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  • 08/17/16--21:00: A Boy Named Raf
  •  As the summer days slip between our fingers, we start to turn our attention to fall, and quickly realize that a change of season won’t be so bad. For Raf Simons’ Fall/Winter ‘16 collection, the designer touched on many of his favorite themes, from school uniforms and boy scouts to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and classic horror films. Model Keeler, stylist Kindall Almond, and photographer Austin Sandhaus took the collection on an upstate adventure, creating their own version of Simons’ world. Here, we share a fictionalized journal entry from our main character as he wrestles with anxieties we’ve all felt before—the dread of going back to school—and devises a plan to overcome them. 

    18 August 2016
    Every August before the start of a new school term, they always tell me, “This will be the year.” This will be the year I fit in, or the year that I’ll stand out. The year that something finally happens. So this year I’m not leaving things up to chance, this year will be my year. This year, I’m reinventing myself. 
    My clothes from last year are too small, but my brother’s old uniforms are too big. Flooding at the ankles, tight in the arms, broad in the shoulders, high on my waist. Oversized is an understatement. But no matter, that’s how I want to wear them anyways. I’m adopting it as my own style. 
    Summer was kind of weird, but I guess it always is. Going fast and slow at the same time, afternoon hours that seem to stretch for days. And then all the sudden, it’s over, just like that. And what have you done? What have I done? I guess I did some things. Got high on the swings, hung out down at the river, read. Actually I read a lot. It’s the easiest way, really the only way, to escape when you’re stuck here for the summer. 
    One of the books I read was all about perception. The author invited different ‘experts’ to walk a city block with her, and recorded how their perception—the things that they saw and took notice of—was different from hers. You’d think they’d be the same, or at least pretty similar. But in some cases their experiences differed so greatly, it didn’t even seem like they were in the same place, like they were living in the same reality. It got me thinking. 
    If I can change my perception, can I change my reality? It sounds like a stretch, but in a lot of ways it also makes sense, so I figured I’ll try it. Why not? I’ve got to do something. I’ll change my attitude, change my perception. I’ll reinvent myself, if only in my own eyes. And then maybe, this really will be the year. 

    Enter our protagnist's journey by clicking through the photo journal above by Austin Sandhaus and Kindall Almond. 
     Keeler wears Acne Studios Charlie Coat in Camel, Jan Jan Van Essche Double Weave Jacket in Marion, Raf Simons 3 Tone V-Neck Dickie in Rusty/White, and Opening Ceremony Kole Oxford Oversized Pocket Shirt in

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    Days after an excruciating humidity-filled week in New York, things cool down just in time for the sixth annual Full Moon Festival on Governors Island. We sent photographer Daniel Cavanaugh and Chance Llanes to cover the beachside weekend for another music-filled Showing Out, a series where we document style, people, and moods in not-so-conventional places or times when we’re just hanging out. Below Chance shares a short story about the two day oasis of live music, art installations, and most importantly, catching the ferry. See more pictures from the excursion in our slideshow above. 

    It’s 3:15 on a Saturday afternoon and I’m waiting for my check at Thailand Cafe on 2nd Avenue between 6th and 7th. I ordered the lunch special that consisted of an entree, an appetizer, and choice of soup or salad all for the low, low price of $9.99. Tax free. I tip twenty percent gratuity and accidentally sign the customer copy with an unwavering urgency because I should have been on the 4 train headed to South Ferry about fifteen minutes ago. Lolawolf is next in line to perform at the Full Moon Festival and missing it like I’m about to miss the next Ferry to Governor’s Island is just not an option.
    After catching the local instead of the express, a muffled voice coming from the intercom informs riders that “the train is delayed due to train traffic ahead”. Faces pained with tightly wound nerves and anticipation surround me––it’s clear we all have somewhere to be. Adorned in cut-off shorts, baseball caps, vintage band t-shirts, and the occasional bandana necktie, it’s almost too easy to distinguish festival goers amongst the crowded cart. Since most music events happen during the peak of summer, it’s evident why being comfortable and staying cool are priorities when dressing for the occasion.
    I make it just in time as the first ferry pulls away and the second begins to fill. The sun is high and the energy on the boat is even higher. Daniel and I grab a seat all the way in the back to get a good look at the city as we glide out into the East River. We’re about five minutes away from an eight hour adventure with good music, good food, and little blue buckets filled with a mysterious fruity concoction. A mixture of boisterous chatter and tunes boil over the shore in the distance and we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.
    Upon arrival, we waste no time with making our way to the photo pit. The instrumentals trickle in readying fans for Zoë Kravitz, lead singer of Lolawolf, as she infiltrates the stage with a drink in one hand and mic in the other. Arms extend upward as the crowd rushes to occupy the shared space adjacent to the stage. “That’s what this is all about,” says Kravitz by way of introducing the next track on the set list, “Sharing. Share with your friends!” Before long, the sun begins to set, but the night is young and there are no signs of anyone slowing down. Pusha T drives us into darkness, and for a brief moment between his finale and Black Coffee’s DJ set there is a pacifying silence. Full of light and full of love, the moon parallels the energy of the bodies below and as if by magic we howl as one.
    Above Daniel Cavanaugh shares photographs he took from th

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    “We opened the door and the hum was amazing…this buzz. You could very much feel vibrations from all these wasps when you walked in. There were snake skins on the ground, wasps all over the place, bugs just dripping from the walls.”
    To most, this is the opening scene in a horror film. To Sawyer Gebauer, it was day one of recording his album. For the past five years, Wisconsin-born Gebauer has written, performed, and released three albums worth of austere folk music under the name Brittsommar, a project for which he “crossed the ocean 18 times.” Despite his Midwestern roots, Gebauer left home at 19 with little more than his guitar. He found himself on a farm in rural Sweden, where, upon his arrival Gebauer fell in love with the farmer’s daughter Evelin Sillén, an art student and violinist. Yes, this is a true story.
    The following four years saw Gebauer and Sillén splitting time between Berlin and Stockholm, gathering collaborators, bandmates, and friends along the way, ensuring Brittsommar remained a breathing organism that welcomed change as opposed to stasis. The project generated two full-length records, 2011’s Day Of Living Velvet and 2013’s The Machine Stops, as well as a five-song collection from last year entitled The Mary Me E.P. Each album is distinct from the next, boasting a different lineup, temperament, and texture. Clearly, change is something Gebauer finds immense comfort in.
    Change has a threshold however, and Gebauer eventually reached a breaking point after half a decade away from home; he had to return to America. “It was just a feeling in my gut and my heart and mind that I had to come back,” he admits over a whiskey in Brooklyn. “When I went to Europe, I had no reason why I was going—I didn’t know the culture, didn’t know the language, not a damn thing. It was that same exact feeling that brought me back. I knew that what I wanted to do, musically, I was not gonna be able to do there.”
    Gebauer attributes some of this detachment from Europe to his renewed sense of American identity, which he discovered while living as the “other” for so long.“Americans are just natural adventurers, it’s in the blood to be kind of outcast in a way,” he explains. “Something that I’ve very much noticed with Americans travelling is that they didn’t realize that they were American until they moved away.” This sudden longing for America’s cultural landscape ached like a phantom limb, and Gebauer nursed it with doses of Dylan, Springsteen, George Jones, and Townes Van Zandt. He knew another album was hot on his heels, but he had to relinquish the Brittsommar mantle in order to make it.
    “Upon my return to the States I’m beginning again, and the new project is called Catch Prichard,” he says.“I felt it was finally time to move on from something I started when I was 19—whatever I was feeling during The Machine Stops, I most likely don’t feel now. Songs do their time, live, and die like anything else.” He imparts these facts with a sense of wisdom and resolve far beyond his 25 years.
    When he landed Stateside, an opportunity arose: a friend of Gebauer’s casually mentioned some property her family owned in a west Texas ghost town called Eskota. Gebauer’s ears perked up. “She was telling me about this land that her family owns, and that it’s really beautiful and they’re keeping [it] because they’re hoping someday they’ll strike oil,” he recounts. “Immediately I asked, ‘Can I record there please?!’

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    As a kid, the only thing that made the thought of going to back to school even slightly tolerable was the promise of back-to-school shopping—hands down the best mall trip of the year. And while being an adult doesn’t come with the annual (largely parent-funded) closet revamp, we’ve got a grown-up equivalent that is just as exciting: the Opening Ceremony Sample Sale. 

    If you’ve ever suffered from buyer’s remorse—the heart-wrenching feeling when you don’t cop those killer Dries trousers only to find they’ve sold out—you just might get a second chance. The racks will be lined with awesome offerings by OC faves from Acne Studios and Alexander Wang to Jacquemus, Kenzo, and Common Projects. With mark downs up to 90% all weekend long, these pieces are a serious steal by any measure. And there’s no better shopping than guilt-free shopping, right?
    Come visit us at the Villian Warehouse this Friday and Saturday from 11 AM to 8 PM, and Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM, at 50 N 3rd Street.     

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  • 08/25/16--21:00: Get Fitted for Fall
  • And just like that, it’s already mid-August. Somehow the summer months always seem to come and go faster than you can say ‘popsicle,’ but instead of lamenting the loss of warm weather, why not relish in the fact that with cooler temps also comes the opportunity to get freshly fitted for fall? And with Opening Ceremony Men’s Fall/Winter 2016, it’s easy to blur the lines between work and play, further softening the blow. 
    This season, our men’s collection was designed to take you from your AM workout to the office and on to your weekend adventure. Classic fall staples, from coats and sweaters to tailored suits, are given a more athletic aesthetic in sporty fabrics like fleece and cozy sweatshirt material. Traditional sports silhouettes have become sophisticated, with bombers and track pants cut in smooth silk. Each piece is designed for functionality and versatility, so these looks can go everywhere you do. 
    View the full editorial here
    Shop all OC Men’s here
    View the full editorial 'The Warmup' here. Photography by Isabel Asha Penzilien; Styling by Brian Molloy; Talent is Adam and Patrick Perkins @RED Model Management

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    Since showing her senior collection at Central Saint Martins’ 2014 BA Fashion Show, Grace Wales Bonner has been one to watch, and with her 2016 LVMH prize win, it's clear her star will only continue to rise. Wales Bonner has been a member of the OC family since we picked up her first official collection for Fall/Winter '15, so we're celebrating her major award with an in-store installation and a special event. Come by the OCNY Men's store on Tuesday, September 6th to meet Grace, shop the Fall/Winter '16 collection, and check out her zine, Everythings for Real

    Beyond designing clothes, Bonner has managed to create an entire world that explores questions of race, gender, and identity. Her ruminations on black masculinity are the driving force behind each collection, as she seeks to break down the idea that black males must possess a certain bravado or overt machismo, and instead portrays them as delicate, vulnerable, and beautiful. 

    In conjunction with her last two collections, Bonner has issued a zine, Everythings for Real, and Everythings for Real, Vol II, that further expand upon her ideas and influences. They’re currently being sold exclusively at the OCNY Men's store in a limited edition re-issue, and Bonner worked with designer Julia Wagner to create an installation at OCNY that displays the zines and her current collection.

    Both volumes weave photographs, found imagery, drawings, poetry, and prose, creating a rich, layered look at the Wales Bonner universe. Though the zines serve as an ethnographic study of black culture from Africa and America to the UK, they are also infused with a sense of humor and playfulness. Serious black literature sits side by side with a manual Bonner found on a trip to Ghana, titled “how to kiss your love.” It is the same multi-faceted approach with which she designs her collections: taking the things she has learned and found, and re-imagining them to create her own narrative.

    An Evening with Grace Wales Bonner
    Tuesday, September 6th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM
    Opening Ceremony New York
    33 Howard Street


    Click through the slideshow for a sneak peek of images from the zines and our Wales Bonner installation at OCNY.


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  • 08/29/16--21:00: Is Time Travel Possible?
  • Opening Ceremony and Fossil team up for round two. For our second installment of watches this Fall/Winter 2016, we’ve given them a Fifth Element-worthy update. The lineup follows in the footsteps of last year’s silhouettes save for a few intergalactic touches. With a collection designed for a moment not so distant from the present, two bangle styles feature iridescent mother-of-pearl inlays and crystal pavé dials, while a rectangular stone timepiece comes with a crocodile-stamped leather band. 
    And while we can’t promise these timepieces will transport you to another universe, with a lazy summer behind you, they’ll for sure help you start being on time. 
    Shop all Opening Ceremony x Fossil watches here
     Shop all Opening Ceremony x Fossil watches here. Photo by Greg Kessler.

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    When you think about the aesthetic of the future, what do you imagine? If you're anything like us, it probably looks a lot like Syd Mead's iconic illustrations. The visionary artist was never concerned with recreating prior events—"The past has been done," he told us—and instead looked ahead, creating a world that still informs our idea of what life will look like in the decades (and lightyears) to come. 

    Opening Ceremony's Fall/Winter '16 collection pays homage to Mead's forward-thinking attitude, and we were lucky enough to collaborate with him on a series of printed pieces exclusively for OC that have finally landed in our stores and online. 

    Read on for co-founder Humberto Leon's conversation with the futurist as they discuss fashion, anchoring fantasy in lived experience, and whether robots will someday take over the world—and be sure to shop OC x Syd for women and men

    HUMBERTO LEON: What does it mean to you to be a “visual futurist”?
    SYD MEAD: I’ve been doing design work, renderings, and illustrations my whole life. They’re mostly about the future because if it’s already happened, it’s in a book somewhere. Or now, it’s on Google. The past is part of our reference library, but it’s not what I do.

    Your illustrations from the 1970s and 1980s imagined what the world would look like in 2016. Do these works still depict the future? Or did we end up living in a different future?
    The difficulty with science fiction is that we’ve caught up with the future. You can’t have a movie where the stars are walking around with something you could buy at Sharper Image. Things have to be just pure magic. I think it was Arthur C. Clarke who said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” By imagining things that are still considered impossible technologically, it keeps a film in its own future. Remember the Star Trek movie, where they had transparent steel? Molecularly, that’s not possible!

    Or Wonder Woman’s plane.

    Yes, you’re right! Wonder Woman’s plane.

    You worked as an illustrator for Ford Motor Company and other corporations for many years. How did you get into film production design?
    I did a series of books for United States Steel, way back in the 1960s. [Special effects artist] John Dykstra had used one of my books as an imagination reference in college. So when the first Star Trek movie came along, John called me up and said, “Would you like to work for a science-fiction film?” That was my first movie job in post-production, designing the V’ger Entity. Can you imagine that? The first movie I worked on from pre- to post-production was Blade Runner.

    And what was Blade Runner like?
    Ridley [Scott] is an artist. He went to the Royal College of Art. So he would draw sketches to give me an idea of a visual for a scene. Then I would use my rendering ability and come up with a sort of garish, deteriorated city environment, and put in the vehicles I was hired to design. They looked like they were already in a finished movie, and [Ridley] liked that a lot. I sort of rendered myself into much more work on Blade Runner than I was originally hired to do. After that came 2010, Tron, Short Circuit, and Aliens, and things like that.

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    Last night at Opening Ceremony’s Pageant of the People, the stage had nearly as many familiar faces as the front row. From emcees Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen to our amazing contestants to all of the OC friends and family that came out to support, there was a lot of love—and talent—in the room.

    As you’ve probably realized by now, this year our founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon wanted to use the show as a platform to talk about important issues surrounding the upcoming election. To foster conversation, encourage people to voice their opinions, and most importantly: to vote. Leading up to the show, we’ve been asking some of the most brilliant minds we know one important question: What does it mean to be an American? We've been posting their responses on Instagram each day and will continue to share their thoughts with the hashtag #OCforVoting

    Click through the slideshow above to see all of the familiar faces from the show, and be sure to check back for more OC coverage all week long!

    Check out all of our Pageant of the People coverage here

    Pre-order the collection straight from the runway and have it delivered in just a few weeks here.

    Click through the slide show to see all our talent in the show, guests, and pre-order the collection here
    Photos by Donald Stahl, Maggie Shannon, Patrick Spears, and Greg Kessler.

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  • 09/12/16--21:00: It's In the Details
  • They say that teamwork makes the dream work, and that sentiment rings especially true when it comes to Opening Ceremony. Our brand was born out of the spirit of collaboration, and this season saw some of our most exciting projects and collabs yet. Below we're breaking down all of the extra elements that came together to make the OC Fall II & Winter 2016 collection one for the books.

    Varsity Jackets
    This season, we created 50 custom varsity jackets that represented 50 different countries from around the world. They represented the first countries that began immigrating to the U.S., contributing to the magical melting pot that it is today. Each of our flag bearers wore their jacket as they greeted guests and walked on stage to plant their country's flag, and kicking off the pageant on a high note. 

    We’re back at it with another timepiece collab, this season taking inspiration from the sprawling natural landscapes of America just begging to be explored. The watches feel a bit like a compass, as they spin around strapped into the forest green band.

    We looked back to classic silhouettes, from loafers and mules to heeled boots, giving them a fresh update with a blend of textures and accents, including brightly lacquered heels. 

    Canada Goose by Opening Ceremony
    Canada Goose make the ultimate in all-weather jackets, and we’re so excited to be creating exclusive Canada Goose by Opening Ceremony pieces. We debuted a few of the custom paisley prints on the runway, with more to come this November. Start planning your outdoor excursions now.

    Pre-order the ready-to-wear collection straight from the runway here and stay tuned for more info about our collabs. 

    Click through the slideshow above to see all of our backstage beauty photos and check out all of our Pageant of the People coverage here
    Photos by Donald Stahl and Greg Kessler.

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  • 09/09/16--21:00: NYFW All Stars: Holli Smith
  • At Opening Ceremony, we’re always looking outside the box when it comes to our fashion show. From flashes of the future to dancers disguised as tumbling models, there is always an element of surprise. And each season, we work with an insanely talented team of collaborators that help bring OC founders Carol and Humberto’s vision to life. In our latest series, NYFW All Stars, we’re highlighting some of the brilliant minds that have lent us their talents season after season. Get an inside look at fashion week from these pros: their highlights, essentials, and how they unwind once it’s all over.

    Holli Smith has been part of the OC family since the very beginning—she even gave Carol a perm once, just after the store first opened on Howard Street. She is known for her strong bold cuts and styles that have graced some of the raddest heads of hair around, from Kim Ann Foxman to Claire Danes. We caught up with Holli at her home studio and had the chance to check out her amazing wig collection—and got to meet a very special on-set visitor.

    What is your process of working with clients to create the hair look for the show?
    It always starts with looking at the collection, seeing the materials they used, asking about the set for the show, and looking over mood boards.

    What's in your fashion week survival kit?
    Many, many packets of GREEN TEA!

    What was your very first fashion week experience like?
    FUNNNNNNNNNN but like GO HARD, slow down, GO HARD, slow down. A tempo I have yet to master.

    Can you share a major NYFW highlight?

    How do you start your mornings?
    Walk Hugo, green tea, Crossfit, jam home, go to work.

    Favorite fashion week haunt?
    Sweet Greens

    Favorite snack or meal to refuel?
    RX Bars! Chocolate Sea Salt or Blueberry are my favorites.

    What is on your playlist this season?

    Kim Ann Foxman, Frank Ocean, Martin Rev, and Severed Heads.

    How do you decompress once the madness is over?
    If I’m lucky I try to do a few days on Shelter Island. GOTTA SQUEEZE IT IN. Even if it’s only for two days, it makes a great difference!

    Click through the slideshow to see more pics of Holli gearing up for NYFW. Photography by Alex Lee; Styling by Erika Flynn.

    Click through the slideshow to see more pics of Holli Smith gearing up for NYFW. Photography by Alex Lee; Styling by Erika Flynn

    Holli wears a Gosha Rubchinsky Logo Camo T-Shirt in khaki camo/yellow, Acne Studios Max Stay Cash Jeans in black, and Reebok Classic Sneakers SPP Sneakers in white/cloud grey. 

    Holli wears an Acne Klee Sweater in

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  • 09/12/16--21:00: The Pageant of the People
  • This September, Opening Ceremony celebrates the story of the American immigrant. Founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, both first- generation Americans, looked to their parents’ journeys from Korea, Hong Kong, and Peru—and to the journeys made by immigrants throughout America’s past—to create a collection that hinges on exploration. Every immigrant charts new cultural frontiers. Our Fall II & Winter 2016 collection charts America’s natural frontiers, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the California coastline, the Great Plains to the Alaskan tundra. Setting out to explore the New World, the Opening Ceremony woman also embodies it: dresses and coats are embroidered with wild flower motifs, while space-dyed knits and mélange yarn evoke misty skylines.
    In a country that spans more than 3.8 million square miles, nature is as diverse as it is abundant, and these Fall II & Winter custom prints and fabrics pay tribute. Using patchwork denim panels, a cropped jacket and mini skirt recreate a mountain range. Colors—blaze red, cream, peony, navy, azure—are inspired by changing seasons. On rib-knit sweaters and dresses, the harvest palette gets a modern update with multicolored graphic stripes.
    Meanwhile, the collection borrows details from American craft traditions: skirts and shirtdresses feature smocked panels and oblong collars, while delicate pointelle knits add femininity—and a hint of skin—to shoulders and hemlines. Long lengths are softened by peekaboo layers. The Varsity Jacket gets an adventurous update with map and compass patches, while jersey tees and sweatshirts are printed with cartographic symbols.
    For footwear, the collection puts a city-ready shoe forward: the Khatadin stove-pipe boot comes in black and cognac with glossy lacquered heels in contrasting hues. The Morgaan, a high-heeled mule, also sits atop a glossy heel, with a loafer upper exposing a slice of skin through a rectangular cut-out.
    At the Fall II & Winter show, we debuted fifty brand new Varsity Jacket styles inspired by the world and the patriotic symbols that unite each people. Featuring national symbols on flag colors, each outerwear piece is specially crafted with studs, sequins, paillettes, and other embellishments. Certain country jackets introduce sailor and butterfly hoods to the silhouette.

    Pre-order the collection straight from the runway here (please note, Varsity Jackets will be available at made-to-order requests later this fall).
    Click through the slide show to see more backstage pics and pre-order the collection herePhotos by Donald StahlMaggie Shannon, and Patrick Spears

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    You came to the right place for your one-of-a-kind fashion coverage, because Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to NYFW Spring/Summer ’17. In typical OC fashion, we're doing things a little differently—with just the show essentials and backstage highlights. Above are photos from Eckhaus Latta’s show, set on the streets of Chinatown. This season, designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta focused on wearability, without losing their signature DIY aesthetic. They also collaborated with artist Brendan Fowler to create a selection of pieces that were co-branded with his Election Reform collection, and definitely made a statement.

    Want more from New York Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute with Spring/Summer ’17 here, and make sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts for more live coverage.

    Show: Eckhaus Latta SS17

    Location: Seward Park on Hester and Essex St

    The vibe: An outdoor renaissance gathering where everyone had to fan themselves with wooden fans to stay cool.

    Best in show: All of the exclusive Election Reform collaboration pieces!

    Favorite non-fashion thing we saw:
    Observers standing in trees on the opposite side of the fence to see the show.

    Soundtrack: Dev Hynes sat at his keyboard at the end of the runway playing a live mix.

    Wear it next time you: Surprisingly, want to have a super contemporary red carpet moment.

    Magical moment: The Election Reform pants with the hot-pink fabric train trailing behind.

    We could totally see this on: Pretty much all of our friends, and that rad girl we run into at the bodega who's always slightly disheveled but a total badass.

    Reporter’s Notes: The collection was beautiful and focused—and definitely worth the heat.

    Check out more of our NYFW Spring/Summer ’17 coverage here.

     Click through the slideshow to see more images of Eckhaus Latta's NYFW Spring/Summer ’17 show. Photography by Tyler Adams.  

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    At Opening Ceremony's Pageant of the People, everyone was a winner. And what do winners do? They celebrate. OC took over The Pennsy in Times Square, throwing an after party to celebrate the show and our latest collab—Esprit by Opening Ceremony. The new food court pulled out all the stops, serving up some of their best snacks, from Lobster Press's famous lobster grilled cheese and Pat LaFrieda's bite-size meatball subs to Cinnamon Snail's toasted pistachio mini donuts. The downstairs spread was a food-lover's paradise. 

    And upstairs—via the escalator—was our own party palace. Sam Spiegel, aka Squeak E Clean, kicked off the evening before turning things over to DJ Shlohmo, who had everyone wildin' out on the dance floor. Mazurbate closed out the night, stopping the music only when the lights went on. Svedka served up every flavor of the rainbow, Espolon hosted it's own tequila tasting, and Tiger Beer and Fiji kept everyone hydrated when the heat turned up. When the party came to a close, guests walked away with Esprit by OC swag. 

    We drank, we danced, and we definitely didn't catch up on sleep. We'll save sleeping for next Sunday. 

    Check out all of the pictures from our Bosco photo booth


     Click through our photos from the after party. Photos by Max Lakner for BFA and Mark Hunter.
    Aidy Bryant, Miranda July,  Carrie Brownstein, Abbi Jacobson, Fred Armisen, and Natasha Lyonne

    Tinashe (right) looking fly af in our future-inspired  with a friend. 
    Parks and Rec co-stars Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari reunite.
     Composer and DJ Sam Spiegel (who also created the music for the show) hits the decks. Iman Shumpert  Teyana Taylor Nothing gets it turned up like and Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas 
       George Koren, Miranda July, and Stef Mitchell

    .Guest and Sita Abellan  Eddie Huang Gotta keep everyone hydrated

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    When it comes to creating a signature aesthetic, the Mansur Gavriel girls have it down. For Spring/Summer ‘17, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel staged their presentation as an elaborate museum gift shop, with their latest collection serving as objets d’art: on pedestals, atop intricate displays, and hung on the walls, larger than life.

    The models got to put their acting chops on display, playing the part of stern docents and museum shop girls with their sleek, middle parted hair. They gave off a ghostly air, adding a hint of horror house fun to the event. The brand introduced several new styles for the season, from clutches and satchels to flat leather slippers and woven sandals. They also experimented with new fabrics like grosgrain, printed cotton, and silk, adding texture to the Mansur arsenal.

    We've always been fans of museum gift shops, but a shop stocked with Mansur? It doesn't get any better.

    Shop Mansur Gavriel Fall/Winter '16 here.
    Scroll through the slideshow above to see more behind-the-scenes looks of last night’s NYFW show photographed by the BABYHOUSE duo Suzanne Darcy and Mark Fitton.

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    At Opening Ceremony, we’re always looking outside the box when it comes to our fashion show. From flashes of the future to dancers disguised as tumbling models, there is always an element of surprise. And each season, we work with an insanely talented team of collaborators that help bring OC founders Carol and Humberto’s vision to life. In our latest series, NYFW All Stars, we’re highlighting some of the brilliant minds that have lent us their talents season after season. Get an inside look at fashion week from these pros—their highlights, essentials, and how they unwind once it’s all over. 

    Stephanie Puntillo is a producer with Dizon Inc, the production company that helps take our fashion show above and beyond, season after season. She spends months working with Carol and Humberto leading up to the show, helping to turn their vision into a reality. From the location and lighting down to the electrical outlets (true story at this year’s venue), Stephanie manages every little detail with poise and precision. Simply put: she’s a boss.

    How far ahead does your fashion week planning with the designers begin?

    We begin prep for shows as soon as the previous season is over, there really is no break! We’ve already booked venues for some clients for February 2017. It seems like we are starting earlier and earlier each season, but at the same time a lot of elements keep changing as the process continues and things don’t get confirmed until the last minute—just the nature of the business I guess. We begin our planning early so that we are better equipped to handle these last minute changes. The first thing to get booked is the venue and from there everything usually falls into place. Usually…

    What's in your fashion week survival kit?
    A few things I keep on me throughout fashion week are all contained in my very big Dizon Inc tote bag (which are not very exciting): laptop, sneakers or comfy shoes as we do a lot of running around from client to client, water to stay hydrated (by the end of the day I’ve accumulated at least 3 water bottles in my bag), candy (I always have gummies on me), wireless phone charger, a fanny pack for shows to clip on my walkie and hold essentials. I also love getting texted photos of my niece Eme from my sister, she’s a real trip and always makes me laugh. I’d consider those a vital part of my survival kit!

    What was your very first fashion week experience like?

    My first fashion week experience was when I was interning at Proenza Schouler in college. I was lucky to have been there when the team was still small, maybe 15 people total, so I got to help out a lot! I was able to really see what the prep process for a show was like and it stuck with me. It was one of my favorite times of the year (even with the very late nights). There’s something about sharing those late nights with others where you form a bond and lots of inside jokes! I’m still very good friends with some of the other oldies from our time at Proenza. Then being backstage at the show was a whole other crazy experience—so many people running around! It was organized chaos, which I seem to be drawn to.

    Can you share a major NYFW highlight?

    I have so many! Each one is special in it’s own way. Most recently it was working with the New York City Ballet for Opening Ceremony’s Spring 2016 show last year. We weren't sure how everything was going to turn out integrating the model choreography with the dancers' choreography, as they had never rehearsed together until right before the sho

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    You came to the right place for your one-of-a-kind fashion coverage, because Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to NYFW Spring/Summer ’17. In typical OC fashion, we're doing things a little differently—with just the show essentials and backstage highlights. Above are photos from Rodarte’s latest collection, inspired by fairytale gardens, the hidden beauty of bees, and the spirit of Janis Joplin. For designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, it was a particularly heartfelt collection—literally and figuratively—with the last looks donning lace, heart-shaped appliqués.

    Want more from New York Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute with Spring/Summer ’17 here, and make sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts for more live coverage.

    Show: Rodarte Spring/Summer ‘17

    Location: Center548 turned into a neon-hued wonderland

    The vibe: Like you’re living in an alternate world that exists between layers of floral lace.

    Best in show: The all-white leather look, complete with a studded and fringed jacket, that felt inspired by Elvis.

    Velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free”

    Wear it next time you: Are going to a rock concert in the Secret Garden.

    Reporter’s Notes:
    The Rodarte sisters always manage to create a collection and show that causes you to pause—a welcome moment of reflection during the chaos of fashion week. We’ll always love their breathtaking gowns, but this season, the harder-edged pieces really caught our eye. Lace and leather have never looked better.

    Check out all of here NYFW Spring/Summer '17 coverage here

    Click through the slideshow to see more images of AREA's NYFW Spring/Summer ’17 show. Photography by Tyra Mitchell.  </body

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  • 09/11/16--21:00: NYFW SS17 Dispatch: 69
  • You came to the right place for your one-of-a-kind fashion coverage, because Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to NYFW Spring/Summer ’17. In typical OC fashion, we're doing things a little differently—with just the show essentials and backstage highlights. At 69’s presentation, the room was buzzing as celebrity impersonators modeled the latest collection. The Snoop Dogg lookalike was so good, he almost had people fooled.

    Want more from New York Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute with Spring/Summer ’17 here, and make sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts for more live coverage.

    Show: 69 Spring/Summer ‘17

    Location: Milk Studios

    The vibe: A chill kickback with your fave celebrity friends.

    The crew: Howard Stern, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Cher, Boy George, Tina Turner, Andy Warhol. Not the real deal—they were all impersonators—but an amazing crew nonetheless. Definitely a highlight of the weekend.

    Best in show: This season, the label collaborated with Print All Over Me to create a series of fruit prints as well as pieces with the 69 logo. Prince had on a matching 69 set that we almost asked for on the spot.

    Favorite non-fashion thing we saw: We caught Snoop texting off to the side and asked him to say hello to The Boss Lady for us. 

    Wear it next time you: Want to match your significant other à la Britney and Justin circa 2001.

    Reporter’s Notes: The denim brand has become known for their genderless collections, oversized silhouettes, and sense of humor. The fun-loving spirit of their presentations is always a welcome shake-up during fashion week, and this season took the humor to a whole new level. We’re here for the jokes, all day.

    Check out more of our NYFW Spring/Summer ’17 coverage here.

      Click through the slideshow to see more images of 69's NYFW Spring/Summer ’17 presentation. Photography by Tyler Adams.  

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  • 09/15/16--21:00: NYFW SS17 Dispatch: Anna Sui
  • You came to the right place for your one-of-a-kind fashion coverage, because Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to NYFW Spring/Summer ’17. In typical OC fashion, we're doing things a little differently—with just the show essentials and backstage highlights. Above are photos from Anna Sui’s Spring/Summer ‘17 fashion show that blended a wide variety of influences, from western to ‘50s cheerleaders and ‘60s bohemian babes, that could best be described as Americana on acid. It was out there—and that’s exactly why we love Anna.

    Want more from New York Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute with Spring/Summer ’17 here, and make sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts for more live coverage.

    Shop all Anna Sui for Opening Ceremony here

    Show: Anna Sui Spring/Summer ‘17

    Skylight at Moynihan Station

    The vibe: The backdrop reminded us of a wonderfully weird and trippy dollhouse.

    Best in show:
    We’re suckers for fringe leather season.

    A mix of rock'n'roll both new and old, from the Beatles and The Mamas & the Papas to Deerhunter and Whitney.

    Wear it next time you: Are going to a hoedown in the middle of NYC. Do these happen? They really should.

    Magical moment: We loved seeing the couples come down the runway—girls in beehives and boys with flowing locks tied back in bandanas.

    We could totally see this on: You and your mom sporting matching looks at a Old Chella—the October musical festival that includes The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and more. 

    Reporter’s Notes: Anna Sui took a walk down memory lane, stretching far beyond her own memory to the America of the 1800s to today. From Victoria and Western influences to looks that Danny and Sandy would have loved and track suits that felt very today. It all came together seamlessly thanks to Anna’s signature prints and bold palette. It showed an American optimism that we could really use about now.

      Click through the slideshow to see more images of Anna Sui's NYFW Spring/Summer ’17 show. Photography by Tyra Mitchell.  

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  • 09/14/16--21:00: We're Sliding Into Your DMs
  • Sometimes you have days (or hungover mornings) when you’re just too tired to text. Or maybe you can’t quite express in words what would be better said in a picture—as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s the reason we love communicating in emojis, and now we’ve got another picture-perfect keyboard to add to your texts: The Opening Ceremony sticker pack.

    We've created our own set of symbols, sayings, and OC-isms that you can use to chat with your friends, coworkers, parents, even your grandparents. Someone has to keep them in the loop, right?! From our favorite Opening Ceremony haunts to the just-debuted global varsity jackets that let you rep your country and not-so-subtle reminders to encourage your friends to vote, our sticker pack has you covered (pun intended).

    You can download the Opening Ceremony Sticker Pack from the iPhone App Store—and don’t worry, it’s $FREE.99 (as in zero dollars).

    Click through the slide show to see OC's sticker pack IRL (well sorta). Artwork by Jason Everatt.

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