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    This is your last chance to register to vote before the big day. And let's be real, it ain't always easy. Yes, you might have to download a form and fill it out with a primitive tool like the pen. Yes, you might have to leave your house and walk to a local public office like it's the 1800's. But believe us, the time spent is worth it compared to electing the wrong man for the job. And since this is really important to us, we made a cheat sheet for all the states that still have the opportunity to register, because yes, some have closed already ... Don't worry if you don't see your home, states that have closed are listed below too, like the bottom of the page below. 

    Can you register online? Yes.
    Deadline to register: October 24, 2016
    You can register to vote online in Alabama here, if you have an ID. 
    If you don’t have an ID you need to fill out and send in this form.
    Can you register online? Yes.
    Deadline to register: October 10, 2016
    You can register to vote online in Arizona here.
    Can you register online? No.
    Deadline to register: In person, October 10, 2016; 
    By mail it must be postmarked by October 11, 2016.
    To register by mail to vote in Arkansas you need to fill out this form and make sure it’s postmarked by October 11, 2016.
    Can you register online? Yes.
    Deadline to register: October 24, 2016
    You can register to vote online in California here.
    Can you register online? Yes.
    Deadline to register: Election Day—November 8, 2016
    You can register online to vote in Colorado here.
    Can you register online? Yes.
    Deadline to register: November 1, 2016, though the state also has same-day registration at the polls on Election Day—November 8, 2016
    You can register to vote online in Connecticut here.
    Can you register online? Yes.
    Deadline to register: October 15, 2016
    You can register online to vote in Delaware here.
    Can you register online? Yes.
    Deadline to register: October 11, 2016
    You can register online to vote in DC here.
    Can you register online? Yes.
    Deadline to register: Oc

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    1. Grill (check) or tin foil grill (check)
    2. Blue contacts from Met Gala  (check)
    3. White shutter shades (check)
    4. Red lego heart brooch (check)
    5. Prop baby and baby bjorn from the film the Hangover transformed into North West (check)
    Wow, you went all in this year for Halloween and need the final piece for a Kanye-approved costume. And you’re in luck. The adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 750 makes its appearance just in time, all dressed up in a light brown color palette. 
    It’s not going to be easy to get them though (I didn’t have to tell you that). Below is all the info you’re going to need to try your luck and enter OC’s raffle. Remember,  due to high demand, we cannot guarantee your purchase of a pair of YEEZY BOOST 750s. Thank you for understanding!

    adidas Originals YEEZY BOOST 750 Boost In-Store Raffle to Purchase 
    —Register for raffle entry at either OCNY Soho or OCLA store locations
    —Raffle begins on Wednesday October 12th at 11 AM (Note: all times are local)
    —Raffle ends on Wednesday October 12th at 7 PM (Note: all times are local)
    —Raffle entries are restricted to one entry per person
    —No phone, email, or online entries will be taken. All registrations must be made in person
    —Must have valid form of ID
    —Must be at least 10 years old
    —We will contact winners via phone by 7:00 PM Thursday, October 13th
    —If a winner does not pick up their phone and their voicemail is full or isn’t set up, they will be disqualified
    —Winners can pick up and purchase on Saturday October 15th between 9 AM — 10:30 AM
    —If a winner does not purchase his/her pair in-stores by 10:45 AM he/she will forfeit the right to purchase
    —Any unclaimed units will be sold in-store on a first come, first serve basis
    —Winners must bring valid photo ID to complete purchase
    —Winners will be escorted by a security guard to car/cab/train (Note: we do not recommend taking any public transportation)

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    Adjective. | \ˈrē(-ə)l*ˈnes\
    Definition of Reelness
    1. Parallels Howard Street itself, tucked away from it's hectic brothers and sisters but not without something to say.
    A reflection of Howard street and its unknowing commitment to originality. Reelness brings you a new series from Opening Ceremony. Exploring young photographers and their take on authentic style. Meet Brooke Gardiner, who seeks to mute the noises of the city and freeze frame an intimate moment. A collection of images that captures and catalogs style from distinct individuals. Style and stories that draws in eyes and foot traffic of the busy streets, instead of walking with it. 

    How does one block out the noise? To define themselves? Their style? To find inspiration? Brooke trains her lens on a series of subjects who seem to have figured it out. Hear from them all below.

    Barrington ELECT: @be_elect
    "My name is BarringtonELECT. I'm an entertainer, and with my voice, I transmit the power of pleasure. I see style as regret-free risk—never accidents, but the pursuit of evolution." 
    Jessica + Joyce Gayo: @nudeux 
    “We see ourselves as butterflies, and authenticity is what style means to us.”

    Michel Sayegh: @michelsgh
    "To me, style is a projection of my internal state at the moment."

    Yaminah Mayo: @spicy.mayo
    "I find inspiration from old films, and specifically black films of the '80's and'90's—ESPECIALLY She's Gotta Have It. They inspire me because these films were made before anyone really had, or wanted, the title of ‘stylist.’ It was back in a time when fashion was a ‘come as you are’ experience and you could do pretty much whatever your heart desired. It was open and experimental. You weren't trying to follow a trend. Also, at that time, black people REALLY had control over their images and had spaces to express what daily black life really was, in actuality. There's such a sophistication and beauty to that kind of power and my generation even feeds off of it today." 

    Thistle Brown: @thistlebrown
    "Style can refine itself over time it should always amplify who you are ."

    Zoey Radford Scott: @zoeyradfordscott
    "I like boys clothes, color, and pictures. It kind of sounds like a kid’s book, so maybe that’s my inspiration"
    Photography by Brooke Gardiner; Styling by Mel Renee; Subjects featured Barrington ELECT, Jessica Gayo, Joyce Gayo, Michel Sayegh, Yaminah Mayo, and Zoey Radford Scott.

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    It might be a little warmer than normal, but we can feel it, that brisk fall air is here. And who doesn’t love autumn when they start thinking about chunky knits and even better: cashmere. To celebrate fashion’s favorite season, we have some exciting news. Today our Soho and LA store just got taken over by the champions of retail transparency, Everlane, for the brand’s first ever collaboration.
    We have a lot in common with Everlane: We both love innovative design. Top-quality product. Unique shopping experiences. And cashmere—obviously. Since Everlane’s thing is online and we like to switch stuff up, we decided to give them a temporary home for the holidays, meaning you can only get the products in Opening Ceremony stores. But don’t worry, we both agreed to skip the traditional retail mark-ups and keep the prices disruptively low. 
    The collection offers up Everlane’s full assortment of classic cashmere sweaters— plus two new, limited-run styles. The core collection consists of thirteen cashmere styles for men and women, from the perfect cardigan to a classic crew pullover, in ten essential colors. And the OC-exclusives are two of our favorite sweater shapes—a cropped crew and turtleneck—in 3-ply premium 100% cashmere.
    Starting today swing by the Opening Ceremony LA and Soho store to shop the collaboration … You’ll get to wander through tall birchwood silos that house the collection, designed by the architectural firm, POST-OFFICE.
    Click through the slideshow to see more images from the Everlane x Opening Ceremony editorial.  

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  • 10/13/16--21:00: Talk About a SOFT LAUNCH
  • As much as we'll miss Summer '16, we've been ready to slip into something warm 'n' cozy for quite some time now—which is why we couldn't be more excited to celebrate the launch of our new collaboration Everlane x Opening Ceremony at our 35 Howard Street store last night. 
    We perused through cashmere styles exclusive to Opening Ceremony (think oversized turtlenecks and cropped crewnecks), while munching on Burrow cookies in the shapes of, well, turtlenecks and crewnecks of course. 
    Kitty Cash set the vibes with her signature mix of dance tunes as guests enjoyed Rekorderlig 'Hot Toddies', Svedka ‘Apple Cider Mules’ and Tiger Beer. Not to toot our own horn, but we really couldn’t have thought of a better way to transition into Fall than this. I mean cookies we don’t have to bake and booze is way better than apple picking.
    Most importantly—outside the alcohol and tunes—we were reminded why both Everlane and OC's love for innovative design and top quality product make this collab the perfect addition to our “cold weather” wardrobe. If you weren't able to shop the collection last night, visit our LA or Soho store to get your cashmere on. Happy shopping!
    Scroll through the slideshow above to see how we celebrated (literally) our softest launch yet. 

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    It’s seemingly impossible to define “art” with a simple explanation—it spans such a wide variety of mediums, perspectives, intentions, and aesthetics. But if there is one concept of art that most people can agree on, and as Nina Simone once said, “An artist’s duty is to reflect the times.” It’s an open-ended definition that leaves room for interpretation, and is a fitting characterization for artist James Evans’ first solo show, Salad Daze, currently on view at Chinatown Soup Gallery.
    Over the last few years, it’s been impossible to escape the constant news reports and social media posts of tragic, heartbreaking events in our own country and around the world. From the numerous police shootings of black men and women and the random acts of mass violence to the hateful rhetoric being used in the current election cycle, the violence often feels inescapable. But what is it that leads to these acts of aggression? What has been ingrained in our minds that those are our reactions? It is these important—and complicated—questions of consciousness, or lack thereof, that James sought to explore in the exhibition.
    His latest paintings move away from the graphic design-based approach of Jame’s previous work and take on a more fluid and spontaneous, though no less detailed, style. Some of the subject matter is explicit, like the arrest depicted in “Boys of Summer II,” while other works examine related concepts, from our obsession with Photoshopped perfection and constant sexualization to undercurrent of machismo that runs through our culture.
    “There are so many issues we don’t know how to deal with and we often ignore the deep-rooted history behind them,” James' says of his inspiration. And while he doesn’t seek to answer these questions, his visual exploration offers food for thought. “Salad Days” is a reference to youthful idealism that dates back to the time of Shakespeare but was given new meaning by punk bands in the ‘80s. The name serves to balance out the weighty issues that he examines, and offers a sense of optimism—where there’s awareness, there’s hope for change.
    Salad Daze is open from October 13th - 20th at Chinatown Soup Gallery (16 Orchard Street).

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  • 10/18/16--21:00: Flip The Script
  • Underwear, pants, shirt, socks or sometimes it’s underwear, socks, pants, shirt … However your roll, most people agree when it comes to getting dressed shoes go on last. And while footwear may be the final step in the process of getting dressed, that doesn’t have to dictate the outfit plan. We’re here to propose the correct philosophy: pick your footwear first. And with Opening Ceremony’s latest fall footwear offering, our case is pretty much made. This season, we’re taking things beyond the basic boot (though we have an amazing pair of those, too) and offering up some killer styles to inspire your fall look.

    Nothing beats a classic heeled boot for everyday, and this season we’ve updated the Livv Boot in stretch leather, so there’s no zipper necessary. For days full of errands and running around, we have the future-inspired Zosma Slip-On Sneakers that will help you cruise through the day at the speed of light. And for those times when you need a little mood boost, the Mizram Heel Lace-Up Booties are sure to add some swag to your step. And we can all use a little more of that.

    Shop all Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2016 Footwear 
    Opening Ceremony Livv Stretch Boots in Black. Photography by Isabel Asha Penzilien: Styling by Zoey Radford Scott. 
    Opening Ceremony Nebulla Loafer Slides in Black Multi.Opening Ceremony Cici Velvet Slip-On Sneakers in Cosmic Pink.Opening Ceremony Zosma Slip-On Sneakers in

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  • 10/16/16--21:00: Haiti Needs our Help
  • OC has always prided itself as being a family founded on the ability to foster cultural exchange. While predominantly that conversation may be around artists, designers, and culture, it doesn’t stop there, especially when people within our global community need our help. With the devastating news of Hurricane Matthew, we all need to support the people of Haiti. Many communities along the coast in southern Haiti, as well as inland in the Grande Anse department, were devastated by the storm. To make matters even worse, basic water and sanitation were already insufficient in these areas, on top of weak health care provisions that are under-funded. 

    And since family is so important to us, in addition to sharing quick facts from J/P Haitian Relief Organization about what your money can do and ways to donate, below OC-staffers (and twin sisters!) Joyce and Jessica share a brief passage about their time in Haiti visiting their uncle.  

    J/P Haitian Relief Organization 
    J/P HRO is the first organization with a medical clinic that has been treating people affected by the storm. Currently the organization has teams on the ground trying to combat water-bourne illness, like Cholera. And believe us when we say, a little goes a long way. Just in case you need us to spell it out, we do … 
    $15 - One unit of ringer lactate to keep cholera patients hydrated
    $25 - Cost for the mobile clinics to treat 1 patient 
    $50 - Cash support for those hosting displaced people
    $250 - Cost of total cholera treatment supplies per day for mobile clinic
    $300 - Cost of shelter for one displaced person
    $500 - Cost for 1 bulldozer rental per day
    $3500 - Cost for total rental and operations of heavy machinery per location per day to remove debris and create access to remote areas to allow for further aid

    Click here to donate to J/P HRO or Text JPHRO to 41010 A one-time donation of $10.00 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Your support is needed. And we're not just telling, we're doing too: Opening Ceremony will match all donations made throughout October. 

    A short passage from Joyce and Jessica Gayo about their time at the Haitian Education Fund: 
    Last year, my sister and I had the opportunity to visit my mother’s home country in the Rural part of Haiti. I had the opportunity to assist my mother through a leadership training she did with the youth at Ecole Communautaire de Durour, Miragoan. I know the kids felt like they were learning a lot from us, but the truth is I learned from them. I learned to appreciate my high school classroom.  I learned to appreciate the luxuries of a comfortable desk or a black board.I learned the privilege of having access to running water and electricity. And while I was noticing what they didn’t have, they were coming to school everyday, happy and eager to learn. That’s the greatest lesson I could ever learn. Hurricane Matthew destroyed part of the Ecole Communautaire de Durour, Miragoan. The one place where these kids can dream and have hopes that one day will be better. Together my sister and I working with other Haitian-Americans to help our Haitia

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  • 10/20/16--21:00: Design Time
  • 6:30 PM last night we took a stroll down the green carpet on East 91st street. This wasn’t an evening walk and talk through Central Park but Cooper Hewitt’s 17th Annual National Design Awards.

    The museum awarded its nominees at the Arthur Rose Terrace and Garden at Cooper Hewitt  with a dinner and award ceremony, but let its guest enjoy the open bar and horderves before the newly renovated garden opened.

    Among the eleven recipients were our very own Humberto Leon and Carol Lim who received Opening Ceremony’s National Design Award for Fashion Design! Accompanied by family and close collaborators Jean-Paul Goude, Jonah Hill, and Spike Jonze, CL and HL took the stage.
    The National Design Awards were created by the White House Millennium Council in year 2000 during the world wide celebration of the century’s end. The council’s motto "Honor the Past – Imagine the Future."
    The motto weaves throughout Opening Ceremony’s own vision of “Community, Dialog, and Discovery.” as the company heads towards it’s fifteen year anniversary next year.
    Humberto Leon, Jean-Paul Goude, Carol Lim. Photos c/o Cooper Hewitt. Jonah Hill, Carol Lim, Humberto Leon, Spike Jonze.Humberto & Carol.The Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Award.
    Jean-Paul Goude and Carol Lim.Jonah and Spike.The Cooper Hewitt Team!Humberto, Caroline Baumann, Carol.

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    To say it’s been a busy week for our founders, Carol and Humberto, is an understatement. They just finished directing over a hundred models, dancers, musicians, and performers of all kinds at Pier 36 for the Kenzo x H&M show. (Mind you, this was their THIRD show this season!)
    With Carol and Humberto's tireless work ethic and endless creativity, it should then come as no surprise that they would be honored by Cooper Hewitt at the National Design Awards Gala, held last night at the the museum's Arthur Rose Terrace and Garden. This was a celebration of the museum’s 17th annual awards where each year Cooper Hewitt recognizes a variety of disciplines for excellence and innovation. We are proud to say last May, Opening Ceremony received the National Design Award for Fashion Design, one of the eleven categories. 
    To commemorate this celebration, we reissued the Opening Ceremony Diamond Hoodie Sweatshirt. Why?  Because the story behind this simple garment only reminds us of how far along Carol and Humberto have come over the years: from shopkeepers to award-winning designers. 
    In 2002, the year Opening Ceremony opened its very first mom-and-pop store on Howard Street, Humberto—always the craftsman—had the idea to combine two sweatshirts into one by color-blocking the pieces. He discovered a small, family home-cum-factory in Greenpoint to craft his ideas into reality—cutting and sewing sweatshirt fabric together to make what he knew others could also want. 
    Enter Diamond Hoodie Sweatshirt, the first garment made by Opening Ceremony. With its simple graphic color blocking design, the sweatshirt was adopted as a cult item by kids all over New York, who wear it to this day. Karl Lagerfeld even wore one for an article in V Magazine, and artist Oliver Mosset used the design as inspiration for his 2009 piece, "Hoodie." The sweatshirt's modern twist on a familiar classic became a hallmark of the Opening Ceremony clothing collection which was launched the following year. 
    Yes, this whole story is all about a 100% cotton hoodie. But we brought it back— to remember and celebrate where we started after such a remarkable journey. Because while Humberto and Carol may no longer be hand-stitching garments under the name Opening Ceremony, they’re still the same mom and pop. 
    Shop the Diamond Hoodie Sweatshirt exclusively online here
    Above Humberto Leon and Carol Lim wear the Diamond Hoodie Sweatshirt in Grey/White, the first garment made by Opening Ceremony, now reissued exclusively online in honor of Cooper Hewitt's National Design Award in Fashion Design. Photo by Isabel Asha Penzilien. 

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    Adjective. | \ˈrē(-ə)l*ˈnes\
    Definition of Reelness
    1. Parallels Howard Street itself, tucked away from it's hectic brothers and sisters but not without something to say.
    A reflection of Howard Street and its unknowing commitment to originality. Reelness brings you a new series from Opening Ceremony. Exploring young photographers and their take on authentic style.
    Utilitarian workwear allows nothing to get in the way of the job. The uniform should blend into the environment and provide the participant with usefulness and protection. Austin Sandhaus captures a few individuals that don’t have to wear a uniform to work, but by style and choice provides them with the same comforts, while also playing the part.
    Reflecting on the scene of NYFW, Austin intentionally chose women outside the niche realm that is fashion, to explore style decisions regardless of resources or industry hook-ups. When presented with a limitless wardrobe, how would they define their style? While having different professions, the subjects were able to find a common ground, unbeknownst to each others responses. Read their responses below.

    Roberta Colindrez: @robotika
    Actor and writer
    "I definitely feel as though my job influences my style. I don't have to wear any sort of uniform and I don't have to adhere to any formality.”
    Acacia Marable: @stonerboyfriend 
    Carpenter, fabricator, art handler combo pack
    “We see ourselves as butterflies, and authenticity is what style means to us.”

    Dede Lovelace: @
    Student and Skateboarder
    "My daily activities definitely influence my style and clothing choices. I try to wear loose fitting pants to allow me to move easier, with a fitted top so people can still see I'm a girl (haha). I tend to shop in the women's section first, only because I tend to dress like a little boy. I try to find girly and cute pieces and then pair them up with boy’s clothes."

    Joilie Signorelie: @
    Production Designer 
    "I am in the studio all day so being comfortable is a must. As a designer I feel like my aesthetic permeates every facet of my life. If I had unlimited funds, I don’t think my style would change much. I think I would just have multiples of the things I liked the most." 

    Claire Duport: 

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  • 10/25/16--21:00: Keepin’ it 100 Since 1973
  • Timberland and Opening Ceremony are back with another killer collab for fall, featuring our coveted Convenience Boot. This season we’ve reimagined the classic work boot in rich earth tones inspired by America’s lush natural landscapes.
    OC has been collaborating with Timberland since 2009, an idea that was originally sparked when our co-founder Humberto Leon spotted a seriously stylish dude sporting the brand’s classic laced 6-inch boots, and shortly thereafter unearthed a pair of rare moccasin-soled lug boots in Japan. “Timberlands have been a part of my style since childhood,” he remembers. We’ve paired the footwear with everything from sleek, satin baseball caps and tortoiseshell sunnies to our leather-handled totes and cozy, cashmere knit scarves. Needless to say, we’ve got your winter look on lock. 

    View the full editorial "Can You Work With That" photographed by Matthew Zach with set design by Sonia Rentsch here
     View the full editorial here. Photography by Matthew Zach; Set design by Sonia Rentsch.

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    Video by Tyler Kawaguchi, Galen DeKemper, and Anthony Picarelli; Music by Radamiz

    We’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to temperature, but today, it’s officially freezing (just in time for those skimpy Halloween costumes). So what better day to look back at the moments that made our summer disappear. Galen DeKemper’s new film “Summertime Radness” the third installment to Backstock Moves, a series highlighting our back of house (skater) staff, this time paying tribute to lazy summer days. A non-linear story told through snapshots and collages of the city and its inhabitants. The video is filled with all of those familiar textures and sounds that carry us through the season and into the shorter days. Since we like to keep things in the family, the narration is sonically provided by OC-staffer/rapper Radamiz with his track Charlie Chapman. For now, let the sound of the rolling ball bearings be the aphrodisiac you need to move around outside, dreaming of warmer days.

    The video features OC’s very own Galen DeKemper, Anthony “TONY ICE-PICK” Picarelli, and Tyler Kawaguchi with guest appearances from Shawn Powers and friends.

    Shop all Opening Ceremony men’s and women’s

    The store closed early on the 4th of July, a grey, mild day. I had packed a towel when I left home in the morning after work, I took the C train solo to Rockaway Beach. Anthony had said he was going to meet up with his girlfriend, Sara, and maybe they would come through. I didn’t get off to transfer to the shuttle train, so took the first stop after the rail hooks left and skated back up the beach toward 95th St. En route I bought three 25ounce Bud Light Limes and a large bag of crab flavored chips. I wanted to skate the bowl because Loose Trucks Max said he had helped build it. I asked a local on a bicycle to film me do the nollie frontside and backside disasters. Then I headed up toward the boardwalk, where I found a wooden bench and selfie filmed myself switch wallride.
    Anthony and Sara showed up right when I rolled away and we headed back to the park. At a park I think it is a good idea to identify the biggest object there and see what you can do on it. I did frontside disaster a couple of times. I took off my shoes and headed to the beach by myself. I stripped down to my running shorts and ran into the ocean and then dove into the waves. The water still had some cold in it. The waves were kind of big and the surf was rough. I bodysurfed a couple waves until it got dark black and white. I beached to redress and walked along the water with my shoes in my OC tote. I kept drinking my beers and watched fireworks on the train ride back to Broadway Junction.
    When it came time to choose an official title, I decided “SummerTime Radness” foiled Lana del Rey’s post-vernal malaise along with nodding to our rapper,

    0 0

    The Big Lebowski: 2016
    Directed by Joshua Michael Paulin 
    Cinematography by Alex Lee 
    The Dude starring: James Begin, Anthony Picarelli, and Aurora Bonomi 
    "The Jesus” played by Tyler Kawaguchi 
    Walter Sobchak played by Will Thompson and Radamiz 
    Maude Lebowski played by Sakinah Bashir 
    It’s complicated to pinpoint why we love The Big Lebowski. Is it funny? Of course. Is it an art film? Yes. There is always something new to find and rewind (wow I’m old, Skip Back? <<?) and experience. The entire film is all of the Where’s Waldo books combined, without actually finding Waldo? Does that explain it? Or am I making it more confusing (I’d go with the latter). We re-watch for the 300th time and it appears to be a fashion editorial. Some of our favorite film moments have been updated without CGI. Mistaken identities are still apparent, along with the surreal environments and textures that glue the film together. We all know homemade costumes are the best costumes, especially when OC is your home base. Happy Halloween Man, Dude.
    The Dude has a moment of self-reflection in the Acne Charlie Coat in Camel and the T by Alexander Wang Short Sleeve Shirt in White.Walter enjoys his coffee in the Our Legacy Multi Pocket Silk Vest, Opening Ceremony x Fossil Two-Hand Cuff watch in black, T by Alexander Wang Short Sleeve Shirt in Army Green, and the Opening Ceremony x Gentle Mosnter Zhora sunglasses in Orange. The Dude talks nail polish in Barton Perreira Eyewear and the Fanmail Raglan Tee in Arrow Wood Yellow.
    Walter Zobchak on the go in the Timberland x Opening Ceremony OC -Exclusive Convenience Boot in Black, T by Alexander Wang Fleece Sweatpants in B

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  • 10/27/16--21:00: It’s Alive!!!
  • On the eve of Halloween weekend, we decided to travel back, back to the Victorian era (well, at least from the style perspective) to investigate one of the most legendary horror stories of all time: Frankenstein. The story goes something like this …
    Years ago Mary Shelley and friends were trapped in a house during an unexpected cold front, since the option to mindlessly binge watch Netflix wasn’t available, they opted to intellectually challenge one another instead by seeing who could write the best horror story. After separating into individual bedrooms they later returned, each with a horror story in hand. A draft of Frankenstein was born that day, so scary a man ran out of a house (okay). Clearly, Mary won. 
    But what if Mary Shelley was alive today? Would her horror story be about a mad scientist or rather Trump becoming president? The one thing we know for sure, she’d probably be dressed the same. The other safe guess, this friendly competition would most likely be going down via group text. Writers Alice Hines, Rachel Hodin, and Eloise Moran accepted the challenge. See who scares you the most below. 

    A soft cheek. Tiny hairs. Warm folds, wet lips… squirms of pleasure…. 
    The man freezes. He shouldn’t. If he’s caught…. but not only that. He glances up at the painting on the wall of his cell. It’s Jesus, staring down knowingly. “KILLING SPERM IS MURDER,”  reads a nearby plaque.
    Killing sperm is murder. He repeats the words to himself, trying to banish the dangerous thoughts. Killing sperm is murder. Respect the sanctity of unborn life.
    He watches the clock tick, counts the number of bricks on the wall of his cell. He’s exhausted, but knows he has to stay awake. It’s whenever he starts to fall asleep that danger lurks, that his thoughts start to drift… to work… to vacation… to ice cream…. to tight spaces….to warm bodies… to FUCKING….
    The man jolts awake. This is his last chance. If he kills any more sperm, the consequences will be dire. 
    He wants to be released. He wants to become a productive member of society. But he can’t help being a little bit nostalgic for the days when only women could be blamed for killing the unborn. Just a few years ago, it was legal to rip fetuses out of their mother’s wombs. Millions of potential lives were being cut short by IUDs. He was all for banning abortion, banning contraception. He had always been pro-life. But masturbation? Was he really a baby-killing monster, letting innocent sperm die on dirty scraps of tissue paper — like everyone now seemed to believe?
    A siren. His palm is wet. A feeling of dread pools in his stomach. Footsteps in the hallway of guards coming towards his cell. He grasps his penis, perhaps for the last time.

    Guess what? I just got out of brunch with Mary, Shelley, and Ann. You are going to be so glad you bailed. I got there early even though I’m hungover AF, wearing sweats. Not