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  • 03/02/15--21:00: Happy Lunar New Year, XO OC
  • What do you get when you combine dancing, drinks, and some of The World’s Most Underrated Dumplings? Well, based on last night, we can say that you get one amazing Lunar New Year party!

    Opening Ceremony, Lucky Peach magazine, and Tiger Beer co-hosted the festivities at Shanghainese eatery China Blue, and you can bet we brought our appetites. The Tribeca restaurant served food based on Lucky Peach articles such as “The Beginner's Guide to Dim Sum” (which, in short, will tell you everything about your favorite dim sum dish—whether you serve it with sauce, eat it with your hands, or cut before serving; you get the idea).

    DJs Huggy Bear and Haruka Salt spun away as we tasted classics like Shanghai shumai and pork potstickers, steamed and fried to perfection. We also experienced our favorite beer in a whole new way: in the form of Tiger Beer Sorbet! Made with real Tiger beer and lemon zest, the treat was inspired by the sorbet of the same name sold at Island Creamery in Singapore. Beer with our dim sum dinner and beer as dessert? Yes, please!

    We’d say we would only party like this for the Year of the Goat, but who are we kidding? Until next Lunar New Year, and Gung Hay Fat Choy​!Photo by Laura KirschPhoto by Matthew KellyPhoto by Matthew KellyPhoto by Laura KirschPhoto by Matthew KellyPhoto by Laura KirschPhoto by Laura KirschPhoto by Matthew KellyPhoto by Matthew KellyOC's Heather and Michelle. Photo by Laura KirschOC's Oak and Elijah. Photo by Matthew KellyOC's Philip and Beverly Nguyen. Photo by Laura KirschDeborah Zee and OC's Bettina. Photo by Laura Kirsch Oscar Sanchez and Haruka Salt. Photo by Laura Kirsch OC's Mao and Riley. Photo by Matthew KellyHaruka Salt. Photo by Laura KirschDice. Photo by Laura Kirsch OC's Bettina, Michelle, and Heather. Photo by Matthew Kelly

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    It's hard to think of a Schnayderman's button-down shirt and not hear the first notes of Natalie Cole's "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" begin to fade in. When it comes to style, men know what they're looking for and these casual-to-dress shirts are the fit match most men have been waiting for. Better than, Schnayderman's focuses on pairing every style-oriented man with a classic button-down shirt (literally) fit for him. 

    Schnayderman's (which translates to "tailor-man" in Yiddish) was formed by a group of friends in Stockholm (and let's be real, when it comes to design Scandinavians don't mess around). The men wanted a "fit that was long enough to tuck in during a meeting, but short enough to leave untucked the rest of the time," says Schnayderman's Fredrik Carlström. "We wanted a slimmer fit than the traditional button-downs, but with room to go about your day."

    A brand with a passion for handcrafted construction, considerate fabrication, and consistent sizing was born. And if you're looking to settle down... Schnayderman's pop-up, located at our OCNY flagship store and OCLA, will be your first date story.  

    Both shop-in-shop installs feature a bisected mannequin that reveals the deconstruction process Schnayderman's uses to master their perfect-fit prototype while displaying the brand's Spring/Summer 2015 line-up, which includes colorful stand-outs and surprising prints. 

    "The idea was to show how we deconstructed something as common as a shirt, and then painstakingly put it back together piece by piece," says Carlström. "We labor over finding the perfect fit and choosing the best fabrics."

    And it shows. Check out our interview with Schnayderman's Joel Urwitz for more info on the collection.

    Shop all Schnayderman's here

    CHLOE DEWBERRY: What was the breaking point that made you realize how hard it is to truly find a decent shirt? 
    JOEL URWITZ: We were a group of friends who realized we all had our go-to brands for jeans, sneakers, underwear, and even suits, but not for shirts. The shirt was the staple of our daily “uniform” and yet we had a hard time finding ones we liked. And if we did find a shirt we liked, chances were we could not find it again, or that the fit would change season to season.  We couldn’t find that brand, so we we started it.

    What do you feel is the one thing that separates Schnayderman's from the rest? 
    I think you could say that we are quite Swedish in our approach to design. We have an earnest, almost nerdy way of trying to perfect this one product. Year after year, we toil over the details rather than adding unnecessary bells and whistles that don’t last more than a season. For a fashion brand, we are very unfashionable and we approach our task more like architects or engineers. Or nerds. 

    Explain the process behind creating "the perfect shirt." 
    We obsessed for years to find the right fit. It might sound strange with so many shirts on the market, but there was obviously room for one more. With Schnayderman's, we set out to be the go-to shirt brand we were missing. And beyond fit and material, we mindfully kept the cut of the three lines the same to make it easy for our customer to add new styles and colors to their wardrobe. And many

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    Any trip to Iceland requires a view of the Northern Lights, visit to the Blue Lagoon, and look at some of the incredible scenery. But walk around Reykjavik and you might find yourself taking in a different kind of scenery: street art.

    “There seems to be no place like Iceland culturally and physically,” street artist collective Dev N Gosha says. “The music and the culture are very tied together with the landscape, and I think it creates things that you don't see or hear anywhere else in the world.” Same goes for the art: With the Reykjavik government dedicating walls for street art and small business owners commissioning murals left and right, this small city has become an international hot- spot for street art. Drive along the water and you’ll run across three striking black-and-white murals from Australian artist Guido van Helten. Along the main stretch, you’ll find a collaboration of works from the UK’sThe London Police and American Artist Above.

    “Reykjavik is an amazing city to work in because there is such a wide understanding for the importance of street art and art in public space both politically and culturally,” artist Theresa Himmer, creator of The Mountain Series, wrote to OC. “In my experience, there is no sharp distinction between underground and ‘overground’ which is quite unique.”

    Of course, there are distinctive Icelandic artists representing their country — Sara Riel, Karl Kristján Davídsson, and Margeir Dire, to name a few. And plenty have been cultivating the scene since the beginning. “There have been few very good places to paint at through the years,” Dire says. “There was a place called Hjartagarðurinn, that was my favorite spot. It was a small garden square in the middle of Laugavegur. People could go there and sit in the grass and look at the painted walls all around them. But then some idiots wanted to build a hotel on that square so now it’s gone.”

    But when you walk down the street, you discover it’s an art exhibit on its own. “At the moment there are no legal spots and no hall of fame,” Dire says. But there are still a few “semi-legal places” to paint, and Icelanders are usually open to artwork as long as you ask permission. “Usually I just choose walls by the visibility, environment, and format of the wall,” Dire continues. “If the wall is interesting, that wall screams at me ‘paint me, goddamn it!’” One of Guido van Helten’s pieces along the northwest corner of Reykjavik. Photos by Jessica Chou This Guido work was commissioned by the owner of the building. She had asked him to paint a picture of her grandfather who had built the house. The third of four Guido works along the same area. Margeir Dire’s work along a side street in Reykjavik. An untagged work alongside an office building.

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    Close your eyes and visualize a ​dress cozy enough to wear to the corner store and yet refined enough for a dinner party. Our dual-purpose ​outfit dreams come to fruition in Acne Studios' super-comfy Resort 2015 collection. Everyday styles cut in exaggerated fits are the focal point this season, and the brand’s signature easy-to-wear ​quality blesses each individual piece.

    The collection was ​inspired by conceptual photographs by Canadian artist Jeff Wall—known for his large back-lit phototransparencies and being the photographer behind the covers for Sonic Youth’s The Destroyed Room and Iggy Pop’s Avenue B album covers—with the collective themes of existentialism, monotony, and realism being key. This is represented through a delightfully uncomplicated color palette—black, navy, clay, and stark white—as well as signature Acne basics, ​which are spliced with topsy-turvy pieces like the visceral, “curry orange” Vista Portrait T-Shirt.

    Fabrics are manipulated​​ (perhaps to reflect the theme of life ‘wearing you down’) in the​ ​Mock Scratch Leather Jacke​t ​in a beaten leather​, ​and ​ in the Arc Stretch Blouse in crushed organza. Masculine basics, like slouchy trousers, are reworked into tailored​​ silhouettes​—take the business-gal vibes of the Saville CR Mohair Trousers and ​Addle Fluid Shirt, for example. Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson's vision could even be perceived as normcore, although we prefer the term low-maintenance to describe this effortless-yet-polished collection.

    Shop all Acne Studios women's and men's

    Vista Portrait T-Shirt in curry orange Tag LT Vintage Denim Jacket in vintage blue Fearn Crepe Jacket in white Arc Stretch Organza Blouse in caramel brown Elfa LI Check Trousers in black/white

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    “It’s hot in here. I’m going to change,” musician and songwriter Adam Bainbridge told the amped crowd at El Rey in Los Angeles last week. After a chorus of “take it off!” from the crowd he added, “This isn’t a D’Angelo show. That’s what made the poor guy retire for fifteen years so don’t try that on me!”

    Adam Bainbridge leads the new wave meets R&B and funk band Kindness, whose sound is equal parts Prince and Arthur Russell. Kindness hit the scene five years ago with their chilled-out disco cover of The Replacements’ “Swingin’ Party.” The band’s latest album Otherness features guest spots from some bold names and OC faves like Robyn, Dev Hynes, and Kelela.

    Adam, whose long untamed hair is his signature, dresses to the nines for his sets and was definitely one of the best dressed at FYF Fest last summer. Onstage at El Rey, he rocked high-waisted trousers and a silk button-down under an oversized blazer that swallowed his willowy figure. As promised, he changed out of the blazer once the crowd heated up.

    Adam wasn’t the only guy at the mic channeling the last days of disco. Kelela hit the stage in a white Nike top sported underneath a custom floor-length white mesh dress by OCLA’s own Phlemuns. The band riffed from her Otherness tracks “World Restart” and “With You” to older Kindness songs infused with covers of Blood Orange, Adam’s close collaborator and frequent tour mate.

    If you looked around the El Rey you would lose count of the style nods to grunge and R&B. The crowd filtered ‘70s style through a ‘90s lens. Leather moto jackets and oversized tees dominated on dudes, while girls paired crop tops and high-waisted slacks with chunky shoes. Denim jackets, a turquoise fur coat, an OC Logo Beanie, and Vans Vault Sk8 Hi sneakers stood out in the sea of stylish fans. Kindness bridged the generation gap between the ‘70s and their ‘90s aesthetic with a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

    It's your lucky day: Kindness can't stop spreading the, well, kindness. Today, Kindness is serving up an exclusive free download via WeTransfer for their track "This Is Not About Us." Download the track HEREPhotos by William GalindoSpotted: Opening Ceremony Logo Beanie

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  • 03/04/15--21:00: Cosmic Numbers: March 5
  • The moon is full in the sign of Virgo at 10:55 AM (Eastern time), starting the day off on a cosmic vibration. Virgo is the sign of organization, habits, and health- the universe wants us to perfect our plans and routines to maximize our potential. Be your best self, but don't stress out if you aren't in the ideal situation. The moon in Virgo can promote anxiety, so relax!

    (March 21 - April 20)
    It's time for you to get back in the right groove so you can deal with the March madness that's coming up. A solid routine that balances and values all aspects of your life equally is essential right now.

    (April 21 - May 20)
    You're channeling all the organized Virgo energy directly towards your creative practice tonight. Focus on your work now and you can definitely accomplish miraculous things in the near future!

    (May 21 - June 20)
    You won't be tempted to turn up tonight, the weekend is just around the corner so just chill and enjoy the full moon vibes that have you feeling grounded and secure. Spend the night at home getting everything organized and cute, just the way you like it.

    (June 21 - July 22)
    Check your inbox for a full moon message. Someone has an important remark to make, and you should definitely hear them out.

    (July 23 - August 22)
    Get your finances totally organized tonight while you can maximize the precise and practical energy of the Virgo full moon. The universe is giving you free financial advice!

    (August 23 - September 22)
    The full moon tonight is a celebration of everything Virgo! You should be feeling vibrant and vivacious all day and night. If you're not in tip-top shape the universe will help you improve your physical and mental state.

    (September 23 - October 22)
    There's a quality to the energy tonight that you can't quite identify. Psychic premonitions and enhanced imaginative energy during the day will lead to vivid dreams over night. Pay attentions to the symbols you see today and let them guide you.

    (October 23 - November 22)
    Tonight would be an excellent time to socialize and expand your social network. Someone you meet could help you out professionally in the future. Consider new collaborations if your creative work is not inspiring you completely.

    (November 23 - December 21)
    The full moon could illuminate one of the exciting professional projects you've been working on lately. Share what you've been doing and it will be well received!

    (December 22 - January 19)
    Has winter got you feeling low? It might be time to start planning a trip to boost your spirits. Even if you can't get out of town yet, the thought of traveling to warmer climes will keep you warm for now.

    (January 20 - February 19)
    Stay away from illicit activity today, and if you have anything you're keeping secret stay totally tight lipped tonight while the full moon attempts to illuminate your private persuasions.

    (February 20 - March 20)
    You might feel like a disorganized mess sometimes, but it's good to be

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    Stylist and epitome-of-a-cool-chick Haley Wollens has always given the masses exactly what they didn’t know they needed. Whether she’s putting Drake in a throwback Dada fit for his “No New Friends” music video or styling Chloë Sevigny in a schoolgirl get-up for her Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook, Wollens has the quirky fashion game on lock. So it only seems fitting that the multi-talented stylist should tackle the task of turning a basic winter necessity into a coveted must-have.

    Just when you thought your circle scarves and makeshift face masks were enough, Wollens and her brother Beau created the Flandana, a winter cover-up that manages to blend Wild West vibes with a decidedly urban aesthetic. The outer lining features a wide variety of check and bandana prints in a ridiculous amount of colors—making sure that no outfit get-up is Flandana-less. Each Flandana is also lined on the inside with sherpa fleece, ensuring that your pretty face stays warm and cozy when the weather says otherwise.

    But let’s be real, if you’re on Instagram, hopefully you already understand the hype as this winter must-have has been spotted in every selfie from Rihanna to Champagnepapi. Even Wollens herself can't resist a Flandana pic when the weather is out of control.

    If everyone from George Costanza to Vogue editors are rocking the Flandana, don’t you think the season is right for you to rock it as well? The Flandana Instagram answers that question perfectly by saying, “It's not cool to be cold.”

    Check out our interview with Haley Wollens below where she reveals how the Flandana came about as well as facts about her first styling gig with her bro. 

    Shop all Flandana products here

    CHLOE DEWBERRY: How did the whole concept for the Flandana come about? I’ve heard that it was originally intended for graffiti artists to cover up during tagging sprees.
    HALEY WOLLENS: Haha, yes that story has stuck. I invented the Flandana six years ago. I created it out of necessity for my graffiti writer boyfriend so he’d have something to wear in the winter when he was out painting. All of my friends and family wanted one and my brother Beau really believed in the idea. It took a little time, but we knew Flandana was meant for the masses.

    I also HATE scarves!

    Have you and Beau always had similar style and fashion ideas growing up?
    I have been playing dress up with my little brother since the beginning of our time on earth together. When he was in middle school, our mom let me do all of his shopping—think FUBU, Ecko, Triple 5 Soul, and vintage army tees from Canal Jeans. He was a lil G, but I was definitely forcing my aesthetic on him. I'm not sure how into it he was.

    We're actually really different stylistically though, which I think is a benefit when working together. It's always good to have a different opinion in the mix, he brings up things I would never think of so it's dope.

    Why the bandana print? Have you always had a fascination with that print and the culture behind it?
    Bandana is the ultimate American accessory; it's for eve

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    In Straight Trippin', OC friends and family share tidbits from their latest travels. This time, OC London contributor Alice Tate shares snaps of city cycles, sharp architecture and romantic tidbits from her Valentine’s weekend in Hamburg, Germany.

    Name: Alice Tate
    Occupation: London OC contributor and lifestyle journalist
    Travel destination: Hamburg, Germany
    Carry-on necessities: Antipodes day cream and my iPad in its zingy Comme des Garcons case (which is also being used to stash my euros).
    Reading materials: Wallpaper* guide to Hamburg—I hate being out of the know.
    Most over-played track on your iPhone this trip: SION – "Gangster Walk Hipster Remix"  
    Favorite outfit to travel in: Mom jeans and Nike kicks— I'm all about comfort.
    Highlight of your trip: Stumbling across Aurel, a bar which does €4 Caipirinhas from 4pm until late. They’re giant and dangerous.
    Best part: Scaling the steps of Dockland, a fierce glass rhombus structure on the edge of the Elbe (designed to reflect the bow of a boat and Hamburg’s maritime history), taking snaps from the roof terrace and admiring the city from up high. After that and oodles of Caipirinhas, we managed to get a table at Eisenstein, one of the city’s best Italian restaurants. Delicious carbs were required after so much rum…
    Souvenirs you brought back: Marzipan for one and allValinstag! Hamburg’s motors are feeling the love. Photos by Alice Tate. Hamburg’s full of uniform red bricks stacked tall against canals. Willkommen in Hamburg! The most innocent, inoffensive graffiti art is in Hamburg. A Hamburger for the weekend! Where are we again? The impressively ornate Rathaus.  My kind of bike. Seeing the city on wheels. So we went on Valentine’s and our hotel gave us a treat. Somebody drank way too many Caipirinhas!  Dockland, the coolest building in Hamburg. A scruffy part of town made scruffier yet cooler at once.

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    Although actress and it-girl Chloë Sevigny's latest collaboration with Opening Ceremony was inspired by rebellion in the schoolyard, this coming-of-age collection is anything but uniform. Drawing upon satirical '80s cult film, Heathers, as well as Japanese Harajuku culture, this season Chloë explored the concepts of girlhood, femininity ,and growing up. The result? A collection of sultry and preppy pinafores, bathing suits, and suspender skirts.

    From the Veronica Sawyer-esque Plaid Blazer to the ultra-athletic Tri-State Embroidered Dress, these oversized garments were built for style as well as comfort. Feminine and flirty pieces like the Kelley Check Suspender Pleated Skirt and the Walker Linen Puff Sleeve Dress are spliced in with the sporty, tomboy style of the Westburg Short Sleeve Polo Top and Polo Maxi-Dress, proving the athletic girl can also be the girly-girl. Nostalgic feels are ignited by the Patent Leather Bow Buckle Sandals, reminiscent of Jelly sandals from your childhood.

    In an interview following her Fashion Week presentation earlier this year, Chloë told us she intended to "celebrate girlhood in all its optimism, discovery, awakening, awkwardness, and absurdity" through the collection—and she deserves extra credit for this one.

    Shop all Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony here

    Check out our coverage of the Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Spring/Summer 2014 presentation below

    Heather Plaid Oversized Blazer in navy multi, Doherty Denim Ruffle Hem Pants in indigo, and Suede Bow Buckle Sandals in red

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  • 03/05/15--21:00: Midnight Cowboy at Hot Bird
  • Last summer, OC got you Tipsy and Tan. Now, we're just getting you tipsy. Meet Fridays at Five, our cocktail series where mixologists at New York City’s white-hot new restaurants create OC-exclusive drinks for our readers. Drinking on the job? Don't mind if we do...

    We’ve always been a fan of reinvention, especially as wardrobes switch out for the season, so Hot Bird is a bar after our own heart. The name comes from an old long-gone chicken restaurant on Atlantic Avenue, but prior to its boozy reincarnation, the space was an old auto shop.

    As Brooklyn bars go, this quintessential local haunt has the works: vintage tchotchkes, a stellar drink list, and come summer, an excellent patio with picnic benches and a fire pit. And while we can’t enjoy the patio quite yet, Hot Bird's William Aimi can help us partake in the tipples—especially this bright, ginger-y concoction, the Midnight Cowboy.

    Name: William Aimi
    If this drink had a soundtrack, what would it be? "Funnel of Love" by SQURL ft. Madeline Follin 
    Drink of choice: Widow Jane on the rocks
    Hangover cure: A long hot shower and plenty of water. Or, just get right back on that train with a Bloody Mary.
    Best date advice: You’ll have to ask my barback, because the girls love him.
    Worst pick-up: Once I saw a guy dance his way over to this girl, staring at her the whole time, then take a seat next to her. It was anything but smooth and she basically laughed at him, but not in a playful way. It was hard to watch. Even I felt ashamed after, and I was only a witness.
    What not to do to your bartender: Never ask to play a song from your iPod or phone.

    OC-Exclusive Recipe: Midnight Cowboy
    OC Alcohol Scale*: 6

    1 oz Averna
    1 oz gin
    ½ oz fresh lemon juice
    Ginger beer

    Combine Averna, gin and lemon juice. Shake with ice and strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass. Top with ginger beer.

    *OC's Alcohol Scale ranges from 1 ("like sippin' from a juice box") to 10 ("take me home—right now")The Midnight Cowboy. Photos by Jessica Chou. Combine your ingredients and give the mixture a shake. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lemon twist. William wears the Acne Studios Isherwood Denim Button-Down in washed denim and New Balance M991 Running Shoes in oxford pigskin mesh

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    The third floor of our 35 Howard St store in NYC is quite a puzzling scene right now. But who can blame us? LOEWE’s newly coveted Puzzle Bag has finally landed in our (very eager) hands. Handmade from over forty individual panels of super soft leather, completely collapsible, and wearable in an endless amount of ways, the bag is less an accessory than it is wearable art.

    We couldn’t just throw a bag that commands so much attention on a shelf, so we turned our top floor into a multi-level Puzzle Bag extravaganza. It may not be as complex as the bag itself, but we think it’s worth a peek.

    Shop all LOEWE here 

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    The powersuit is back, and this time it’s actually cool. Mugler’s Resort 15 collection—the brand’s first under their shiny new creative director David Koma—is jam-packed with enough metal embellishments, unexpected cut-outs, and bondage-inspired straps to take the once-dated business basics out of the stuffy boardroom and into cocktail hour. Think about it as throwing out your Windows 95 desktop and getting a shiny new iMac.

    Shop all Mugler here Strap Detail Blazer and Back Zipper Silver Detail Mini Skirt, both in electric blue Silver Detail Cut-Out Sides Blazer and Silver Detail Cut-Out Sides Fitted Pants, both in black Strap Waist Short-Sleeve Fitted Dress in neon orange Silver Detailed Sleeveless Layered Dress in electric blue Bicolor Cut-Out Layered Dress in black/off white Short-Sleeve Cropped Tee in black and Back Zipper Silver Detail Mini Skirt in off white Silver Detail Cut-Out Layered Mini Dress in off white/black Zig-Zag Strap Sleeveless Fitted Dress in navy/acid yellow Buckle Detail Dress in black

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    As a former American in Paris myself, excess à la française sounds like paradox. Parisian women, with their pared down, all-black ensembles and blasé attitude, are perhaps the most dominant cultural export after the Eiffel Tower (which, by the way, was first despised by Parisians). But the tourists—with their selfie sticks, glacial walking speeds, and keychain mementos? The famed city would hardly be what it is without them.

    So, as a love letter to French girl style (and the visitors that fuel it), Kenzo presents an accessories collection littered with gilded souvenir “tokens” on shoes, on chains, on bags—we’ll take it all! The emblem culminates the Eiffel Tower structure with Lady Liberty (a gift from the French), also representing Carol and Humberto’s transatlantic métier. Even the new line of neon-blocked Kanvas Bags are meant for the City of Lights: think pickpocket-proof cross-body bags and zipped Coin Purses for all those Euros. Elsewhere, waterproof gommato leathers withstand Paris’ unpredictable spring showers, while 59Fifty hats and Woven Caps shade the sun in fractured Breton stripes and polka dots.

    However complicated your flirtation with Paris or the French may be, Kenzo’s accessories will make a part-time expatriate out of you too, no matter where you jet-set this summer.

    Shop all Kenzo women’s and men’s

    Oui Non Embellished Tee in white, Maze Textured Jacquard Pants in sky blue, and Kanvas Bicolor Crossbody Bag in cobalt Kanvas Bicolor Crossbody Bag in rose begonia Kanvas Kenzo Pouch in cobalt Kanvas Coin Purse in rose begonia Gommato Medium Kalifornia Tote Bag in light grey Ka

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    LOEWE’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection is the first womenswear collection under creative director Jonathan Anderson—and his influence shows.

    While the Spanish heritage brand has remained a luxurious yet quiet and unassuming label during its 168-year-old history, Anderson’s new role as creative director for LOEWE has already had a bit of a louder impact as compared to recent collections. For Spring/Summer 2015, the London-based wunderkind lets his signature artistry and architectural influence flow freely in each piece of the collection.

    During this transitional weather season, contrast fabrication is also key for LOEWE Spring/Summer 2015. Anderson recently told Vogue, “When I went to Spain I felt linen and cotton were fundamental. Linen and cotton with leather felt modern; it felt real.”

    The designer’s use of warmer tones and surrealist fabrics is also present on pieces such as the Interwoven Optic Top, woven with navy suede and white leather and featuring a warped checker print that finishes with an uneven hem. Asymmetrical shapes continue in the Gathered Center Seam Top, where ruched suede connects one part short-sleeve and one part capelet in the middle. Cut-outs also appear in the most unexpected places: on the stomach of the belly-bearing Front-Slit Sweater and at the shoulders of the Knit Tank Top.

    Anderson’s debut womenswear collection for LOEWE is a reprise of the brand’s commitment to progressive design, connecting its cult followers to newer fans.

    Shop all LOEWE women's and men's Gathered Center Seam Top in baby blue Backless Silk And Cotton Dress in caramel/off white Interwoven Optic Top in navy/white Pocket Skirt in gold V-Detail Front-Slit Sweater in burgundy

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    “I fuck with bubble tea, heaps of sodas, and Ginger Ale,” Jonatan Leandoer Håstad a.k.a. Yung Lean remarked with a slight Södermalm twang, whilst leisurely sipping a Matcha drink. “I love American drinks too—you guys have the best sodas.”

    Cruising through the grocery store with Lean and his squad, reenacting his inaugural video “Kyoto,” we see a matured 18-year-old-rapper, with an assertive sense of self and a refined selection of tastes. The rapper acknowledges this maturity, frankly stating, “When I was 16, I was so far from my realities.” And the lyrical evolution between 2013 record Unknown Death 2002 and 2014’s Unknown Memory is an accurate depiction of this progression into manhood.

    With the internet revolutionizing the way we consume music, Yung Lean and his tunes have gone viral while generating a huge cult fanbase of sadboys through the means of social media. The “Sadboys” movement is Generation Z’s answer to the almost obsolete emo subculture of the early 2000s, with nonchalant lyrics that focus on teenage defiance. Fellow Swede Sadboys Yung Sherman and Yung Gud are responsible for creating the visceral and instrumentally lavish beats to his raps, drawing influence from vintage trance aesthetics. 
    Although childish commodities like video games, milkshakes, and flip phones are consistent motifs throughout his music, the teen-icon’s influences are unexpectedly extensive. His passion for rap records like Illmatic seems fairly conventional, however, his obscure black metal infatuation was surprising, but in line with the musical tastes of the Swedish.  

    “I don't really know what I am influenced by until I make the music,” he says. “But I like Black Sabbath and also Död Mark and Arckanum—just a heap of Swedish black metal.”
    Interestingly enough, according to Lean, the name “Sadboys” is just the name of their band, and not a reflection of their inherent emotions or that of their fans. “A ‘Sadboy’ is nothing to me...” He mutters. “It’s just two words put together, which is what [fans] just name our band. [We] have to create this idea of the person.”

    Soon after, Lean states that “making music, drinking my bubble tea, getting free clothes, and smoking weed” are activities that make him happy, and that getting sad is a normal part of life.

    You can’t be sad all of the time.

    Check out Yung Lean’s “Ghosttown (feat. Travi$ Scott)” below

    Yung Sherman wears Gosha Rubchinskiy Patchwork Back Faux Leather Jacket in black;Yung Lean wears T by Alexander Wang Laundered Nylon Exposed Pocket Jacket in matrix, T by Alexander Wang Short-Sleeve Nylon Combo Shirt in neptune, and Acne Studios Rylan Heavy Twill Trousers

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    This season, KARA took its OC-exclusive series of bags to new heights. Adorning its signature minimalist backpacks with some tough eyelet grommets, the New York-based brand secures its spot in our heart for uber-stylish practicality. 

    Taking it back to the rather unconventional source of inspiration, KARA creator Sarah Law opted to show off the brand's new it bag back to where it all started: a rock climbing wall. The result was a shoot worth talking about, so we hit up Sarah herself and did just that. 

    Shop all KARA here

    CHLOE MACKEY: This might just be the first-ever accessory shoot at a rock climbing wall. How did that idea come to be?

    SARAH LAW: Rock climbing was the inspiration behind this eyelet exclusive, so the photoshoot was a no-brainer. We have a rock wall in our office as decoration (not tall enough to climb unfortunately!), so it's something that's been percolating in my subconscious for some time I guess. The texture and bright colors of rock walls are, of course, amazing.

    We love it! It's very unusual for you so we're lucky to have it.
    Opening Ceremony is a creative play house. Whenever I think of a crazy idea for a bag, I know OC is the place to take it.

    KARA was founded in 2012. How do you think the brand has evolved in the past few years?
    Having more fun! We are putting more time into research and development. Also, traveling all over the world to find interesting materials, hardware and talented factories.

    If you were to style this bag, what would you pair it with?
    All black errthing, err-day.


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    For Sonic Youth die-hards, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore’s split felt like losing your calm and collected parents: tragic and perhaps traumatizing for some. But since the split, Kim reconnected with her roots in the world of visual and performance art—starting the improvisational guitar duo Body/Head and performing alongside artist/musician Jutta Koether at MOCA’s opening of Mike Kelley’s retrospective—all while writing her memoir, Girl In A Band. It even debuted at #2 on The New York Times bestsellers list last week. The notoriously tight-lipped artist and musician wrote candidly about her childhood in Los Angeles, her schizophrenic brother, her divorce, and the dissolution of Sonic Youth, one of the most influential noise bands of the last thirty years. On Saturday, she wrapped up a nationwide book tour that featured speakers Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, musician Aimee Mann, and MOCA Curator Bennett Simpson, who joined over the weekend. 

    OC caught her talk with Bennett Simpson at MOCA Grand Avenue, where she recalled the New York post-punk scene, talked about her ascendant sign, and reveals one of her all-time favorite TV moments.

    In Kim’s own words, her memoir is “the most conventional thing I’ve ever done.” The book spans her years growing up in Los Angeles, which she credits as more formative than any periods she spent with artists like Mike Kelley, Dan Graham, and Richard Prince. But it was at the UCLA Lab School, the experimental elementary school, “where [she learned] everything by acting things out.” Musically, she referenced acts including The Velvet Underground, whose influence loomed over emerging bands in 1980s New York: “The Velvet Underground was always there—an unattainable legacy.”

    Kim Gordon, born on April 28, is a Taurus, a Capricorn ascendant (“not that great, but as well-aspected as it could be,”) with a moon in Libra. She and artist Dan Graham, who she met the same night she met Mike Kelley at one of Dan’s lectures at CalArts, share a love of astrology, and perhaps a little healthy competition. “My astrology person is probably better than his,” she joked.

    New York today is “a city on steroids,” Kim told Simpson. “I don’t feel so inspired by it right now.” With her daughter, Coco, enrolled in art school, could Kim be contemplating a return to Los Angeles? She certainly appears drawn to the creative laboratory of LA’s art scene, which she compares to Berlin for its distance from the commercialism of New York’s art industry. “It allows things to happen that wouldn’t happen in New York.”

    “I think for a long time I was successfully ambiguous about [feminism],” said the woman who, twenty-five years ago on the Sonic Youth single “Kool Thing,” asked Chuck D: “Are you gonna liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression?” But at MOCA, she told Simpson with an air of distance, “The riot grrrl movement took it on and did it so well. There’s a lot of subject matter to write about as a woman that hasn’t been heard before.” Of all her work with Sonic Youth, she named “Shaking Hell” from 1983’s Co

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    Take a trip to the countryside with J.W. Anderson's visceral Spring Summer '15 collection.

    With a penchant for pushing the boundaries of gender norms, J.W. Anderson delivers another controversial and romantic menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2015. This season, the British designer put a provocative twist on his structural garments, with feminine details such as boatnecks, cropped shapes, and draped hemlines. The result? A picture of what he calls “the personality of the bourgeois woman,” perhaps on holiday at her country estate.

    Drawing inspiration from bucolic vistas of the countryside, Anderson used traditional weaving techniques to create tapestry-landscapes, like on the Wool Linen Mix Waterfall Tee and the Landscape Printed Shirt. The pastoral scenes featured in this collection were made in collaboration with English artist John Allen, celebrated for his visceral, large-scale carpet creations.

    Elsewhere, the Lemon Embroidered Polo testifies to Anderson's ability to update classic men's styles with kitschy features and subtle quirks. Basic shapes are detailed with feminine accents this season: take the Textured Knit Raglan Top and Double Pleated Shorts for example, which are given an androgynous twist with cheeky frills and pleats.

    It’s the collection to transport you to the English countryside, no matter where you go this spring.

    Shop J.W. Anderson men's and women'sWool Linen Mix Waterfall Tee in multi  Contrast Logo Sweatshirt in grey Lemon Embroidered Polo in black Double Pleated Shorts in black Landscape Printed Shirt in white

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    Did Jonny Johansson go through a spray painting phase in college? His latest men’s collection for Acne Studios makes us wonder. It’s not just the T-shirts printed with hazy stars: in a recent interview, Johansson stated that the crewneck sweatshirts and loose-fit linen shorts of his latest collection were inspired by the “confident nothing of the skateboarder.”

    While most graffiti artists prefer anonymity, this collection is anything but undetectable. The Campus Concrete Fleece Sweatshirt’s abstract print resembles a still-dripping painting, while a Short-Sleeved Shirt features a laser-cut texture. Yet even the more “grown-up” pieces such as the Aron J Tech Blazer and Aron T Tech Trousers still manage to give off a IDGAF vibe—in a sleek and sophisticated way that only Acne Studios could pull off.

    “I want my design to feel honest, something that I would wear and my sons too,” said Johansson. “I draw inspiration from my life so that I can relate.”

    With his careful attention to fabrics and exaggerated cuts and shapes, we’re digging Johansson’s definition of “confident nothing.”

    Shop all Acne Studios men’s and women’s 

    Campus Stars Fleece Sweatshirt in white Eddy Symbol Star T-Shirt in black Ody Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt in white Zooty Linen Shorts in black Campus Concrete Fleece Sweatshirt in black

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    It's hard not to think of unexpected pleats and automatically associate them with the innovative designs of Issey Miyake. Since his first collection debuted in 1971, the Japanese designer has managed to continually break the boundaries of fashion and technology with inventive textiles and fabrications.

    Almost 40 years later, the global fashion house has expanded to include a wide range of brands including Pleats Please, CAULIFLOWER, and BAO BAO—the iconic geometric bags that can be spotted on everyone from Susie Bubble to Lily Allen. “Innovation comes with much trial and error,” Yoshiyuki Miyamae, Issey Miyake’s current head womenswear designer, tells us. “You have to always challenge yourself to find new things.”

    For Spring/Summer 2015, Miyamae followed in Miyake’s footsteps, pursuing innovations in textile pleating. The standout technique is a 3-D steam stretch, where creases are programmed into fabric through the application of steam. Case in point: the Bow Pleats Flowy Sleeveless Top, which showcases the brand’s knack for combining flattering fit with avant-garde details.

    And don’t get it twisted: just because the design looks complex doesn’t mean taking care of it has to be. The lightweight polyester fabrics used in each garment manage to retain their original shapes, thanks to their breathability.

    With Issey Miyake, looking good never has to be complicated. Miyamae’s goal? “Make people happy and joyful with the clothes.”

    Can’t get enough Issey Miyake? Check out our CAULIFLOWER and BAO BAO bag selection available at OC

    Shop all Issey Miyake here

    Bow Pleats Long Jacket in black Aerial Sheer Short-Sleeve Wrap Jacket in white Bow Pleats Layered Flowy Sleeveless Top in white Bow Pleats Layered Skirt in black

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