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  • 12/11/14--21:00: Cosmic Numbers: December 12
  • As anyone waiting for that boy/girl to text knows, updates can be just as important as dates. In Cosmic Numbers, Morgan Rehbock, the guru behind our monthly Astrology IRL column, divines the stars to bring you in-the-moment advice on important dates.

    Sun trine Jupiter
    Fire signs are shining bright all month long, but the come-up is really this weekend when Jupiter, planet of good luck, makes a positive aspect with the Sun in Sagittarius. The enthusiastic energy will be expressed by each sign in slightly different ways. Find out how you can channel the vibes...

    (March 21 - April 20)
    Go off this weekend! Plan a group activity with all your friends. You don’t want to miss the positive party vibes.

    (April 21 - May 20)
    You’ll find working this weekend extremely enjoyable. Utilize the productive energy in the air to make major leaps forward on professional projects.

    (May 21 - June 20)
    For Gemini who are currently entangled, plan a getaway for two to maximize the romantic vibes this weekend. For those who are currently single, work on your tinderwhore looks and put yourself out there. It’s highly likely you’ll make a match!

    (June 21 - July 22)
    Financial prospects are looking up and the positive energy this weekend will go straight toward your bank account. Keep your eye on the coin.

    (July 23 - August 22)
    Jupiter might be retrograde, but you’re still feeling lucky this weekend while a positive aspect has your energy levels popping off. Consider this weekend one of the best lucky moments of the whole year. Even if you have nothing special planned, you will enjoy yourself.

    (August 23 - September 22)
    Think of this weekend as a serious spiritual colonic. The positive aspects are going to flush out negative thoughts and feelings from the deepest, darkest spots in your mind, body, and soul, and replaced by fresh and uplifting vibes.

    (September 23 - October 22)
    The fresh energy this weekend invites someone new to burst on to your scene and sweep you in to the future. Don’t say no to any offers, within reason, of course.

    (October 23 - November 22)
    You’ve made it through many months of drudgery. Now you are seeing the positive results manifest for all the work you’ve done, and you should celebrate a little bit this weekend!

    (November 23 - December 21)
    The come-up this weekend is so real. A positive connection between the sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter, your ruling planet, in Leo, will have you feeling like whoa! Make sure you plan some kind of athletic activity this weekend to maximize the use of your energy.

    (December 22 - January 19)
    Venus, planet of love, is in Capricorn, making you the object of desire all month. You’ll be feeling extra fine this weekend with a fire trine igniting your 8th house of passionate partnership.

    (January 20 - February 19)
    The cosmic energy this weekend is all the rage, plan on dropping it low this weekend and you’ll be raving about the good times you had for weeks to come.

    (February 20 - March 20)
    Be bold abou

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  • 12/14/14--21:00: Cosmic Numbers: December 15
  • As anyone waiting for that boy/girl to text knows, updates can be just as important as dates. In Cosmic Numbers, Morgan Rehbock, the guru behind our monthly Astrology IRL column, divines the stars to bring you in-the-moment advice on important dates.

    Uranus squares Pluto, Mercury enters Capricorn
    In astrological terms a “square” aspect, or 90-degree angle between two planets, creates tension and calls for action. Besides the vast socio-political implications, I bet you’re wondering what this means for each sign on the individual, material plane? The Uranus/Pluto square has caused stress, drastic changes, possibly hair-loss, weight loss, lost sleep, and definitely personal transformation. With this kind of powerful aspect, we have to expect the unexpected, but also to expect things to get better than they were. Keep Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)" on repeat and you’ll come out of this week on a much higher plane.

    (March 21 - April 20)
    Your work could be a major source of stress this week, but try to focus on the bigger picture. If some details need to be shifted, just go with the flow and move forward with a positive attitude.

    (April 21 - May 20)
    Are you at a crossroads, philosophically speaking? If so, it’s time to do some soul searching and really figure out what you believe in.

    (May 21 - June 20)
    Don’t let social situations stress you out this week. If you manage to make it out, you can count on some exciting moments. If you need to take a temporary leave of absence from the social scene, no one will blame you for it.

    (June 21 - July 22)
    Balancing your professional life with romance can be a delicate dance, and this week you will be tip-toeing through your routine with great care. If you are aware of the competition, I know you’ll be dancing with the stars.

    (July 23 - August 22)
    Consider the wider implications of your routine decisions and habits this week. Does the reality match the ideals you believe in? If not, rectify the situation to increase the harmony in your kingdom.

    (August 23 - September 22)
    Uranus has you feeling some type of way, and this week might be a little freaky. Deal with your deep, dark secrets. You may have some demons to confront, but you’ll feel much better after you banish the dark spirits.

    (September 23 - October 22)
    Keep your rose quartz on hand this week to help increase the harmony around you. There is a very good chance that events this week will try to unseat you from your place of calm and serenity, but hold on tight and I know you can make it through the temporary turbulence.

    (October 23 - November 22)
    What many people don’t realize about a Scorpio is that they are in fact the most compassionate sign of the zodiac. Your emotional capacity is so high, you can barely control your feelings sometimes. Figure out a way to channel your outpouring of positive energy back toward the human race, so many people could use your love!

    (November 23 - December 21)
    You’re feeling an ambitious drive to move forward with creative projects this week. Very unexpected events could push everything to

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    If "playful" were a person, it would be Jean Jullien. His witty, uber-relatable comics about the woes of modern metropolitan life have made the graphic designer a favorite in certain circles, including here at Opening Ceremony (remember our NYFW Survival Cards?). 

    Currently, the French-born, New York-dabbling artiste is showing US, his second solo show at Kemistry Gallery London and the last exhibition to be shown in the gallery’s ten-year home on Charlotte Road. Save the best for last, that's what they say...

    The show itself deals with Jean’s fly-on-the-wall observations upon his move to NYC this past fall. The saturated, bold-lined comics in US perfectly capture those odd sights every denizen sees in this fast-paced crazytown: being "that guy" with 3-D glasses, surviving the housing crisis, becoming outraged by our defunct judicial system. To Jean, the scenes presented in the show are “all these things that your mind picks up on, whether it is because it irritates you or because it warms your heart.”

    Above all, his work is just genius. Side-eye on the train, #breaktheinternet (or is it #baketheinternet), LOL funny. And what is the artist's definition of funny? "Something that makes you tick, that's not necessarily offending but opens the way to a bit of thinking. That's how I try to create my images: to play with the familiar," he tells us. We'll get down with that. 

    If you're in London, definitely head out to see these illustrations IRL. For now, take a peek in the slideshow above for some of our favorites on view. 

    US will be on view at Kemistry Gallery London until January 2015 

    Kemistry Gallery
    43 Charlotte Road, London
    EC2A 3PD, UK 

    Jean Jullien's work, currently on view at Kemistry Gallery. Illustrations courtesy of the artist. This one is also on Instagram, at @jean _jullien: "last night"

    Jean Jullien's favorite of the bunch. 

    Always a good excuse to take a selfie.  
    Or, to document your fancy food.  

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    XXBC designers Alex Lee and Will Thompson are bringing their downtown-cool mentality into an uptown world with their second collection. With the boys’ own personal wardrobes—you’ve seen them on style blogs or working the sales floor at OC—displaying an affinity for oversized jerseys and ensembles that are a walking #TBT to ’94, the twosome are a pair that can’t be missed—just like XXBC. 

    With their defined personal style, it makes sense that their knack for unique dressing permeates throughout each exclusive-to-OC XXBC collection (check out the first, here). The fellas took inspiration from construction workwear and made it a little less industrial and a lot more plush. The designers also manage to infuse classic garments with their unique style: the crewneck sweatshirt gets a comfy, updated twist with contrast stripes of a fleece-like fabric in pastel, cotton-candy colors; boot laces are taken off of shoes and are instead used as drawstrings on sweatpants; each pair adorned with an extra loop—perfect for carrying around that hammer you couldn't fit in your bag.

    OC recently linked up with Alex and Will to talk about the new collection, J. Biebs sporting their label, and what it means to be cool and different. 

    CHLOE DEWBERRY: What made you guys use this particular fleece-like fabric? It’s not a typical fabric that you see in high-end collections.

    ALEX LEE: We've realized that we shoot a lot of our ideas down after considering whether it's been done before. If it hasn't, we are much more likely to do it. And plus, that fleece is so soft and cozy.
    WILL THOMPSON: The fabrics and colors all stemmed from a picture of a baby blue and white checkered garage door that Alex took when we were shooting our last lookbook video. We decided that we wanted to focus on the fabrication a little bit more this season, but we still wanted to incorporate the same grey jersey that we used the season before. 

    I love the boot laces that are used as drawstrings on the sweatpants! How did that idea come about?
    WT: We wanted to focus on this regular guy who is naturally cool—like a construction worker. 
    AL: I think we were trying to think of ways to take the construction worker theme one step further; we wanted those workwear elements to permeate throughout the collection. Looking at the drawstrings, we thought it would be a really cool touch to make the pieces that much more special. It gave the collection a necessary synergy.

    There were

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    This season, the most sartorial looks have us seeing spots—polka dots, to be exact. Inspired by Jonathan Horowitz's large-scale installation, 590 Dots, Opening Ceremony collaborated with the contemporary artist to create a small-run, unisex collection highlighting his recognizable polka-dot-on-canvas patterns. Amplified and crisp, Opening Ceremony x Jonathan Horowitz's DOTS collection features a tote bag, a field jacket, and a five-pocket denim pant. Worn together or separately, kinetic creativity bursts at the seams.

    Since the early 1990s, Jonathan Horowitz has made art that combines the imagery and ambivalence of Pop art with the engaged criticality of conceptualism. For his latest installation and inspiration for this collection, 590 Dots, hundreds of individuals visited Los Angeles’ 356 S. Mission Road gallery and were asked to paint a perfect, 11-inch black dot centered on an 18-inch canvas. There was, however, a twist: they were only allowed their paint and paintbrush. No rulers, pencils, or mechanical tools were allowed. "In a way, this project is about finding a way to get over [being a perfectionist] and be okay with imperfection and human limitation," Horowitz told us. "It’s an impossible task to make a perfect dot, but as I say to prospective dot-makers, if you take the project seriously and really, really try, your dot will be perfect."

    Shop Opening Ceremony x Jonathan Horowitz for men and women

    A version of this article originally ran October 17, 2014  

    Dots Marine Jean Jacket in white multi, Dots 5-Pocket Jeans in white multi

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  • 12/11/14--21:00: Honey, We Shrunk OC!
  • Oh baby, bay-bay! OC is stocking clothes for all the pint-sized hypebeasts out there. Now your little one can straight flex on the playground in miniature versions of some of our fave brands: Kenzo, Deer Dana, Nike, and even Gaultier. We obviously got in on the baby action as well, making tiny version of our ever-popular logo tees and hoodies. Check out the slideshow above to sample our kid-sized wares and get to filling up the bottom of your tree. We promise the little ones in your life will admire “Santa’s” sartorial merit.

    Shop all baby, girls, and boys here
    Opening Ceremony Mini Logo Hoodie in black Deer Dana Kanye Onesie in white Kenzo Tiger Onesie in blue Deer Dana Larry David Kids Tee in white

    Opening Ceremony Mini Logo Onesie in white 
    Deer Dana Lil Wayne Onesie in white Kenzo Tiger Top in nattier Deer Dana Jean-Michel Kids Tee in white
    Opening Ceremony Mini Logo Tee in black  Deer Dana Prince Onesie in white Kenzo Tiger Onesie in light grey Deer Dana

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    This summer, OC got you Tipsy and Tan. Now, we're just getting you tipsy. Meet Fridays at Five, our cocktail series where mixologists at New York City’s white-hot new restaurants create OC-exclusive drinks for our readers. Drinking on the job? Don't mind if we do...

    Boilermaker’s namesake drink might be a shot and a beer, but this East Village bar has also made a name for its boozy cocktails. Thank bartender Erick Castro for that—sure he can mix a proper old-fashioned, but more adventurous drinkers can opt for a gin-salt-celery Oceanside or the spice-tinged Cinnamon Wind.

    Naturally, Castro’s eggnog isn’t just your standard egg/cream/booze-of-choice mix. Slightly sweetened with maple syrup and cut with amaro, Little Daddy’s Holiday Nog is hardly related to the cloying variations found at lackluster ugly sweater parties. Serve in a coup glass with a dusting of fresh cinnamon, and this PG-drink just grew up.

    Name: Erick Castro

    If this drink had a soundtrack, what would it be?Soulful Christmas” by James Brown

    Drink of choice: An old-fashioned—it’s clean, classic, to the point.

    Hangover cure: A big bowl of pho.

    Best date advice: Don’t judge a person on their drink, or prejudge what they might drink. Some people are newbies, some people are old pros, and some guys like raspberry Rambles.

    Worst pick-up: Back in the ‘80s you would see guys hitting on the wrong girls on blind dates. Now it’s Tinder mismatches. Like they’re looking at their phones, standing five feet apart from each other, until they look up and they’re like “Oh, hey.” Your photo could not have been that accurate if you were standing five feet apart and couldn’t recognize them. They either end up making out, sucking face insanely an hour later, with zero shame, or it’s the exact opposite.

    Craziest last call story:
    Once at a bar, we were getting ready to shut down, and a B-list celebrity showed up, like a B list celebrity 10 years ago. They were like, "Hey, man, can we get a few drinks? We’ll be really cool. So we let them stay. It just escalated from there. Next thing you know, people are doing cocaine, having sex in the bathroom.

    What not to do to your bartender: Don’t play stump the bartender. We call them Jerry Thomases. A guest will come in and be like, "Hey, can you make me an 1865 improved whiskey cocktail from a French book that went out of print in the early 1900s? One guy came in and asked for a cocktail that debuted across the country four days ago. Luckily I knew the bartender at the San Francisco bar so I texted him, but really? We’ll make you anything you want, just be nice about it.

    Exclusive Recipe: Little Daddy's Holiday Nog
    OC Alcohol Scale*: 7
    “It doesn’t overwhelm you, and it’s very festive. But once you have a few, you’re like, whoa.”

    1 egg
    1 oz cream
    ½ oz Grade B maple syrup
    1 oz rye
    1 oz Montenegro Amaro

    Dry shake all the ingredients together, then shake with ice until frothy. Strain into a glass and garnish with freshly grated cinnamon bark.

    *OC's Alcohol Scale ranges from 1 ("like sippin' from a juice box") to 10 ("take me home—right now")

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    This season, NYC-based jewelry brand Joomi Lim throws out the “rough around the edges” look of studs. Rather, the studs adorning the brand’s latest bondage-inspired chokers and cuffs have taken a spherical shape, making the pieces somehow more approachable and avant-grade at the same time.

    This design duplicity is only to be expected from a brand like Joomi Lim after taking a look at the two very different minds behind the brand: Joomi Lim and Xavier Ricolfi. The first, a lively, self-taught creative from Seoul, has a knack for intricate details and unexpected design features; where as Parisian industrial designer Ricolfi contributes an extensive knowledge of technology and materials to the brand, keeping the design duo ahead of the curve in terms of construction. When a design duo like this joins forces, the design world is their oyster. The mixed metal studs in their newest collection are just the pearls.

    Shop all Joomi Lim here
    Small Neck Cuff w/Spheres in rhodium/ruthenium Large Sphere Ring in rose gold Small Cuff w/Spheres in ruthenium/rose gold Large Sphere Ring in rhodium Small Sphere Stud Earrings in rose gold Medium Neck Cuff w/Spheres in ruthenium/rose gold Small Sphere Midi Ring Set in rhodium Small Cuff w/Spheres in rhodium/ruthenium

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    Photographers shoot muses, don't they? Think about it. Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith. Richard Avedon and Dovima. Terry Richardson and Angela Lansbury.  

    To that point, Brock Fetch is a street-wise, charismatic photographer that counts some of today's hottest hip-hop stars as muse: A$AP Rocky, Action Bronson, and Iggy Azalea ("I have her on speed dial"), among others. Not too shabby for a gadabout who calls Oregon home but flirts with NYC in high-octane binges. 

    Recently, when the frequent contributor to Thrasher Magazine came out to visit Opening Ceremony, we couldn't resist sending him off with some clothes. In between meetings with adidas and shooting old pal Vic Mensa for OC and King Krule at ALIFE for Juxtapoz (the mag dubs him as "the author of our almost monthly Brock Life column"—hah), he spent a few hours out in Hoboken, New Jersey, taking pictures of his newfound models-slash-buddies, Jorge Wright (aka "Gitoo") and Mariam Noory (aka "lil' ma"). 

    Check out the fun day in the slideshow above, and bookmark Brock's Instagram feed for more badass pictures and feelings, like this one

    Opening Ceremony Dimensional Fingerprint Long Varsity Jacket in marble green. Photos by Brock Fetch. 
    Opening Ceremony Remix Hand Crewneck Sweatshirt in black multi

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    Made for the wild at heart, the second drop of Solange’s kick-ass collaboration with PUMA unveil the Suede Classics and Trinomic XT2+ sneakers in dialed-down-glam, monochromatic shades of sand, lashed with metallic gold and subtle prints—all designed with the help of her equally talented designer friends at William Okpo.

    The two styles are a subdued departure from her first drop, "Wild Wonder," — and we can't decide which we like better. To err on the safe side, catch 'em all. 

    Shop the entire PUMA x Solange collection here 

    The PUMA x Solange "Behind The Bazaar" collection is now available in stores and online. Photo courtesy of PUMA. 

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    If the names Thomas Tait, Shayne Oliver, and Tina and Nikita Sutradhar don't sound familiar to you yet, just remember: all good things come in time. Since taking home the top honors at last spring's inaugural LVMH Prize awards, these designers are on the cusp of greatness. 

    Since launching, the LVMH Prize has gone on to broadcast and propel emerging designers with both technical and financial support. (Just think about the recent explosion of a certain LVMH-backed Jonathan Anderson.) This year, applicants were selected to showcase their collections for an eight-person jury of industry greats, including Nicolas Ghesquière, Karl Lagerfeld, Raf Simons, and Opening Ceremony's own co-founders, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. 

    With his playful take on constructive silhouettes and effortless use of flashy hues, London-based designer Thomas Tait took home the top honor: the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Since nabbing the award, Tait has gone on to become the veritable hot ticket of the London fashion week circuit, with rave reviews and an increasing fan base since debuting his Spring/Summer 2015 runway show. Oliver and the Sutradhar sisters also won special prizes. Oliver's Hood By Air has already amassed a cult following with designs that bridge the gap between streetwear and luxury, and the sister duo behind Bombay-based brand Miuniku are also getting their fair share of international exposure with their dramatic cuts, pops of color, and experimental fabrication that are playfully inspired by everyday household items like Daz detergent. 

    The best part about these three designers winning the top LVMH Prize awards? All of their collections are available now at OC. 

    Shop all Thomas Tait, Hood By Air, and MiunikuFrom L-to-R: Hood by Air Double Layered Hoodie in black, Hood by Air Dries Van Noten Zippered Pants in black, Woman by Common Projects Combat Boots in black, Miuniku Bathrobe Dress in multi, Dries Van Noten Textured Ankle Boots in silver, Thomas Tait Box Coat in red, Thomas Tait

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    This past Saturday, tens of thousands gathered in downtown New York City for what would culminate as the single largest, organized gathering since post-Ferguson events surrounding Michael Brown and the grand jury decision to not indict the police officer who killed Eric Garner. 

    "Millions March NYC" started in Washington Square Park, wound uptown via Fifth Avenue, then eventually found its way to lower Manhattan's NYPD headquarters. In D.C., there was a similar protest, "Justice for All," organized by civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton. 

    One participant, 17-year-old Lula Hyers, documented the entire NYC event for Opening Ceremony. She began shooting at around 2 PM in the afternoon and didn't give her camera a pause until the early evening. A senior in high school, the New Yorker told us that "it's important to be a part of these protests, because this is a modern-day civil and humans rights movement—young people coming together and fighting for a world they want to grow up in and raise their kids in."

    For those of you who followed #millionsmarchnyc on social media, the hashtag has garnered an impressive 27K mark of traction on Instagram alone, including this real-time post for @openingceremony. (There were also some amusing interactions between protestors and SantaCon rabble rousers that would inevitably collide on busy city streets, something music critic Sasha Frere-Jones would poke fun of on Twitter.)

    Check out the slideshow above for Lula's pictures from the day. Commenting on what she's seen so far, she says, "I've never been more proud to be a part of today's youth." Despite the context of tragic events, we would agree. 

    Front of the line. Captions and photos by Lula Hyers
    Man in Washington Square Park Washington Square Park, around 2 PM on Saturday, December 13 Victims of "American Fear"  A man chants, "I can't breathe." The eyes of Eric Garner, as illustrated by Parisian artist JR Man filming from his smartphone while protesting Little ones join in, including this third grader Helicopter filming Millions March NYC Men and women march down 14th in the front of the line Press, getting creative with their documentation 

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    Opening Ceremony is pleased to present columnist Alexis Wilkinson's after-hours thoughts. And you know she has thoughts: president of the Harvard Lampoon; crusader of Domino's delivery boys; educator of Darwinian origins for the bad bitch, Alexis—with her candor and wit—is our new girl crush. Here, "Late-Ish With Alexis" shines the spotlight on why she doesn't do the mall anymore. 

    They sent me two left shoes. “They” being an eBay seller with an unpronounceable screenname, and the shoes being a pair of “new” fur-lined, no-nonsense, waterproof boots that I had hoped would be my savior this cold, wet winter. 

    Two left shoes are a funny problem to have, but also pretty infuriating. My message to the seller was more or less “Hey, so... You sent me two left shoes... And I have a left foot and a right foot... Because I am a relatively standard human specimen.” I essentially got catfished by some shoes. Shoefished. Bamshoezzled.

    I’d like to say at that point I got off my lazy ass and went to a “shoe store” perhaps in a “commercial galleria,” my favorite euphemism for “mall.” But I absolutely 100% did not. I don’t do the mall anymore. And I’m not alone. The decline of the American mall in the wake of online shopping is quickly changing everything from holiday season habits to city planning. Grumbling, I just opened another page and within an hour had ordered a different pair. They were delivered in a few days and had the anatomically correct shoe combo. 

    I don’t attribute my obsession with online shopping to pure laziness. With my size 11 feet (try finding something bigger than a 10 that’s not made for a drag queen), customer service-induced social anxiety (thank God for self-checkout), and little to no tolerance for slow walkers, the mall these days comes as close to what I imagine hell is like, without actually having Satan boiling me alive like a lobster while calling me “ma’am” in a thick Boston accent. 

    I didn’t always feel this way. As a teen back home, our local mall was the hangout spot. Not childish like a bowling alley or arcade, but not so adult your mom wouldn’t let you go. You’d grab a sugar pretzel and window shop until you found something better to do or go see a PG-13 movie with that kid in math class you’re crushing on. Regardless, your friends were always there. The mall wasn’t a place you went. It was a thing you did. 

    And not much has changed since then, which might have led to its demise. “Are Malls Over?” mused the New Yorker in March, and a piece in the Guardian published in June seemed to answer “Yep.” Why mill around in a concrete block for an hour when you can sit in your pajamas for 15 minutes? Why deal with pushy salespeople, crying babies, and fresh gum on your shoe when you can just not? 

    Real-life shopping is like a fishing trip. You go in a little blind and hope to stumble upon something good and waste a lot of time in the process. Online shopping is a military extraction: Find the “store.” Find the product. Secure the product. But the mall’s biggest liability is also its biggest, and perhaps only, asset. The experience. The sights and smells and the waste of a litt

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    Let’s face it: planning for NYE is stressful. Who’s going? Where? When? And in what? Luckily, we’ve got that last one covered. Introducing Walk of Shame, the tongue-in-cheek Russian label made for long nights and even longer mornings. With an offering of cover-up coats and slinky metallic dresses, this collection is best served with a sense of humor and a glass of bubbly.

    To best understand the Walk of Shame mentality, take designer Andrey Artyomov. Instead of advertising, he’s tapped industry friends from his stylist days to participate in #walkofshame challenges. The criteria? Party hard. Moscow-style. And since night life there is fueled by fashion-loving It-Girls, the clothes went viral. (Even non-Russian, non-drinking aged Elle Fanning is a noted fan.)

    As for us, we don’t shy away from the occasional hangover—especially if means gettin’ down in a rhinestone dress or hedgehog-textured coat. But if your NYE plans don’t require a gown, Walk of Shame’s OC-exclusive collection of emoji sweaters makes a case for a little heart-eyed fun.

    Shop all Walk of Shame here OC-Exclusive Ghost Sweater in mint green OC-Exclusive Praying Hands Sweater in navy OC-Exclusive Cherry Sweater in white OC-Exclusive Heart Eyes Sweater in black OC-Exclusive Fire Sweater in dark grey

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    The lines between art, pornography, and fashion are more blurred today than ever, especially with the persuasion of titles like Baron. Founded by Jonathan Baron just two years ago, the paperback mag has gained some serious traction in the creative world through its reimagining of erotic themes through the eyes of many different acclaimed photographers. 

    The latest of which is Edith Bergfors, a London-based photographer whose signature "fashion through a surrealist lens" approach has caught the attention of Baron twice, as well as the likes of DIS and Under/Current. We caught up with the artist to discuss her second contribution to Baron for Issue #3, as well as the overall concept of eroticism in art.

    CHLOE MACKEY: What is the overall backstory behind the photographs in your latest spread in Baron? Can you walk us through what themes you were trying to explore/your artistic process/etc.?

    EDITH BERGFORS: The series is a flashback of memories, as witnessed through a semi-fictional character at the end of the world. It's a collection of photographs from my archive dating back to when I was a teenager, as well as some new images that were created specifically for this. I wanted it to consist of punctuational moments in life, sometimes over-thought to the point that they become surreal, and sometimes entirely imagined, combined with images that evoke a sense of the sublime that casts a daunting shadow overall. Matthew Holroyd (the creative director of Baron) and I sat and edited and re-edited the images over months, which allowed us the time to consider the balance of imagery and create whatever was needed to complete it. 

    This is your second contribution to Baron, this one being much more surreal and dark. Is this an indication of a change in how you as an artist tackle themes of sexuality and eroticism?
    Absolutely. I hadn't really considered doing anything too erotic previously, so the first shoot I felt needed to have a sense of humor to it. It still had a seedy element, but I think with being allowed such a wide time frame and subject matter for this shoot, I was able to consider new pathways of exploring the subject. 

    You use a wide variety of individuals as subjects in your work, and that is very clearly seen in this feature. What usually draws you to a potential subject?

    Generally, I think it all comes down to a sense of confusion for me. I like people who in some way make me feel uncomfortable, not because of their direct actions but for my lack of ability to "work them out." For example, the photograph that begins the series is from my early 20s; she is a friend of my grandmother's who I'm still infatuated with. She's a retired pediatrician, who has recovered from lung cancer, who continues to smoke cigars and drinks as much whiskey as she ever did, and though her mannerisms are entirely polite and elegant, she has this badass attitude and is quite crass verbally. Maria, the lady who appears twice in the series is someone that Matthew and I have shot previously, because her face to me looks entirely ageless. Paris is a boy that Matthew and I chose for this, knowing beforehand that he would have an erection in the image. We felt like he had a sense of calamity in his face, which we wanted to be juxtaposed with his raging boner. 

    There are a number of nature shots in this series, and considering Baron is an erotic magazine, how do you feel

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    To some, Christmas signifies a time of love under the mistletoe, gift-giving, and jam-packed stockings over the fireplace. To most, it simply represents quality time gathered around the television for 24-hour marathons of The Santa Clause on cable networks.  

    With television channels amping up the spirit before the Thanksgiving turkey even hits the table, stereotypical holiday movie overkill is a growing issue. How many more times can you possibly listen to your tipsy uncle recite lines from A Christmas Story during the screening? No, Uncle Tim, you'll shoot your eye out!

    For every Home Alone marathon special on TV, there's always a Black Christmas or Uncle Buck waiting to be streamed online. It's time to shed a little light on the alternative side of the holidays and focus on the films that make us feel all warm and jolly inside—without the overkill.

    Below, OC Family answers the important, seasonal question: What is the best alternative holiday movie?

    "Eyes Wide Shut. What? It is technically a Christmas movie after all." —Chloe M.

    "Oh my God, A Nightmare Before Christmas! My entire room is basically filled with stuff from that movie; I've loved it since I was a kid. I'm a huge Tim Burton fan!"—Bianca

    "The Mary Kate and Ashley classic To Grandmother's House We Go tops on my list. Sure, it's a straight-to-video children's film, but one with violence, robbery, and a really hot UPS guy. Also, Last Holiday with Queen Latifah and LL Cool J is a super-underrated holiday film. Queen Latifah goes to an expensive winter wonderland in Europe and blows all her cash. It's not even that funny; it's actually kind of moving." —Bernie

    It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas!” —Andy 

    Bladerunner is my all-time favorite film during the cold winter season. It gets me ready for my winter outfit inspirations!” —Jenny 

    Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. If you want to know what Santa and his elves are really like, this movie will take you into the creepiest depths of the truth behind Christmas. Spoiler alert: Santa is not jolly!” —Kelsey

    “All the claymation TV hits! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jack Frost, and Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town being my favorites.” —Janelle

    "Die Hard is always my top Christmas movie. A father tries to make it home to his wife and kids on Christmas. He just happens to have to shoot his way through multiple German terrorists with great hair to get to them. Fun Fact: Try catching an edited-for TV version if you can; the dubbed lines are highly enjoyable. 'Yippee ki yay melon farmer.'" —Jer  

    "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! The best part: Clark's yuppie neighbors Todd (Nicholas Guest) and Margo (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Their outfits are spot-on." —Heidi 

    "Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Danny DeVito is an orphaned-goth-penguin with a stylish crew who terrorizes Gotham City urbanites during X-mas, while Michelle Pfeiffer slinks around the city as the best Catwoman—even in pleather!" —

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    Here at OC, we are struck by how often we end up in everyday conundrums. The ones that land you in the thick of semi (or full-blown) awkwardness, or maybe, the doghouse. 

    So, we turned to Simon Collins, the
     dean of the School of Fashion at Parsons, who after six years in his plum perch, just announced plans to step down at the end of this year. Translation: More time to divulge lessons on how to act when you meet royalty... 

    Q: New York City is full of famous people. You recently met one in particular: Kate Middleton. How do you keep your cool? 

    It’s true that you can’t throw a bread roll down Fifth Avenue without hitting someone who’s been on the telly for better or worse. Even a humble school teacher like me occasionally finds himself inadvertently in the presence of Greatness, or greatness.

    Take for instance this past week when I was unexpectedly summoned to the Official Residence of Her Majesty’s Consul General, there to dine with none other than Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Rule number one: wear your best kit. Unless you’re emerging after 68 days trapped in a coal mine then dress nicely, it’s what your mom would expect. Rule number two: this is business; you probably won’t end up as BFFs so think professionally. Have your elevator pitch and a quick one liner if you can. Rule number three: shut up and move on when you’re done. It’s business, remember? And I need not tell you that selfies are not on, right? Thank you.

    Now you may also meet Fragrant and Pouting VIPs who are not as professional as your average HRH. Take, for example, Madonna, who I expect is quite lovely. I can’t confirm that personally because the time we stood next to each other at a mutual friend’s birthday, I froze and imagined the conversation as follows:

    Me: “Err hello, err Madonna, are you, um, having fun?’
    Madonna: (Not quite looking at me) "I am Madonna." 
    Me: "Oh, right." (Slinks quietly away.) 

    But now we come to the big one, that moment that happens for the rarified few who have a chance to meet Her Majesty (and, no, I don’t mean Madonna). Whatever they might tell you to the contrary, all English boys play this through in their tiny minds. This is how it would go for me:

    Me: (Bows deeply, wearing the full armour—dad’s tie, mum’s ring, late BF’s watch)
    Powdered Flunky escorting HM: "This is Mr. Simon Collins, Your Majesty. He lives in America." 
    HM: (Smiling graciously) "And what brings you here, Mr. Collins?"
    Me: (Blank stare, mind empty, dopey smile) 
    Powdered Flunky, who’s seen it all before: "Mr. Collins is in the fashion business, Ma’am."
    HM: (Now smiling sympathetically) "And what do you do in the fashion business?"
    Me: (Desperately trying to remember what I do) 
    Powdered Flunky: (Eyes imploring me to speak) "He was recently dean of a design school, Ma’am."
    HM: (Maintaining sympathetic smile) "I do feel we must do everything possible to educate for the future, don’t you?"
    Powdered Flunky: (Eye roll)
    HM: (Final parting smile as she moves on.)
    Me: (Remembering own name) "Simon Col

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    For Pre-Fall 2015, Opening Ceremony takes the idea of refreshment and regeneration as inspiration, with everyday fruits and vegetables symbolizing the exciting renewal that takes place each fashion season. The prism-like displays of fruits and vegetables spotted on every New York street corner—and our daily rituals surrounding them—have cleaved a starring role in Opening Ceremony’s zeitgeist for the new season.

    The Opening Ceremony girl enters a spellbound menagerie of cut and peeled, twisted and swirled ingredients that echo a supermarket spectrum. The collection is an artful mash-up of darker, mouth-watering colors. Think beet, blueberry, grapefruit, and kale green, and future-modern cuts and fabrics that interpret the peel of a banana or the texture of a leafy Swiss chard.

    Silhouettes strike a balance between the fitted and draped, featuring delicate twisted seams and high necklines on separates and structured suiting alike. Take the Moodie Crepe Collar Dress in celery, with a mille-feuille-like twisted seam running from the bodice to the hem, or the pigment-printed Cabbage Outline Multi Twist Dress in green apple, its pattern echoing a natural cross-section. The embossed organza Laser Cut Fruit Shell Top and the Fruit Jacquard Dress use striking cutouts, mimicking lemons, carrots, and radishes seemingly tossed and suspended, in mid-air. A “fruit face,” with cucumber slices for eyes and a grapefruit wedge for a mouth, is seen on the Intarsia Sleeveless Dress and the Check Sleeveless Dress, while minimal staples like the shirt dress, the vinyl boxy coat, and the straight leg pant are rendered in a digitally-printed banana skin, down to its tiny freckles. Also introduced this season is a classic draped pant—in various materials like fille coupe and crepe—with a side seam and gradual tapered ankle.

    The “Fresh!” unisex jersey capsule features T-shirts, sweatshirts, varsity, and knitwear printed with grocery-standard barcodes, the Opening Ceremony logo, and branded, embroidered “fruit stickers” that play off something one might peel off an apple or a kiwi.

    The story continues in the collection’s footwear and accessories. Shiny calf leather in rich hues like beet, raspberry, and a black “cabbage” stamped suede are seen on the striking crisscrossed Julia High Heel Mule and Julia Thong Sandal, finished with patent shadow piping and a mélange marbleized acetate geometric heel. Ripe for the taking: the playful netted detail in the Lug Sole and Demi Wedge Sandal, which draws inspiration from a citrus bulk bag. The Lele Handbag and Athena Lunch Bag are also back, this time in glossy, wax-like textures, while the best-selling Izzy backpack comes in a new wool base, embroidered with our “fruit sticker” patches.​

    The collection hits stores and online the summer of 2015; meanwhile, shop all current Opening Ceremony here Looks from Opening Ceremony Pre-Fall 2015. Photos by Arno Frugier

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    The ugly Christmas sweater just ain't our thing. Last night, Opening Ceremony threw a rager dignified holiday party at No. 8, the Meatpacking District hotspot (also known as the former home to Bungalow 8). The night's dress code? Denim. 

    Throwing the Christmas carols right out of the club door, DJs Haruka Salt, Mazurbate, Huggy Bear, Deemehlow, and DJ Lindsey got the crowd going with Bobby Shmurda hits and '90s hip-hop reworks. Keeping to the Americana theme, guests munched on burger sliders and macaroni truffles—and, um, a vegetarian spring roll or two—all the better to soak up those sneaky flutes of champers and Svedka Red Bull mixers. 

    The holidays are a season for joy, togetherness, and merry drinking—all of which the OC holiday bash managed to cover. 

    Check out festive photos from the night in the slideshow above!Keeping with a denim dress code, these girls created their own OC-Exclusives (our favorite!). Photos by Matthew KellyOC founders Carol and Humberto OC's Simon, Sean, and IgnacioOC's Jacky and CherieOC's Jesse and Carol OC's Terrill, Shirley, and MelanieOC's Calley, Dylan, Meghan, and Su 
    OC's Humberto and IsabelOC's DanielA view of the packed house from the upstairs "VIP" area—but hey, we're all VIPs here... OC's Carly, Kelsey, Shay, and AvaOC's Jason and Nikki, Janiva Ellis, Bailey Stiles, DeSe, and Astrology IRL's Morgan Rehbock Clarke Rudick and OC's RileyHaruka Salt in her DKNY for Opening Ceremony jacketOC's Mel (far right) and friendGerlan Marcel, Patrik Sandberg, Anna Trevelyan, and Zachary ChingHuggy Bear spinning tracks OC's Fernando, Allie, Riley, and ZachOC's Alex and Kelsey OC's Bettina and hubbie Dan ChoWhat's a holiday party without a Svedka m

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    Like anything considered a “classic,” when it comes to varsity jackets, we all know there's a piece of history attached, but who knew the story dated back over 150 years?

    Originally created by Harvard University’s baseball team as early as 1865 as a way to shed light on the team’s MVPs, the first varsity jacket wasn’t even a jacket at all. It was nothing more than an Old English letter “H” embroidered onto the team’s humdrum grey, flannel uniforms. In addition, a “Letterman," as they were dubbed, was only given to players that participated in the season’s most important games. Those players would be allowed to sport the jerseys after the season to boast their talents and victories on and off campus. It wasn’t until 1891 that the modern version of the varsity jacket began to take shape, as the team began to wear black, Joe Cool-worthy sweaters adorned with a decorative and prominent “H” in the school’s signature crimson red.

    Now, you can boast your personal style and creativity by customizing your very own OC Varsity Jacket just time for the holidays! With any purchase of an OC Varsity Jacket online from now until December 20, you’ll get free custom embroidery, delivered just in time for Christmas Day. 

    *Twelve character limit, no accented letters, offer does not apply to previously purchased jackets. Can be embroidered in one of two fonts: Trade Gothic (Sans Serif) or Fenway Park. Must have orders placed and approved via email by December 20 to receive before Christmas.

    Whether it's your boo thang or your rabbi, get that special someone the customized gift they really want this year: an embroidered Opening Ceremony Varsity Jacket.  L-R: OC-Exclusive Varsity Jacket in heather grey, OC-Exclusive Varsity Jacket in marble green, OC-Exclusive Varsity Jacket in black multi, OC-Exclusive Varsity Long Jacket in black multi, OC-Exclusive Varsity Long Jacket in marble green OC-Exclusive Varsity Jacket in heather grey OC-Exclusive Varsity Jacket in marble green OC-Exclusive Varsity Jacket in black multi

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