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    This summer, OC got you Tipsy and Tan. Now, we're just getting you tipsy. Meet Fridays at Five, our cocktail series where mixologists at New York City’s white-hot new restaurants create OC-exclusive drinks for our readers. Drinking on the job? Don't mind if we do...

    Cajun food might get plenty of play, but Acadian? The precursor cuisine created by French colonists in Newfoundland finally gets its due at East Village restaurant King Bee, where poutine rapeé is served alongside cheeky-sounding cocktails (Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar, B Side Wins Again).

    When we asked co-owner Eben Klemm to whip up a drink for Opening Ceremony, we got something both old and new: a twist on a classic winter warmer with a New York-centric name: Ford to City:. (Yes, the “:” is intentional.) Made with a deep, fruity fortified wine and a thick pat of spiced butter, this is the drink you sip indoors while watching the snow fall. And thanks to its low alcohol percentage, have more than one.

    Name: Eben Klemm

    If this drink had a soundtrack, what would it be? "“Marquee Moon” by Television

    Drink of choice: A martini, a Manhattan, or a Negroni. I really like to see how a bar handles their basics.

    Hangover cure: Drink a pint of whole milk.

    Best date advice: Go someplace neither of you know, because then you’re exploring a place together, and nobody takes control.

    Worst pick-up: “Come back to my apartment. I have a gun.” And it wasn’t a man saying it, either.

    What not to do to your bartender: Don’t assume that your version of a drink is the one your bartender knows. If you want to be specific, ask, “How do you make yours?”

    Exclusive Recipe: The Ford To City:
    OC Alcohol Scale*: 5 
    "It’s just fortified wine, but you’re always going to feel a little boost because it’s warm."

    2 oz. Pineaut de Charentes
    ½ oz Speierling apple cider
    ½ oz fresh cider
    1 pat compound butter with salted caramel and dried fig seeds

    Heat together Pineaut de Charentes, fresh cider, Speierling, and the star anise. Pour into glass, garnish with a lemon twist, and top with compound butter.

    *OC's Alcohol Scale ranges from 1 ("like sippin' from a juice box") to 10 ("take me home—right now") The Ford To City: at King Bee Our yummy ingredients. Add your wine... ... then your cider...... then your pretty lil star anise and heat up the whole mixture.After yor drink is nice and warm, add it to your glass.Garnish with a lemon twist.Finally, add a healthy dose of compound butter and viola! You're done!

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    It's no mystery that in NYC, as soon as an "upmarket" Korean bodega opens in the neighborhood, your rent skyrockets. Gentrification can pretty much be summed up as, artists move in, the demand for kale chips and coconut water rises, and rent prices follow suit.

    Of course, being that this is New York, it was only time before someone would turn this notion into art. Since December, Interstate Project's Sing's Millenium Mart, described on its site as "the corner deli of the future," has been on view in Bushwick. The setting is surreal—artfully curated gallery walls are "stocked" with Hershey bars, Raver Saver glitter, kimchi kale chips, and gingko pills, while a wall of edible plants is meant to resemble a sustainable salad bar. Stacks of metallic blue water bottles with the Detroit Tigers baseball team insignia, filled with imported Michigan tap water, sit in the center of the room, and along the audience bleacher seats are small, concrete sculptures of potatoes and Slurpees.

    And the bleachers get filled. A handful of evening performances have taken place with various artists, meant to highlight what a post-apocalyptic deli might look like, and the emotions it could arouse. Opening Ceremony caught up with the show's curator Seung-Min Lee before this weekend's last show. 

    CECILIA SALAMA: Why did you decide to put this all together?
    SEUNG-MIN LEE: Have you even been to the second floor of the Whole Foods on the Bowery? Have you ever noticed the atrium stage area with beautiful poured concrete seats for "performances"? When you buy upscale food, there is always the potential that you are consuming culture at the same time. I wanted to turn that on its head. 

    Tell me about the salad wall. 
    That is a collaborative piece between Simone Frazier and myself called the “Vertical Hydroponic Living Salad Garden.” It mimics the tossed salad bar in a bodega, but it’s completely sustainable. All the lettuce is locally sourced within three blocks of the gallery. It’s really awesome to have my own food source in the dead of winter!

    And the Detroit Tigers water bottle pyramind? Tell us about that. 
    The piece is called, "Like Water For Water." You can purchase the bottles, and proceeds will go towards the Detroit Water Project. It takes five gallons of water to flush a toilet in NYC, and the idea was to get five gallons of tap water from Detroit to create usable value for the people who are in danger of having their water shut off. 

    What are your go-to hangover cure bodega items?
    A kombucha, tofu, gum, chapstick, and an $8 bag of kale chips (which I only allow myself to buy once a year because I refuse to pay eight dollars for what used to be a worthless weed). 

    Can you tell me about the last performance on Saturday, the 31? 
    The last performance will be a survey done by artists. There will be performance involving some sort of shanti-cleansing hut, and Amanda Cohan, who measures human exhalations, will then translate these breathes into recipes.

    Sing’s Millenium Mart is open until February 1. The last performance will be on January 31 from 5-8 PM.

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    As The 5th Dimension sang, "When the moon is in the 7th house / Peace will guide the planets / And love will steer the stars." Below, your horoscope for the month of February—including what to watch out for during Mercury's retrograde. 

    It's the middle of winter, but February is definitely not going to be middle of the road for you, Aries. Weird surprises will be the norm for most of the month, so be open to the unusual. Mercury went retrograde in the social sector of your chart on January 21, creating a temporary period of social chaos. It's nothing you can't handle, but remember to have some extra patience when organizing with your friends and just try to avoid group texts at all costs. While Mercury transits your 11th house of group activities, you will feel trapped in a terminal #TBT, with many figures from the past popping up for a visit. While this could be a welcome change of pace, you may have some interactions with people you would rather block. Use this as an opportunity to try and bridge the gap. Mars and Venus move through your 12th house of magical thinking for most of the month, making your intuition especially strong while turning your focus inward to matters of spiritual and psychological significance. Take time to rest up and center yourself now and you will feel totally reenergized by February 20 when Mars enters Aries.

    Since Saturn left Scorpio at the end of 2014, you've been ready to take action on your ambitious to-do list for 2015. Many of your goals this year are likely to be career-oriented, so don't let the temporary retrograde of Mercury in your 10th house of success distract you from attaining your ambitions. You have everything it takes to make this year one of the most productive and positive you can recall, but you have to use the power of intention to make it possible. Negative thinking is a bad habit that a Taurus tends to keep, and it's time to break that cycle. Socially, February will be an extremely active month for you, with the first week of the month providing the most tantalizing events to attend. Be open to taking invitations that you normally wouldn't consider—the barriers in your friendships and acquaintances are breaking down, creating a new scene for you to explore.

    A Gemini is always knowledgeable of the latest news, so I'm sure you're well aware that your ruling planet Mercury has been retrograde since January 21. In fact, you have probably been feeling the effects on a daily basis. In 2015, Mercury will have three retrogrades, all of which happen to fall in the air signs, creating a brain storm each time around. Our first retrograde of the year is in the eccentric, provocative, and stubborn sign of Aquarius, which could create some strange situations for you in the first two weeks of February. The best way to deal with this retrograde is to keep a very open mind. See this as an opportunity to discover unusual solutions to problems that seemed impossible to handle with traditional means. You will have potent opportunities to move ahead this month while Mars and Venus both transit your 10th house of career concerns. Both luminaries will be in the dreamy sign of Pisces, which means the bigger your dreams, the more likely they are to come true. Your intuition in professional situations will be strong this month, so go with your gut instinct. The new moon in Pisces on February 18 could be the beginning of a new professional era in your life, so pay attention to all the activity in your inbox that week for news about a new project or commission.

    Feelings are flowing as February begins, and despite Mercury's retrograde, they're likely to be pretty positive. Venus, the planet of love meets Neptune in Pisces for a yearly check-in that activates your creative energy and opens up your vision to new realms of possibility. On February 1, check in with yourself on this soulful Sunday night by taking a long bath and listening to some D'Angelo, cleanse the energy of your apartment by burning some Palo Santo and get ready to start the week fresh. You'll really be feeling yourself on the full moon in Leo on February 3, as it falls in your 2nd house of talents and personal possessions. You own everything and all of it is cute! The 2nd house also deals with financial matters, and this full moon falls right next to Jupiter, the planet of good luck, providing a serious chance for improvement to your financial situation. Mercury will continue to be retrograde this month, which might be making you feel a little freaky. You're definitely open to moving out of your comfort zone and sharing a little bit extra while Mercury is in Aquarius. Usually you're a trustworthy confidant, but this retrograde has you feeling loose-lipped, so be careful with secrets shared by friends.

    Did you meet the perfect “blizzard bae” only to see them melt away moments after the storm? Are you muddled in a constant state of confusion with everyone closest to you? Mercury has been retrograde in your 7th house of relationships since January 21, and it will continue to cause confusion until February 11. You might be shocked by the weird, unexpected, and provocative behavior that Mercury in Aquarius is promoting amongst your peers. A Leo loves to be in control of their surroundings, but accepting the unusual without question is the best way to stay sane until Mercury comes out of retrograde. A full moon in Leo on February 3 ensures that it's not all cosmic confusion in February. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, in Leo will be right next to the full moon, adding an infusion of positive energy to the moonbeams that will shine down on you. Plan something fun on that night—February 3—possibly a solo celebration, to take your mind off all the wacky weirdness and get centered on your self. 

    Valentine's Day is a holiday manufactured by the greeting card industry, a fact accepted by even the least cynical soul. You might not believe me yet, but the planets have a very different plan for your V-Day 2015. Venus, the planet of love, and Mars the planet of lust, will be in your 7th house of relationships for the first 20 days of February, making you super lucky in dating and romance. The first three days of February might be the most romantic days of the month while you resonate off the meeting of Neptune, planet of dreams with Venus in Pisces. This yearly event renews your belief in love and reminds you to keep your heart chakra open. Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde while all this positive energy is swirling around you, which means there might be some annoying matters to deal with involving work and co-workers, or dietary habits (in short: cut out the unhealthy snacks!). Mercury's transit through your 6th house highlights all the routines you keep on a daily basis, and it's asking you to question whether they are serving you on a path towards enlightenment, or whether they are simply neurotic distractions.

    Let's talk about destiny. Last year, Libra was at the center of several major planetary transits, and your awareness was enhanced by a series of eclipses that put you in the express lane towards your cosmic fate. Now it's time to look back at it, because there's something you might have missed, or perhaps forgot to release—maybe a bad habit or a negative relationship that's holding you back from reaching those ultimate goals. Spend some time meditating on what this could be and I guarantee you will immediately discover the energetic block you're working with. The universe is giving you a month to ditch the negative energy on you own, and if you don't, you will face a spiritual audit when the last Uranus/Pluto square sends out transformative vibes across the zodiac. Balance your focus on macro/micro this month while Venus, your ruling planet, moves through your 6th house of routines. While Venus is in this part of your chart, you will be able to reform unhealthy habits that aren't helping you keep it cute. The first week of February would be the perfect time to sign up for a new spinning class or consider a cleanse that fits your schedule. Be ambitious, but remember to keep your goals realistic so you develop healthy habits you can keep.

    Wild and revolutionary ideas are coming to you in the most unexpected moments this month, and you should totally believe in the power they have. Your creative energy is carrying, and you will want to spend every second possible towards realizing all the potential plans you devise. One wonderful source for all this creative energy is the abundant love you are feeling from cute crushes. Sometimes the thrill of a new romantic interest, even if it turns out to be a passing fancy, is all it takes to get you jazzed up about all aspects of existence. You will be feeling untamed this month, but try to reel in your roar because there are professional opportunities available if you put in the work right now. Saturn left Scorpio in December and opened up your world, but when it left your sign, it entered your 2nd house of financial resources, making you feel much more acquisitive than you did before, but you will have to work harder to make the fortune you're after. On February 3, a full moon in Leo falls in your 10th house of success, next to Jupiter the planet of good luck. Use this opportunity to show the universe what you've got and all you will be showered with attention.

    You're notoriously known as one of the flightiest signs of the Zodiac because of your thirst for adventure and need for constant excitement and change, but the planetary alignment has shifted, and it's time for you to get focused. You're just beginning to understand the work that Saturn in Sagittarius wants you to do, and February is the perfect time to get deeper in to the task. While Mars and Venus lead a cluster of planets through your 4th house, which rules staying in and getting things done, you'll be able to force yourself to get down to business without distraction. Your ruling planet Jupiter continues to be retrograde until February 11, asking you to expand your perspective and search for greater meaning in all of your pursuits. The full moon in Leo on February 3 falls right next to Jupiter, giving you a connection to a spiritual plane, which is exactly where you want to be right now. This lunar cycle , coupled with Saturn's influence is likely to make you feel super sentimental, which will come as a surprise, because this is usually not in the Sagittarian nature. Go with this flow and indulge the urge to be seriously sappy by reminiscing with old friends this week.
    Capricorn is the most direct sign of the zodiac, but sometimes it takes a little bit of sweet talking, rather than an outright demand to get exactly what you want. A trio of planets in your 3rd house of communication allows you to speak with authority while maintaining a subtle sweetness that ensures you will be granted whatever you seek in the first 20 days of February. Your sweet voice will be extremely seductive in the first week of the month, while the power of Venus and Neptune's yearly meeting resonates in the collective consciousness. Your intuition will be strong this week, so trust your instincts and don't be afraid to voice an opinion that has more basis in feeling and emotion than it does in fact. People trust you as a consistently grounded force of reason, so you're allowed to share the weird thoughts you're having right now as a necessary counterpoint to your normal nature. Your ruling planet Saturn entered Sagittarius in December, and you're still adjusting to the new energy. This will be nearly a three-year transit that invites you to explore the deepest reaches of your subconscious. Open up to the cosmic energy!

    Have you been feeling really freaky for the past few weeks? Mercury went retrograde on January 21 in Aquarius, giving you every excuse to express your eccentricity. Enjoy this episode (or not) while it lasts this month, before Mercury starts spinning the “normal” way again. Most people consider a retrograde to be a period of mishap, confusion, and general chaos, but this isn't necessarily true for an Aquarian like you. Think of it as a time to get a fresh perspective, and have your preconceptions about reality challenged. It's like that mind-bending moment when you contemplate how a mirror is actually the exact opposite of reality. Or maybe like the first time you smoked Salvia. All planetary influences besides the temporary retrograde of Mercury point to positive things for you this month. A full moon in Leo on February 3 falls in your 7th house of relationships celebrating the close friendships you cherish and pointing to romantic potential. Aquarians have a large social network, but are close with only a small group of people. Tell the people you love the most how much you appreciate them.

    February is a really good look on you this year and the wintry realness is giving you a glow that cannot be denied. The first day of the month will be one of the most magical days of the year for you because dreamy Neptune, your ruling planet, has its yearly meeting with lovely Venus in Pisces, giving the week ahead a rosy energy that stimulates you creatively and spiritually. You live wrapped up in a world of dreams, but this week, the dreams will live in your world—the lines are impossibly blurred between fantasy and reality in a beautiful way. You have the power to turn your hopes, wishes, and dreams in to something more permanent in the first three weeks of February. Mars in Pisces is making you feel extra confident, and ready to take on any challenges on your path forward. A new moon in Pisces on February 18 ensures that the energy you feel in February will continue to radiate and grow this year, make sure you take advantage of the powerful manifestation that can take place during this lunar cycle.

    Shop all Astrology IRL here 

    Love this post?
     Bookmark our Cosmic Numbers series, where Morgan gives tips and predictions for specific calendar dates, all month long! 

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    With a New York-based cult following, an LVMH Young Fashion Designer special prize, and a recent guest spot at Pitti Uomo 87Hood By Air designer Shayne Oliver has our attention. So this season, he invites us back to world of illusion, androgyny, and logo mania that unifies the HBA crew. Fans of the black-and-white logo will get in line for the designer's version of a "basic" jean and the Horizon Stripe Hoodie, embellished with elongated zippers. 

    The twist? Driven by the concept of shattering masculine norms, colorful graphics like detonated mushroom clouds (see the 1969 Long-Sleeve) and a slightly abstract zip-off leather jacket express more of Shayne—the artist—rather than Shayne, the demonstrator. Well-timed considering his Pitti debut in Florence came with a special keepsake—the label's first photography book—shot in the understated British countryside with a '90s Toyota. It was all about "people creating energy in really isolated rural spaces," the designer told Dazed Digital, and exactly the kind of unexpected turn that sets the bar higher for HBA... a welcome graduation from the brand's streetwear beginnings.

    Shop all Hood by Air here. And ICYMI: Watch Shayne and Remy Ma pay a visit to the Opening Ceremony flagship! 

    Steep Tech Leather Jacket in black and

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    Over the weekend, FARAGO, a new downtown Los Angeles project space near the once-opulent Tower Theatre, opened its second show entitled Gospel Oak, featuring the paintings of Leigh Johnson. Born in California, Johnson received her MFA in photography from Yale University and now lives and works predominantly in London. Most recently, she had a solo exhibition, Hard Shoulder, at the Journal Gallery in Williamsburg.

    In her latest show, Leigh makes art from abandoned mattresses, with additional mediums like latex and acrylic to render public spaces onto formerly private surfaces. "Leigh Johnson is attracted to private lives that are not hers, the tremendous amount of intimacy from which we're excluded," the show invite read. "An object that was once touching our nakedness, so close to bare bodies, is now rubing up against street dirt."

    The work is accompanied by beautiful, explanatory texts. “How she liked the word abyss because it just went on and on,” is one of my favorite lines.

    I sent a few questions to Leigh about the show and her relationship with the photographer (and longtime Opening Ceremony friend) Max Farago, who is behind the project space.

    STEPHANIE LACAVA: How did you meet Max?
    LEIGH JOHNSON: I met Max in the black-and-white darkroom at NYU. While both of us were leaning over some chemicals, waiting for our images to appear, he told me I had nice blue eyes.

    How would you describe the works in Gospel Oak? 
    The works in the show are black-and-white paintings that have an affinity with photographic negatives. I use abandoned mattresses for canvases and paint images of barriers and obstacles onto them. It often feels as if these obstacles are shadows imprinted on the fabric, and I'm bringing them to the surface.

    What do you think of the space?
    FARAGO is a great space; it used to be three storefront jewelry shops underneath a very grand theatre in downtown Los Angeles. It feels unique—fading, decadent glory gone bodega, now a jewel of a space. I like to drive by at night as the fluorescent light sparkles the street. 

    Gospel Oak runs through March 15 


    224 West 8th Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90014


    Captured at Gospel Oak's opening this weekend, on a historic stretch of downtown Los Angeles. Images courtesy of FARAGO 

    This piece comes with text that begins: "Scouring the weather for answers: it’s raining now, a few minutes ago it was sunny, so stripes today. Tomorrow the weather will come in diagonal lines."

    This piece comes with text that begins: "She drove her car i

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  • 02/01/15--21:00: ANDY RICKER IN MAE HONG SON
  • In Straight Trippin', OC friends and family share tidbits from their latest travels. This time, Andy Ricker, author and chef of the Pok Pok empire, takes us into northern Thailand's Mae Hong Son Province, which borders Burma. The comprehensive captions are all Andy's, so make sure to stay awhile. 

    Name: Andy Ricker 
    Occupation: Chef/Restaurateur 
    Travel destination: Mae Hong Son, Thailand
    Carry-on necessities: Laptop, phone, notebook, iPad, noise-canceling headphones
    Reading materials: The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World by Lincoln Paine 
    Weirdest thing in your suitcase: Nothing weird 
    Most over-played track on your iPhone this trip: "Rent I Pay" by Spoon 
    Favorite outfit to travel in: Jeans, Jack Purcells, a button-down shirt 
    Highlight of your trip: The flight from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai in a tiny, 12-seat propeller plane. The view from that plane was amazing—the mountains of northen Thailand stretch into the distance with remote hilltop farming villages dotting the thick jungle.
    Souvenirs you brought back: 1 kilo of phong masala (kaeng hung leh curry powder) made by a second-generation Burmese/Thai family operation

    Want more Andy? Check out his OCTV episode, where he teaches us how to make the perfect bowl of sticky rice! 

    A gorgeous little valley just on the outskirts of town, where my friend Austin Bush (seen walking behind me) loves to go to visit a Tai Yai trekking guide he made friends with years ago. Photos and captions by Andy Ricker 
    Muu Phan Bii with Mantou (“1000 year pork” with steamed buns.) In the town of Ban Rak Thai, high in the mountains near Mae Hong Son, is a tea farming Chinese village occupied by the descendants of the KMT.Khanom Sen, Khang Phong, Ajat: delicious Tai Yai breakfast of rice vermicelli in sour tomato and pork soup; fried pumpkin fritter with turmeric, lemongrass and chiles; cucumber relish, at Khanom Sen Ba Khon, where a meal for three cost us a princely 50 baht ($1.75).Mae Sri Bua, owner of a small street-side restaurant talks to me about the naam phrik I am holding, that she makes out of toasted dried fermented soy beans, chiles, and dried fish. Used for making local vegetable salads, I ordered 10 kilos to carry home.

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    Laundry. It's a common source of anxiety for novice New Yorkers. Generally requiring a relinquishment of control, revealing one's dirty laundry in public, and worse, the possibility of loss or damage to beloved items.

    Perhaps spurred by an actual incidence, Alexander Wang's Resort '15 collection culls from the abundance of garment mishaps, courtesy of the laundromat.

    To be fair, these are the garment mishaps one can only dream of. The tie-dye Rawhide Hem Boxy T-Shirt, with its jagged hem, invokes that instance your favorite white T-shirt slips into the denim cycle yet somehow winds up looking like intentional shibori. The Wet Logo Towel Sweatshirt, made of mid-weight cotton with a hotel towel-like "Wet" across its white chest, is finished with terry sleeves. The Peelaway Sleeve Ribbed Cardigan?  Intricate but discreet, the black knit looks like the washing machine delicately, ever so precisely, cut at the sleeves to reveal sheer mesh detailing.

    A few pieces did make it out unscathed, though. Take the Floor-Length Folded Back Drape Dress cut from heavyweight silk with an open, diamond-shaped back. So perfect you might want to consider "dry clean only." Then, there's the Utility Jumpsuit with relaxed-fit legs. It never makes it into the wash, because really—without those cargo pockets, where would you hold your quarters?

    Shop all Alexander Wang here

    Floor-Length Folded Back Drape Dress in vellum Wet Logo Stripe Relief Towel Sweatshirt in bleach Rawhide Hem Boxy T-Shirt in sapphire Bra Top in plasma

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  • 02/02/15--21:00: Cosmic Numbers: February 3
  • As anyone waiting for that boy/girl to text knows, updates can be just as important as dates. In "Cosmic Numbers," Morgan Rehbock, the guru behind our monthly Astrology IRL column, divines the stars to bring you in-the-moment advice on important dates.

    Full Moon In Leo
     Mercury will still be playing tricks and giving shows until February 11, but you can be certain that the full moon in Leo tonight will be magical, enhanced by the joy of Jupiter, the planet of good luck. Read your full February horoscope here.

    (March 21 - April 20)
    All indications point to serious passion this evening, so plan a hot date! You will be totally titillated by a new creative tip during the day. Follow this direction and you will have fun with your work.

    (April 21 - May 20)
    For the past three years, your relationships have been fraught, but in the process of breaking up and making up you have gained wisdom about yourself and how you relate to others. You’re no longer quite as stubborn as you once were. Saturn is setting you free today, and your task now is to make a commitment to keeping the kind of relationships that make you happy.

    (May 21 - June 20)
    This month is extremely social for you, which is unusual for a sign that loves laid back vibes like a Taurus does. Take tonight to relax at home and rest up for the rest of the month. Check in with your bestie and see where they're at.

    (June 21 - July 22)
     Your bank balance is feeling the good vibes from the full moon in Leo tonight, but it's best not to splurge while Mercury is retrograde (because you're likely to return your purchase!). Remember to treat yourself after February 11.

    (July 23 - August 22)
    You're not self-centered, you're just centered, and you can't help being yourself. Either way, this full moon is all about you, so enjoy the positive energy! If you've been having miscommunications with someone close to you, there could be a breakthrough today. 

    (August 23 - September 22)
    Do you ever hear a voice in your subconscious that tries to get you to be more outgoing, confident, and positive? Listen to that voice on the full moon tonight, because you have tons of cosmic energy behind you until February 20. You can make so much happen.

    (September 23 - October 22)
    The full moon in Leo tonight is very socially relevant for you! You must make it out tonight, because you will be irresistibly charming and make exciting new connections with whomever you meet. 

    (October 23 - November 22)
    The success you're getting right now is well-deserved, and the full moon in Leo tonight will make your reputation shine. If you're approached with any kind of business deal (very possible!), it's probably not too good to be true, but you should still wai

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    James Case-Leal is a recent Columbia MFA graduate and one-time archivist for David Byrne who now works in a space upstate. It’s here that he creates his art, often rainbow flashes on black canvas that are physically demanding to create. “It’s something like exercise,” Case-Leal says of the labor-intensive process, one that involves using an industrial automobile buffer to scrub the linen after every application of paint.

    His newest creations are warmer, yellow-based sunshines. "Maybe the rainbows are more personal like a mirror and the sun is everything and everyone else,” he says. "Warm, inviting, and far away.”

    We could use a little of that right now.

    I also asked him about the rest of his graduating class. 

    "When I was at school I was completely consumed with isolated studio work," he says "Regrettably, I didn't connect with my classmates as much as I would have liked, many of whom are remarkably talented artists.

    A few notables: Ben Hagari's films are so weird and good. Shahar Yahalom is brilliant and gives ZERO fucks, which I envy. And every Bruno Pagocnik work feels like a growth from another planet. All very exciting." 
    James wears the Christopher Kane Gradient Pages Print Hoodie in red 

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    Last week, Stephanie LaCava, Opening Ceremony's new editor at large, took a trip to Paris to attend the couture shows. You might say it's her home away from home (recall her breakthrough collection of essays, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects, about her coming of age in the City of Light), and we couldn't be happier to live vicariously through her. Get to know Ms. SLC (and see what she wore) in the special dispatch from Paris, above. 

    Like this story? Read more of our travels, here

    Cruising through Paris in my vintage Vivienne Westwood boots and Garrett Leight Harding 47 Sunglasses. Captions by Stephanie LaCavaIn the hall of the National Museum of Natural History. Garrett Leight sunglasses on my new friend from the museum... for my son, of course.Bats on display at the Camille Renversade installation at Deyrolle.
    Rainy Day in Paris! (Acne Studios Bird Fleece Sweatshirt and Kenzo sailor pant) Wearing Olympia Le Tan at L'Hotel, where I stayed for the week.The painted scene on the wall at Restaurant la Mediterranée.Hot chocolate matcha from Toraya, a beautiful pastry shop and tea room following the tradition of Wagashi.

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    Kenzo Resort '15, in one word: mesmerizing. Balancing sensible French proportions with kaleidoscope prints, stripes, and exxagerated polka dots is exactly what we love to wear—especially, say, as an American in Paris.

    The Torn Flowers Fancy Poly Jacquard Dress, with its high, criss-crossed neckline, reveals shoulders and legs while shrouding the rest of the body in dizzying torn chocolate and violet flowers. The menswear-inspired Dots & Stripes Poplin Shirtdress winks back to last night's antics—and offsets them—with demure pink and white polka dots striped with navy. Even pieces with subdued prints keep in-tune with playful volumes, like the Dots & Stripes Jacquard Sleeveless Top and matching Skirt.

    A collection reminiscent of a transcontinental flight in Air France's heyday, it’s fitting for women like Elaine Dundy or her heroine Sally Jay Gorce, or any modern-day woman "hellbent for living."

    P.S. Throwback alert! Remember when we played a collection-themed word game with Opening Ceremony co-founder/Kenzo's co-creative director Humberto Leon? Snippet below, read the rest here... 

    Navy Breton stripe: "classic"
    Girl's chemise: "exaggerated"
    Parisian daywear: "Parisian nightwear"
    Hardware: "excessive"
    Trinkets: "love!'
    Sailor pants: "push it"
    Gold chainmail necklaces: "the more, the merrier"

    Shop all Kenzo women's here 

    Torn Flowers Fancy Poly Jacquard Dress in tobacco Dots & Logo Viscose Crepe Dress in white Dots & Stripes Dutchess Satin Shorts in navy Striped Flowers Light Tank in mint

    0 0

    Recently, I met artist/actress India Salvor Menuez, 21, and writer/director Elizabeth Wood, 32, at the Killer Films office in New York City, where the movie White Girl was first born. “Christine had been my idol for many years,” says Wood, the film’s creator, of her first meeting with legendary producer, Christine Vachon. “I saw Kids when I was thirteen, and it turned me into the person who made this movie.” Vachon and Killer films backed not only Kids, but Boys Don’t Cry, and more recently Still Alice.

    White Girl is now in post-production, which means Wood’s been busy editing footage. Meanwhile, Menuez, who plays Katie in the film, is in post-production on her own project, a fantasy film called Technology. The two first met backstage at a Cibo Matto concert. It was Catfish's Henry Joost and Rel Schulman, partners of Supermarche, White Girl’s other executive producers, that first suggested Menuez for a role. The story is tricky territory as it's based on Wood’s real-life experience. “I moved to the hood, fell in love with a drug dealer, and when he went to jail, I made it my life's mission to get him out,” she says of being an Oklahoma native who found her way to New York.

    "Did you?" I ask. 


    India’s character, Katie, is the best friend of Leah (Wood) and is played by Homeland actress, Morgan Saylor. Musician Brian "Sene" Marc from Denitia and Sene plays the role of the drug dealer, Blue.

    I ask India how it was to work with Wood. “Inspiring because, one: there's not enough female directors in general and two: she's a female director who is so strong and wrote the screenplay from her own life experiences," she tells me. "I’ve been on set and seen a female director get stepped all over my male DP or AD. Everyone has a strong opinion when you hire good people, but at the end of the day, Elizabeth wasn’t afraid to clarify her vision.”

    Wood returns the compliment by saying, "India is really fun to work with. She’s so natural and will do just about anything.White Girl writer/director Elizabeth Wood wears the Alexander Wang Mesh Bra Top in black (available in stores) and Christopher Kane Pleated Tulle Lace Hem Skirt in neon orange. Photos by Stephanie LaCavaArtist/actress India Salvor Menuez wears the Deer Dana Bill Murray Tee in white and Proenza Schouler Knit Long Pencil Skirt in black/red (available in stores)“I saw Kids when I

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    Opening Ceremony is pleased to present columnist Alexis Wilkinson's after-hours thoughts. And you know she has thoughts: the terror of The Harvard Lampoon; wearer of "big girl pants"; educator of Darwinian origins for the bad bitch, Alexis—with her candor and wit—is our new girl crush. Here, "Late-Ish With Alexis" muses on possession as love. 

    I was recently faced with a dilemma regarding a diamond necklace an ex-boyfriend once gave me. I know, I know: a boy gave me diamonds once. Oh, the horror! Woe is me. My life is full of nothing but ceaseless suffering. But the issue wasn’t the gift, which was lovely if not a little intense. (For reference, my gift was a remastered Beatles discography that I had purchased from Best Buy earlier that day.) The issue was, what to do with the accessory now that he’s gone from “boy toy” to “boyfriend” to “ex-boyfriend” to “man I’ve considered getting a restraining order against.”

    Should I give the necklace back? And if not, should I sell it?

    After talking with friends, I received varying opinions on what was socially appropriate based on how much the necklace cost, what terms we were on personally, how long it had been, if I had offered to return it, and how badly I needed the money. Everyone was in agreement, however, that he could not ask for it back. It was a gift. He had given it to me, so it was mine.

    Possession is a complex thing. The word itself dates back to the mid-13th century and has roots to the Latin potis (“able or powerful”) and esse or (“to be”). Possession is power. It’s nine-tenths of the law, as the saying goes. I wonder then, what the other tenth is. Bodily autonomy? Family? Arbitrary nonsense?

    But possession is arbitrary as well. It is not a natural occurrence in most basic organisms. A goldfish does not “possess” the plastic castle you’ve put in its tank and it certainly would not expect your new guppy to respect that. Ownership is a social contract. When I give you a gift, I agree that it is yours. When I purchase some clothes or a handbag, the seller agrees that it is mine. I can smash it, forget about it, and otherwise misuse it and it doesn’t matter—because it is mine. Oh, and don’t forget the elementary philosophy of “finders keepers,” a phrase I typically followed with “losers weepers” or more pejoratively... “losers suck.”

    Possession is also (supposedly) a part of love. Valentine’s Day is in ten days, and the pink cards reading “be mine” and “forever yours” have filled shop windows since December 26. “To have and to hold,” another common phrase for this time of year, is the definition of a “possess” ancestor, the Latin possidere, and that phrase has a front-row seat in that sacred ritual known as marriage.

    But when you think about it, does ownership really have any place in the space between two people? Is it romantic to imagine belonging to someone, or a little frightening? And all of this brings me back to the necklace and the man in question.

    So I’ve dec

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    Yes, I know—it’s that time of year again. Restaurants only accept bookings for tables for two, for 45-minute set menu seatings at five times the normal price. And if you’re unfortunate enough to end up in one, they force-feed you heart-themed crap that babies would spit up. 

    And none of us are entirely immune. Where I come from, this Valentine's thing is confined to people with whom you actually want to make the beast with two backs. Well, that and tiny kids who don’t know better and have to do it 'cause teacher says so, and even then I didn’t get a card... but I digress.

    There are those who believe that the whole love angle was invented by Geoffrey Chaucer in 14th-century England. Nonsense. As any fool knows, Valentine's Day was invented by Hallmark in order to sell cards to grandmas. We've heard it all before.  

    But, for those who insist on using this day to ingratiate themselves with others, then try my tailored gift guide, broken down by realistic category, below. And if you must gift something beyond flowers or a string quartet, my picks are in the slideshow above. 

    JUST FRIENDS (singles)

    Stop it at once. Can we not just adopt the English version and confine our Valentine's Day activities to those with whom we want to do the monkey dance, and to little kids who we want to embarrass? Thanks.

    SWIPE RIGHT (casual hook-up)
    Booze. Cards. Flowers. Get 'em the usual detritus of casual romance. If you’re of this Swipe Right persuasion, then simply use Valentine's Day to satisfy your animal lusts. Think no more of it than a convenient tissue to be cast aside after used.

    STICKING (future bae)
    Now it gets interesting. I find the massive overdelivery—but completely anonymous approach—ideal. Arrange flowers, mix tapes, posh champers, a string quartet, gospel choir, etc., but crucially don’t sign anything (including the credit card receipts). That way, you can assess the success before taking credit/avoiding blame. Her: “Christ Almighty, some stalker sent me a solid gold pair of handcuffs, I’m calling the cops.” You: “Shocking. Did you like my unobtrusive, simple card?”

    So this is technically The One. As such, the first thing you do is assess their level of interest. Ideally they will feel just like you in that having a super lovely dinner and a night of passion is a nightly opportunity and not something that the ancient Catholic Church should be dictating once a year. Do it now, and tomorrow, and every other night after that. If, however, they expect some kind of pink-themed night of commercialism, perhaps you should be considering your options. Just sayin’.

    YOUR RENT'S OTHER HALF (live-in s.o.)

    Guess what bucko, you’re in, whether you like it or not. So go for minimally invasive damage limitation. A card certainly, a bottle of something decent, and maybe even a home-cooked dinner. And you know what else you could do? How about you clean up your crap, and for once let them know you love them with your actions—not your drunken Saturday night advances. Just sayin’ (again).

    YOUR BABY DADDY/MAMA (married w/ kids or something)
    See above re: clear up your crap. If you’re the parent of a kid, then help them make a card for Mummy or Daddy. It’s all they really want.

    GRANDMA OR OTHER FAMILY MEMBER (someone you'd rather not see naked)
    Stop it. Just stop. Please.

    The thing is, choosing one day a year to be amorous, to show someone how much you love them, to be romantic, is stupid. Be romantic every day. I

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    Raf Simons is one of those designers that gets visceral with his design process: feeling, experimental, at times even tear-jerking. 

    No stranger to sampling adolescent angst and youth subculture, Spring/Summer 2015 has the Belgian designer thinking about his formative life—"like mood boards you'd pin your favorite images to," he was quoted saying to For instance: the fun, collaged sweatshirt featuring a roller coaster, this captured from a day out with his buds Olivier Rizzo and Willy Vanderperre back when they were just sprouting chest hair. As for the peacock… do we sense a little cheek? Simons may not own up to it.

    Nevertheless, the ode to Japan bellows loudest with Hanakotoba-printed tees and jogging shorts in rising sun hues. (A hat-tip to the Japanese retailers who first supported the designer in 1995.) Of course,  Simons didn’t celebrate with an anniversary collection of, say, his greatest hits. Instead, his angst-ridden models looped around guests in a hazy red-lit room, refocusing the attention away from iPhones and point-and-shoots, and back to the here and now. If that’s not a sign to get buddy-buddy with the celebrated designer, we don’t what is.

    Shop all Raf Simons here

    Roller Coaster Regular Fit Sweater in black Gunman Slim-Fit T-Shirt in black Jogging Shorts in red Peacock R

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    It’s no secret that Opening Ceremony surrounds itself with the most unique personalities in the game—staff included! If you’ve walked into any of our brick and mortars, you’ve definitely said hello to a few friendly faces. As part of our weekly #OCFaves series, get to know our team as they pick out their favorite new arrivals and turn 'em sartorial.

    Who: Mel Leamon from OCNY women's shop
    Where are you from? Miami, Florida
    Tell us what you’re wearing here: Mel wears the Jean Paul Gaultier Cut-Out Long Sleeve Knit-Top in medium beige, Maison Michel Blanche Capeline in black, Calvin Klein Wide Leg Front Pocket Pants in navy, Hartono Djawa Transparent Tote Bag in transparent, and Opening Ceremony Grunge Wedge Sandals in white (all items not linked are available in stores). 
    And your personal twist: My socks :)
    If this outfit were any TV or movie character, it would be: The fifth bestie on Sex and the City
    Sum up your style in one word: It's really however I'm feeling. I tend to keep it minimal—with a pop.
    Favorite fashion slang: I use a lot of played-out slang from the '90s.
    Song or mixtape you’ve been obsessed with lately: I've been listening to Lana Del Rey for two weeks straight, aka sad girl. 
    Last movie you watched on Netflix: Breakfast at Tiffany's. I watched it twice before I realized she was actually a call girl. I'm obsessed.
    iPhone or Android: I'm so tired of my iPhone cracking and Androids are an absolute no. Can we bring back the flip phone?!
    What was your first AIM screenname? prettymel1
    iMessage or FaceTime: iMessage, because the angle is never right on FaceTime
    Last moment that made you truly LOL: One of the many memes my friends send me
    Last good art you saw: My mom has a nice Niko collection at home in Miami. It consists of pretty dope paintings of women's features from different cultures. 
    Favorite spot to people watch: Outside of Opening Ceremony, on Howard Street 
    Favorite hole-in-the-wall: Any bar in the LES during happy hour
    Biggest fashion pet-peeve: The copy-and-paste epidemic
    Favorite emoji icon: I like the girl flicking her hand and hair, because that's how I feel all of the time.
    Favorite #hashtag to use: #bye

    Mel wears the Jean Paul Gaultier Cut-Out Long Sleeve Knit-Top in medium beige, Maison Michel Blanche Capeline in black, Calvin Klein Wide Leg Front Pocket Pants in navy, Hartono Djawa Transparent Tote Bag in transparent, and Opening Ceremony Grunge Wedge Sandals in white (all items not linked are available in stores). Photo by Michael Elijah Opening Ceremony

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    It's that mushy-gushy time of year... again. Hate it or love it, Valentine's Day is a few winks away, as is the trending Fifty Shades of Grey premiere along with a heady right-swipe Tinder binge. With boo thangs dashing to the nearest Hallmark gift shop, now seems a good time to check up on our fave Opening Ceremony couples in love. 

    Here, jewelry designer 
    Venessa Arizaga and Shawn Roche, her husby of five years, talk Valentine's Day in Puerto Rico and the secret to lasting love. (Hint: patience is key.) 

    Shop all Venessa Arizaga here 

    Looking for more jewelry for bae? Shop our 
    Valentine's Day promo and take 20% off select jewelry styles 

     CEREMONY: How long have you two been together?  
    VENESSA AND SHAWN: We dated for two years and will have been married for five years—our anniversary is May 15. So it's been seven long, glorious years! 

    Best Valentine's Day memory? 
    Our best Valentine's Day memory was a surprise trip to Puerto Rico. February is notoriously known as one of the coldest months in NYC. It's relentless. So Shawn surprised me with a Valentine's Day on the beach which consisted of drinking rum bunches and eating chocolate-covered coconut candies. That's all a girl could ever want! 

    Who is the better cook? 
    We both cook a lot and have our own master dishes! I LOVE to cook and would say that I'm the geek that buys all of the unnecessary gadgets and weird spices for the kitchen, which causes a lot of clutter. I have periods of kitchen fascination, but then I usually fall out of it when it's collection time. Honestly, if I could spend hours in the kitchen preparing a gorgeous meal, I would. 

    Any pet names? 
    We throw "babe" around a lot. We make up for pet names with actual pets: we have four cats and one dog! I know—we're crazy!

    Let's go shopping! What kind of stuff would you love to receive for V-Day?
    This may sound odd, but we're building out first home together in Puerto Rico we're calling it La Casa Paraiso. So anything associated with our home drives us wild. At the moment, ceiling fans, hand-painted tiles, and upholstery are replacing chocolates and lingerie. We're also currently obsessing over House of Hackney palm prints. 

    Define modern-day romance? 
    Our definition of modern-day romance isn't always the cliche romance. We're very simple; our romantic moments are days spent by the ocean, bonfires, and driving on adventurous excursions. We love the outdoors, but the city and our busy schedules make it hard. When we're reminded of all of our favorites things, it's quite special.  

    Is there an art to the couple selfie? 
    I think the art to couple selfie-ing is to go with the flow and

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    If you're dreamng of warmer weather and sunny skies, Mother of Pearl is coming atcha with a PS15 collection fit for West Village lunch dates and whiskey-infused tea.

    Maia Norman and Amy Powney, the designers behind London-based MoP, are known for incorporating collaborative artist designs with the brand's signature, ladylike cuts. Their new approach to pre-collections? Digging into their archives and regenerating just the hits—eye-catching floral patterns on silk separates, and splashes of blush pinks and coral reds. 

    Seriously, the next best thing to waiting for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to resurge is to take this collaged floral top, or these navy-and-white daisy shorts, for a spin. A soft, girlish color palette with a burst of energy? Now that's our cup of tea.

    Shop all Mother of Pearl here Juno Floral Short-Sleeve Top in candy flower Jade Embellished Sleeveless Maxi Dress in red Billy Floral Zip-Up Jacket in bloom stripe Addison Floral Shorts in bloom stripe Harris Embellished Long-Sleeve Top in black Umiko Flower Print Sleeveless Shirt in floral

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  • 02/05/15--21:00: Cosmic Numbers: February 6
  • Mercury retrograde is often misconceived as an extremely malicious planetary influence. Mercury might be a mischievous planet, but it means you no harm. While Mercury continues to be retrograde in Aquarius until February 11, you can expect to have your perspectives challenged, but I'm certain you'll see bigger and better things if you don't get stuck in the microscopic annoyances of daily life. Venus and Mars are both in Pisces until February 20, giving the first half of the month a sweet and subtle vibe, it feels a little bit like living inside a Sade song. Cherish the day while the planets give you time to relax, because everyone's energy level will pick up in late February and March when we enter the Aries phase of our year.

    Sun in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo

    Keep on running towards the future, and you will see major changes just around the corner. Things never change quite as fast as you expect, but the electric energy in the next few days will help you push forward.

    (March 21 - April 20)
    Getting caught up in group dynamics could be getting the best of you. Step back and focus on your own energy, then consider how you're projecting that towards others.

    (April 21 - May 20)
    You have big ambitions this year, but in order to realize them, you will need to make a clear game plan and get support from your team.

    (May 21 - June 20)
    Some totally unbelievably great news could come out of the blue today. This new knowledge might not turn out to be as transcendent as it first seems, but something will definitely come of it, so listen up!

    (June 21 - July 22)
    A sense of security, especially regarding finances, is important for a Cancer to keep. You're on the right track in 2015, but beware of hidden expenses and the urge to splurge in mid-February.

    (July 23 - August 22)
    A relationship or business partnership has been blossoming in recent weeks. Your garden will continue to grow together in February, but always remember to take a step back so both of you can flourish independently too.

    (August 23 - September 22)
    Take care of everything on your to-do list this weekend so you can enjoy the good vibes you get next week without having to step out and leave the cosmic party early.

    (September 23 - October 22)
    It's Friday, and you're just FourFiveSeconds from willin'. The social vibes are strong for you this weekend.

    (October 23 - November 22)
    I know you have high hopes for 2015, but remember that we're not even two months into the year. Slow down, have some patience, and I promise you will get what you want.

    (November 23 - December 21)
    While Saturn is in your sign, you're interested in seeking out serious knowledge. Entertain your interests this weekend by finding the perfect book to expand your perspectives.

    (December 22 - January 19)
    If you're keeping a secret, it might be better to consider writing your own press release rather than letting Mercury retrograde splash your story across the proverbial tabloids.

    (January 20 - February 19)
    Your unusual perspective could prove to be extremely useful in solving a problem that no one else can comprehend. Don't be afraid to take charge of the situation, you can definitely handle it.


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    In a recent interview with Hero magazine, Murray Blewett, the grand keeper of the Vivienne Westwood's expansive archive for over 30 years, talked about what Worlds End meant for those who wore the collection the first go-around. “Some people didn’t know what to do with those clothes; they just didn’t have the right attitude. They would get it really wrong and they were trying to make an effort. You couldn’t just go in the shop, buy a T-shirt, and look cool.” He goes on to explain that the status inferred by wearing Worlds End pieces with the proper irreverence meant that you were an honorary member of a special club, with “entry to underground things.”

    When I first learned that Opening Ceremony was reissuing a curated collection of iconic "Clothes for Heroes," created by Vivienne Westwood and her partner Malcolm McLaren for many years, I knew exactly who I wanted to see wear them: friends who act with a certain independence and authenticity in their choices and exhibit their own peculiar, aesthetic twist.

    These pieces from the '70s and '80s, as Blewett addresses, stand as an example of when a distinct kind of status was achieved through clothing that was a little backwards. It wasn't about having lots of money, but rather that "special thing" worn with the right amount of incorrectness and, of course, personality. The DIY nature of the collection, the fact that the archival fabric was carried over from Westwood's Gold Label collections, artisan and handmade, and the independent ladies seen modeling in the slideshow above stand for that same sort of approach. There's no magazine that smartly addresses erotica? Start your own just as Sarah Nicole Prickett, seen modeling above, decided to do with Adult

    In support of a counterculture spirit and a commitment to sustainability, Opening Ceremony is proud to present a 20-piece, unisex collection of curated Worlds End pieces to unveil this Monday, February 9. It was always about making things anew from available resources, and this is also how we approached the shoot you'll see in the slideshow above: just a handful of British heritage clothes; three more-or-less American girls; the talented photographer Balarama Heller; and one day in wintry Manhattan on the 19th floor of an otherwise stuffy office building.

    More about the girls... 

    Sarah Nicole Prickett is a writer and editor who launched Adult magazine of new erotics in 2013, and is now at work on its third issue. She is also a contributing editor for The New Inquiry and a regular contributor for publications such as Art Forum and the T Magazine. Seen in the slideshow above wearing the Do It Yourself top worn as a dress, Prickett makes it quite clear that she doesn’t care what you think.

    Fabiola Alondra is a bookseller, art dealer, and "archeologist of the weird." Her first job was with

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