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    The fashion world is always looking for the next “it color.” From the constant stream of articles on websites or in magazines with titles like “The Color You Should Be Wearing This Season,” to the public anxiously awaiting Pantone’s supreme judgement on the Color Of The Year, we as a society have a need to encapsulate the current trends into a single swatch. There’s no science—or possibly even reason—behind it; some shadowy board of fashion elite simply must meet and decide what hue is going to be highlighted each and every season.

    Not to add fuel to this inexplicable fire, but cobalt blue does seem to be a popular color in the accessories department at the moment. Bonafide trend or not, the color has gained some serious traction with everyone from Proenza Schouler to Olympia Le-Tan. It’s easy to see why, too: cobalt adds a pop without being overpowering, as well as being easy to mix and match with basically any other color in your wardrobe. Look, we’re just stating facts here. If there must be a color mascot for Fall/Winter 2015, we say why not cobalt?Clockwise from top left: Proenza Schouler Pebbled Leather Small Courier Backpack in new navy, Olympia Le-Tan Crime and Punishment Book Clutch in blue/white, Kenzo Gommato Leather Mini Kalifornia Tote Bag in bleu marine, URiBE ED Lapis Ring in 18K gold plated, URiBE DEAN Lapis Double Ring in 18K gold plated, Comme Des Garcons New Classic Luxury Long Wallet in blue, Sun Buddies for Opening Ceremony Type 02 Sunglasses in blue sky, Proenza Schouler Pebbled Leather Extra Small Courier Bag in new navy

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    We all have that moment where Friday night rolls around and a Netflix binge is the primary “event” option. In order to cure your major case of FOMO, we’ve teamed up with The Mirror Cube, a new happenings site that features events recommended by artists. With their expert panel of visual artists, actors, writers, and directors, The Mirror Cube brings you the lowdown on what shows, screenings, and exhibits you should check out each week in New York and Los Angeles.

    NY: The Night of the Shooting Stars at Film Forum
    Aug 12-18
    Picked by: The Mirror Cube
    What: The Taviani Brothers’ magic realist war film follows a small Italian village defending itself from retreating Nazi soldiers.

    Why Go: Newly restored under the directors’ supervision, this fantastical WWII film won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival. Critic Pauline Kael called it “so good it’s thrilling.”

    NY: Cherry Glazerr at Baby’s All Right
    August 12 at 8 PM
    Picked by: Natalie Neal
    What: The LA garage rock trio makes a stop in New York while promoting its 2014 debut album, Haxel Princess.

    Why Go: Pitchfork called the band’s single, “Had Ten Dollaz,” “effortlessly cool.” Cherry Glazerr is steadily on the rise, and clearly French fashion label Yves Saint Laurent agrees: it chose the band’s tunes for its Fall 2014 show.

    NY: China: Through The Looking Glass at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Through August 16
    Picked by: The Mirror Cube
    What: The Costume Institute’s lavish exhibition explores how China has indelibly influenced design in the West.

    Why Go: The show includes both film and artifacts from the museum’s expansive Department of Asian Art, leading the Wall Street Journalto call the deluxe exhibition a “multimedia extravaganza that moves between quiet contemplation and brilliant visual assault.”

    LA: Hanni El Khatib, Deap Vally, and more at Echo Park Rising
    August 14-16
    Picked by: Lili Peper
    What: More than 300 bands will hit Echo Park in this annual weekend event that features live music on multiple stages and in area businesses, as well as food trucks, art galleries, and an emphasis on local creativity.

    Why Go: The lineup is filled with LA talent, including punk band No Parents, psych-rockers Dengue Fever, singer-songwriter Hanni El Khatib, and indie rock duo Deap Vally.

    LA: New Original Works Festival at REDCAT
    Through August 15
    Picked by:

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    Fashion Week is not just about fashion. While the main event is technically the extravagant clothes, shows can sometimes turn into swarms of sweaty photographers, bloggers thirsting for photo ops, and flashing lights, lights, lights, lights…

    Corny Kanye moment aside, Fashion Week shows and afterparties are a hub for capturing the backstage craziness, model slip-ups, and new runway developments. Since the Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2015 collection was inspired by Spike Jonze’s early archive of work, we knew we had to capture our show in a way that would make our favorite director/photographer proud. In addition to giving our unlikely skate rats the reigns by sending them off with disposable cameras, we also had Kodak officials capture the many moments with their celebrated 35mm or 120 medium format film.

    All photographers (and selfie professionals) understand that taking the perfect image at a fashion event is hard enough with a digital camera, but getting the perfect shot with unforgiving film poses an even more exciting challenge. But who’s to say that method is strictly for experts?

    Below, Matthew Stoffel, who works in Kodak’s Chief Marketing Office and was there to photograph our Fall/Winter 2015 show, shares five tips on how to capture the perfect fashion shot with a film camera.

    Shop all Opening Ceremony men’s and women’s

    Choose Your Film Stock
    Do you want to shoot black and white? What about higher saturation? When shooting film you’ve got options and you need to spend some time learning about the capabilities of each. Although film stocks are versatile and ultimately an esthetic choice to be made by the photographer, some film stocks are designed to work better for certain subjects or situations. Read up on the characteristics of the film so you know what to expect. KODAK PORTRA Color Negative Film was the perfect choice for shooting the Kodak Capsule and the rest of the fall collection because it renders natural skin tones and colors.

    Choose Your Format
    For film, your camera dictates your format. There have been many over the years, but 35mm, medium format, and large format, are quite popular now. 35mm (or 135) comes in those convenient canisters that make loading and unloading the camera very simple, with 36 exposures to a roll. Medium format is often called 120 or 220 and the film is on a spool. My camera gets 16 frames of 120 and 32 frames of 220. Large format is just that—large! The film is typically in sheets, not a roll. The cameras are also quite large. I shoot with 135 and 120 format cameras and brought both with me to the show. Having 36 exposures of 35mm meant I didn’t miss anything, and I shot medium format for the increased resolution. That helped to show the details in the fabrics and prints.

    Pack Right
    Shooting film tends to make you more committed and planning is very important. Think about what you’ll need while shooting and work with what you’ve got. I knew with the huge crowd at the show that I didn’t want to bring any accessories or lighting because there probably wouldn’t be much room for them. I had my came

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    This month, Opening Ceremony is taking our juice cleanse to the next level with a new edition of Sartorial Snacks, where food and fashion mix (literally) to create the perfect concoction. In the spirit of healthy living and our new produce-inspired Pre-Fall 2015 collection, we’re introducing you to some of our fave juicers, with personal recipes to match.

    It’s safe to assume that many of us have a very low tolerance for social-media food pictures. Seriously, why are so many people obsessed with sharing their food and beverage choices? However, there’s always that moment when our judgements quickly turn into hypocrisy… We see that one food picture—or in this case Instagram account—and we can’t look away. Suddenly the meaning behind food porn becomes crystal clear.

    To put it not-so-lightly, when we stumbled upon Stephanie Park we fell into a very hungry Instagram k-hole. At one moment I realized I was staring at her Instagram so aggressively, that I suddenly looked around, afraid someone would catch me. So it was settled: we had to meet this girl who made healthy food look so appetizing.

    Stephanie was an art director working in advertising, and if you know anything about agency life, it almost always means long hours and lots of takeout. Like many of us, the “I’m unhealthy” lightbulb went off and she decided to do something about it. Stephanie started cooking at home, which quickly became more than a healthy life choice, but also a creative hobby. Recently, Stephanie decided to pursue her passion full-time and is about to announce a top-secret business venture in the healthy-living space… And judging from her Instagram, we can safely say you’ll want to be on the lookout.

    Below, Stephanie chats more about her healthy living journey and reveals her Orange Boost juice recipe that she recommends to kickstart your morning.

    Shop all Opening Ceremony men’s and women’s

    CARLY AIMI: Food pics are an endless debate on Instagram. I’ve seen awful ones, there are amazing ones. Do you have any tips for rookies? How do you make them look so beautiful?
    STEPHANIE PARK: I would say really just focus on the food. You can see that I put a lot of thought into the decorations and what goes into things like the plating. I’m just making the food shine. If I have an ingredient that I use, I’ll also use it as a decoration in order to create a story. It’s also important for me for people to feel they can do it themselves and that it’s easy, instead of just a beautiful picture.

    Why did you choose to create this juice today?
    It’s funny with juicing, I tried it a few years ago and wasn’t into it. I would buy blueprint cleanses, 3-day, 5-day cleanses, and they would never stick. It was too restrictive. I started making juice on my own because I’m particular about flavors. It made me appreciate every ingredient used and how they all blend together. I love thinking, “Oh, that&

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    “They slip in and out real easy, like blunts
    you can get different colors, like rainbows
    Since 1966, Vans had set a trend
    I got a blue pair, yeah, in a size 10
    Get your grown man on, when you wear top-siders…

    Slip ‘em off, slip ‘em on, cuff in my pants
    So they don’t get torn in the back
    It’s a punk rock shoe, with a logo in the back”

    And so goes The Pack’s 2006 hyphy hit “Vans.” The hit track not only helped introduce a whole new audience of sneaker enthusiasts to the classic shoe, but The Pack rapper Lil Uno spit some serious truths when he mentioned that Vans have set a trend since 1966.

    On March 16, 1966, in the town of Anaheim, California, Paul Van Doren opened The Van Doren Rubber Company, the first brick-and-mortar Vans location bearing the original name. The Van Doren Rubber Company’s original styles sold in the store were unique in the sense that the company would manufacture the shoes on the spot and then sell them directly to the public. The popular story goes that during The Van Doren Rubber Company’s first open day, 12 customers purchased sneaker styles in the morning and picked up the finished products later in the afternoon. This first range of Vans styles would come to be known as Authentics.

    During the ‘70s, skateboarding culture began to play a major part in the development of the brand’s sneaker styles. In 1975, skate icons Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta designed the “Era” style, which would become the shoe of choice for a generation of skateboarders thanks to its padded collar, sticky waffle sole bottom, and distinct color variations. Fast-forward two decades later, Vans would help finance the production of Peralta’s award-winning Dogtown and Z-Boys documentary, which showcases a Vans sneaker on its poster as well as on the feet of various skate legends throughout the film.

    By the late ‘70s, a new trend was taking shape: young kids were beginning to color in the waffle sole bottoms of their shoes and Vans took notice. In 1982, Vans Slip-Ons had their official mainstream debut thanks to Sean Penn’s Jeff Spicoli character in the cult-classic film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Spicoli sported black-and-white checkered slip-ons, inspired by waffle sole doodles, throughout the movie, and they even appeared on the cover of the film’s soundtrack. Leave it to a pair of Vans to beat out Phoebe Cates’ bikini-drop moment.

    In the late ‘80s, Vans expanded its sneaker styles to include a line of wrestling, basketball, and skydiving shoes. Yes, there is such a thing as skydiving sneakers… But by the mid-’90s, Vans returned back to its roots with the introduction of the brand’s first 46,000 square-foot Vans Skatepark in Orange County. The brand would go on to open skateparks around the coun

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    If there’s anyone that embodies the title “Bad Bitch,” it’s the heroines of the Japanese gaming world. Don’t be quick to oversexuallize, or intellectually diminish, the term. Per Urban Dictionary, a Bad Bitch is defined as:

    A self respected, strong female who has everything together. That consists of body, mind, finances, and swagger. Also, a female who does & gets hers by any means necessary.

    If my current self and ten-year-old gaming self could agree on one thing, it would be that the guerilla-style trained assassins of Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, unquestionably fit this mold. If you’ve ever played the Final Fantasy series, you know the influence it’s had on style, cinema, and female bravado in the gaming world. X-2 features an all-female main cast, and a dangerously enchanting one at that. Rikku, Yuna, and Paine, are a crew of lethal activists, femme fatales, and unexpected style icons.

    In our new editorial, Assassins In Rodarte, we recreate their looks. Paine is a dark and somber soul, bearing a mysterious yet threatening demeanor. The dominatrix sports Zana Bayne bondage gear, accessorizing Alexander Wang and Rachel Comey get-ups. Rikku, your bursting, bubbly blonde, wears designers such as J.W. Anderson, Rodarte, Atsuko Kudo, and Giamba, that compliment her unique, elfish beauty. Her free spirit is what gets her into trouble as well as out of it: an innocent flame with a powerful burn. And Yuna, the humanitarian, naive leader, and angelic force, is always looking for the good in others. The humble beauty/femme fatale flaunts Jacquemus, Issey Miyake, and Galvan, all whilst mercilessly slaying a villain or two. After all, a bad bitch never takes her eyes off the prize.

    It’s no secret that power seems to travel in threes (insert reference to Charlie’s Angels, Powerpuff Girls, or Destiny’s Child here). In the world of Final Fantasy X-2, strong women need not seek fame or recognition, they simply receive it in the process of fighting for justice, seducing for necessity, and innovating for success. Were you to see such exquisite creatures in real life, you might not even recognize them. As Paine mutters under her breath, “Don't forget that notoriety can be a bad thing.”
    Zana Bayne Woven Face Mask in black and Rachel Comey Badge Chino Twill Jumpsuit in charcoal. Photos by Tyler Adams; Styling by Erika Flynn and Casey ReaRachel Comey Badge Chino Twill Jumpsuit in charcoal and Opening Ceremony Grunge Double Zip Shiny Booties in black. 

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    Since its introduction to the fashion public, the Kenzo Tiger logo has reached cult-status while gracing its way onto sweatshirts, tees, sneakers, and onesies. For Pre-Fall 2015, the ferocious feline migrates to new territory: the classic polo.

    The polo shirt is used to the chic treatment. Since it was first introduced to the world on the tennis court in the mid-20s, the cotton shirt has undergone subtle changes and styling updates fit for royalty (and everyday dressers as well). Besides remaining a symbol of both sport and social status, the cotton shirt has also moved on to the closets of the high-end fashion world, proving that elegance can continue off of the tennis courts where the shirt originated. This season, risky fashion followers and preppy advocates alike proved that the comfortable polo is a closet staple that can be worn with a signature pleated tennis skirt and preppy sneakers, or more unique choices such as wide leg pants, platform heels, and printed pencil skirts.

    So it only makes sense that the iconic polo and Tiger logo would combine for Kenzo’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection to create a look that’s just as chic off the court as it is on the court. The short-sleeve polos are created with a soft cotton that features the iconic Tiger logo embroidered on the chest. Contrast trims make the stark black, faded pink, and speckled anthracite polo colors pop while the split hem dresses make for the perfect day-to-night outfit option. 

    From short-sleeve tops to above-the-knee length dresses, the Kenzo polo takeover has begun. 

    Shop Kenzo men’s and women’s From left: Kenzo Tiger Pique Polo in black, Toga Pulla Flocky Print Skirt in yellow, Toga Pulla Buckle Detail Booties in black, Thierry Lasry Bunny Sunglasses in honey/blue, Kenzo

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    Since graduating from Parsons and creating ALIX in 2014, designer Alexandra Alvarez has brought the bodysuit back to the forefront with sleek designs and soft fabrication. The NYC-based brand’s DNA is visible in the names of each bodysuit—think Essex Tee Bodysuit, Thompson Muscle Bodysuit, and even Crosby Bodysuit (shoutout to Soho!)—so that your one-piece always matches your neighborhood of choice. Meet the Miami-born designer responsible for the line below.

    Shop all ALIX here

    Name: Alexandra Alvarez
    Hometown: Miami
    Astrological Sign: Gemini
    Hidden Talent: My unlimited capacity for eating gummy bears
    Celebrity Crush: Andy Samberg
    What was your style like in high school? Umm… I was a cheerleader? Lol.
    What’s your favorite thing about Opening Ceremony? They play by their own rules.
    What’s your current collection inspiration? For this season, I focused on expanding my collection of basics and introducing the jersey fabrics. I always draw inspiration from the streets of New York City and I love designing with the juxtaposition of sport and luxury in mind.
    If you were to do another job besides designing, what would it be? Food critic
    What’s your favorite music to listen to in the studio? TLC
    Fuck, Kill, Marry (Hulk Hogan, Wonder Woman, Aeon Flux): Fuck Aeon (She’s hot), Kill Hulk Hogan (He’s old news), Marry Wonder Woman (She’s patriotic and reliable—wifey material)
    Four nouns that define you: Le petite, Sour candy addict, Snap-crotch advocate, Alcohol-induced salsa queen
    Click through the slideshow to see all products from Alix. Crosby Bodysuit in white Thompson Muscle Bodysuit in heather grey Essex Tee Bodysuit in black

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    Ever since Kenzo Takada opened the first Kenzo Paris location back in 1970, the global brand’s follower has always been an individual who speaks her own language and marches to the beat of her own drum. For Pre-Fall 2015, Carol and Humberto embraced this rebellious and close-knit community with a nostalgic collection inspired by tribal culture from around the world.

    During the Great Depression, travelling drifters used a language of symbols to communicate with one another and signal safe places for food, sleep, and water. Drawing on these aesthetics, Kenzo created its own iconography, printing hieroglyphs on Cotton Blouses and Embellished Sweaters. The curvy, almost hand-written shapes are also integrated as subtle fabrication details on the Ribbed Wool Blend Dress, Jacquard Dresses, and a color-blocked Wool Coat. Elsewhere, more universal signs—like a neon-tinted “LOVE” graphic—appear on pants, skirts, and sweatshirts.

    Meanwhile, ethereal draping and bold prints remind us of Kenzo’s own visual heritage. Bright, color-blocked hues pay homage to photographer Hans Feurer’s iconic 1980s campaigns for the brand, specifically, the 1983 campaign shot in the North African desert. The photos pioneered a new global aesthetic and featured a then-undiscovered Iman draped in enough colorful cloth to protect an entire tribe. Pieces such as the volumized Oversized Teddy Wool Coat and the

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    Opening Ceremony is pleased to present columnist Alexis Wilkinson’s after-hours thoughts. And you know she has thoughts: the former terror of The Harvard Lampoon and current staff writer for HBO’s Veep, Alexis—with her candor and wit—is our girl crush. Here, “Late-Ish With Alexis” muses on the way ethnic emojis are changing the way we LOL.

    Back in April, Apple released the iOs 8.3 update for its devices which finally included a feature users had been suggesting for years: emojis with a variety of skin tones instead of just white. By all accounts, the response was tremendous. From Buzzfeed to Business Insider, outlets reported people happily de-whitening their emoji lives. When I first downloaded the update, my most recently used emojis became a great display of brown hands doing various things instead of the default white hands. “Yes,” I whispered into my display screen, “I am represented. I can finally be as black in this medium as I am in all other mediums. How glorious.” No longer would people of color have to express themselves with emojis the color of a toilet seat. There was a sense of pride in the fact that Apple thought we were important enough to specifically acknowledge. Not only that, there were also same-sex couples! It was a technicolor dream come true.

    But this update didn’t just come with benefits to minority racial groups and queer people. It effectively adds a new potentially offensive overtone to every single text! At last, iPhone users can be childish, lewd, and racially insensitive all in literally one swipe. Discerning texters everywhere can take that plain Jane “Ugh lady in front of me can’t drive gtfo” text to the next racist level with an Asian woman emoji followed by that mustached devil mask emoji for emphasis. Get gyped for Christmas? Text Grandma a black Santa with a gun emoji to let her know how you really feel and communicate that you probably were hoping for moonshine or a new set of wheels for your mobile home this year. Nothing will change the world of sexting like racial stereotypes about penis size lovingly enhanced by that priceless gem, the eggplant emoji. In fact, the only people more excited about this update than people of color should be the people of the Aryan brotherhood.

    The creative possibilities thus far seem endless as well. I’m partial to the “white person in a turban emoji” when talking about cultural appropriation. My boyfriend likes the “two gay men with their two sons” emoji because he can use it when he means “all-male cult” or “frat beach party.” It should be noted that the same-sex couple options are all strictly the color of a sumptuous lemon square. Gay brown people??? Interracial relationships?!?!? Let’s not get crazy. One colorful step at a time.

    The impact of emojis has truly revolutionized the digital textual space and, according to Facebook, may have lead to the demise of the once ubiquitous “lol.” Over 80 percent of Facebook conversations now use either an emoji or “haha” for a virtual laugh. So for ushering us into this brave new world, with all of its laughter, empowerment, awkwardness, and outright racism, to Apple I say heart eyes emoji, prayer hands emoji, brown prayer hands emoji, red 100, and those inexplicable dancing blond twins in leotards.Acne Studios

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    In 1981, a 15-year-old Brooke Shields clad in skintight denim uttered the line that solidified Calvin Klein’s effortless sex appeal: "You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing." For decades, the statement has proven true for some of pop culture’s most elite figures: Mark Wahlberg, Kate Moss, Justin Bieber, and—lately—Kendall Jenner have all donned CK’s classically cool basics.

    Today, however, Brooke’s famous line is getting an adjustment, courtesy of none other than OC. Calvin Klein has partnered with us to reimagine its most iconic wardrobe staple: underwear. Combining OC’s logo with the classic CK waistband, the exclusive line of undies bring together both brands’ innovative designs to create what is truly a piece of fashion history.

    “I only wear Calvin Klein underwear so it only made sense to do something with them. And it's the first time ever that Calvin Klein Underwear has done a partnership,” says OC founder Humberto Leon. “Calvin Klein underwear is where designer underwear began, so it's super special.”

    View the editorial here

    Shop all Calvin Klein x Opening Ceremony for women and men OC Bralette and OC Boyshort in black View the full editorial here

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    We all have that moment where Friday night rolls around and a Netflix binge is the primary “event” option. In order to cure your major case of FOMO, we’ve teamed up with The Mirror Cube, a new happenings site that features events recommended by artists. With their expert panel of visual artists, actors, writers, and directors, The Mirror Cube brings you the lowdown on what shows, screenings, and exhibits you should check out each week in New York and Los Angeles.

    NY: The Quay Brothers in 35mm at Film Forum
    August 19-25
    Picked By: The Mirror Cube
    What: A retrospective of short films directed by acclaimed stop-motion animators and identical twin brothers Stephen and Timothy Quay that was curated by filmmaker Christopher Nolan and will be exhibited in 35mm.

    Why Go: The Quay Brothers and Christopher Nolan (Interstellar, Memento) will be present at several screenings, including the world premiere of Nolan’s new documentary short, Quay.

    NY: Afropunk Fest 2015 at Commodore Barry Park
    August 22-23
    Picked By: Gillian Zinser
    What: The annual festival inspired by the Afro-punk movement brings alternative art and music to Brooklyn for a two-day celebration.

    Why Go: This year has an impressive lineup of over 20 acts that includes Lauryn Hill, Grace Jones, Lenny Kravitz, Kelis, Thundercat, Death Grips, Danny Brown, and Lion Babe.

    NY: New York International Fringe Festival at Various Locations
    August 14-30
    Picked By: The Mirror Cube
    What: A massive festival spread over 18 venues, FringeNYC is a showcase for what’s new in the worlds of music, theatre, comedy, dance, and visual art.

    Why Go: This international event is the largest of its kind, with over 200 acts descending on New York City for more than 1500 performances.

    LA: Ariel Pink at Santa Monica Pier
    August 20 at 7PM
    Picked By: Soko
    What: The chillwave singer-songwriter will play a free waterfront show to promote his latest release, pom pom.

    Why Go: Pink continues to win over listeners with his absurdist lyrics and lo-fi pop sound. Pitchfork called his work “some of the most wistful and peculiarly moving songs in contemporary music.”

    LA: The West Coast Avant Garde: 1950-Present at Kohn Gallery
    July 12-September 4
    Picked By: Amanda Charchian
    What: A group show of mixed-media work that highlights California and the West Coast’s role in post-war avant-garde art.

    Why Go: The rapidly changing political and social climate following World War II inspired the creation of art that mirrored the turmoil of the changing times. The works on display in this exhibition highlight movements such as Action Painting a

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    In our field of work, everything comes down to the law of supply and demand, and a big part of that is dealing with situations in which demand outweighs supply. Luckily for you guys, we’ve taken notice and are giving you one more chance to check a few items off your wishlist. Whether you’ve been coveting some Kenzo espadrilles or your phone just seems dull without an 11+ for Opening Ceremony case, we’ve got your back. Don’t take the opportunity lightly, however, because if we know anything about these pieces, we know they’re not gonna sit around for too long.From left: Opening Ceremony OC Logo T-Shirt in black, Vans Vault Classic Slip-On LX in white, Vans Vault Sk8 Hi LX VLT in white, 11+ for Opening Ceremony iPhone 6 Color Case in light apricot, adidas Originals Superstar Foundation Sneakers in white, and Opening Ceremony Slip-on Platform Sneakers in cobalt.  Vans Vault Sk8 Hi LX VLT in white 11+ for Opening Ceremony iPhone 6 Color Case in light apricot
    Kenzo Kenzo Logo Espadrille Flats in fuschia Opening Ceremony

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    Director: Jenna Elizabeth & Oscar Zabala,  Music: Le Tigre, “Shred A,” Assistant Editor: Max Grey, Industrial Color First Assistant, Camera: Alex Bennett,  Second Assistant Camera: Cameron Harmon,  Still Photographs: Joel Barhamand, Greg Kessler, Matthew Stoffel, Kodak, Thanks: Spike Jonze, Kodak, Cheim & Read, Capture This

    When one watches a video that features a Le Tigre track, it’s hard not to automatically imagine Kathleen Hanna writhing around the mic with her on-point beehive while J.D. Samson and Johanna Fateman jam out in unison behind her. The latest video for the track “Shred A” gets the OC treatment instead, acting as the soundtrack to our Fall/Winter 2015 New York Fashion Week presentation.

    In the video, directed by Jenna Elizabeth and Oscar Zabala, the Le Tigre track melts into the background while cameras flash through the Cheim & Read gallery space. Each shot takes in the numerous Spike Jonze archival photographs hung on the walls, as well as the models decked out in clothes from our latest collection. If you weren’t there to experience the Jonze-approved madness at NYFW, this video will make you feel like you were. Just an average fashion presentation… with a bit of Kathleen Hanna thrown in for good measure.

    Shop all Opening Ceremony men’s and women’s



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    Alexander Wang is fast approaching its 10th anniversary of delivering us sexy, minimal luxury in ways only the New York-based designer can. From red carpet-ready evening wear to basic tees, Wang’s vision of effortless edge has made the brand a household name for cool girls everywhere.

    For Pre-Fall 2015, Wang continues his reign by turning this collection’s unlikely inspirations—menswear basics and bondage gear—into ultra-refined dresses and separates. Touting zippered slits, textured cut-outs, and a sophisticated color palette, Pre-Fall portrays a clear design strategy: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Shop all Alexander Wang here Intarsia Slit Stripe Long-Sleeve Dress in nocturnal and Fitted Pinstripe Detail Cami Dress in lucifer Bias Cut Slip Dress in serpentine Knit Panel Fitted Dress in nocturnal Drawstring High-Waisted Pencil Skirt in nocturnal Short-Sleeve Trench Romper in black & white Wide Leg Belted Detail Pants in nocturnal Tailored Straight Leg Pants in black & white Intarsia Slit Stripe Fitted Pencil Skirt in nocturnal Cropped Drawstring Cuffed Hem Pants in nocturnal

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    The face you know, the body you’ve seen: Juliana Huxtable. Artist, muse, Shockwave founder/DJ, and star of the New Museum Triennial 2015, this leggy siren exists in a time when the fluidity of sex and gender are on the forefront of discussion. Juliana’s queerness shows that although she lives in the crux of intersectionality, she prospers.

    As OC stylist Kindall Almond put outfits together for Juliana, she sat in the shade applying her purple lipstick with precision. Her stature is powerful, face controlled, yet her most striking feature seemed to be her gaze. Alldayeveryday and OC meandered into the thick trees of Prospect Park with photographer Victoria Jesionek and Juliana, chugging water to counter the heat of summer....

    Check out exclusive photos and videos from our shoot with Alldayeveryday in the slideshow above.

    Read the full Juliana Huxtable interview and check out more images at
    Juliana wears the Adam Selman x Le Specs The Hunger Sunglasses in in black/smoke, Ammerman Schlösberg Kimono Coat in red, Mugler Eyelet Detail Bra Top in natural, and Moschino Measurement Skirt in black (all items not linked available in stores). Photos by Victoria Jesionek; Styling by Kindall Almond; Video loops by Andrea GraneraJuliana wears the Moschino Stripe Tank Top in white, Opening Ceremony Rib Insert Sweatpants in melange grey, and Christopher Kane Art Deco Pool Slides in black/silverJuliana wears the Courreges Classic Vinyl Jacket in cherry, Atsuko Kudo '50s Cup Bra in black, and Moschino Multi Skirt in multiJuliana wears the Atsuko Kudo '50s Cup Bra in blackJuliana wears the Adam Selman x Le Specs The Hunger Sunglasses in in black/smoke, Ammerman Schlösberg Kimono Coat in red, Mugler Eyelet Detail Bra Top in natural, and Moschino Measurement Skirt in black, and Giamba Platform Heels in red.  

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    If you were a girl who grew up in the ‘90s and you never had the dream of becoming the real-life Sailor Moon, you weren’t a true ‘90s kid. Or perhaps you just don’t realize the impact that Usagi Tsukino (or rather, Serena Tsukino for the US fans) has had on you. Like many other nine year old girls in the mid-’90s, Sailor Moon was one of the first anime cartoons that I was really a fan of. As chance happens, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed last week and saw that there was an International Sailor Moon Day event. I quickly decided that there was no way I was going to miss the chance to connect with so many other Sailor Moon fans in real life.

    This past Saturday, International Sailor Moon Day was held at Grace & St. Paul’s Church in the Upper West Side. The event drew tons of real-life Sailor Soldiers—from tiny tykes dressed up as Sailor Moon, to femme fatales channeling their inner-Tuxedo Mask. With so many complex characters in the series to choose from, the cosplay options were endless.

    One thing that I distinctly remember about the Sailor Moon series was that the quality animation was unmatched while the complexities of the characters was really interesting to watch. Sailor Moon expanded my perspectives when I was young. As I walked around the festival and took in the various cosplay contests and Sailor Moon SNES video game tournaments, I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one who felt connected to Sailor Moon and her world. Other event-goers were eager to talk about the impact that the Sailor Moon franchise has had on their lives.

    “I’ve been in love with Sailor Moon for about 20 years now,” says Liz, who dressed up as Sailor Neptune. “I was 16 when I discovered the show. I was already into anime, but when I first saw the show, I was like, ‘What is this? A show about girls with magical powers? I’m in!’”

    Liz’s statement echoed the general feeling among the diverse crowd in attendance at International Sailor Moon Day: girls with magical powers are always the most kawaii.

    Check out the slideshow above to see fashionable highlights from International Sailor Moon Day. Click through the slideshow to see fashionable highlights from International Sailor Moon Day. Photos by Alvin NgThis attendee flashes her Sailor Moon-themed wedding ring (!)

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    We got our first taste of designer Erin Magee’s enviable personal style and dark humor when we interviewed the MadeMe designer and her wife Nicole Albino this past spring. Needless to say, we quickly fell head over *Doc Martens* and we’re incredibly excited to announce that Erin’s MadeMe Fall/Winter 2015 collection has arrived in OC stores and online for the first time.

    Inspired by Catholic school girls with a flair for authentic plaids and ‘70s British punk music, MadeMe’s “Immaculate” collection is a rebellious teen dream. The Cropped Turtleneck Sweater is embroidered with a patch that reads “Touch Me & Die” while an asymmetrical two-tone kilt is stamped with a graphic “Immaculate” text, proving that ladies with good taste most definitely have a badass edge. As Erin notes in her intro below, “You can clearly see that the MadeMe girl is anything but the Virgin Mary.”

    Shop all MadeMe here

    Hometown: Toronto
    Astrological sign: Capricorn
    Hidden talent: Tonsil Hockey MVP (JK)
    Celebrity crush: Nicole from Nina Sky :)
    What was your style like in high school? Major raver
    What's your favorite thing about Opening Ceremony? The fact that OC supports young designers as well as the best of the best established collections. It’s where I go to when I want to see new things as well as the old favorites. It’s exciting shopping that really inspires me.
    What’s your current collection inspiration? Punk Catholic school girl. The use of authentic plaids throughout the collection is equally a nod to both Catholic school uniforms and late ‘70s British Punk. The recurring use of the word “Immaculate” is meant as an ironic contradiction. As you can clearly see, the MadeMe girl is anything but the Virgin Mary.
    If you were to do another job besides designing, what would it be? I’ve always wanted to work for Arianne Phillips since I was about 15 years old. She’s done the costumes for The Crow! Tank Girl! The People Vs. Larry Flynt! Girl Interrupted! And almost every Madonna Tour!!!!
    What’s your favorite music to listen to in the studio? I love a Madonna album (duh) and I’m always into a Hole album.
    Fuck, Kill, Marry (Drake, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette): Fuck Alanis Morissette, Kill Celine Dion,

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    If a political or social movement can be considered trendy, that seems like a pretty accurate way to describe feminism at the moment: Karl Lagerfeld staged a feminist rally for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2015 presentation, Taylor Swift assembled a star-studded girl gang for her latest music video, and some of the world’s most recognizable faces are proudly #StandingWithPlannedParenthood across social media.

    This surge in attention towards female empowerment extends to Sweden, where the political party Feminist Initiative is making major waves in the country’s social conscious. With a membership of 20,000 citizens and a seat in European Parliament, Feminist Initiative—F! for short—is inspiring Swedes to take a stand on issues like pay inequality and domestic violence. One of those inspired by the party is Acne Studios’ own Johnny Johannson, who used the Swedish brand’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection to stand with the groundbreaking party.

    Drawing aesthetic inspiration from the menswear-appropriating feminist activists of the 20th century, the collection includes perfectly baggy knits, tailored trousers, and uber-sporty sneakers. The feminist inspiration gets even more overt with menswear, with a sweatshirt loudly and proudly declaring its wearer a “Radical Feminist.”

    Trend or not, Acne Studios’ Pre-Fall collection is taking a stand for a powerful cause. That is something that will never go out of style.

    Shop all Acne Studios men’s and women’s

    Acne Studios Casey Feminist Sweatshirt in black 

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    The month of August tends to be scorchingly slow (in a good way). Weekends are filled with lazy beach days and pleasant evenings spent in bars that are significantly less crowded. This Saturday, Kanye West and adidas Originals are speeding things up again with their third sneaker drop—and if you’re a true Kanye fan, this is exactly why you love him.

    On August 22nd, the Yeezy BOOST 350 sneakers are back in black. The low-top trainer upper is made of Primeknit, a material adidas’ top engineers created to make sure the sneaker feels like a second skin. Not to mention, the shoe is sleek AF with its relaxing dark grey tones, “murdered-out soles,” thick rope laces, black suede arch panels, and hint of red stitching on the back pull tab.

    Let’s be real though, getting your hands on these won’t be easy. Retailers world-wide have very limited quantities, and while we appreciate anyone who is willing to go the extra mile for fashion, we figured we’d prevent heat stroke (that comes with waiting in long lines overnight) with an in-store raffle held at our OCLA and OCNY Soho store.

    Please note, due to high demand, we cannot guarantee your purchase of a pair of Yeezy BOOST 350s. Thank you for understanding!

    adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 In-Store Raffle to Purchase

    —Register for raffle entry at either OCNY Soho or OCLA store locations
    —Raffle begins on Wednesday, August 19 at 11:00 AM at both locations (Note: all times are local time)
    —Raffle ends on Thursday, August 20 at 8:00 PM at OCNY Soho and 7:00 PM at OCLA (Note: all times are local time)
    —Raffle entries are restricted to one entry per person
    —No phone, email, or online entries will be taken. All registrations must be made in person
    —Must have valid form of ID
    —Must be at least 10 years old
    —We will contact winners via phone by 7:00 PM Friday, August 21
    —If a winner does not pick up their phone and their voicemail is full or isn’t set up, they will be disqualified
    —Winners can pick up and purchase on Saturday, August 22 between 10:00 AM — 10:45 AM
    —If a winner does not purchase his/her pair in-stores by 10:45AM he/she will forfeit the right to purchase
    —Any unclaimed units will be sold in-store on a first come, first serve basis
    —Winners must bring valid photo ID to complete purchase
    —Winners will be escorted by a security guard to car/cab/train (Note: we do not recommend taking any public transportation)
    For real-time updates on the Yeezy Boost 350, follow us on Twitter @OpeningCeremony.

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