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    As anyone waiting for that boy/girl to text knows, updates can be just as important as dates. In Cosmic Numbers, Morgan Rehbock, the guru behind our monthly Astrology IRL column, divines the stars to bring you in-the-moment advice on important dates.

    (August 23 - September 22)
    Some might say less is more, but you know more is always better! You'll be having thrice as much fun while Mars transits your fifth house of adventure and excitement from September 13 to October 26. This is a serious energy upgrade!
    (September 23 - October 22)
    You'll have no problem being blunt while Mars is in the sassy sign of Sagittarius this month. Express yourself!
    (October 23 - November 22)
    You know you've got it while Mars, the planet of energy and action, boosts your self esteem from September 13 to October 26. Turn your talents in to dollar $igns.
    (November 23 - December 21)
    Mars, the planet of energy, is in your sign from September 13 to October 26, giving you unlimited enthusiasm. Nothing could curb these good vibes. 
    (December 22 - January 19)
    You've always been a total top, and you've definitely got the upper hand in all relationship matters right now. 
    (January 20 - February 19)
    You'll be racking up new followers this month while an energetic Mars double taps your eleventh house of social media. 
    (February 20 - March 20)
    Visualize success and it will be yours. Mars transits your tenth house of career and publicity from September 13 to October 26, giving you a chance to make magic happen. 
    (March 21 - April 20)
    Your ruling planet Mars enters the adventurous sign of Sagittarius this weekend. It's time for you to be playful and make bold choices. Your fall is going to be a fire-storm of fun!
    (April 21 - May 20)
    Your sex life is heating up while Mars, in the athletic sign of Sagittarius, transits the most erotic parts of your star chart from September 13 to October 26.
    (May 21 - June 20)
    Your focus will shift towards building meaningful connection(s) while Mars is in your house of partnerships until October 26. Opportunities for relating will be ample, and your challenge will be making the choice.
    (June 21 - July 22)
    You will be feeling fit and fabulous while Mars, planet of energy, is in your house of health and wellness until October 26. It should be illegal not to exercise when you have this much energy!
    (July 23 - August 22)
    Some might say less is more, but you know more is always better! You'll be having three much fun while Mars transits your fifth house of adventure and excitement from September 13 to October 26. This is a serious energy upgrade!

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    Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to NYFW Spring/Summer 2015. This season, we're doing things a little differently—with just the show essentials and backstage highlights. Above, a dispatch from Thursday's Gypsy Sport Spring/Summer 2015 show in Washington Square Park.

    Want more from New York Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute on S/S 2015, right

    Shop Gypsy Sport's current collection here

    Photos by Jonathan Grassi

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    This season, Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to London Fashion Week. Above, everything you need to know about Faustine Steinmetz's Spring/Summer 2015 presentation. Scroll through to see our favorite looks!

    Want more from London Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute on SS15, right here.

    Shop the current Faustine Steinmetz collection here

    Faustine Steinmetz Spring/Summer 2015. Photos by Casey Rea

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    Layla Racy has always had a knack for re-introducing the classics with sneaky touches of quirk. Featuring fanciful prints selection and careful fabrication, the designer has managed to create a brand for the lazy girl, with pieces that instantly make you feel like a million bucks.

    Her latest collection is cohesively rich, too—that mustard-yellow plaid gives off major Cher Horowitz does Williamsburg vibes. "For me, the inspiration always begins with the fabric. This season, I saw the yellow plaid and I knew that was it. I love the idea of straddling the fence between dorky and cool. And what's better for that than a bright mustard plaid?" Racy stated. Other design standouts include invisible zippers and a cropped denim jacket with a contrast collar. Basically, perfect attire for rolling with the homies. 

    Shop all Layla Racy hereRaglan Plaid Jumpsuit in yellow Raglan Cropped Top in grey Raglan Chambray Jumpsuit in blue Wool Collar Denim Jacket in blue Denim Romper in blue 

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    "Most Wanted" presents our favorite and most coveted items available at OC.

    It's back and more ferocious than ever. This season, Kenzo is reintroducing the Kenzo Tiger Icon Sweatshirt, the unisex, cult-status piece that has been flying off the shelves since it was first introduced to the fashion public. Now, it's making a reappearance as part of the Kenzo Icon collection, in four covetable colorways. With statement-making bright logo-lettering and an unmistakable tiger motif on the front, you'll let the crowd know you have arrived before you even cross the room. 

    Shop all Kenzo men's and women's Tiger Icon Sweatshirt in medium grey   

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    This season, Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to London Fashion Week. Above, everything you need to know about Shrimps' Spring/Summer 2015 presentation. Scroll through to see our favorite looks!

    Want more from London Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute on SS15, right here.Photos by Sasa Stucin 
    The pyjamas are a collaboration between Shrimps and Lucy Guinness of Poplin––look close and you can see miniature faces!
    Faux fur and platforms––a winning combination.
    Pearl details add a dainty touch.

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    My model-esque childhood friend folds her long limbs toward me to show me a recent text exchange on her phone. She swoops back ombre '70s curls, waiting for my obligatory response. I can't read a single line.

    Finally, she addresses my deep forehead wrinkle of confusion: "Oh my screen has been broken for weeks. Here—there's a little space where you can still see... if you just..." I dutifully scroll very slowly, angling around the fractured mess, piecing together an already disjointed exchange. She should ditch this dude, I think, realizing I never thought that she should ditch the fractured phone screen.

    Of course, this girl posts impeccable photographs of improbable wonders like tumbleweeds on urban rooftops and her collection of vintage Playboy covers. Knowing these photos are presented on a cracked screen only adds to her carefully disheveled vibe. The broken phone is evidence of experience. It’s proof of carelessness and indelicate partying. The cracked phone is the totem of a fun bunch of friends, the 3 AM kids that will take the party to a second location and have a good idea for the third. The girl with the cracked phone screen has a clumsy, irresponsible charm. It’s the phone of a dude whose apartment is also a wreck, but there are good speakers and enough party supplies.

    In theory, no one would crack a phone on purpose. But I sense that, decades ago, someone said, "No one would ever rip jeans on purpose." For some, the cracked phone fits so perfectly with their gorgeously rumpled lifestyle, one wonders if it was a fake-break. Especially if they make their well-funded lifestyle known through other accessories, why wouldn’t they fix a broken phone unless part of them wanted it? (Related: gorgeously worn-in leather is always more expensive.)

    A search for #crackedphone on Instagram will return roughly 12K posts, a generous stream of users with their, yes, shoddy iPhones. And here's a new development: decorating those cracks, using Lisa Frankesque rainbow highlighter pens, is trending. This graphic reads, "Cracked iPhone back? Use highlighters to 'pimp yo' phone'"—to which someone responded, "I can't do this my phone is black." 

    This is a foolish line of thinking, obviously. Who would intentionally break such a relied upon and pricey piece of technology? Probably no one, so there is a veritas to the destruction of the phone. One friend, who is notorious for losing everything, exists on a supply of old phones from friends who deemed their cracked screens unusable. She prefers it this way. "I just have to worry about it less," she says. "It’s already damage done." If one’s phone is in great shape, there is more to lose, and the phone elicits more concern over its well-being and low-grade phone anxiety.

    Throwing people into swimming pools at parties has always messed with their sense of composure, but now their first yelps upon emerging are variations on: MY PHONE!! Worse, if they see the imminent plunge, they beg: Just let me take out my phone! Lame. Both of you go into the pool! Of course, a phone with a cracked screen—unlike a water-logged phone—is still an useable item, but people go to lengths to avoid the shatter. Carrying around a bubble of concern for one’s phone is a foolish deterrent for a carefree personality. This worry is often manifested in the clunky Otterbox cases, which have the look of puffy cell-phone diapers.

    There is something about a cracked screen that is refreshingly resistant to the power

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    Earlier this month, OC collaborator and photographer Ryan McGinley embarked on his sixth solo exhibition, entitled Yearbook, at Team gallery in downtown New York. Here, we go one-on-one with the talented guy and talk about the inspirations, models, and techniques used for his latest collection.

    Watch the video for a behind-the-scenes look at the installation and exhibition opening last week. 

    OPENING CEREMONY: How do you describe Yearbook to people who haven’t seen it? 
    RYAN MCGINLEY: I would say: picture a kaleidoscope that captures a very colorful place with a lot of people. Then picture everyone naked—that's what the show feels like. 

    Who is a model people ask you the most about?
    Guys always ask me about Carlotta. She’s a true beauty and an amazing photographer. Her mother was a Helmut Newton model in the '80s. It makes me smile to think that I’m shooting in the Newton model lineage.

    It seems like you're channeling the Sistine Chapel. Have you ever visited it? 
    No, but I’ve studied it since I was a young artist. The Yearbook exhibition ceiling nods to Michelangelo. I’ll always remember the scene in Six Degrees of Separation, where Donald Sutherland is on the scaffolding and slaps the hand of God on its ceiling. I’ve always wanted to do that, maybe one day. Sometimes I watch virtual tours of it online before I go to bed.

    What can people expect when they pose nude for you?
    It’s a combo therapy session-slash-full-body workout for each model I shoot. We talk seriously about life and then jump around and dance our asses off.

    What inspired covering every inch of the walls?
    The process was inspired by how posters for advertisements get wheat pasted around downtown NYC. I love how they overlap and get layered on top of each other. I like how the posters aren’t precious and how handmade the process is. It’s usually done at night and is fast and illegal so it’s often not perfect.

    I understand that most everyone in the photos are artists. Who are some of your favorite artists that have modeled for you?
    Kay Kasparhauser is in a band called The Prettiots. I just saw them play a show recently, and they really reminded me of the Decendents. Sandy Kim is one of my favorite photographers. Her photos of the band Girls was what attracted me to her work originally. Karley Sciortino is an amazing writer who’s work you can read on her website

    Is there anyone from the OC family in the exhibition?
    Yes, Sean Risley! He has a few portraits up on the walls. I’ve shot him a few times as he slowly covers his entire body with tattoos. I love his dedication.

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    Recently, New York-based photographer Kava Gorna (who shot Opening Ceremony's "Made in Belgium" editorial) took a jaunt further east and spent a few balmy afternoons with her artist boyfriend, Jake Begin, in both the Hamptons and the hamlet of Montauk, aka "The End."

    OC sent the two off with a Leica C camera and a bag full of easy men's clothes and shades—what you might want to wear if you've got time to kill in some sleepy beach town—and here are the results. No fedoras, no megayachts, and certainly no $27 lobster rolls—just 10 chill, fun moments captured by the talented photographer. Check them all out in the slideshow, above. Maxwell Snow Silver Lining Jeans in black
    Christopher Kane Helix Clash Zoom Digital T-shirt in black

    Lost time 
    Mickey Mouse / Opening Ceremony Scrapbook Steamboat Willie Hoodie in aqua multi and Local Supply Ice Grills Moonshine Mirror Sun Glasses in matte whiteKomakino Smile Oversized T-shirt in orange
    Please don't water the flowers MPMP Magnetic Raincoat in reflective (available in stores, online soon) 
    Honey dew MSGM T-shirt (available in stores, online soon) 

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    This season, Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to London Fashion Week. Above, everything you need to know about Mother of Pearl's Spring/Summer 2015 show. Scroll through to see our favorite looks!

    Want more from London Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute on SS15, right here.

    hop the current Mother of Pearl collection here

    Photos courtesy of Mother of Pearl

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    Gold has always been a status symbol of wealth and success, a jewelry must, and 2 Chainz's precious metal of choice. Now for the low price of $35, it can be yours in the form of a T-shirt. The folks at Visionaire and Gap have collaborated again to release the Gold Collection, an exclusive line of tees that are just as rich and lovely as the collection's name suggests. Sticking to the art roots of Visionaire, the Gold Collection is a limited run of 16 tees created in collaboration with some of the most cutting-edge artists in the game right now.

    For this collection, it's all about the little details: hints of gold dance across Mark Romanek's fashionable interpretation in the forms of hands and chains while a female model waits behind gold bars in the Blommers & Schumm Tee. Ugo Rondinone and John Giorno's Visionaire x Gap tee screams "I WANT IT," and we're guessing you'll be saying the same thing as soon as you see it. While the shirts aren't actually made out of gold, the beauty and artistry involved in each shirt is valuable stuff. You may not be dripping in heavy gold like 2 Chainz, but with pieces from the Visionaire x Gap collection, you can sure feel like it. 

    Shop all Visionaire X Gap here Simon Periton Tee in multi 
    James Nares Tee in multi Sam Taylor-Johnson Tee in multi  Blommers & Schumm Tee in multi  Mark Romanek Tee in multi  Pierpaolo Ferrari Tee in white  Alexis Rockman Tee in multi 

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    Opening Ceremony is giving you an all-access pass to NYFW Spring/Summer 2015. This season, we're doing things a little differently—with just the show essentials and backstage highlights. Above, a dispatch from IKUMI Spring/Summer 2015 show. Scroll through to see our favorite looks!

    Want more from New York Fashion Week? Stay up-to-the-minute on S/S 2015, right here.

    Shop IKUMI's current collection here

    Photos courtesy of IKUMI

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    If you’re into iridescence, Memphis design, and raw, hungry talent, up-and-coming designer Anny Wang is one to watch. The Swedish-born, Copenhagen-based 23-year-old is behind the furniture collection Akin, as well as a series of otherwordly 3D illustrations released bi-monthly via Tumblr and Instagram. Fascinated by her dreamy, pastel universe—part '90s beach-house, part space exploration—we asked her to create an exclusive series of illustrations for us around the theme of OC shoes.

    Free to interpret the prompt however she wanted, Wang delivered a set of far-out images filled with her signature textured surfaces and geometric shapes, most of which have reflective surfaces that depict another angle of their surroundings. “I wanted to invite the viewer to associate freely—whether it’s memories of their own or imaginations of whom the owner of the shoe might be,” Wang says. OC’s Slip-On Platform Sneakers and knee-high boots look right at home amidst her set-like environments, which are in fact quite personal: “Aesthetically, they’re a mix of things,” Wang says. “A little bit of myself and my childhood, Opening Ceremony, and a pinch of Sottsass.” 

    The illustrations are constructed using a software program called MODO, which she discovered in college. Keen to teach herself how to digitally model, Wang began using MODO as a tool to create things other than school assignments. She’d challenge herself to model weird forms, materials, and foliage—anything that’d pop into her head. “I’m mostly just playing around,” Wang says. “But once I get started, I don’t want to stop.” 

    Like her digital creations, Wang’s world is chock-full of sampling: she’s currently interning at architecture and design firm Studio David Thulstrup, and sharpening her skills in industrial, graphic, and spatial design, as well as visual art. For her, this diverse output is a natural means to an end. “I lack patience, and I also really like experimenting,” she explains. “I also feel like I have to constantly try new things to keep stimulating my creativity.” Her design process echoes her fast-and-loose M.O.: She starts by sketching but quickly dives into the making process, getting her hands dirty and figuring a design out as she goes along.

    Growing up in a tiny Swedish town, Wang didn’t have any major art world influencers. “Art was not a subject we spoke of at home,” Wang says. Her parents wanted her to become a doctor, so in an act of rebellion, she chose to pursue art. Wang studied interior and spatial design in high school, and later applied to HDK School of Design and Crafts in Göthenburg, Sweden, where she recently completed her degree. 

    “Creating art is a sort of therapy for yourself, a message you want to tell, and fun,” Wang says. “It makes me feel good.” As for where she’ll land in the creative sphere, she’s hoping to keep her focus broad. “Ideally I want to focus on all of these things forever,” Wang says. “Maybe someday I’ll have to pick just one.”

    Tiffany Jow is a writer living in New York. You can follow her at @TiffanyJowCheck out the Opening Ceremony

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    Moschino’s got it right: Even when you’ve tried foie gras, caviar, and sure, some lobster thermidor, McDonald’s and soft serve will always hold a special place in our hearts.

    Just ask chefs Danny Bowien (of the much-acclaimed Mission Chinese in San Francisco) and Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi. The chefs recently discussed dollar-store ingredients at Taste Talks in Williamsburg and showed us how to use Ritz crackers, Cool Whip, and grape jelly to build the icebox cake of PB&J dreams*.

    “Even when you pool the fanciest chefs,” Tosi says, “they still love banana-cream pie, apple pie from McDonald’s, Ritz crackers.”

    This casual approach doesn’t just apply to food; Tosi is a dollar-store queen. In fact, after Tosi first met Bowien in San Francisco, she sent a big gift box to the entire Mission Chinese crew. Inside? Dollar-store goodies, hand-picked by Tosi herself, including a kazoo, holographic placemats featuring photos of puppies, and a do-rag. “It was like an R. Kelly do-rag,” Bowien says. “I wore it while working the dumpling station.”

    Since then, the two have become dollar-store addicts. Tosi favors the houseware/home goods section for housewarming gifts (see aforementioned holographic puppy placemats); Bowien goes for the Jell-O and pudding section.

    “It’s really important to celebrate the basic stuff,” Tosi says. “And the basic stuff is just as important as the fancy stuff in life.” In honor of that, we asked Tosi and Bowien what their current obsessions were, celebrating both their lowbrow and highbrow loves.

    Christina Tosi’s Obsessions:

    To eat: Oreos, whenever they come out with a new flavor. The newest one is pumpkin spice. Whenever one of the mass products come out with a new flavor, like candy-corn-flavored M&Ms, my sister and I buy it and send it to each other.
    To drink: Strong coffee. Like a really good cappuccino. Every time.
    To hear: I make a lot of Spotify playlists, but recently I’ve been putting King Krule on Spotify and listening to it all.
    To read: I try the two-pronged effect. I get pleasure reading and like grown-up books. Like business books or leadership books, like the Checklist Manifesto. So now I’m reading Tibetan Peach Pie by Tom Robbins and Where'd You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple.
    To wear: This time of year, I really love a pair of skinny jeans, a sweater, and sandals. Rocking a little of the New England vibe, but there’s something about wearing it with sandals that feels comforting in fall.
    To watch: I haven’t watched TV in weeks. I love watching Game of Thrones when it’s on. I got really deep into Homeland. Louis C.K. Obsessed.

    Danny Bowien’s Obsessions:

    To eat: I’ve been eating at home a lot—that’s my current obsession. My wife cooks steamed greens, and I eat grains, macrobiotic stuff.
    To drink: There’s a thing from Ito En—it’s called Sencha Shot. It’s like a shot of green tea. I drink those uncontrollably.
    To hear:

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    Last month, resident downtown DJ and all-around cool girl Kitty Cash blessed our ears with her Love The Free Volume II mixtape. Let's just say our iPods and iPhones have been on repeat mode ever since. With new music featuring Willow Smith, Dev Hynes, and Chargaux, listeners were treated to a lush soundscape to end summer on a pitch-perfect note. 

    As if treating our ears to musical goodness wasn't enough, Kitty decided to cater to all of the senses and gathered a group of artists to create visual interpretations of each song from the mixtape. Last night, during a launch party at Red Bull Studios, those videos premiered to an intimate crowd who couldn't get enough. "I was getting all of the songs together over a glass of wine, per usual, and I decided that I really wanted a visual component to bring the songs to life," Kitty Cash said. "So I hit up friends, friends of friends, and local filmmakers, to make a visual interpretation of the song, which I thought was super special because it gives the song a new life by not involving the actual artist. I’m really glad everyone came out to support that.”

    Even filmmaker and OC associate Alex Lee lent a helping hand. Lee delved deep into the literal flushing of a relationship with his video for Michael Tousana & The Trp's "Spun/Horizons." "Since this was my first video project, I was really excited that I could do essentially whatever I wanted," he said. "I interpreted Mike and The Trp's music as the soundtrack to a failing relationship, so the images stemmed from that. I still tried to keep it fun and made sure it wasn't super serious. My main goal was to simply make something that had a bunch of interesting images in it, and to make something that did the music justice. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out."

    Check out the video above and treat your ears right with the Love The Free Volume II mixtape. 


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    What do Shrek, Candi beads, and blankets worn as capes have in common? Besides being the only things you remember about that one weird acid trip in college, they're also central elements of Jeremy Scott's latest collection. Last week during NYFW, the designer offered up a rainbow-hued runway show, inspired by the funky, fun-loving babes of music festivals. The funkiest of them all? Jeremy's pal Miley Cyrus, who attended the show and designed all of its accessories out of beads, bows, pacifiers, toys, car air fresheners (!), and other objects. OC's Michelle Salem caught up with Jeremy backstage to talk inspirations, favorite songs of the moment, and how he roped DJ Matthew Mazur into walking the show.

    See more of OC's fashion week coverage here 

    Shop the Jeremy Scott + Shrek capsule collection straight off the runway––in OC
     stores now and online soon!

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    While Rachel Comey has always stuck to decidedly comfortable, breezy, and soft-to-the-touch fabrics, this season the New York-based designer (who handles all garment production in the city) brings understated, slouchy-chic to a whole other realm. We're dreaming of the oversized alpaca-wool coat and a fair share of drop-crotch pants. Playful, romantic colors and patterns make cameos in the collection's signature collage print, while a whimsical illustration of scribbled creatures plays center stage on the Tattoo Coven Leggings and Quest Coven Dress. Each print is almost as covet-worthy as the effortless, flattering shapes present throughout the collection. 

    Shop all Rachel Comey hereKing Brushed Alpaca Coat in heather grey  Apprentice Collage Top in whiteAlcott Brushed Alpaca Pants in heather grey Quest Coven Dress in pink Piedmont Perforated Combo Rainboots in whiskey Thora Crinkled Leather Boots in cocoaJoyner Chino Twill Skirt in white Una Double Georgette Top in black Dean Collage Pants in black 

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  • 09/16/14--21:00: Fashion Words To Die For
  • In honor of fashion week month, we asked Julie Zerbo of The Fashion Law to school us on both classic and discovery words getting passed on like air kisses within the circuit. Commit these definitions to memory—and try to use them in a sentence today (or don’t). 

    Beat the face (verb)
    To apply makeup.
    Go get your face beat, while we let this hair set in.

    Carrying (adjective)
    Once a verb, as in “carrying groceries,” the word is now used to describe a subject that is exhausting efforts in a superfluous, unnecessary manner. Athena is carrying today coming into work wearing butt pads with her Hervé Leger mini dress.

    FAB (adjective)
    Simply fabulous.
    She’s drinking her Matcha Chia Glo while riding a bike over the bridge—in heels. That's FAB!

    Fierce (adjective)
    A word that used to denote exceptionally positive qualities and has since become the antonym, i.e. ugly, nasty, mean.
    That model's body was giving me so much life, but the face was fierce.

    Gagging (verb)
    A figurative reaction to an over-the-top, jaw-dropping subject or situation; used when rendered speechless.
    Did you see Coco in that gold lamé and emerald gown?! I’m gagging.

    Giving me life (verb)
    The act of impacting someone in a positive or intensely captivating manner.
    This new collection is giving me life right now!

    I can’t (phrase)
    Dramatic punctuation; when someone is at a loss for words/action due to an intense influx of emotion, positive or negative.
    I can’t with these Spring/Summer 2014 couture Dior Fusion sneakers.

    “-ista” (suffix)
    A suffix that is classically used to represent association, but in conversation indicates:
    1. The speaker is a moron and should not be taken seriously. I’m a fashionista. I have a passion for fashion.
    2. A heightened sense of emphasis. She definitely isn’t sample size anymore. What a maxxinista!

    #iwokeuplikethis (hashtag)
    The phrase used to categorize a flawless outward appearance, or to embody American singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles in body and soul.
    I primped for an hour and then posted a selfie claiming I did not expend any effort whatsoever. #iwokeuplikethis

    KK (abbreviation)
    A dash-off text, the virtual equivalent to a quick nod or a thumbs up; may be used as an aggressively polite alternative to mere silence.
    Boss: Hey, J! The retoucher needs more time at the office. I know it's already 8 PM, but can you stay an extra hour?
    You: KK!

    Of, or relating to, an individual’s outward appearance. Distinct from the traditional usage of the word “look,” it conveys an increased sense of glamour. That Givenchy S/S 2015 skullcap and Rodarte butterfly scarf really complete your lewk.

    Loves it (exclamation)
    A way of expressing likeness for or approval of something, because there is nothing more #fashun than
    1. exaggerating and 2. referring to oneself in the third person.
    Friend: What do you think of this dress?

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    Givenchy and Hepburn, Saint Laurent and de la Falaise... the relationship between designer and muse has been integral to fashion history. In Under the Influence, we ask our favorite contemporary designers to photograph the people, places, or objects that inspired their own collections. This time, Italo Zucchelli, Calvin Klein Collection Men's creative director and a CFDA-award winner, tells us about Grace Jones and rollerblading.

    Shop all Calvin Klein Collection men's here

    Who is your muse? Grace Jones. Photo courtesy of Flickr user hansthijs

    How do they influence you? Grace Jones and Jean-Paul Goude, who art directed her image, were references for my Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2010 campaign with David Agbodji. Photo by Steven Klein, courtesy of Request Models and Art Partner

    Look at that stare. 

    Does your inspiration change from season to season? Absolutely, yes. My inspiration changes each season, but I believe in retaining some elements to maintain a level of consistency within the line. Photos of Calvin Klein's FW14 collection, courtesy of Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein in all its earth-toned glory

    Do you have any secret talents? Rollerblading. Photo courtesy of Flickr user uscpsc

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  • 09/16/14--21:00: Simon Says: 'ALWAYS Tip'
  • Here at OC, we are struck by how often we end up in everyday conundrums. The ones that land you in the thick of semi (or full-blown) awkwardness, or maybe, the doghouse. 

    So, we turned to Simon Collins, the
     dean of the School of Fashion at Parsons, who after six years in his plum perch, just announced plans to step down at the end of this year. Translation: More time to wax poetic on what he's learned after a lifetime of dating. 

    Q: What if my date is a bad tipper?

    It always ends up at dating, doesn’t it? The perennial anguish of what to wear and who to date and where to go and what to say. All in all, pretty revolting and yet so many people put themselves through it. I’ve said before that for men of a certain age, dating is simply an opportunity to buy expensive dinners for women you don’t really want to see again. Diverting at best, grisly at worse. 

    As a gentleman, I’ve never come across this because, of course, I always pay. However, there’ve been times when I’ve been out with people from foreign lands (England), and they’ve left a miserly tip based on their own national tradition. As a proud New Yorker, you have to be ever vigilant of this. My solution is a quiet word of explanation to the waiter on the way out, accompanied by the missing amount of tip. Because you see, you ALWAYS tip. Hate the waiter and the service? Tell the manager and still leave a tip. Otherwise you are taking away the wages of the lowest paid kitchen porter. Ladies—and men who like men—if your date is a bad tipper, then consign him to the waste bin for he will not shower upon you the gifts that you richly deserve.

    Q: Well what if my date is rude to the waiter? 

    If your date is rude to the waiter, then I can assure you that they will in time be rude to you. And not in a nice way for those of you that like that sort of thing. If you’re mid-course and your date is rude to the staff, then make directly for the exit and pause only to apologize to the host and waiter en route. Do not return the ex-date’s calls and move on.

    Q: What about when your online date does NOT look good in person? 

    Before the days of the Internet, my best friend Monique was set up on a blind date. Monique was a very striking looking woman and impossible to mistake. Her date did not live up to his description and so when he approached her, as the only mixed-race goddess standing at the bar at the appointed hour, she ignored him. "Excuse me, are you Monique?" he asked. "No. No, I’m not. I don’t know you. Why are you talking to me?" she roared. She hurried away. David Brent in The Office Christmas Special had another trick. When approached by a blind date who didn’t live up to her description, his face visibly dropped and he blurted out, "Oh fucking hell!" His disappointment was clear. For those of us who lack Monique or David’s sang froid or lack of control, I do have another suggestion. Always plan your dates as a quick coffee after work. If your date is less a fox and more a hound then you need only sip your espresso for a brief minute then slide out unscathed. Of course, there is also the other side of the sovereign. That time when your blind date so

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