cool couple hundred on a new jacket only to discover that a friend (or worse, your nemesis) has the exact same one. So how do we stand out? One option is OC’s new embroidery station. It acts as another outlet to express your personal taste and aesthetics—like a tattoo, but you know, not permanent. Maybe your friend has the same OC varsity jacket, but we can bet it’s not covered with dozens of alien emojis.

    Which is why the cadillac of sewing machines just found a permanent home in our OCNY Soho store. The embroidery station is the brainchild of OC staffer Christopher Griggs who has some legit experience in the world of personalization. And lucky for us, he has a twin brother named Clayton who we recently recruited, because you know, two is better than one. The boys couldn’t be more passionate about all things embroidery, Chris states, “I love it because it brings people happiness to design their own things with a brand that they are already committed to—it makes you feel more connected to [Opening Ceremony]. It’s something fun and nice”.
    The brothers have set up an embroidery station at the back of the first floor men’s store, where you can peruse a collection of colorful monogram patches, which range from interpretations of tattoos and pop art, to emojis. Within an hour, you can get any of these patches or a personalized message embroidered onto your choice of OC’s varsity jackets, plain colored and tie-dye tees. The boy's estimate they can get around 30–40 done per day. Customers can hang out, charge their phones, shop around while they wait, or return the next day to collect.
    With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have a range of limited edition “dad” themed patches. Let that big chunk of coal know you care by emblazoning a jacket with “no. 1 DAD” or just embroider his home address onto the sleeve to insure he makes it home after a wild dad night out.

    Expect the range to keep getting weirder and more diverse as the boys continue to expand their operation. What are their immediate plans? Chris says, “Once I designed a mom monogram in the shape of a heart. I turned it upside down and made it look like balls.” Yes please.

    Stop by our OCNY Soho store this weekend to get the man you owe your life to a gift just in time for Father's Day or explore our online selection of styles hereAbove is OC Staffer Christopher Griggs, the brainchild behind OCNY Soho's embroidery station. Click through the slide show to get a closer look at our personalization services. Photography by Patrick Spears. 

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    We all support free nipples, yet we all agree to wear tops for most public occasions. With good reasons: tops provide elemental protection, can afford carriage pockets and provide a fashionable distinction. Yet while any chimp can pull a shirt over its head, the button-up shirt requires opposable thumbs to perform that crucial insertion. Benefits of the summertime shirt are myriad: frontside air flow, plus the versatility of button levels can compliment daytime to nighttime temperature changes. How high? Depends on temperature and venue. Always button from the bottom up, hence this is “dressing up.”  Regardless, the point emerges that the button-up shirt is really humanity’s premiere piece of distinguishment.

    Thankfully, the best part of choosing a shirt isn’t finding one, it’s limiting your choices. Whether you seek to stand out, cruise incognito, or allow intimates to examine your good taste, best choose this foundation garment with care. A standout, versatile top is the sort of piece that can define a summer, and the short-sleeve button-up offers many of the best entries in the quest for a most distinctive summertime piece. American and international designers incorporate the abstract, edible, tropical, monochrome and yinyang into their goods. No need to waste time “rolling up your sleeves,” because you’re already there and prepared. Don’t forget sunscreen. 
    Over a T-shirt or straight-to-skin, with shorts or pants tucked in or untucked, the button-up short-sleeve shirt can be dressy or relaxed as your mood or situation determines. Hats and sunglasses can help, but the gaze returns to the chest in this season of long days and longer nights. How many buttons you use is up to you, but be warned that you may not be the one unbuttoning it at the end of the night. For that matter, good luck getting it back on in the morning … And in that case, you should probably buy two—while you’re at it. 

    Click through the photo-journal above to celebrating Evolution with an array of short-sleeve dress shirts, then shop our full assortment hereJohn wears Death To Tennis The Mickey Shirt in Riot Print, Death To Tennis Ronan Pants in Mid Denim, and Calvin Klein Underwear x OC Crewneck Shirt in Multi. Sam wears Our Legacy Graffiti Palm Tree Shirt in White Multi and Chuang Qu Pleated Pants in CreamPhotography by Isabel Asha Penzilien; Styling by Dominick Myles Barcelona; Grooming by Yuhi Kim; Talent is John @Fusion and Sam @Fusion. Sam wears Dries Van

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    As part of our 2016: Year of China focus, we’ll be rolling out a special edition of our New To OC series to introduce some of the emerging Chinese designers we’re proud to carry this year. 
    Ornate, expressive, and romantic, Shanghai-based brand Poesia exhibits an otherworldly aesthetic — colorfully adorned with a fantastical savoir faire. From the delicately embroidered chinoiserie-inspired vignettes that brought to life the statuesque silhouettes of her Spring/Summer 2016 collection to her recent MAC collaboration, designer Chris Chang’s maximalist glamor knows no limits. Read about the inspiration behind the brand as our Year of China designer goes in depth about her latest collection, sappy romantic ballads, and her favorite design muse. 
    Shop all Poesia here 

    Name: Chris Chang
    Hometown: San Francisco/Taipei
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    One Chinese superstition no one knows about: I never use 4 on any of my codes or passwords because 4 rhymes with death in Chinese
    What is your current SS16 collection inspiration? Performing art of Kunqu out of Suzhou, China
    Do you have a design muse? Rei Kawakubo 
    Coolest place to visit in China: Yunnan and Tibet because I love their traditional costumes
    Favorite traditional Chinese dish? Dumplings
    What's your go-to karaoke song? All the romantic, mushy Chinese songs
    What makes you feel most at home where you currently live? My studio
    What do the Chinese characters in your name mean? It means a book store. ‘Wen Xuan’ is a pavilion of books.
    What Western pop culture topic was popular where you grew up? Gender equality in the work force and exploring the idea that women are just as capable as men and should be granted the same career opportunities
    Shop all Poesia . Click through the slideshow to see original sketches by the designer. 

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  • 06/20/16--21:00: All Ages Welcome
  • Each year when June comes around, we find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Figuratively that is. It’s officially pride month and as members of the LGBTQ+ family, it’s time to celebrate. When thinking about Pride, there is something about it that feels particularly youthful. Which by no means is a bad thing, it just does. Maybe it’s the ridiculously amazing parade costumes or the tenaciousness of today’s youth demanding that society address, and most importantly, understand identities outside the gender binary. Whatever the reason that made me associate the month’s celebration with youth culture, got me thinking about a lesson we’re taught from a young age. No, I’m not talking about that Easy Bake fucking Oven you should’ve never bought. I’m talking about a traditionalist value that transcends all boundaries and binaries: to respect your elders. After all, the spirit of activism and relentless perseverance had to start somewhere.   

    For our third collaboration with You-Do-You, the agender online fashion publication, we headed to Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) in Midtown to hang out with some incredibly young at heart 60 plus-ers. SAGE is the nation's first, largest, and oldest full-time LGBTQ+ senior center. But truthfully, calling this a ‘senior center’ doesn’t even do it justice. There’s yoga, a pretty rowdy game of Bingo, and Liza Minelli performances starring Michael, a 5-foot tall firecracker you’ll meet a little later. And every single person we met lived such decorated lives, the kind of stories you could sit down and listen to all day. 
    It’s hard not to feel old or at least sound like it when you say comments like, “back in the day” or “these kids don’t even know how good they have it,” but at the same time it’s hard to avoid it. When we headed to SAGE to photograph LGBTQ+ seniors, embracing that saying was really the goal. I thought great, let’s remind the world who paved the way—sure, it’s not perfect, but look how far we’ve come and these are the people who not only helped us get there but survived. Survived riots, survived extreme homophobia, survived the AIDS epidemic. Almost exactly one year after the Supreme Court Majority Opinion ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges, the government declared that finally same sex marriage was legal throughout the United States. So, now felt like the perfect time to learn from our elders, respect them, and honor everything they did and went through to get us where we are today. 
    Then Orlando happened. And everything I wanted to tell you changed. To be honest I didn’t even know what to write. This story was supposed to be a rite of passage for our LGBTQ+ community, a story the youngin’s could learn from. Something that would inspire them to speak on more injustices and band together to overcome them. Now everything felt heavy. How could we still be surrounded by so much hate? 
    Then I thought of Pearl. Pearl’s a 66-year-old HIV-positive transgender woman who survived the Vietnam War, AIDS Epidemic in New York City, and still kills it in a Kenzo jumpsuit. Pearl grew up not knowing what transgender was, causing her to question her sexuality. “I was in high school and I dated a straight cis woman. I wore my tuxedo and she wore this beautiful dress (and I had secretly wanted to wear that dress). I re

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  • 06/20/16--21:00: LeatherMen at Work
  • Both a sanctuary and a celebration, LGBTQ+ bars are the lifeblood to our society, cultivating community, establishing safe spaces, and empowering individuality. In honor of Pride, Opening Ceremony is celebrating some of New York City's most historic institutions that established themselves as the fabric to Manhattan and a foundation to the queer community. “It’s been frustrating to see spots that we love close down, so we’ve chosen to pay homage to places that are still going strong like The Eagle and Monster that we support and also those that we wish still existed. Now more than ever, we stand behind these establishments that make our community strong,” OC co-founder Humberto Leon on our recent collection of tees celebrating Pride and New York City’s sacred landmarks. 

    In our latest Dear New York series we delve deeper into the city’s iconic gay bars, interviewing the original owners of these revolutionary establishments. Considered a subversive alternative to post-WWII bike motorcycle clubs, leather bars first got their footing in World War II. Today, they are a larger part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum as well as mainstream heteronormative society. Tom Finland fans will always call leather bars their first home, as they provided a safe space to explore kink, BDSM and sexuality, for all genders and interests alike. 
    For the first feature, khaki’s are strictly prohibited.  Below The Eagle NYC owner Derek Danton tells us the ins and outs of running one of New York City’s most established gay leather bars.  

    CHRISTIANE NICKEL: Tell us more about the history and legacy of The Eagle NYC.
    DEREK DANTON: The Eagle first opened its doors as the Eagle Open Kitchen in 1970 on 21st Street and the West Side Highway. It was called the Eagle's Nest back then. It was a bar that projected an uber masculine vibe laced with hyper sexuality. Leathermen, bikers, construction workers, cowboys, cops, these were the images that one might expect at the Eagle. But because of the Stonewall Riots in 1969 and a new sense of empowerment, it was also a place of community, and of shared hopes for a tolerant society.
    What were some of your greatest moments?
    I think the greatest moment for me was when we re-opened the Eagle on 28th St. on October 5, 2001. It was right after that tragedy that was 9/11. The city was in shock. We were struggling to open and no building inspectors were available to inspect the construction. What to do? We closed up the walls and opened the bar not knowing if the city was going to shut us down or even if any customers would show up. At 10 that night there was a line down the street to get in. It was all word of mouth. We were packed and everybody had so much emotion to release that it was an amazing experience. We were going to be OK. Inspectors showed up a month later and told us we were completely compliant.

    How if at all, has your clientele changed over the years?
    The clientele is now younger and kinkier lol.

    What’s your message to the LGBTQ+ community and how is that reflected in your programming?
    My message is one of non-judgement and acceptance. We experience discrimination in

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    Both a sanctuary and a celebration, LGBTQ+ bars are the lifeblood to our society, cultivating community, establishing safe spaces, and empowering individuality. In honor of Pride, Opening Ceremony is celebrating some of New York City's most historic institutions that established themselves as the fabric of Manhattan and a foundation to the queer community. “It’s been frustrating to see spots that we love close down, so we’ve chosen to pay homage to places that are still going strong like The Eagle and Monster that we support and also those that we wish still existed. Now more than ever, we stand behind these establishments that make our community strong,” OC co-founder Humberto Leon on our recent collection of tees celebrating Pride and New York City’s sacred landmarks. 

    In our latest Dear New York series we delve deeper into the city’s iconic gay bars, interviewing the original owners of these revolutionary establishments. From its cameo in Chasing Amy, to Courtney Love swinging by for a game of pool, and even Kim Peirce, writer of Boys Don’t Cry stopping by to write screenplays, the famed establishment had a little something for everyone. Opened in 1994, Meow Mix had a good ten year run catering to lesbians, queers, femmes, butch drag queens, riot grrrls... you name it. With the disproportionate amount of gay bars, Meow Mix was a New York mainstay for lesbians and for a little feminist empowerment. Founder Brooke Webster tells us about the legendary East Village female-friendly bar that had a little something for everyone.   

    CHRISTIANE NICKEL: What was the idea behind Meow Mix?
    BROOKE WEBSTER: Meow Mix started as a party. I had just moved to New York and fell in love with the city. I went to a lot of queer spaces but the music they had was all the same. I was looking for a place that had more rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop and little bit of everything. Back in the day, the East Village was considered no man’s land and a lot of lesbians lived there (before moving to Brooklyn). I ended up throwing a weekly party there, at this one bar that wasn’t doing so well. However every night we had  our party, there would be a line down the block. e. Within six months, I made the bar owner an offer that I would buy the space and pay it off over time. This was back in 1994. It’s funny, I started with $10 flyers and ended up with a bar. 
    What was the culture and community like, how has it changed? 

    Back then we had a lot of riot grrrls, kids who listened to hip hop, activists, spoken word performers, and a familiar relationship with Michael Schmidt founder and promoter of SqueezeBox of the West Village. He used to also perform at a popular rock ‘n’ roll drag space in the area. 
    In terms of style, was there anything iconically Meow Mix? 

    It was such a mix of crowds depending on the night. But in general, I would say black T-shirts and tattoos. We had a lot of tattoo artists that would swing by. We used to throw this one party, Gloss, run by lipstick lesbians, so all the butches would show up before. A lot of straight women came out but more because they wanted to be at a place where they felt safe. 
    Can you recall some of the wildest moments? Greatest parties?

    We hosted a lot of different events from

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  • 06/24/16--21:00: We’re Here, We’re Queer
  • Dating back to 2010 when we marched with ACT UP to the San Francisco Dyke Parade and up until today, we’ve always supported and stood by our LGBTQ+ family. This year gives us all the reason more to celebrate. With the recent horrific hate crimes, ongoing transphobic sentiments, and discrimination against queer people of color, now is the time to stand in solidarity. From our interviews with the community members of SAGE, the nation’s largest LGBTQ senior center, to spotlighting New York City’s most legendary LGBTQ+ bars, to the Trans Pride March, we’re here, and we’re pretty damn queer. Illustration by The Blake Wright for Opening Ceremony.   

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  • 06/26/16--21:00: Trans Day of Action 2016
  • As part of our New York Pride festivies, last Friday afternoon 19-year-old photographer Meetka Otto headed over to Washington Square Park for Trans Day of Action 2016. The rally/memorial was organized by the Audre Lorde Project, an organization center geared towards LGBTSTGNC for people of color in the New York City area. June 24, 2016 marked the twelfth year of this event uniting trans and gender nonconforming individuals to stand against the violence and discrimination while honoring the justice and liberation. 

    Spirtual, cathartic, beautiful, and empowering, scroll through our latest Showing Out of the march above capturing some of our favorite moments from Trans Day of Action 2016. 
    Click through the slideshow to see more images from last Friday's Trans Day of Action in Washington Square Park. Photography by Meetka Otto

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  • 06/27/16--21:00: Parachuting With LONGJOURNEY
  • Established in 2012, LONGJOURNEY is a menswear line created by Alonzo Ester and Alex Carapetian. The LA-based duo is well known for taking traditional menswear, military uniforms, and sportswear to create designs that have a distinct vintage sensibility. Their label is a tribute to the “long journey” each garment and its materials have traveled. This Spring/Summer 2016, the brand makes use of parachute fabrics and original military drawcords to craft garments that are modern in silhouette, yet characterized by a quality and durability from another era. Below, the talent behind the brand lets us in on their design muses, alternative job dreams, and much more.

    Shop all LONGJOURNEY here

    Name: Alonzo Ester
    Hometown: Los Angeles
    Astrological sign: Leo
    What was your style like in high school: Back in the Days by Jamel Shabazz
    What's your current SS16 collection inspiration? The collection is loosely based on the film Empire of the Sun. It’s about an English boy who survived a Japanese prison camp. He’s obsessed with flight and that’s a huge undertone in the film. The idea that flying is freedom is what we took from it.
    Do you have a design muse? Family and friends
    Coolest place to visit where you currently reside (please state city): Art + Practice exhibition space in Leimert Park, Los Angeles
    If you were to do another job besides designing, what would it be? A monk
    Four nouns that define you: Believer, truth-seeker, art-lover, journeyman
    Name: Alex Carapetian
    Hometown: Boston
    Astrological sign: Gemini
    Hidden Talent: I can cook a decent breakfast
    What was your style like in high school? All over the place. I went from cargo shorts and dunks to an Afro to cornrows, might have ended with a Von Dutch hat ... Glad I don’t remember much of it.
    What's your current SS16 collection inspiration? Our overall inspiration is the transporting of materials used for one purpose into something completely different and new. LONGJOURNEY  Spring/Summer 2016 is created in part or with all vintage parachute materials.
    Do you have a design muse? Los Angeles and its environment. Just watching all the different types of people and being on the outskirts of downtown you see a lot. It helps us find beauty in the things people might overlook.
    Coolest place to visit where you currently reside: It’s cliché, but living in Los Angeles and being able to access beaches so easily. To find an escape by the water is pretty cool.
    If you were to do another job besides designing, what would it be? One of my first dreams was to be a restaurateur, so maybe open a small breakfast counter. That’s my favorite meal so I’d probably just serve that all day.
    What's your go-to karaoke song? I have never and will never perform karaoke. I don’t think anyone could ever get me drunk enough to do it.
    Four nouns that define you: Silent observer, obsessive compulsive, coffee addict, stat-junky
    Click through the slideshow to see all prod

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  • 06/28/16--21:00: Do You Believe in House?
  • You came to the right place for one-of-a-kind coverage of Men's Paris Fashion Week. In typical OC fashion, we're doing things a little differently—with just the show essentials and backstage highlights. With a set inspired by day-glo, Kenzo Men's Spring/Summer 2017 and Women's Resort 2017 collections pay homage to club life and its lore that narrates the past and paves the way for tomorrow. Above scroll through photos from last weekend's show in Paris.  

    Show: Kenzo
    Location: Le Carreau Du Temple
    Inspired By: “Nightlife is the soul of any city. Growing up in L.A. we had West Coast club life but New York night life was what we craved,” — Kenzo creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon
    Winning look: If I had to choose just one, it would have to be the storm tank top with the matching news boy hat, black high-waisted short shorts and backpack
    Wear it to: The club ... DUH 
    Spotted: Chloe Sevigny 
    Soundtrack: "New York House Mix" by Todd Terry 
    Reporters notes: For Spring/Summer 2017, Kenzo payed homage to NYC night life and this season, they definitely brought the party to Paris Fashion Week. There were graphics from early '90s NYC parties, snake skin prints, and T-shirts tucked into boxer shorts. The models stomped down the runway to house music in their "cliques." There were the cool Asians, twins, and a girl gang I would love to be a part of. The only party foul for this collection would be waiting for the collection to hit Opening Ceremony stores. 

    Below listen to Tee's Throwback New York House Mix compiled and mixed for Kenzo by Todd Perry and watch the video from the show.



    1. Todd Terry - Lil Crash (Tee's Crash Mix)
    2. Philippe B. & Todd Terry - Can You Feel It (Club Mix)
    3. Jungle Brothers - I'll House You
    4. The Todd Terry Project - Bango
    5. Class Action - Weekend 
    6. Maurice - This Is Acid 
    7. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On
    8. Todd Terry (feat Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown) - Keep On Jumpin' 

    Click through the slideshow to see runway and backstage photos from Kenzo Men's Spring/Summer 2017 and Women's Resort 2017 show.

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  • 06/28/16--21:00: Plaid Pursuits
  • Looking for a bit of OC merch to tote along everywhere you go? We’ve got you covered. As part of our ongoing celebration for the Year Of China, our beloved colorblocked shopping bags get redesigned to sport a more patterned variation. Taking inspiration from the traditional woven plaid pattern often seen on the streets of Chinatown, these bags lend a lighter, summer-ready silhouette to your carryall, beach bag, or let’s be real, stylish laundry tote (yes, there’s one big enough for all your dirty clothes). 

    Because there’s no such thing as a tote too small or too large. Available in all sizes, find one to fit all (or none) of your shit here
    Shop all sizes of the Opening Ceremony Chinatown Totes here.  

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  • 06/29/16--21:00: Smoke Up with Wendy
  • It wouldn’t be a proper Year Of China without talking about the incredibly important topic of food. You know, that thing that is not only essential to human existence, but has deep cultural and spiritual meanings in almost every society. And no, we’re not talking about General Tso’s chicken—though we may at some point… So don’t hold us too accountable. For this series we mean home cookin’... authentic Chinese recipes, kitchen secrets from a pro, and delve into each dish's societal value. To do this, we enlisted Wendy Leon, a 70-year-old China-native and a mother of three. Wendy’s not just any mama though, she’s the mother of Opening Ceremony Co-founder Humberto Leon which means she knows a thing to two about raising a good (creative) seed. 

    With America’s birthday right around the corner, it’s time to kick back and eat some meat. Fourth of July is one of those holidays that’s impossible to dislike. It’s a no pressure, three-day weekend that includes blowing shit up (hopefully responsibly) and really wearing whatever you want. Not to mention, there’s usually a lot of food involved, or as Adam Selman says, “It’s socially acceptable for people in the fashion industry to eat hot dogs in public.” This year, while people are firing up their grills, we decided to offer another option of the meat variety. Wendy Leon’s Mo Zek spare ribs (named after a city in China). These tasty little morsels are much easier to hold than a full size rib, and are sure to be a party favorite. Because after all, it doesn’t get more American than eating Chinese food on the Fourth of July… 
    Below we share Wendy’s recipe for the ultimate pork-filled party. 

    Chinese Spare Ribs
    Ingredients (Just like cooking should be, measurements aren’t exact and are meant to be played around with based on serving size etc.)
    4-5 slices of fresh ginger
    2 cloves of sliced garlic
    1 star anise
    2 lids cooking wine
    1 cup water
    4 tablespoons oyster sauce
    Soy Sauce (If you don’t care about using organic, Wendy recommends a dark mushroom soy sauce for a richer color)
    ¼ bundle scallions
    ½ block of Chinese brown sugar (make sure it’s made with sugar cane)
    1 rack of halved pork ribs (ask the butcher for Chinese style or to cut in half)
    Optional: Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar for a sweeter flavor!
    Heat oil in pot
    Throw in sliced ginger, garlic cloves, and star anise 
    Place ribs in the pot and saute for 2-3 minutes
    Add cooking wine, oyster sauce, brown sugar, and soy sauce to taste (we’ll add more later) 
    Give the ingredients a good stir and pour in water (feel free to add more soy sauce now)
    Cover the pot with a lid, lower the heat, and let the ribs cook for another 20-30 minutes
    Garnish with chopped scallions
    Wendy wears the Opening Ceremony Cut-Out Long-Sleeve Crew Top in carnation multi and J.W. Anderson

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  • 06/30/16--21:00: Soleful Empowerment
  • Shoes have long been a source for power, sex, and a metaphorical vehicle for success, but empowering, that’s a whole different story. The politics of footwear dates way back to ancient Greece where kothorni, or its modern day counterpart the flatform, expressed a more “elevated” character. While some feminists may argue heeled shoes are a symbol of patriarch, others would contest it’s a code for dominance. For our Pre-Fall 2016 footwear collection, the idea of empowerment took to new forms.

    Inspired by the ideas of a woman (finally) gracing a United States bill, we used graphic banknote designs, shimmering watermarks, and vertiginous silhouettes to convey this storied concept. Chrome wrapped heels and straps lend a stark architectural element that allude to metallic coins. The sinuous body-cinching silhouette of our jet-black Stretch Leather Thigh-High Boots provoke a venerable feel, while slim cut-outs along the top of our Dinero Nappa Leather High-Heel Mules and Livre Open-Back Leather Slides break up severity, adding a sharp graphic element. Finally, round-cut crystals outlining our Charly Embellished Leather Slip-Ons mirror flashing silver-metallic coins. Our cash-theme continues to run strong throughout our line of bags and accessories. A trio of “coins” varying in color are arranged across the front of Nev Zip Clutches, along with Lynx Crossbody Bags doused in that familiar muted green cheddar.
    Whether it’s a heel, crystalline embellishments or a pitch black palette, our latest footwear array provokes new forms of power. 
    Shop all Opening Ceremony Pre-Fall footwear and handbags.  
    Opening Ceremony Nokki Shiny Calf Crossbody Coins Bag in Black and Opening Ceremony Misha Shiny Calf Wallet in LavenderPhotography by Isabel Asha Penzilien; Styling by Zoey Radford Scott.Opening Ceremony Charly Embellished Leather Slip-Ons in WhiteOpening Ceremony Shiny End Chip Cardholder in

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  • 07/06/16--21:00: We Opened Up A Club
  • Today marks a special day at our Howard Street Men’s store, because our dream to open up a nightclub has finally come true (sort of). So queue up the drumroll please ... Opening Ceremony and Vans present Club USA. We teamed up with our Southern California friends to re-imagine the world of Vans through our own lense by presenting a whole new feel to the men’s third floor at 33 Howard Street. Since our beginning, we’ve always been inspired by sports, specifically how countries and people from all different backgrounds unite over athletic competitions. With a summer of sports ahead of us, it only made sense to let the games begin. 

    It goes without saying, Club USA is more than meets the eye. In case you didn’t know, Club USA was a nightclub back in the ’90s owned by Canadian venue owner, Peter Gatien who was also dubbed, “King of New York Clubs.” You might’ve heard of Limelight and Tunnel? Well, he owned those too. From Kenzo’s latest show in Paris to our recent collection of tees celebrating New York City’s historical gay bars, we here at Opening Ceremony are a little obsessed with a good nightlife scene. So, what better way to display our nocturnal fixation than to create our own club, well, club of clothes that is.
    For this new third floor, Max Lamb (who’s worked with us on our Ace pop-up store in London and Nordstrom shop-in-shops) created the theme of a “sneaker cave”—a neutral, blank canvas space where clothes are silhouetted as the medium. Lamb chose a minimal palette of three contrasting but complimenting materials: silky smooth aluminum, a rough-textured wall and ceiling, and a short pile carpet floor for added softness, quiet, and warmth. Contrasting colors split the room in half diagonally, where a cool cement grey in one corner is off-set by a fleshy make-up tone to give warmth. “I wanted the architecture of the space to become mono-material but not sterile, so the walls and ceiling merge as one surface,” said Lamb. “The corners and doorframes wrap together so that the anodized rails, shelves, and hooks seemingly float.” 
    Come see for yourself tomorrow when the space is open to the public. And if seeing Lamb’s new industrial designs doesn’t draw you in, to celebrate the opening, we’ll be launching new Vans for Opening Ceremony sneakers, including our Year of China Qi Pao Pack, re-issues of past exclusive colorways, and more recent drops by Vans Vault. And believe us when we say, this is just the beginning...

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    Click through the slideshow to see more images of Club USA, our remodel of the OCNY Men's third floor in collaboration with Vans. Shop our online World of Vans herePhotography by Michael Vahrenwald.

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    Last night, OC’s Howard Street store was transformed into a carnival of customization to celebrate our latest endeavor with our friends at Vans. The launch party kicked off the remodel of the Men’s third floor into Club USA, a space designed by Max Lamb and inspired by sports with a nod to New York nightlife. 
    Upon entering, guests received a raffle ticket to redeem a free pair of blank Vans footwear or an Opening Ceremony T-shirt. Depending on which item they picked, there was a variety of artists scattered throughout the women’s and men’s store they could choose from to customize their gear. Picked a pair of Sk8-Hi’s? Then head to the women’s mezzanine to check out Artist Scott Lenhardt’s airbrushing designs or venture on up to the men’s third floor for a little needlepoint love—or rather shade—from OC staffer Sally Oh, who was hand-stitching phrases like “Petty Bitch” or “Baby Boy.” In case it wasn’t obvious, we’ve been really into embroidery, and because three is better than one, last night we had exactly that many embroidery pros to choose from. Of course the Griggs Brothers were there with our latest selection of playful summer graphics along with How Could You? founder, Mia Weiner, hand-stitching her recognizable astrology designs and cheeky sayings, while Dennis Thomas created needlepoint works of art. Last but not least, you could find OC staffer and Tony Valentine founder Anthony Picarelli on the men’s second floor screenprinting (old-school style) his custom artwork onto tees. 
    Needless to say option paralysis kicked in. For real, how could you choose one? But the biggest challenge was just making it to a station. Endless beer and tequila is hard enough to avoid, but being surrounded by Laila Gohar’s breathtaking food installations you didn’t know whether to go back for seconds or direct your latest Instagram pic. With sounds by skater/DJ’s Jerome Chrome and Thewavybaby, the party was truly one for the records. Judging from our reputation (excuse the not-so humble brag), that’s saying a lot. 
    But seriously, don’t worry if you couldn’t make the party. Club USA is a permanent space celebrating special curated collections that tie back to Opening Ceremony’s collaborative DNA—so we mean it when we say, there is so much more to come ...
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    OC Staffer Quintessa (far right) and Guests. Photography by Patrick Spears. 

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  • 07/07/16--21:00: The Qi Pao Pack
  • We told you the party was just getting started … As part of our launch of Club USA, we’ve created another exclusive lineup of OG Classic Slip-On LX sneakers. While our history of Vans for Opening Ceremony drops go back pretty far, this collection feels extra special. Why? Because not only is it timed with Club USA (a symbol of our longtime friendship with Vans) but also our Year of China, which is part of our Olympic-inspired motto celebrating global diversity that we founded our company on. 
    Rightfully dubbed the Qi Pao Pack, these sneakers come wrapped in a luxurious silk brocade fabric and are available in three colors, black, pink, and red. So what exactly is qi pao? Qi pao, also known as cheongsam or Mandarin gown, is a form-fitting silk dress that first appeared in Shanghai during the 1920s and was popularized by socialites and upperclass women alike. This mid-length or full-length dress is characterized by a Mandarin collar, a diagonal placket with silk covered buttons, and tonal or contrasting binding that outline the silhouette. If you’ve ever seen Wong Kar Wai’s In The Mood For Love, you’ll get the picture.
    Now that we’ve given you a detailed rundown of our Qi Pao Pack, head over to our store or online shop to get your hands on exclusive sneakers, as well as new styles from Vans and Vans Vault.

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     Vans for Opening Ceremony OC-Exclusive OG Classic Slip-On LX Qi Pao Pack available in Black, Pink, and Red. Photography by Ignacio Torres.

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  • 07/10/16--21:00: Faster. Higher. Stronger.
  • Each year, the adidas Fanatic tournament gathers the creative kids of New York to show that you don’t have to be a jock to enjoy a good game of futbol. From Acne Studios to our friends at Ace Hotel, everyone’s favorite Howard Street lunch spot, The Smile to many more gathered at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 for the tournament this past Saturday. Consisting of eight players per team with six players on the field at all times, the games were short (twelve minutes to be exact), testing each company's ability to do one thing quickly: put the ball in the net. 
    It’d be crazy to gather New York’s stylish food, fashion, and lifestyle brands and not make the competition include one other integral part to a good sports team, the uniform. And while the Opening Ceremony team is still honing it’s soccer skills (for the record we don’t bring in ringers), we have mastered one thing, bringing home the title for "Best Jersey." This year was no different. Drawing inspiration stylistically from Chicano culture, OC’s soccer jerseys included custom calligraphy with the hand-written words "Citius, Altius, Fortius”, which is the Olympic motto written in Latin meaning “Faster, Higher, Stronger.” Emblazoning this message goes beyond our desire to compete on the field but also ties back  to our company’s mission. Opening Ceremony was founded on doing for fashion what the Olympics does for sports: bringing talented designers from all different countries and presenting them to the world. 
    So while our quest for the tournament title might have to wait ’til next year, at least our uniform’s design lived up to it’s motto—literally—and brought home (again) adidas Fanatic’s "Best Jersey" award. 
         Above OC Staffers Terrill Simecki, Christopher Griggs, and Andres Figueroa wearing our adidas Fanatic 2016 soccer uniforms. Click through the slideshow for a closer look at this year's 'Best Uniform' winners. Photography by Patrick Spears.adidas Originals Adilette Sandals in AdiBlue/White.

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    A day before the Euro Finals on Sunday, friends, family, and players gathered for another competition of the soccer variety: the adidas Fanatic tournament hosted annually by adidas Originals in Brooklyn Bridge Park. We're proud to say that six out of the eight years Opening Ceremony competed, we’ve brought home the “Best Jersey” category. Fortunately, the style at the all day event doesn’t stop there. 
    With teams like Acne Studios, Miss Lily’s, Kith, and more, the style competition on the field is almost as intense as it is off. Showing out their best athleisure looks they can find, fans and players took over Pier 5 on Saturday to enjoy lots of free beer, bbq, and soft serve. Even with storm predictions, how could you resist all that? So we enlisted photographer Tyra Mitchell to capture all us New York kids pretending to be jocks for the day—or at least dressing how we think/wish they would. 
    Scroll through the slideshow above to see our latest Showing Out, a series where we capture style in not-so-conventional places.   
     Scroll through the slideshow above to see our latest Showing Out at the adidas Fanatic tournament. Photography by Tyra Mitchell

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    In case we weren’t loud enough, last week we opened up Club USA, our own “club” on the Men’s third floor at our Soho store. So, it only made sense for us to come up with a capsule collection dedicated to nightlife’s national champs. With a month of sports ahead of us, Club USA finds inspiration in athletic style with a nod to New York nightlife. 
    Named after the ’90s club in Times Square, we stacked our summer roster with a capsule collection of unisex tanks and tees, tee dresses, caps, and souvenir pins. Drawing inspiration from ’80s and ’90s sportswear (and the era’s rave culture), each piece is accented with bold color-blocked logos, composition book prints, and vibrant summer hues. To accompany all this, we put together a special editorial showcasing the collection, shot by longtime OC friend Christelle de Castro. The shoot was set in an industrial backdrop to give all the feels of old New York (or before Giuliani got his hands on things), when ravers were ending a late, or rather early night out. 
    View the full editorial here
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    View the full editorial here. Photography by Christelle de Castro; Styling by Kindall Almond.

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