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  • 12/31/14--21:00: The Top 14 Stories Of 2014
  • This past year was a really fun one for the blog, so we pulled a few of our favorite 2014 stories from our archives as our version of Flipagram. Catch up on very necessary reading above, broken down by specific, near-ridiculous categories. 

    Thanks for letting us be a part of your 2014—we had a blast—and looking forward to seeing your bright shiny faces in the new year! 
    Best Love Affair With An Airbrush: We stepped inside the colorful studio world of airbrush artist Malcolm Stuart and talked mall kiosk art and nasty food courts. Malcolm Stuart Makes Mall Airbrush Art, Only BetterBest Use Of Hair As A Crown: With Luar Zepol's designer as our tour guide, we discovered what's really going down in the streets of the DR—including forward-thinking hair trends. Straight Trippin': Raul Lopez In The Dominican RepublicBest Excuse To Pig Out: With so many addictive 'n cheap dumpling spots to choose from, we took it upon ourselves to try them all. Five extra pounds later, we presented you with Bites On A Budget: The Dollar Dumpling Face-OffBest Old-Man Chat: At 84, Milton Glaser is a legend, and sharp as a pistol to boot. The Artist Behind 'I ♥ NY' Says It Works Because It's 'Tight-Ass'Best Reason To Replay The 2014 Turn Up Song, "2 On"The Look: TinasheBest Reason To Believe In MiraclesThe Look: Natasha LyonneBest Denim Throwback: At this year's VMAs, Katy and Riff Raff were channeling Britney and Justin circa 2001, so we picked the brain of the designer behind Brit Brit's infamous denim gown in A Short History Of The Canadian TuxBest Funny-Man Interview: Before our Spring/Summer 2015 one-act play, we chatted with its writers, Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill. Spike Jonze, Jonah Hill, And Humberto Leon Talk 100% CottonBest Reason To Stop Drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Part of our 100% Lost Cotton program, Alexis Wilkinson's essay on the bad versus basic bitch garnered such positive attention, we asked her to be our

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    Despite what modern psychology tells us, obsession can be a good thing. Remember—it was the whipsmart Susan Sontag who said, "Never worry about being obsessive. I like obsessive people. Obsessive people make great art." For this very reason, in our new series, we ask our friends what they currently can't live, breathe, or go another second without.

    Since nabbing the inaugural LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers last spring, Thomas Tait has propelled himself into cult-level fashion territory. With his playful knack for constructive silhouettes with vibrant hues, like this knockout cherry-red box coat, it only makes sense that the London-based designer is inspired by everything from Walter Pfeiffer's photography to Dario Argento's Italian horror films. Check out Tait's current obsessions in the slideshow above, including Tomb Raider: Anniversary on his PS VITA. J'adore! 

    Shop all Thomas Tait here

    My Current Obsessions:

    To play: Tomb Raider: Anniversary and my PS VITA
    To watch: Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire and Dario Argento horror movies 
    To hang with: Walter Pfeiffer, who recently shot me for W Magazine
    To view: Gregory Crewdson's photos and Olafur Eliasson’s work at the new Foundation Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris

    "I was obsessed with Pamela as a young boy, specifically in Barb Wire. It's completely inappropriate and ridiculous, but also entirely captivating." — Thomas Tait  "Olafur Eliasson’s work is something I’ve had the chance to experience a few times in the past couple of months; I was invited to his private viewing at the new Foundation Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris last week. This glass dome in particular is super trippy and utterly disorientating when you get close enough to touch it."  

    "I'm slowly but surely making my way through Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which is a doozy of a game. The sound Lara makes when jumping is now stuck in my head and I have mixed feelings about that...""Gregory Crew

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    Our beloved sneakers, as pretty and pampered as they may be, are also the most susceptible to all the dirt, damage, and destruction from the pavement below us—and in most cases, we don’t even notice it until it's too late. Scary, right? So, to Google and YouTube we go, scouring the net for any DIY home remedy to bring them back to a copacetic condition.

    And then came 34-year-old Jason Markk, the former DJ and LA-based sneaker rejuvenator who introduced his own line of biodegradable sneaker-cleaning products and innovative drop-off dry cleaning for shoes, garnering global recognition from outlets like VICE to Monocle. Now, after a slew of high-profile collaborations, Markk has decided to take on a beloved Japanese classic: Hello Kitty, right on the um, heels, of her 40th birthday. We caught up with Jason just after the launch of the collaboration in OC stores and online—read about it below. 

    Shop all Jason Markk here

    CHARLES ELLIS: Why Hello Kitty? Why now?
    JASON MARKK: It was an honor to work with Hello Kitty. It's such an iconic brand and has so much heritage. We were introduced by a mutual friend.

    Do you think she's aged well?
    Hello Kitty is vibrant and youthful as ever; she's not going anywhere. 

    With a case for sneakers to have the "worn-in" look these days, why are people still so obsessed with keeping their kicks clean?
    It's really preference. For me, the only sneaker that comes to my mind when I think of the "worn-in" look is the Converse Chuck Taylor. For the most part, because sneakers are such a significant part of the outfit, people want them looking clean and fresh. I think clean kicks give a sense of confidence.

    You've carved out a unique, and much-needed niche for sneaker fans—how did the idea to go into the business come about? 
    I think this came from being a DJ and hustling gigs by the age of 15. It just so happened that I loved sneakers, and one day I realized the need for a better, more specialized sneaker-cleaning product. Now I'm super stoked and proud to be carried at Opening Ceremony! The brand is dope and I think our products fit well. 

    Where do you call home? 
    I was born and raised in the South Bay, Harbor City/Torrance to be exact—just twenty minutes south of downtown LA. It's a great laid-back beach community, and a nice place to raise a family. But for the last three years or so, my wife and I have been living in downtown LA. We stayed in the Fashion District for a couple years, but now [we] live in the Arts District. We absolutely love it.

    What's a highlight of your career thus far, or one moment that told you this was the perfect direction for your career? 
    I'd say opening our first flagship store in downtown LA and introducing a new service model. We offer a drop-off sneaker cleaning service—think dry cleaning, but for sneakers. It was a little scary at first, and I wasn't completely sure if people would take to it, but it's been really busy. It's become just another errand in people's lives—like dropping clothes

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  • 01/04/15--21:00: Alice Tate In Warsaw
  • In Straight Trippin', OC friends and family share tidbits from their latest travels. This time, OC London contributor Alice Tate shares snaps of festive decorations, dumplings, and a lotta cheap mulled wine in Warsaw, Poland. Christmas: you may be over, but we still love you....

    Name: Alice Tate
    Occupation: London OC contributor
    Travel destination: Warsaw, Poland
    Carry-on necessities: M&D headphones, extra Tabio socks, and a salmon and cream cheese bagel—6 AM flights call for breakfast snacks.
    Reading materials: The tricky crossword in The Times occupied half the 2.5-hour flight. 
    Most over-played track on your iPhone this trip: "Made To Stray" by Mount Kimbie
    Favorite outfit to travel in: Layers! Poland is freaking cold. Wouldn’t have survived without my T by Alexander Wang vest + tee + longsleeve combo.
    Highlight of your trip: Falling into a merry slumber in the pub after one too many drowsy-inducing mulled wines. 
    Best Part: Getting enjoyably lost and confused in the pretty backstreets of Old City, staying warm and boozy with ++++ cups of mulled wine, and finding our way back by following the shiny star at the top of the big Christmas tree.
    Souvenirs you brought back: Cheap Zubrowka vodka!

    When it's winter in Warsaw, any time is mulled wine time. Photos by Alice TateWarsaw essentials: passport, Polish zløty, and a warm coat. A hotel windowsill so high, I had to be lifted down. The city view was so cool, I could've sat there all day. Speaking of hotel amenities.... this is my kind of pool—43 floors up. The most colorful thing on a long, cold, and grey walk to the National Stadium. Some of Poland can be as grey as they say. Psychedelic lighting on the Palace of Science and Culture. Castle Square looking wet but wonderfully Christmas-y. 
    That's, like, $1 wine. All cozy and snug thanks to three vests, a T-shirt, jumper, leggings, jeans and a coat.Only the third plate in a row of mushroom and sauerkraut pierogis… 

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    It’s time to shake off last year’s vibes and keep on cruising towards the sick new beat of 2015. The players are still going to play, and the haters might still hate, but you can be confident that no matter what your sign, the year to come holds remarkably positive opportunities. Several long term planetary cycles shifted in December, allowing us to start off the year with a totally fresh perspective. You might not know exactly where the stars are aligned for you yet, but new directions will become clear in the weeks ahead. 

    Shop all Astrology IRL here

    Plus, bookmark our Cosmic Numbers series, where Morgan gives tips and predictions for specific calendar dates, all month long!

    The end of December was extremely illuminating for you, and may have held some unexpected, turbulent, but not altogether unwelcome moments of change. Uranus, the planet of independence and freedom was retrograde since the end of July in Aries, limiting your capacity to create change while simultaneously encouraging you to abandon everything stable in your life. On December 21, Uranus finally came out of retrograde, allowing you to start the year off feeling wild and free. The power dynamics have shifted, and you're very clearly back in the driver's seat where you belong. January holds the potential for more abrupt turns, so stay alert and keep your mind open to what's next on the horizon.  

    As the first quarter of the year begins, you're starting to understand a new assignment that Saturn, now in Sagittarius, has for you. Over a three-year period, Saturn in Sagittarius will be asking you to open your mind to new options and update your cache of knowledge. You may feel like seeking greater depth in a certain field that has always intrigued you. Saturn will encourage your educational urges if you want to go back to school, or simply sign up for a course to enhance your expertise.

    Get your running shoes, black leggings, and HBA shirt ready for this spring, when your look is going to get seriously health­goth after a new series of eclipses begin in Pisces and Virgo, effecting your 6th house of health and welness over the next year. You'll really start to catch the bug after August 11, when Jupiter also enters your 6th house, forcing you to think about fitness. 

    Your ruling planet Mars is actively transiting your house of social activity for the first two weeks of January, so focus on having fun with friends. This would be the perfect time to plan a group gathering of any kind for maximum mingling. I suggest you maximize your enjoyment of the outgoing energy while you can since Mercury enters retrograde in the same area of your chart on January 21, which could throw off your social calendar. This retrograde is not forecasted to be exceptionally harsh for Aries, but the one consequence could be that you cross wires with some of the same friends whose company you enjoyed so thoroughly at the beginning of the month.
    “Bye Felicia!” you said to Saturn in Scorpio on December 24, when this much maligned planetary aspect finally stopped hating on you. For three years, Saturn was trolling in your 7th house of relationships, draining your energy with unnecessary drama. Ultimately, Saturn wanted to strengthen your commitments, but in order to get to a place of power you may have had to sever ties that were holding you down. Another possibility is that you had to end a relationship you had with a certain habit that wasn't serving you. Now that you have completed the cleanse and made amends with people from the past, you can enter 2015 free and clear of the energy vampires!

    Besides Saturn, a cycle of eclipses in 2013-­14 also contributed to the relationship oriented energy you felt over the past two years. This year we enter a new cycle centered around Pisces and Virgo, igniting your house of new romance and bringing the possibility for fresh new flames to burn. The social sector of your chart is also highlighted in this series of eclipses, so you should get out and groove in March and April so you can make new connections and share your funky and fun feelings.

    In January, you have huge career opportunities while Venus, Mars, and Mercury all transit your 10th house of serious success. All month long, you will feel support from powerful people, but new opportunities for work, or the possibility of an advancement within your field, could come up unexpectedly around the new moon in Aquarius on January 20. If you are planning to move to a new company or take on a freelance job, just make sure that all the details are thoroughly considered because Mercury will be retrograde from January 21 onward. If you have to start work during this period, be flexible and expect changes to take place. It will be fun to mix things up! 

    It's time to deal with your cosmic case of ADD in 2015 and focus your energy in one (or maybe two) directions rather than scattering it across the universe this year. Saturn, the planet of "werk" entered your opposite sign Sagittarius on December 24, where it will remain for most of the next three years reflecting its concentrated energy towards you. A Gemini loves to have a plethora of choices, but while Saturn is in this placement you should attempt to confront your fear of committing to a single option, especially in regards to relationships. Forget about the flirtations; it's very possible you will make an important long­term connection with someone during this transit, although Saturn will most certainly create some kind of challenge before you can settle down. Don't be afraid to go in deep, because you could miss a fated connection with someone special.

    If you are beginning the New Year with financial resolutions, the full moon in Cancer over the first weekend of January will help finish cycles from the past and let you move forward with new financial plans and projects for the entire year to come. Think of the bigger picture and focus on developing new and creative ways to make money that give you more free time to focus on the truly important matters in life. A Gemini's gift is versatility, so turn one of your many skills in to a money­making enterprise rather than just a hobby.

    This year, Mercury will retrograde in all three air signs, focusing on mental energy and innovative thinking. Work with the retrograde cycles and they will illuminate your life, revealing previously unseen information. Mercury will begin its first retrograde of the year on January 21 in the sign of Aquarius, which has the capacity to confuse all of your technological devices. In Aquarius, Mercury will transit your 9th house of higher knowledge, sending you some strangely spiritual messages through text or email. Or maybe you should consider turning off your phone entirely for a technological cleanse, which will help clear your mind.

    It's about the money in 2015, and you don't have time for anything that steers you away from the hustle. Positive cash flow is guaranteed while Jupiter is blowing up your second house of financial resources until August 11. This bountiful influence will reveal new means to monetize your talents and show the world what you are worth. Although slightly counter­intuitive Jupiter's placement in 2015 is in some ways more desirable for you than last year's transit through Cancer. Every 12 years, Jupiter graces your sign with positive vibes and expansive energy, broadening your horizons. Last year, Jupiter was in Cancer until July, leading to life changing transformation and personal growth. But for a loyal, caring Cancer, it can be difficult to totally up­end routines and change your life when you prefer steady routines and the comforting vibes of home. In 2015, you can chill out a little bit more and still enjoy the positive benefits of Jupiter's expansive resources without running yourself ragged.

    You may be starting off the year feeling sentimental about relationships that had to end in 2014 because you grew out of them. As I said, it can be hard for a Cancer to let go of the past, but the full moon over the first weekend of January in your sign will help you make major steps forward with or without companionship. You should make two lists for yourself on the full moon, one of all the things you want less of this year, and one for what you want to manifest more of. This date will be a gateway in to the abundance of 2015.

    Two eclipses this year will activate your career sector, one on April 4, and another on September 27. Both will provide new opportunities for you to express your ambitions at a higher level. The lunar eclipse in Libra on April 4 will be a softer nudge—think of it like a pat on the back for a job well done. If you have a professional project you've been working on that hasn't been celebrated or promoted, plan something strategic around the eclipse to maximize the impact of your work. The eclipse on September 27 could make business matters feel a little bit more hectic, but as long as you balance your personal life with your professional life everything will continue to go smoothly.

    You've been feeling fine, fresh, and fierce since the good luck planet Jupiter entered Leo in July of 2014, and this wild and free phase will continue until just before your birthday in 2015. You certainly can't stop these vibes, however, you may need to find a lower wavelength as the year begins. Jupiter turned retrograde in the beginning of December 2014, and it will continue to go backwards until this April. Don't worry, you didn't totally lose your good luck charm, this just means you may need to curb your enthusiasm and focus on filling in all the details before you rush on to the next vibration. While Jupiter spins backwards, you'll get a flashback to the highlights of August, September, and October. There was a golden thread you missed that needs to be woven into your cosmic quilt.

    The first weeks of January will be electrifying for your closest relationships because Venus, planet of love, will join Mars, the planet of passion in Aquarius where they will transit your 7th house, which governs all the ways you relate to another person. Venus and Mars make an attractive and interactive aspect to Jupiter while they reside in your house of relationships, bringing you closer to someone special. This placement is also highly positive for all of your professional partnerships, and it's possible you will begin a new project that blossoms in the coming months. Follow your heart this month, but at the same time, take things slow and don't let your passion burn out. You'll want to hold on to this moment.

    Mercury joins Venus and Mars in your 7th house of relationships on January 4, preparing to go retrograde on January 21. This means that there could be some confusion surrounding the partnership that you are focused on for the first three weeks of the month. Aquarius is an innovative and unusual sign, and this retrograde could lead to an inventive solution or a totally bright idea that actually improves a business venture or relationship situation. To prepare yourself mentally for the retrograde, release your expectations of reality-based relationships and embrace a postmodern approach to partnering.

    As the middle child of the Zodaic, sometimes, you feel left out of the cosmic fun. 2015 will not be one of those times. This year, Marcia Brady, not Jan, will be your spirit animal, and there are literally a bunch of transits that will help you come out of your shell. A new series of eclipses in Virgo and Pisces, your opposite sign, kicks off in March, promising to transform your world for the better. The solar eclipse in Pisces on March 20 will seduce you into a new cycle in the partnership sector of your chart. Throughout the Fall of 2014, the career sector of your chart was hot, so the eclipse in March is likely to present you with an opportunity to work with a new partner or employer rather than a raging romance. Keep yourself open to new opportunities throughout the winter, but remember to be scrupulous about all the details like usual. Romance is definitely likely in March even if the focus is work, and new matches will be made if you are not currently involved.

    Your obsession with detail can sometimes reach OCD levels, and in 2015 you will need to have all the details to satisfy your desire for organized living. As soon as Saturn, the planet of rules and reason entered Sagittarius at the end of December, it began to form an aspect with Neptune in Pisces in your 7th house of relationships that will be the guiding principle of the next three years for you. If there has been a lack of clarity in the way you relate to someone, or maybe with everyone in general, this will be the time to problem solve the situation.

    On January 21 Mercury, your ruling planet will enter its first retrograde of 2015, and this time, it could be pretty confusing. Mercury in Aquarius will be in your 6th house, the natural house of Virgo, effecting your routines and your workplace. Be conscientious about the conversations you have with colleagues to avoid any misunderstandings. There will be positive side effects to this retrograde because Mercury in Aquarius will electrify your imagination, giving you the opportunity for creative problem solving.
    All the rose quartz in the world could not have helped soothe the unharmonious energy that proliferated your world in 2014, but this year, an essence of zen will finally be floating back in your direction. Mars, the planet of war, was in Libra for seven months creating chaos across many zones of your life. Now that these Martian memories are definitely a thing of the past, your scope has broadened, allowing you to move in to the new year with bright spirit. Socializing is your forte, and with expansive Jupiter in your 11th house of groups until July, your popularity is sure to be on the rise. Make connections between all your PPL, It's time to think on a larger scale and expand your social network.

    Consider the career connections you made in 2014 around the full moon in Cancer in January 5. The planetary pressure last year pushed you forward, and you are likely to get some encouragement to continue forward around the full moon, which will fall in your 10th house of fame and success. With Jupiter in your 11th house of social connections, at the very least you'll get a few new followers on Instagram!

    Relationships continue to be exciting, but unpredictable, in 2015. Two more eclipses will affect your relationships, one in Libra on April 4 and another on September 27 in Aries. Focus on yourself, and be clear about what you want and need around the eclipse in April and the people around you will listen. In September, you will be focused on someone else, and this will be a pivotal point in a close relationship that could bring you closer together or push you farther apart. Love is always on the Libra brain, but what you should really focus on this year is your multitude of fun and fascinating friends.

    You just stepped out of the celestial steam room, feeling light and refreshed since Saturn left Scorpio on December 24. For three years, you had to sweat out all the imperfections that were holding you back, and if at times you thought the heat was too turnt up, you'll be happy to reap the benefits in the future. Major career developments are on the horizon in the first month of 2015, so it's perfect that you're entering with a fresh perspective, ready to work.

    Jupiter, the positive planet, remains until July, so people will continue to look towards you for leadership and expertise. Basically, you're the boss. This month, Venus and Mars both send Jupiter a push, which could help catapult your long-term plans towards the top. You will have to put in extra work if you want to make something big happen, but the potential is definitely there and the planets will be highly supportive.

    On January 21, Mercury will begin its first retrograde of the year in the sign of Aquarius, effecting technology that you keep at home. You can rest assured that your portable devices will survive the retrograde, but if your desktop is due for an upgrade, make sure all your valuable info is backed up. This retrograde also has the potential to create a portal to the past that puts you back in touch with old friends or family you totally lost touch with. An unexpected reunion could be cute and exciting! 

    On December 24, 2014 Saturn put you on the spot, and if your response wasn't totally on point, you'll have three years to work on a re­take. While Saturn is in Sagittarius, you will have to hone your craft, work on your rap, and generally spend time focusing on self improvement. The first few months of 2015 will be all about getting in to a new groove and figuring out what's on the horizon and how you can actualize the highest version of your self. Don't worry if it feels like you are several incarnations away, because you definitely have time.

    You will have to get focused over the next few months, but you can use January to experiment and make a plan. When Saturn entered Sagittarius, it began to make a clarifying aspect with Neptune in your 4th house, which rules the place you call home. Neptune tends to create a foggy, confusing energy wherever it falls in your chart, and it has been lingering for four years. It's going to be there for quite a while longer, but while Saturn puts the pressure on, you'll get closer to figuring out what your dream home looks like and where it's going to be.

    There are four eclipses in 2014, but two will be the focus for you, on March 20 in Pisces and on September 13 in Virgo. The eclipse in Pisces on March 20 will help you get settled into your living situation, or provide you a new option and possibly even a move to a new city. Get organized before the September eclipse in Virgo, because it will be totally focused on your career, and your work over the past two years will be reviewed. If you have any professional projects that have been brewing over, plan to publicize them around this date for maximum projection and impact.
    Thinking about abandoning your material concerns and taking off to Tibet or Nepal? 2015 will be all about the spiritual journey for you. This suggestion might sound totally crazy to someone as down-to-earth, practical, and ambitious as you, but the more you consider it, I'm sure you will feel the yearning for deeper connection and karmic knowledge coming up. Your newfound faith comes thanks to an edict from your ruling planet Saturn, which shifted in to Sagittarius late in December entering your house of spiritual concerns for three years.

    While Saturn is in your 12th house, you may find yourself dissolving into a relationship. If your intuition tells you this being is the one, go all the way towards opening your heart chakra together, for the stars are aligned for soulmate situations. You will definitely be feeling the love in the first week of January as Venus finishes a month-long transit through Capricorn, improving your love life and elevating your mood.

    Venus, Mars, and Mercury will all transit your 2nd house of financial resources in January, which will be a huge bonus to your bank account. Your mind might be focused on the immaterial world, but that's really where the money is in our techno­economic reality. Innovative ideas will be flowing from your consciousness, and you shouldn't discount any possibility because it seems outlandish or impractical at first. 2015 is about fully exploring new options and making them work.

    2015 explodes onto your timeline, with Mars, Venus, and Mercury all entering Aquarius within the first days of the month, making you the center of attention. Zip ahead with all the plans and resolutions you made while you're plugged into the planetary pulse. Your ventures might be working out so well, that you don't fully believe it's possible. That's because Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is in Leo, where it will remain until July, reflecting positive energy back towards you. While Venus, Mercury, and Mars are in Aquarius, they will vibe with Jupiter, tripling the energy reserves you have to play with. Think of this planetary alignment like the plummeting price of oil that are working wonders for the US economy. Fill your tank now and go for a joyride, but remember that you will need to deal with the environmental consequences of your carbon footprint.

    Partnership is on your mind for the first half of 2015 while Jupiter is in the romantic sector of your chart. Usually, you like to keep it cool and play the game from a distance when it comes to love, so you might be surprised by the passion you are feeling. My advice is to strike while the iron is hot and dive fully in to the relationships on your horizon. You'll have so much fun with all the people you meet this year!

    On January 21, Mercury will enter its first retrograde of the year in Aquarius. I saved this information for last because I don't think you need to worry about it as much as you may think. Mercury in Aquarius naturally leads to innovative ideas and creative thinking, and the retrograde will actually double your capacity to see beyond the regular. Welcome the new normal and accept everything strange that happens with a blithe sense of wonder.
    2014 was a trickling stream for you, so you are totally ready for the waterfall that's about to form in the year ahead. Eclipses come in a series of four, spaced out over the course of about two years. You will have two eclipses this year that create massive change throughout your life and help open up new channels of flow for all your creative talents and positive potential. The first eclipse will be on March 20 on the Pisces new moon. With the dreamy influence of Neptune nearby, this eclipse has the power to make anything happen for you. Start drumming up your new moon mantra now and make sure you use the marvelous manifestation power that you will be presented with in March. 

    On August 11, Jupiter enters Virgo for a year long transit through your seven partnerships. Jupiter gives you good vibes wherever he lands in your chart, but this is really one of the most positive places to find him. Enter new relationships, both friendly and romantic, with the knowledge that they will be joyful and exciting. If you are currently connected with someone romantically, your bond will deepen over the next year. The effects of Jupiter will be enhanced by another eclipse, this time in Virgo, on September 13 effecting your positive time to make commitments, including business plans. 

    Saturn entered fellow mutable sign Sagittarius on December 24, meaning your dreams will not be realized overnight, but through this journey you have the chance to achieve many of the long­-term goals you have been plotting. Saturn in Sagittarius asks that you be bold and make adventurous choices. Express yourself louder and more confidently in 2015 with the knowledge that your message will be heard and appreciated.

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    We recently paid a visit to PAPER's midtown office—where Mickey Boardman, gave us a quickie tour and modeled his favorite necklaces. In our sitdown below (more like kneeling before the king of kitsch, knee-deep in necklaces), Mr. Mickey chats to us about his lifelong romance with his accessory of choice. "If you dress like you’re doing something fabulous, you are doing something fabulous," honey. 

    Shop all necklaces here! 

    JEANINE CELESTE PANG: What’s your first memory of a really great necklace?
    MICKEY BOARDMAN: I used to be a shopaholic—a flea market-obsessed person. I remember once being at Screaming Mimi’s, and seeing a a chandelier-like necklace. I thought it was the most glamorous thing I’d ever seen in my life—silver and very shiny. It was just costume, with a very '60s or '70s Scandinavian jet set-feel. I was 25 and I thought it was the most amazing thing. It's everything I love—it moves and makes noise. I love jewelry that makes noise, so people can hear you coming! 

    And the transforming power of a standout accessory? 
    To me, if you’re wearing that kind of jewelry, anything is glamorous—whether you’re going to the supermarket or you’re poor. If you dress like you’re doing something fabulous, you're doing something fabulous. I used to wear an everyday uniform, which was sort of all polyester or fake fabrics, and then layer a big, drippy necklace over it and a patterned pant hacked into clam-diggers. (I also used to love wearing swimsuits as underwear, because I felt like I was on vacation.) The whole thing is sort of making yourself believe you’re someplace fabulous—with your accessories.

    How many necklaces have you amassed over the years?
    Hundreds. But the thing is, it’s sort of like you have that old aunt or neighbor lady that collects frogs, and she really just had a couple of frogs, but everyone just goes, “Oh, she’s the frog lady.” I also do this charity sale every summer at Screaming Mimi’s and the money goes to this charity called CITTA, which builds schools and clinics in India and Nepal. So, I get the same thrill getting rid of them for charity as I do amassing them.

    It’s the kind of thing my mother and I bond over because she’s a bit of a shopaholic and has given me tons of her Joan Rivers for QVC jewelry, may she rest in peace but Joan would be on and I would call my mother and be like, “Oh, did you see this necklace?” or “What about this?” and my mom was like “I already have it” or “I ordered two.” So who would have thought, after the difficulty that it would be Joan Rives QVC jewelry that would bring us together?

    Would you say a beautiful necklace trumps beautiful clothing?
    Well, it’s tough because I actually wear a lot of sparkle things and I find that if you have a really crazy, shiny shirt on, it’s hard to put a necklace on top of it unless it’s something very simple, like a long gold chain with a big, giant jewel. You need to have a prop

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    ONAR (which translates to “dream” in ancient Greek) had always been in the stars for its Helsinki-based designer, Irene Kostas. After inheriting her father's Greek furrier techniques, the half Finnish, half Greek designer fused the old world with the new, creating her inaugural collection of recycled fur and leather accessories.

    Combining Byzantine era aesthetics and Scandinavian environmentalism, ONAR began with hand-picked materials, sourced from industry surplus materials like vintage fur and Italian leathers. Each piece is then rendered into minimal, modern, acid-colored collars and earmuffs by artisans in her homelands of Finland and Greece. It's a plush, sustainable collection to replace winter's predictable scarf-and-beanie combo—and looks ace on nearly everyone, even a 9-year-old

    Shop all ONAR here

    Cleo Merino Shearling Earmuffs in acid yellow and Ofra Merino Shearling Collar in black/acid yellow, worn here with the Kenzo Broken Floor Embroidered Sweater in medium red. Ofra Merino Shearling Collar in black Cleo Merino Shearling Earmuffs in pink Ofra Merino Shearling Collar in pink

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    In Straight Trippin', OC friends and family share tidbits from their latest travels. This time, OC contributing photographer Justin Borbely shares snaps of his recent trip to Turks and Caicos. Hey—it's 21 degrees and snowy in NYC. Time to look at some #islandporn. 

    Name: Justin Borbely
    Occupation: Photographer
    Travel destination: North Caicos, Turks, and the Caicos Islands with seven other Canadian friends.  
    Carry-on necessities: iPad
    Reading materials: Melissa Clark recipes from The New York Times. We did a lot of cooking.
    Weirdest thing in your suitcase: Selfie Stick (photos not included here) 
    Most over-played track on your iPhone this trip: "7/11" by Beyoncé, "Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte, and "No New Friends" by DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Drake (Rick Ross drops the “Turks and Caicos” line in the track). 
    Favorite outfit to travel in: Anything comfortable! Love the Area jersey tees, like this one
    Highlight of your trip: Finding the most beautiful beach while driving through Middle Caicos was really fun, as the waves were so strong. Also, skinny-dipping in the ocean under a full moon. 
    Souvenirs you brought back: A conch shell

    The beach by our villa where we stayed in North Caicos. Captions and photos by Justin BorbelyThe dirt road to our villa was flooded with (smelly) pond water—but it makes for a great picture. Conch shells being sold next to Da Conch Shack, a popular eatery-slash-bar in Providenciales (the main island). Conch is a very popular seafood in Turks and Caicos. 
    Siena, the birthday girl, soaking up some sun. Some local fashion on the ferry ride from North Caicos to Providenciales.

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    Great music often starts out small—some fiddling of guitar strings, the first few chords of "Wonderwall," lyrics doodled amidst homework. With Moses Sumney, it started with a single notebook.

    “I started writing music at the age of 12,” Sumney says. “By the time I started performing, I had written more than 100 songs, before I started learning how to play an instrument.”

    In fact, all of his songs back then were strictly acappella, with lyrics written down and the melodies memorized. Now the folk-meets-singer-songwriter, who did it all without knowing how to read music, channels those vocal beginnings into intricate, almost bombastic songs like “Everlasting Sigh.”  

    Sumney, who grew up in San Bernardino County before moving to Ghana, returned to Los Angeles for college and has since become an indie sensation, opening for Karen O on her Crush Songs tour, performing at NYFW with Solange and Kelela, and collaborating with Beck on Song Reader. It’s easy to forget that he only has a scattering of releases on Soundcloud.  

    Next up, a full-length album, showcasing exactly what Sumney can do. OC recently chatted with the singer over the phone, while he drove around Los Angeles. 

    JESSICA CHOU: Let’s talk a little about your live show. I feel like given your use of looping, a lot of the experience is lost in the recording.
    MOSES SUMNEY: That’s the thing that’s a little tricky and surprising for people. The recordings I have out now are very modest and stripped down. Everything was recorded in the bedroom, but the live show is much more dynamic. People don’t expect it.

    So why did you go so bare bones for your EP?
    I had never recorded myself before, and I had such little experience with it. Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio recommended that I learn what I like on my own, so he lent me a four-track recorder, and I used that to record my demos. On a four-track, I couldn’t make something super layered and dynamic. But the other reason is that I’m personally a huge fan of early recordings of artists, stuff that’s really lo-fi, stripped down, and weird, so I really wanted to capture that. 

    You started writing songs really early–you said once in an interview that you had written 120 songs between the age of 12 and 20?
    I would just hear these songs in my head, so I had a huge notebook I had written of acappella music with melodies I knew in my head. I don’t know if I would perform them now. They’re a different vibe, they’re a little more juvie. One of the first songs I wrote was called like, “Mesmerizing Eyes."

    Most of your music now has a lot of acappella influence. Why is that?
    When I was growing up, I didn’t have any instruments at my disposal, because my parents weren’t into me becoming a musician, so it’s always been voice-based. The whole thing for me has been making the most about what I have at my disposal, so I resort to claps and snaps and stomps and hitting the microphone, just making the most of the elements around me. I started doing some looping things, because I had all these musical ideas. 

    But you’ve started to incorporate guitar into your act, especially in your EP. How did you learn?
    I started with the guitar stuff when I was 20, when I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. At that point, I wanted to start performing b

    0 0

    Following a debut collection filled with flashy fast-food logos and a high-calorie supply of Happy Meal-inspired bags, it's only fitting that designer Jeremy Scott felt inclined to quench his thirst with his playful resort collection and a capsule men's line of Moschino Swim. 

    Scott kept up his fashion quirk: vending-machine chic. Standout pieces include the Cola Print Shirt Dress, with its carbonated beverage logos complemented by 3-D-like water droplets that act as a sort of polka-dot design. Kitschy humor is emphasized by pieces such as the Shirt Happens Tee that tells it like it is—something the LA-based designer has always been known for. 

    Even with all of the nostalgic logomania dominating the collection, the Swimming Pool Print Tee and these summery towels steal the show—even if it is twenty degrees outside. 

    Shop all Moschino men's and women's 

    Cola Print Shirt Dress in multi Sleeveless Cola Can Dress in red multi Soda Pop Print Sweater in green multi Shirt Happens Tee in white/black  Moschino Text Mesh Skirt in black/white 

    0 0

    I recently went to visit my good friend, artist Kika Karadi at her studio in Austin, Minnesota. At the end of 2013, she moved there temporarily to be with her boyfriend (the avant-garde musician John Maus) in his hometown. Together, they found her a space in a struggling mall to use as her studio. When I heard the shopping center was being demolished, I decided to go visit her and document the remaining hours, while having some fun.

    A little-known fact is that Kika’s art is featured on the poster for her friend Michel Gondry’s film, The Science of Sleep. What she's best known for are her large-scale, abstract carbon black works. While working at the mall, she created a series of what she describes as “intuitive one-shot process paintings.” Each untitled work is noted with the initials OPM, her reference for being made at the Oak Park Mall.

    One could argue that Kika is the little sister to abstract painter Jeff Elrod and the granddaughter of Marfa artist Christopher Wool. Either way, she’s something special. As she tells it, the late Rene Ricard once said to her, “The most special thing about your paintings, is that you put light where it does not belong."

    Here, a first preview of our photos with Kika, wearing the latest Resort arrivals from Opening Ceremony, Proenza Schouler, and Suno.  Kika Karadi wears the Proenza Schouler Feather Print Crepe Chiffon Top in lavender/black and the Feather Print Pleated Skirt in lavender/black. Photos by Stephanie LaCava Kika wears the Suno Cut-Out 3/4 Sleeve Dress in streaked ikat. 
    Kika wears the Opening Ceremony Painted Leaves Denim Sweetheart Bustier in pelagic blue multi and the Opening Ceremony Painted Leaves Denim Knee Slit Trouser. 

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    Going away for the holidays might be nice and relaxing while it lasts, but going from sitting around eating holiday treats, and then back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life is much easier said than done. Fear not. Here, we have a few friends that can help you get your groove back: Nike, Puma, Alexander Wang... the gang's all here! What motivates you to get off the couch more than cute clothes? We’re drawing a blank.

    Currently living in a climate that make the above options a bit too... breezy, to say the least? We've got you covered, New Yorkers. Pick up some Onar shearling earmuffs and some OC x EVOLG logo gloves and you'll be the coolest AND the warmest jogger 'round the East River. Here, our top picks to sweat cute in 2015. 

    Click on the slideshow above to shop our favorite workout gear! Clockwise from top: Alexander Wang Sports Bra in white/black (available in stores), Nike Womens Air Max 90 Essential Sneakers in grey/red/athracite, Alexander Wang Shorts in black/white (available in stores), Nike Womens Air Max 90 Sneakers in silver/purple/jade, Puma x Solange Disc Collection Trinomic XT2 + Swirls Sneakers in blue/green Skodia Ormond Fleece Sweatpants in polar white ONAR Cleo Merino Shearling Earmuffs in acid yellow New Balance W990 Running Shoes in black Chromat B-Ball Shorts in white/black Maschino Totally Moschino Tank in fuchsia area OC-Exclusive Fully Embossed Jersey Tank in white Puma x Solange Disc Collection

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    If the names Thomas Tait, Shayne Oliver, and Tina and Nikita Sutradhar don't sound familiar to you yet, just remember: all good things come in time. Since taking home the top honors at last spring's inaugural LVMH Prize awards, these designers are on the cusp of greatness. 

    Since launching, the LVMH Prize has gone on to broadcast and propel emerging designers with both technical and financial support. (Just think about the recent explosion of a certain LVMH-backed Jonathan Anderson.) This year, applicants were selected to showcase their collections for an eight-person jury of industry greats, including Nicolas Ghesquière, Karl Lagerfeld, Raf Simons, and Opening Ceremony's own co-founders, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. 

    With his playful take on constructive silhouettes and effortless use of flashy hues, London-based designer Thomas Tait took home the top honor: the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Since nabbing the award, Tait has gone on to become the veritable hot ticket of the London fashion week circuit, with rave reviews and an increasing fan base since debuting his Spring/Summer 2015 runway show. Oliver and the Sutradhar sisters also won special prizes. Oliver's Hood By Air has already amassed a cult following with designs that bridge the gap between streetwear and luxury, and the sister duo behind Bombay-based brand Miuniku are also getting their fair share of international exposure with their dramatic cuts, pops of color, and experimental fabrication that are playfully inspired by everyday household items like Daz detergent. 

    The best part about these three designers winning the top LVMH Prize awards? All of their collections are available now at OC. 

    Shop all Thomas Tait, Hood By Air, and Miuniku

    This story originally ran December 15, 2014From L-to-R: Hood by Air Double Layered Hoodie in black, Hood by Air Dries Van Noten Zippered Pants in black, Woman by Common Projects Combat Boots in black, Miuniku Bathrobe Dress in multi, Dries Van Noten Textured Ankle Boots in silver, Thomas Tait Box Coat in red, Thomas Tait

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  • 01/07/15--21:00: Federico Capalbo In NYC
  • In Straight Trippin', OC friends and family share tidbits from their latest travels. This time, the Italian-born, London-based Komakino designer travels to the city of dreams Mercy and Mexican food. We call NYC home, but to some... 

    Name: Federico Capalbo
    Occupation: Komakino designer 
    Travel destination: NYC
    Carry-on necessities: Cigarettes, lighter, and phone
    Reading materials: Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff
    Weirdest thing in your suitcase: Shearling leather swatches I forgot in my suitcase from a previous trip
    Most over-played track on your iPhone this trip: Mainly Spotify and Blackest Ever Black podcasts
    Favorite outfit to travel in: The Komakino MA-1 jacket and parka 
    Highlight of your trip: We were there over Christmas so everything was a highlight! 
    Souvenirs you brought back: Cassette tapes— yeah, welcome 2015... 

    Shop all Komakino here

    Checking out Disturbing Innocence at The FLAG Art Foundation— in Komakino, of course. Captions and photos by the designer My friend Chris and I decided to wander around and check out the galleries in Chelsea.Had to head over to Haven Street Records in Bushwick—the shop has such a great selection of records.The only way to spend Christmas Eve is dinner at Peter Luger. With my friends Niklas and Karl having Mexican at Cafe el Portal in Nolita. Watch it go down... 
    Checking out the zines at Printed Matter. We had to.

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    Solo eating establishments—the truly great ones—require a precise atmosphere. Some are quiet and discreet. Others are unexpected and lie in plain sight. But they can all be difficult to find in a metropolis. Alex Vadukul presents a new one here on the first week of every month. The latest in our "Eating Solo" series: Raoul's, a French bistro stronghold in SoHo that—little-known fact—also serves the most coveted burger in the city. 

    Wanting what we can't have. It's irrational, and New Yorkers are especially susceptible to the affliction. We itch for the unattainable in all matters, from work to romance to social life.

    A few weeks ago, I would have done a number of things to eat at the lauded WD-50 restaurant in the Lower East Side, which was shuttering amid a frenzy of media attention. (You may recall our OCTV scrambled eggs tutorial with head chef, Wylie Dufresne.) 

    I'd known about the restaurant for years, never giving much thought to trying it, but as soon as I heard it was closing—some were even flying across the country for last meals—an intense urge to visit gripped me. I showed up early one evening, pleading for a seat at the nearly empty bar to no avail. When I realized I wasn't getting in, a stone seemed to lift from my stomach, and I suddenly couldn't have cared less. But I observed how fast my feelings switched from desire to indifference, and realized just how potent, yet irrational, these sensations can be.

    I indulge you with this story because it is this same psychological quirk—whatever its depressing Freudian explanation—which makes longtime SoHo bistro, Raoul's, an irresistible place for the solo diner. The restaurant is not inhospitable. It is warm, welcoming, and beloved to locals. But by design, one aspect of Raoul's toys with our affinity for things we can’t have. 

    The Prince Street institution has changed little since 1975, immersing diners in a sort of sophisticated bohemian time warp: dim lighting, elegant wood bar, glowing fish tank, a knowledgeable bartender, velvet curtains, newspaper rods, and stamped tin ceiling. Regulars enjoy classics like steak au poivre, foie gras, and rack of lamb. One meal, however, is difficult to acquire: an off-the-menu burger attainable only at the small nine-seat bar, of which only twelve are prepared per day. If you don’t order one in time, you don’t get one at all. 

    Your best bet is to arrive at 5:30 PM, when the kitchen opens. You might be seated next to a fellow burger pilgrim (or helplessly affected foodie, depending on how you look at it). By 6 PM one night last weekend, as I sipped a martini with my exclusive burger alongside three other diners, newcomers entered to ask, “Burgers sold out yet?” By 6:15, the answer was "yes." 

    The Raoul's burger has a following among burger aficionados, and food writer and burger historian Josh Ozersky recently dubbed it the greatest burger in America. It is undoubtedly impressive: served on buttered challah buns, the sizable patty is covered in a peppercorn crust, topped with heavy St. André cheese and a baby forest of watercress and cornichons which explode into crackling sourness, adding new flavor dimensions to the beef. It is served with fries and a cup of au poivre sauce, which you can dip the burger into, transforming the mess of it into a d

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    It may be 15 degrees with a chance of frozen outside, but the Opening Ceremony Resort 2015 handbags and accessories have us saying "Aloha," with a dash of Malibu Rum. 

    Always game for a trip back to the California coast, Opening Ceremony's design team created a vacation-ready collection fit for an eccentric beach babe—accessories included. Who cares about the inhumane wind blasting against your entire body when you're sporting an anemone-splashed tote bag designed with the beach boardwalk, or the popular Lele in pastel peach? Speaking of popular, the Izzy Handbag is back, this time in denim, and ever roomy to store any winter add-ons that might need stashing. 

    With colors that call to mind sun-kissed skin and warmer times—like baby blues and mellow yellows—each accessory is designed to complete that winter-escapist look. And if you're more of the lady who likes to lunch, try the denim and suede Athena "lunch bags," rolled-down and snapped together with our OC hand motif. We'll order ours to-go, please. 

    Shop all Opening Ceremony handbags here 

    Lyo Logo Small Double Zip Pouch in mist blue, Lele Handbag in dusty pink, Misha Rectangular Wallet in wheat yellow Lyo Long Hair Double Zip Pouch in mist blue Izzy Denim Handbag in eclipse blue Lyo Logo SMall Double Zip Pouch in black Millie Large Tote Bag in black multi Athena Suede Small Lunch Bag in clay gray Misha Rectangular Wallet in dusty pink

    0 0

    Here at OC, we are struck by how often we end up in everyday conundrums. The ones that land you in the thick of semi (or full-blown) awkwardness, or maybe, the doghouse. 

    So, we turned to Simon Collins, the
     dean of the School of Fashion at Parsons, who after six years in his plum perch, stepped down at the end of last year to launch "Simon 2.0," as he calls it. Translation: More time to share thoughts on new year questions. 

    Q: I really hate it when someone asks me, "W​hat's your New Year's resolution?" like I'm Tracy Flick prepping for that one thing all year. Is there a way to get motivated to hit that restart button, ​whenever the mood strikes? 

    It strikes me that for some people, New Year’s resolutions are primarily another opportunity to talk about themselves. “Well, my New Year’s resolution is to try and insert myself into more of my own conversations. I mean, I rarely mention anyone or anything else, but now I resolve to keep 100% focused on talking about myself.”

    You see, the thing is, a resolution is generally a statement about doing something better, or simply being a better person. And if that’s the case, why wait? If you’re in the middle of a sentence about how clever you think you are, and you realize that your resolution should be to talk about yourself a bit less, then stop right there and change the subject. Maybe even talk about the person you’re actually talking to. I guarantee that they will enjoy the conversation more.

    Why wait for the next Hallmark holiday to become better people? Why not resolve right now to spend more time talking, and less time emailing? There is so much more to people than a glowing screen.

    Of course, none of the above applies when you’ve had a couple of bottles of decent claret. That’s the time when everything makes sense. So why not text your friends and tell them your plans right there and then? Or better still, use social media to tell the whole world what you’re going to do.* “I’m going to forget all about that bastard (insert ex’s name), tell my boss what I think of them, and get that (insert object of lust) into bed. Watch me.”

    In vino veritas, and all that.

    *See previous notes on how to recover from drunk texting

    Q: Thank you cards—are they still appropriate? 

    I write this in the confident knowledge that almost none of you, dear readers, will heed my words. Nonetheless, may I take this moment to exhort you to please, please send as many thank you cards as your postal worker can carry at all times and for all reasons. There is simply nothing better than receiving a handwritten note saying "Thank You." 

    Yes, I know we all work in paperless offices—down with faxes and photocopiers and all that. I agree. But may I suggest that the very trees themselves would be prepared to donate a branch or two for the paper required to spread a bit of happiness? And if you want to push the boat out, why not snap up some cards and get your name printed on them? Then you can be all posh and strike out your name, apparently to imply a more personal touch, as you sign the card with your nickname (Bunny-Nose or Tinkie-Wink, etc).

    You’ll find that people hold onto these cards, and your name will be forever in their desk drawer.

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    Pom poms are not necessarily associated with good taste or glamour, but they’ve seen a veritable turn of late, with the nudge of #monsterchic mink a la Sophie Hulme and the accessories created by Northern California-born sisters Celeste and Satu Greenberg of Tuleste.

    The Tuleste Pom Pom Earrings, new to Opening Ceremony this season, are the "excessory" of 2015. First dreamt up for a W Magazine shoot with the fab, fab stylist Giovanna Battaglia, the designers' latest iteration is just a year old, and has already garnered fans like Eva Mendes and model Rianne Ten Haken. Each shoulder-grazing, rabbit-fur sphere is handcrafted here in the US, in colors like ashy lavender, bunny white, and inky, near-eggplant blue, presented on a slim mini-column and finished in sterling-plated brass or 18k gold. If a rabbit's foot brings good luck, consider this your butter-soft talisman. 

    The best part? Redolent of dandelion flowers, the poms are feather-light and plush, so you could, potentially, wear them to bed. Or to yoga, or to work, or a party, or onto a red-eye flight… 

    Shop all Tuleste here
    Super chic yet playful, Tuleste Pom Pom Earrings are the "excessory" of 2015. One of each, please and thank you...  Small Rabbit 2"Fur Pom Pom Earrings in red Large Rabbit 3" Pom Pom Earrings in white Small Rabbit 2" Pom Pom Earrings in lavender Small Rabbit 2" Pom Pom Earrings in navy

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    It’s no secret that Opening Ceremony surrounds itself with the most unique personalities in the game—staff included! If you’ve walked into any of our brick and mortars, you’ve definitely said hello to a few friendly faces. As part of our weekly #OCFaves series, get to know our team as they pick out their favorite new arrivals and turn 'em sartorial.

    Who: James Evans from OCNY men's shop
    Where are you from? Denver, Colorado
    Tell us what you’re wearing here: I'm wearing the Walk of Shame Hedgehog Coat in brown, T by Alexander Wang Vintage Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie in fossil, Dries Van Noten Calais Top in navy, Sibling Hell Raiser Long-Sleeve Tee in black/yellow (layered underneath), Astrid Andersen Gold Plated Bead Basketball Chain in gold, Astrid Andersen Oxidized Bead Basketball Chain in silver, and Moschino Leather Moto Pants in gold.
    And your personal twist: My beat-up Vans Vault Sk8 Hi Sneakers and some of my own jewelry 
    If this outfit were any TV or movie character, it would be: Michel Poiccard in Breathless
    Sum up your style in one word: Sensual
    Favorite fashion slang: Fuccboi
    Song or mixtape you’ve been obsessed with lately: Perfume Genius, Swans, and Rich Gang
    Last movie you watched on Netflix: The gangster epic TV series, Peaky Blinders, felt like a movie
    iPhone or Android: iPhone
    iMessage or FaceTime: iMessage
    Last moment that made you truly LOL: Even though I've seen it a million times, the vine of that cat saying "Yaaaaas" when its owner asks if it wants a treat is hilarious. 
    Last good art you saw: Matisse "The Cut-Outs" at MoMA 
    Favorite spot to people watch: The backyard at Saturdays Surf NYC
    Favorite hole-in-the-wall: Hakki Champion Pizza on Essex Street 
    Biggest fashion pet-peeve: I find a lot of it to be pretty funny. 
    Favorite emoji icon: 1 hunnid emoji
    Favorite #hashtag to use: #ONMYGRIND or #BLESSED

    0 0

    Gently Used, Ryan McNamara’s latest exhibition, opened last night at the Mary Boone Gallery. The exhibition showcases not only the artist’s roots in collage and sculpture, but his recent focus on physical performance.

    Though the show is, in many ways, a look back at McNamara’s previous works, one thing is clear: Gently Used is about moving forward. Around this time last month, the American artist took on Art Basel Miami to put on another round of his award-winning sleeper-hit ballet, MEEM: A Story Ballet About the Internet. Though Gently Used is not physical performance art, per se, his recent dedication to such shines through in every aspect of the exhibition. Speaking to ARTnews, McNamara explained the show’s basis in performance as being influenced by the majority of his time recently being focused on the physical side of his artistic expression: “[It] was weird, to realize that the performance brain had taken over a little bit, but I think you’ll see that this is an installation that I made kind of with my performance brain still on.”

    From sculptures made of leotards to collages of action shots from the artist’s previous work, the dance influence is not only seen in the material sense, but the overall atmosphere of the gallery space. Spotlights jaunt and swirl around the entire space, highlighting the pieces in a rapidly changing fashion. You walk out of the gallery feeling more like you just viewed a performance—expensive front-row ticket not required.  

    In the press release for the show, Mary Boone Gallery described Gently Used as “[A] relay powered by the mechanism of performance. Event generates material, material becomes art object, art object performs, only to be used as prop once again.” What makes this show a fascinating moment in time for both McNamara and art appreciators alike is how it effectively subverts this physical-to-material art cycle by taking all of the steps for this process alone. If McNamara’s performance work is going to be put into this loop, it’s going to be his loop. 

    Gently Used is on display at Mary Boone Gallery until February 28

    Mary Boone Gallery
    745 Fifth Ave
    New York, NY 10151
    MAPGently Used is on display at Mary Boone Gallery until February 28. Photo courtesy of the gallery

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