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  • 07/17/14--21:00: Week In Haiku: July 14
  • WEEK IN HAIKU is a week in review for the well-dressed––and the well-versed.

    How to be cool when
    it’s hot? Ain’t that the question.
    New York undresses.

    Want to look like a
    Gothic Lolita? Check out
    this badass braid 'do.

    Husband and wife work
    side-by-side in a tattoo
    slash jewelry space.

    It’s a backpack, it’s
    a purse... it’s OC’s famous
    crocodile IZZY!

    Shabu-shabu and
    Patti Smith are this gamine's
    total obsessions.

    Clockwise, from top left: NEW YORK STATE OF UNDRESSIn The Studio With Kim Mee HyeMost Wanted: Stamped Calf Leather Izzy Bag; Ammerman Schlösberg's Gothic Lolita Look, In Braid Form

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    J.W. Anderson, master of androgny, turned up the femininity factor for women’s Pre-Fall 2014.

    Anderson—attempting to keep his namesake from becoming too polished now that it’s under the LVMH umbrella—delivered a gracious offering of sensual body-con dresses and skirts this season. Thoughtful drapery and cuts render tops architectural, asymmetrical, and, above all, sexy, with or without skin showing—see the KNOT TANK. This collection is ready for the workweek, with all the potential for an evening cocktail gathering—from now until the weather turns frigid. The RIBBED ANGORA WRAP TOP will indeed come in handy.

    From jacquard prints to the silhouettes and textures, the strong resemblance to its brother collection is intentional. For Anderson, closely tying men’s and pre-season women’s as a way to keep the collections aesthetically close is less of a calling card and more of a tradition. “We’ve always done it, and it defines the brands,” Anderson tells

    Shop all J.W. Anderson here
    Scallop Dress in black
    Jacquard Twill Shift Dress in blue
    Ribbed Angora Wrap Top in burgundy
    Knot Tank off white
    Cuffed Wrap Skirt in off white
    Jacquard Twill Sunray Skirt in silver
    Sail Skirt in black

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    Ikea isn't the first place you'd think of going if you wanted to have a spiritual experience. But when artist Benjamin Barron was designing his deck of Healing Cards, now available at Opening Ceremony, he inscribed them with tables, mirrors, and other minimalist furniture from the Scandinavian retailer. Ikea "enables self-awareness," Ben explains. "Its design is both neutral and recognizable." The Swedish words on the cards, meanwhile—hållfasthet, kärlek, klarhet—aren't pieces of furniture but states of mind, in this case, "strength," "love," and "clarity." Watch Ben's exclusive video to see the cards in action, and read his tips for using them below.

    How to read a healing card: Ben's step-by-step guide

    1. Pick a card (one for each day of the week).
    2. Determine what the card means to you today.
    3. Keep the card in your pocket, wallet, etc.
    4. Find the card later.
    5. Remember your intention.
    6. Feel it.
    7. Put the card back.
    8. Have fun ☺

    Shop Healing Cards HERE


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    Sure, outdoor concerts and rooftop parties are fun, but what’s the best thing to do during a New York summer? Escape. Perhaps to a cabin where you can jump in a lake, drink whiskey, and finally finish that 700-page novel in peace. Or maybe cozy up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and watch fireflies on a nineteenth-century farm. Just because you don’t have a house in the Hamptons doesn’t mean you can’t live the luxe life––so we’ve rounded up all the digs that we dig the most, and they're all just a few hours outside NYC.

    Our favorite upstate getaway is an adorable little hippie town near the Hudson River Valley called Rosendale, NY. Situated on the Rondout Creek, underneath a defunct train trestle, Rosendale is a great place to hike, bike, and swim. The entire town consists of one main road that hosts an awesome VEGAN CAFE and THE ALTERNATIVE BAKER, whose yumtastic sandwiches (great for picnics), fresh iced tea, and witty small talk easily make the whole trip worth it. 

    If you have a car, Bettina Chin of OCHQ recommends BUTTERMILK FALLS INN & SPA in Milton, NY—a bed-and-breakfast 15 miles away from Dia Beacon, 20 miles from the Storm King, and 30 miles from Woodbury Commons. In other words, you're smack dab in the center of upstate cultural life. Think wineries and antiques galore. “I've been there LOADS of times, either staying at the inn or staying on one of their rental properties on-site," Bettina says. "There's a farm with animals on the property––gorgeous peacocks!––that you can explore.”

    And if you’re looking to live the farm life, why not stay on a farm with a yurt? Welcome to MR ED’S CABIN. It's two hours from NYC with a hot tub, free bikes, a yurt, and animals, “including (when I was there) a litter of kittens.” Alice Hines, OC’s blog editor says. “The cabin my boyfriend and I stayed in had a cool Laura Ashley-meets-Woodstock vibe. You have your own kitchen, and I definitely recommend biking over to the Saunderskill farmers' market and buying some things to cook.”

    Angie, from OC’s art department, recommends a lake house rental in the Poconos. About a two hour drive from NYC, you’ll need a car to get there but you won’t want to leave: this spot has an indoor jacuzzi. “It was incredibly cheap and we managed to fit like, 15 people in the house. The house also came equipped with Twister (the game, not the movie) and plenty of table space for card/dice/drinking games.” 
    If you really want to leave it all behind, OCNY’s Kyle Kivijarvi recommends skipping a cabin altogether and renting a tipi in Woodstock, NY. “This place was rad! It's right next to a stream and surrounded by nature and wildlife and has tons of cool hiking in the area. The town of Woodstock is also nearby and has a handful of cool little places to eat and a rad General Store. Nearby, there is a waterfall in the Catskill mountains called Kaaterskill Falls that you can hike up to with a few natural wading pools.”

    Finally, there's a cozy little 1850 FARMHOUSE

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    Despite our love for seasonal sprigs, we'll oftentimes find our roses, tulips, and sunflowers petering out and dying within a week. But arrangements from fashion-favorite Thierry Boutemy deserve to last for years—he was the genius behind the flowers in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, after all. Luckily, our collaboration with the Belgian florist has forever imprinted his compositions on clothing, including these uber-comfortable, ultra-soft mesh tees. After flying off the shelves this summer, the ROYAL COMPOSITION MESH TEE and the PASTEL COMPOSITION MESH TEE are now back in stock. Make a statement with Boutemy's royal blue and red creation, or channel your feminine side with his pastel composition. The mesh fabric will keep you cool in the summer months, while the photo-realistic prints will outshine any wilting orchids. 

    Shop all Thierry Boutemy for Opening Ceremony here
    Thierry Boutemy for Opening Ceremony Royal Composition Mesh Tee

    Thierry Boutemy for Opening Ceremony Pastel Composition Mesh Tee

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    SKY HIGH ON HEALTH reports on nutritional, wellness, and green lyfe fads both crazy and helpful.

    Good posture isn’t just for the long-term health benefits—it boosts your mood and can, apparently, get you laid. Remember this, ladies and guys—mood is a mirror for posture and posture is a mirror for mood. Maybe this is why Laura Ball, posture coach, gets hit on so much at bars, or so she tells me. Her back is always completely straight and, she says, it never fails to inspire pick up lines.

    Last week, I had a session with Laura—posture and alignment specialist, holistic nutritionist, and wellness coach—at her apartment and studio in Williamsburg. She was recommended to me by friends as the go-to girl for getting red-carpet ready––a.k.a. who celebs turn to for problems no custom-made Spanx can fix. (A common VIP posture affliction, is, apparently, alignment ruined by workout crazes––and no, Laura won't name names). Even those of us more likely to hang out with Chinese herbalISTS than private trainers know what it's like to feel... slouchy. It’s easy to remember alignment in yoga when the hot instructor is peering over in your direction, but when you're running to catch the 1 from the L and ten minutes late for work with 35 errands to run… you're not exactly focusing on how your vertebrae are stacked!

    According to the Pilates-toned blonde, good posture can be contagious, and she’s right—as soon as I walked into her studio, I became immediately aware of the way I carry myself. Laura, who has been practicing for over a decade, uses yoga techniques to realign her clients but, she says, it’s not about yoga “fixing” someone. For her, the practice serves to reinform our habits in order to renovate the structure of the body that may be slowly collapsing or off-kilter with our organs, which in turn aren't functioning well because they suffer from a lack of oxygen. Improving posture creates more space in our bodies for our organs, more blood flow and hydration, and better conditions for any healing that may be necessary.

    I got some at-home tips from Laura for helping to re-align your body (and get you picked up at the bar). You can do these at home, at your desk in your office, on the subway platform waiting for the train, in your Uber car, or even on a plane!

    Exercise 1: Dome, baby, dome!
    The best posture check for when you are standing is to make sure all the domes of your body are stacked on top of each other. First, come to standing. Your feet should be just slightly apart—about hips' width. Adjust your body and bring your ears over your shoulders, then adjust your shoulders over your hips, your hips over your knees, and your knees over your ankles. Finally, be sure your weight is distributed evenly through both feet. Then, roll your chest up and forward, lengthen tall, and bring your navel in. Concentrate on your breath. Consider every part of your body.

    Exercise 2: Math is fun! Remember your right angles?
    The body loves 90˚ degree angles and, Laura says, this is a great way to visualize what it means to have correct posture when you’re sitting. Consider the torso/back/shoulders as one line, and the bend from your hips to your legs the other line. That bend at your hips should look and feel like a 90˚ degree angle. Laura also stresses that your knees and hips should always be on the same plane. You never want your knees higher than your hips (which will cause your back to curve backwards) or your hips higher than your knees (whi

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    Dollar Stories are short works of fiction that sell for $1 a piece. Ithis excerpt from Dollar Story #11, "R.I.P.," Galen DeKemper writes about boyhood around the skate park, in all its accident-prone glory. Shop more Dollar Stories HERE!

    My age 13 Halloween was on Tuesday, and I saved my costume for after school. I screwed a set of Tail Devils onto my skateboard and dressed up in red, with a cape, plastic pitchfork, and devil horns. On her face, my mother had face painted one hundred eyes that covered her face so it was hard to tell her real ones. I said she would scare the trick-or-treaters. She said good, more leftover candy for her, and I better share my stash too. Dad shot the Polaroid of the two of us, then I was out the door, to the skate park, where the rest of my team assembled. Quentin was a cowboy, and Timmy was a taco. Eric Estrich dressed as Black, the color black, with all black clothes, black shoes, black gloves, black ski mask, and blackout contacts. His mom was making him wear a helmet until he was 14, even though he was the best out of all of us, doing the next-level tricks like back tail, as most of us were learning 5-0s and heelflips, so he wore a black helmet too. His wheels, trucks, board, griptape, hardware, bushings, and bearings were all black everything. “I even got that giraffe’s tongue,” which he stuck out for us to see.

    “Where’d you get that from, licking Carl’s mom’s pussy?” Timmy said the slander. I pushed him so he fell and dented his foam approximation of a hard tortilla shell. According to racism, my mom was black, dad white, so I was half black. My friends reminded me of my heritage with such innuendo, mostly because my mother was beautiful and exotic to the pasty boys in this farm town. 

    “Nah, dogs,” Eric said. “It’s all pink on the inside.”

    The boys could dwell on such topics if I let them, so I pushed my pitchfork to Eric’s chest. “Shut the fuck up, hand over the goods, and I’ll let you escape with your soul.” I could smell fruit on Eric’s breath. My parents’ Halloween basket had been entirely chocolate bars, and I was desperate for fruity hard candy.

    Eric dipped into his black bag and passed me a flush handful, then went back for more: “Sour blackberry suckers, suckers. Have one or two, you all. These are way better than the piddly shit you’ve been putting into your mouths so far today.” We untwisted the wrappers and began to enjoy our suckers. They were dope, with sour in immediate effect then, below, the real full blackberry flavor. “Don’t bust the nut too early boys, though there is chewing gum in the middle.” In the spirit of holiday excess, I took one sucker in each cheek so the sticks crisscrossed from my mouth. But then I thought of a good one so I took the suckers out of my mouth to speak to Eric. "You should do a dark slide since you're push

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    These days, when you hear the oxymoron "luxury sportswear," words like silk dresses, jacquards, and tailored trousers don't seem to figure, but for MOTHER OF PEARL, a London-based brand merging art and fashion—it works brilliantly. The brainchild of founder Maia Norman and creative director Amy Powney, MoP has established itself as a platform for the artist and designer to collaborate, turning out noteworthy prints and silhouettes perfect for both office-bound workweeks followed by free-spirited weekends. 

    For Pre-Fall 2014, Norman and Powney sought to reference the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 1800s—in particular, the ornate textile works of the late British textile designer, William Morris. From his industrial designs, mostly found in wallpapers and other woven tapestries, the design duo covered frocks, long skirts, and dress shirts alike with elaborate jacquard prints boasting vivid color (see the CADY SLEEVELESS DRESS or the KAPKA LONG SKIRT). Sporty, easy silhouettes with museum-worthy prints and colors? YES.   

    Shop all Mother of Pearl here

    FRANKLIN SHIFT DRESS in pink flourish

    Cady Sleeveless Dress in navy/black

    Hula Shift Dress in pink/green
    Keres Shirt in navy
    Juno Boxy Top in green/navy
    Kapka Long Skirt in blue porcelain
    Minos Culottes in navy
    Payton Wide Trousers in black

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    Move over, Grumpy Cat. Boo? Boo, who? There’s a new viral fur ball on the rise, and she’s worth all your likes, pins, and workday attention in spades. Meet Cleo, the Angora bunny blowing up Instagram. Her social demeanor, super-soft hair, and smoky eye have made a Facebook fan out of fashion photographers and foodies across New York. But let’s get it straight: she’s not just a pretty face. The Jewels of New York's mascot is a proponent of healthy, tasty eating as well.

    We sat down with Cleo—between her photoshoots and fancy hair brushing—to talk selfie tips, boys, and food trends. She even shared her favorite summer recipe for you to ‘gram now, eat later.

    DIANA NGUYEN: You're an up-and-coming Instagram celeb. What are some tips for a like-worthy selfie? Do you have any favorite filters?
    CLEO: People might think of me as another ball of fluff at first, so I try to set myself apart by sharing my passion for produce (especially heirloom carrots) while always looking stylish. It's all beauty and brains here. My tip? Remember to always accessorize—I have an obsession with hats, especially from last year's ACNE x Borsalino collaboration. When I saw the Wegman dogs wearing them, I knew I had to have it.

    You've been recently shot by Cherry Bombe and Design Sponge. Your star is rising. 
    I've been enjoying getting a lot of attention lately, but I’m making sure to focus on my goals. I just want to share my excitement for seasonal produce, and hope that if I keep my ears down and work hard that I'll eventually have my own vegetarian column. I want to call it "Cleo's Veggie Patch."

    The viral pet game is pretty competitive. Made any frenemies?
    My idol has always been Oolong the rabbit. He was able to balance all kinds of objects on his head, especially pancakes. I'm only six months old and new to the city, so I haven't gotten to meet many other animals. There have been some sexy rabbits I've been checking out on Instagram though…you know where to find me bunny bachelors!

    Your hair is so soft! What's your beauty routine like?
    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Every time I see you, you’re munching on something. What's your secret for keeping in shape?
    Kale-parsley juice cleanse once a month. I only eat bananas before 5 PM.

    The unofficial mascot of The Jewels of New York, you're surrounded by amazing food. What's your favorite snack? What can you absolutely not stand?
    We visit the Union Square farmers’ market once a week, and I always make a raw shaved vegetable salad at the studio. It's so pretty and crunchy—I can eat that every day. I absolutely cannot stand seeing people microwave vegetables. I mean, this isn't the '80s anymore. 

    Any food trends you officially want to kill?
    Gluten-free vegan baking really isn't my thing—I'm a classic girl at

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    A blog series, in which OC staff procures the wackiest, most buzzed about junk-slash-fad food on the global market, then conducts highly professional taste tests. 


    Alive & Radiant Chockalet Chip Kale Krunch 
    Price: $5.69 at Amazon 
    Quantity: 2.2 ounces
    Origin: Oakland, California 
    Color: Brown, like rock covered in moss 
    Smell: Earthy 

    Jack Johnson was wrong—things are not always better together. Take these raw, vegan, dehydrated, yeast-free, gluten-free, antioxidant-rich Chockalet Chips. The label reads, "Chocolate and Kale? Yes! Try it." (The "chocolate" bit is actually a thickening of cacao powder, pumpkin seeds, and coconut palm sugar.) But, "Chocolate and kale?! Augh," said one reviewer, gingerly turning the meteorite-like clump in his fingers. "Pretty grody," he declared. Said another, "It looks know." 

    Pooh-poohed by exactly everyone on staff, this was "chocolate gone bad," with reviewers citing notes of "dirty dust" with a "bitter, skunky aftertaste." "I want to like it, but look at my face right now." (The face was scrunched.) The best tasting notes came from the health nuts in the OC fam, commenting chipperly, it's near reminiscent of "Cocoa Krispies, if you take a big enough bite" or the "Mighty Mouse calcium vitamins I ate as a kid."

    We're calling it: "The bacon-chocolate craze, these chips are not."  

    Photo by Jessica Chou 

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    Supply and demand is a tricky thing. Our series, GOING, GOING, is your siren call to OC's most covetable items that are flying off our shelves at lightning speed!

    Shine bright like a Le Gramme in this understated 33 Grammes bracelet! Crafted from 100 percent recycled sterling silver, this cuff was created with ethics in mind as well as sleek design. Each piece, created by the tasteful Parisian jewel-makers, is individually engraved with a unique batch number—think of it as a grown-up ID bracelet, if you will. Wear the polished cuff on a bare arm for a minimalist look or layer it on an iced-out wrist to make a bold statement. 

    Shop all Le Gramme HERE

    "Le Gramme is ice on my wrist; shines like a light." — OC's Jimmy, who models the 33 Grammes bracelet.

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  • 07/21/14--21:00: Sound Check: Francesco Yates
  • In SOUND CHECK, we check in with some of our favorite musicians.

    The Biebs had Usher, but the next biggest star out of Canada has an infinitely cooler mentor: Pharrell. Meet Francesco Yates, an 18-year-old crooner with credits on Pharrell’s album GIRL and raves from the likes of Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. His single “Call” is a danceable, dreamy ode to waiting around for that special person to give you a ring—on the telephone. (Ed note: But seriously, who calls anymore? Text might be more apropos or, Snapchat.)

    In any case, Yates is sensitive, smooth, first-boyfriend material, which is all so fitting seeing as he’s just about to drop his debut album. We chatted with Pharrell’s understudy about the best advice he’s ever received, where his music inspiration comes from, and whether or not #TeamAfro is alive and well.

    JESSICA CHOU: You’re just about ready to release your debut album. How has your sound changed while working on it these last two years?

    FRANCESCO YATES: It was very acoustic-driven at first, which isn’t to say anything acoustic-driven is bad, but it wasn’t for me. I realized that something was wrong, that I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do, and I don’t know. All of a sudden I did a couple sessions with Pharrell, and that sparked a change in my style.

    So how would you describe your style?
    In its roots it’s still pop music, but it has sprinkles of this alternative R&B sort of thing and this old soul stuff. Maybe I was trying to be too contemporary at first, but now you hear some of the other influences. All the old soul stuff comes from my parents.

    Your parents? What sort of stuff would they listen to?
    When I was younger I would go to hockey practice, and while we were driving my dad would play me Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath in the car. But he also played me stuff like Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye, so I got two different sides of the spectrum. He had, like, five CDs in the car, and we listened to all of them: Black Sabbath's Greatest Hits album, Marvin Gaye What’s Going On, Queen’s A Night at the Opera album…

    Pharrell has obviously had a large impact on your music as well. What's been the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from him?

    Don’t question your gut because it’s usually right. I was sitting with Pharrell when he was producing some of his music, and it sounded unbelievable. I asked him, “How do you do that?” He paused for a little bit and was like, “Because I didn’t question it.”

    So, he’ll probably be featured on one of your songs in your album. Any collaborations you’re hoping for one day?

    Probably Prince, you know, he’s the ultimate badass. Justin Timberlake too, and Bruno Mars is really good. I saw his show and I thought he was incredible.

    You’ll be heading on tour soon. Any ideas on how you’re going to dress for the part?

    I know it’s early in the game and one has to ramp up to such crazy things, but I look up to things like what Michael Jackson used to wear, these very

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    Tech reporter Jenna Wortham spends her days writing for The Gray Lady—and tweeting to her 517K followers––but she's got killer style and smart beach bag game, too. Her essentials, below. 

    Summertime was made for weekend trips to the beach, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to figure out what to pack to enjoy a day of surf and sand. My first few trips to the Rockaways or Fort Tilden in New York, I barely brought anything more than a faded towel and a bottle of water. Now, I've got my beach strat down to a science and this time of year, my beach bag stays packed, making it easy to wake up and head straight for the water. All my friends know to look for me and know that I've always got supplies that make every trip extra special. Here's a quick rundown of my must-have summer essentials.

    The carryall: Dust off a backpack or grab a woven tote—something that won't get ruined if it gets wet or sunscreen on it.

    Summer threads: I like my BFF Chromat's line of sexy and sporty suits that look good on dry land and in the water. The key is having a reliable selection of go-to outfits so you can roll out of bed, throw one on, and bounce a few minutes later. Leave a pair Illesteva Leonard Sky Mirrored Sunglasses in your bag so you never forget them and consider investing in a good cover-up, something you can wear to the taco shack or a nearby bar when you need a break from the sun. Get a printed sheet to maximize your real estate on the sand. Lighten the load and leave the towel at home––the sun will dry you, promise––and bring a sheet (mine is floral) that you can spread out and invite friends to sit on.

    Sunscreen, obvs. I like Kiehl's sun care products for the body and face—it's not greasy and a little goes a long way. One bottle is usually enough to last a summer.

    Conditioner! The salted waters of the sea always turn my curls into a perfect soft tumble, but it can also dry my hair out if I'm not careful. I always stash a travel-sized bottle of Ouidad's Moisture Lock Leave-In and a comb in my bag and work some into my hair after the last swim of the day.

    Tunage: Bluetooth speakers may seem extravagant, but music turns the day up and out. Highly recommended. And don't forget to prep a playlist. I like the new SZA EP and this Fader mix from June.

    Reading material: Always keep at least one book in your bag. At the very least, you can loan it to someone in your group. My current picks: Land of

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    Sometimes, you can't rely solely on coffee to liven up your mood. For those long, office-confined days, or moments when you when you just need... a moment, we've curated a list of OC-approved objects that are sure to bring a smile. We know, we can't exactly compete with 17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks. But will UPS deliver those baby elephants directly to your door? We didn't think so. 

    The perfect summer treat that won't melt, Moschino's Popsicle iPhone 5 Cover will always smile back at you.

    Why dry off with a regular towel when you can have eyes watching you? Art Production Fund's Barbara Kruger Towel lets you get all wrapped up in the artist's works without having to step into a museum. 

    If an emoji can lighten the mood in a text message, why can't it do the same thing IRL? With Nektar de Stagni's Exclusive Smiley Emoticon Ring, even if you can't smile, your ring can do it for you!

    Remember when bubble gum came wrapped in Bazooka Joe comic strips? Of course you do! Surprise your friends with artist Dan Colen's Dan Colen Puzzle.
    BEN BARRON's HEALING CARDS, printed with Swedish words like hållfasthet, kärlek, and klarhet ("strength," "love," "clarity") will help you forecast a positive future.

    You can never go wrong with a set of collectible figurines. The Japenese toy company BE@RBRICK (fashionably) collaborated with Isetan for this Set of 10 BE@RBRICKS Figures.

    Now, if only the cute animals in listicles came with useful brass thermometers, like this one from Walter Bosse Objects.
    Have an excuse to tune out the world when you get home with Le Labo for Opening Ceremony's Rose 25 Candle. Bonus: it has 65 hours of burn time, surely enough to perk up!

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    Transitional clothing can frustrate the best of us. Good thing, come autumn, Alex Wang has got you covered with streamlined, multi-functional design for Pre-Fall 2014.

    Immediate attention should be paid to the collection's standouts. Must-haves include the not-so-simple black dresses—one is interrupted by long, white side paneling, while another has a reinforced halter neckline. The architectural, pinstriped separates (the MIXED PINSTRIPE PEPLUM TANK and the MIXED PINSTRIPE SKIRT) redefine workwear. And we can't forget the two long, belted coats that feature a bit of tailored androgyny (one of them is reversible). All of which should be classified as sexy and urban. 

    The concept of deconstruction or “deterioration,” as our friends at labeled it, played a major role as well. Sporty sweatshirts had large, back-revealing cutouts like the PEEL AWAY BACK SWEATSHIRT, or in case of the CAST OFF TORN PULLOVER, there are rips and tears all over, suggesting what acid rain can do to a sweater. However, in terms of functionality, they're sure to come in handy with a bit of added ventilation, you know, just in case we're looking at an Indian summer. 

    Shop all Alexander Wang here
    High Slit Contrast Double Layer Dress in enamel
    Neck Scarf Draped Cami Dress in jet
    Bias Cut Belted Pinstripe Robe Coat in raven and Bias Cut Low Waisted Pinstripe Pants in raven
    2-In-1 Reversible Cocoon Coat in light grey
    Double Layered Waist Tie Tank Dress in jet
    Mixed Pinstripe Peplum Tank in jet
    Cast Off Torn Pullover in raven

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    In this oppressive heat, we can make a solid case for nudity... or at the very least, those seasonally appropriate pieces that are barely there. Still, with all the uncovered powers a strapless body-con or silk slip can provide, they have one major drawback: stage-five clinging. When you’re waiting for the subway, standing on the platform in stifling heat with beads of sweat trickling down your thighs, that bandage dress can feel more like an eighteenth-century corseted gown. That charmeuse skirt might find its way into crevices you didn’t know you had. Pretty picture? We think not.

    For ladies who enjoy a bit more ventilation, we suggest a subtle approach: clothing that barely touches your body. Sometimes that means it’s a little oversized, sometimes it’s a looser silhouette—but it drapes on you, rather than sticking to you. Plus, it’s all just as sexy and, more importantly, breezy than the usual hot-weather garb. When the mercury rises, forgo the short-shorts for comfy culottes—hello, upward-flowing air. Instead of restricting dresses, opt for a shift or draped number that will give your body more wiggle room. Slightly longer hemlines offer shade while allowing your skin to breathe. In this case, more is less.

    Shop all Women's here

    It might seem like a lot of fabric, but J.W. Anderson's featherlight Knot Tank will keep you looking polished and cool as a cucumber.
    Day or night, work or play, this Mother of Pearl Franklin Shift Dress will take you—and any summer BBQ food babies—anywhere. 
    Perfect for lawn layouts or more active adventures, these Thierry Boutemy for Opening Ceremony culottes offer just enough wiggle room. 
    Swap out those heavy denim cutoffs for these linen Acne shorts. Your bottom half will thank us.

    This Delpozo sheer maxi skirt’s long hemline offers shade for your stems but the sheer overlay guarantees the breeze.
    Feel the air flow at its optimum in this T by Alexander Wang Viscose Crepe Raw Hem Flow Dress.

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    We’re still in the early days of summer, and there are many parties, festivals, and outdoor concerts to come. Whether you’re museum hopping or on your way to Lollapalooza, next to staying hydrated, your feet should be your primary concern. Walking and standing for hours on end can leave you weak in the knees. Thankfully, OC has the perfect answer to this comfort conundrum. Casual, artistic, and easily worn with all (did we mention they were unisex?), the Thierry Boutemy for Opening Ceremony Vans will move with you on those long, sun-drenched days and humid, moonlit nights when going home is the last thing on you mind.

    Shop all Thierry Boutemy for Opening Ceremony here

    Royal Composition Vans Chukka Sneakers in royal multi
    Composition Checkered Vans Slip-Ons in chartreuse multi

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    With the news of the upcoming film JURASSIC WORLD (aka Jurassic Park 4), OC's Sean Risley and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to visit a very similar type of park, Field Station: Dinosaurs. Located just outside New York City in Secaucus, NJ, FIELD STATION: DINOSAURS is the perfect adventure for dinophiles everywhere. 

    Armed only with our FUJIFILM INsTAX MINI 8 CAMERA, a map, and our good looks, we braved the perils of insanely real-looking dinos, as well as turbulent weather and the loneliness of being two of the few people left in the park. Not only did we take photos with dozens of reptiles, including the infamous T-Rex (#trexselfie), but also our trusty guides were full of interesting facts and other tidbits about Jurassic life.

    Unfortunately, there was little time for activities such as “Digging for Fossils,” but we did experience a dramatic rainstorm (perhaps intentionally) reminiscent to the one in the original movie. 

    Worried that the release of Jurassic World is too far away to quench your dino thirst? (That would be next summer, btw.) Nowhere near New York City and unable to visit Field Station: Dinosaurs without a flight and extensive planning? Well, lucky for you, there’s a new documentary DINOSAUR 13 set to be released in theaters on August 13. The documentary follows Peter Larson and his team of paleontologists as they discover the world’s largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever found and, subsequently, their 10-year battle for their rights to keep it. We dig it.

    Field Station: Dinosaurs
    1 Dinosaur Way
    Secaucus, NY 07094

    Shop all Instax  HERE Shop the OC Tech Shop HERE 

    Like the look of these snaps? They were all taken with the FUJIFILM INsTAX MINI 8 CAMERAPhotos by Riley Gallagher

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  • 07/22/14--21:00: Tap The App: Stash
  • A new blog series, in which we intro the latest front-running apps on the market. 

    Let's be real: Snooping in other people's medicine cabinets is one of life's guilty pleasures. Whether you're looking for something specific (condoms at a Tinder date's house, perhaps?) or just perusing a friend's choice of Japanese-import mascara, the experience is always somewhat illicit—and fun. 

    Stash, a spankin'-new beauty app, blends the fun of snooping with straight-up efficient features: automatic tracking and refilling of your favorite products, and endless perusing of what seems like the Internet's full extent of weird health items, from pine bark extract to denim hair removal strips to a medical-grade vacuum therapy "erection system" ($135.99). 

    Can you hide your vacuum system from the eyes of others? Indeed. According to New York-based, Stash co-founder Veronica Gledhill, certain types of products (tampons, condoms) are automatically hidden. Of course, for most items, Stash's social function is a plus––you can see what products your friends are using, what your beauty editors and glossies recommend as HG, and what VIP Stashers like Eva Chen and Miranda Kerr are buying (er... getting for free, but who cares?!). 

    According to Veronica, senior market editor at The Cut and a Vogue alum, it also saves time. "I love getting recommendations just by browsing through my friends' Stashes. So, for instance, I was looking for something to hydrate my skin yesterday and found Avene's Eau Thermale in my friend Jen's stash, and I just ordered it like boom." (On the subject of lazy click-n-cart, Stash's algorithms automatically memorize how long it takes you to go through products––effectively eliminating those annoying midnight runs to Duane Reade.)

    As for the voyeurism of peeking inside that mirrored cabinet––er, Stash? "It's a great tool to share among friends and it's not creepy," says Veronica. "I'm more than happy to share the products that I love and use. In fact, I'm kind of proud of everything in my medicine cabinet—like my resveratrol pills." 
    Photo courtesy of Stash

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    Here at OC, we are struck by how often we end up in everyday conundrums. The ones that land you in the thick of semi (or full-blown) awkwardness, or maybe, the doghouse. 

    So, we turned to Simon Collins, the
     dean of the School of Fashion at Parsons. Collins recently penned a TOME that explores how and why people get to be so dang successful. To glean a bit of that for ourselves, we've launched Simon Says, in which Collins lends tongue-in-cheek, Brit-bloke advice to our pain-point questions and social entanglements.

    Q: You're trying to impress on a first date. Alas, you leave your wallet in your other pair of jeans. Do you 1.) grab a Citi Bike and haul ass home to retrieve it or 2.) accept your potential boo's offer to pay? 

    Well, if a chap uses that line on you and you fall for it, then you’ve only got yourself to blame. He’s clearly got a piece on the side and he’s popping out to see her. Don’t fall for it is my advice.

    As a gentleman and an Englishman, I am genetically unable to let a date pay for dinner. Hence No. 2 is not an option. Indeed neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor the rest of it should stop anyone from going home and getting their wallet. If you are lucky enough to have your date still waiting for you when you return, then you ply him or her with the finest wines available. You should be seen as the preux chevalier that you are, and receive due considerations at the end of the evening.

    Q: Would you rather be right or happy?  

    I don’t understand the question—I’m always right and that makes me happy. There are times when one can be either right or happy, but not both. In the noble estate of romance for instance, I would advise happiness—it’ll make you do nice things.

    Being right won’t always make you happy. For example, when arguing with my seven-year-old; I know that Hong Kong Phooey is superior to SpongeBob, and I know I’m right, but when I use my rapier wit to win the argument she starts to cry, and I have to beg for forgiveness, give her a cuddle, and watch SpongeBob anyway. Remember when Mum told you to eat your greens? She was right, but it didn’t make anyone happy right? Ergo right does not equal happy. In general, I would focus on happiness. Your own and those around you. Do that and you probably won’t be wrong.Simon Collins

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