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    If there’s anyone who knows exactly how to get that dirt off her shoulder, it’s Jenny Slate. After a single season on Saturday Night Live (and accidentally swearing on live television), Slate moved on to create the adorably self-aware, one-eyed Marcel the Shell in a series of stop-motion videos. You might know her as Mona-Lisa on Parks and Recreation, or Sarah Guggenheim on House of Lies. But the comedian is mostly known for her confessional standup, and now, as Donna Stern, the hapless, hilarious lead in Gillian Robespierre’s “abortion comedy,” Obvious Child (out this Friday).

    As Donna, Jenny gets brutally dumped, drunkenly dances during a one-night stand, takes a pregnancy test, and finds herself figuring out whether to tell her one-night stand about her upcoming abortion. But, of course, real-life Jenny is hardly a Donna. “She needs boundaries that she doesn’t have yet, and I’ve always been aware of those boundaries,” Jenny says.

    We caught up with the Los Angeles-based comedian as she sipped tea to cure herself of a cold, asking her about the best post-breakup cures, and what exactly “light stalking” is.

    JESSICA CHOU: So Donna gets brutally dumped at the beginning of the movie. What’s your method for getting over a breakup?
    I think the key to it is self-care, you know? Sequestering yourself with people who love you and people who will ferociously take your side. Donna gets dumped, like pretty mercilessly dumped. She kind of thinks it’s her fault because she talked about him on stage, but when it comes down to it, he cheated on her and he’s an asshole, and he dumped her. So, why romantic comedies are so satisfying is because you get to see the woman in her recuperation process, focusing on herself, you know. She gets a new, short haircut or whatever, goes away to her fun aunt’s house, and just chills out.

    What would be your post-breakup outfit?
    A good pair of high-waisted, tight jeans that show off your ass [are] a great power tool. Donna does not do that: she goes completely the other way and sort of disintegrates before getting her shit together. But for me, yeah, I have a really tight pair of high-waisted Courtshop jeans and I like the way they make my butt look like a big ‘ole heart. I feel really loud and proud when I wear those jeans.

    So you would tell Donna to get those jeans.
    Yeah, get your ass into those jeans; get that juicy ass out there into the streets.

    What’s your favorite pickup method?
    Well, I’m married now, and I was actually pretty shy with guys. I remember when my husband and I had been on three dates and he still hadn’t kissed me, my best approach was just to be honest about it. We were standing outside the bar, which was closed, and it was raining, and there was nothing left to say. Like, are we going home together or separately? And, I said, “Well, I don’t know what to do here… we’re both so shy.” Just call it out.

    The movie mentions “light stalking.” What exactly is that?
    There’s a line in the movie where Donna is out just staring at her ex-boyfriend’s door and he comes out with his new girlfriend and they have a dog. And Gaby Hoffmann’s character asks Donna, “What are you doing?” And she says, “Oh, I’m just out doing some light stalking.”

    That’s definitely heavy stalking.
    Yeah, it’s definitely somewhere between heavy and light. In college, I had boyfriends who dumped me and I would want them to see me in my new outfit or whatever, which sound

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    At this point, you've already gone through a therapy session of emotions re: Rihanna's CFDA dress. First, awe. (Was it a gown? body glitter? a disco ball?) Then, curiosity (What kind of thong is that? Where do I buy one?), ENVY, and mostly, straight-up respect for a woman taking her Fashion Icon of the Year award seriously. The nipples were just the icing on the cake: a badass and subtle political statement in a time when the censorship of women's bodies is making headlines. 

    Iconic dresses don't materalize out of nowhere––even if they're strung from paper-thin mesh and Swarovski crystals. Adam Selman, an OC-beloved designer and Rihanna's longtime costumer, is the man behind the masterpiece. We caught up with him via e-mail about #FreeTheNipple and the one fashion rule he won't break.

    Shop all Adam Selman HERE

    ALICE HINES: The sparkly, semi-nude evening look has a long and storied history: from Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday Mr. President" gown to Britney Spears' "Toxic" bodysuit. Were there any iconic dresses you were thinking of when you designed this one?

    ADAM SELMAN: Right? This is not a brand-new concept, but we took the idea and revamped it in a fresh way. The look wasn’t directly inspired by [another] in particular, but Bob Mackie is an icon of mine, and it was fun to have my own “Bob Mackie moment.” So many amazing, inspirational, iconic woman have had semi-nude fashion moments: Cher, Babs, Miss Ross, Whitney, Lil’ Kim, Britney… the list could go on for days.

    In her acceptance speech, Rihanna said that fashion rules "are meant to be broken." Are there any rules you'd like to break?
    Luckily, I don’t think about rules too much. Living in NYC, people just live by their own rules. I just go with the flow. The only rule I have is “NO kitten heels.” And who knows, maybe I'll break my own rule… one day. 

    I read there were 230,000 Swarovski crystals on this gown! How long did it take you to put together?
    We’ve been conceptualizing the dress for about a month. But, we started applying the Swarovski crystals on Monday and we finished at 3 PM the day of the event. Originally, we were going to do two dress options (a lady needs options), but when we saw how long it was going to take, we opted for just one. It took a massive team of about 20 people working around the clock to get it done. I have an amazing team; I am so grateful to have them work with me.

    What's your position on #FreeTheNipple?
    Lately, I have been sick of hashtags. Can’t we just speak in emojis instead? So while the hashtag is kind of annoying, I love the cause. A woman, or man’s, body is her own, and how people choose to express fashion or their own bodies is their own choice. This wasn’t vulgar or gratuitous; she looks INCREDIBLE. It was daring and risky though, which is what Rihanna is all about, and what makes her a true icon. I really look forward to the day that people start embracing beauty and stop shaming women for simply showing something so innocent as a nipple. Guess what, you have nipples too.

    Here's a video of Adam's team gluing the crystals on Rihanna's gown one by one. (And yeah, th

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  • 06/04/14--21:00: The Allure Of Pamela Love
  • Take a lesson in both geology and history with Pamela Love's current collection of antique-inspired jewels. A native New Yorker, Love began making jewelry in her apartment eight years ago. Fast forward to 2014: After numerous accolades under her delicately-adorned belt, she's gained a steady platform in the global fashion circuit.

    In the past, Love has catered to an antique-inspired norm, and though she has occasionally departed to favor a more refined look with brighter colors and modernized materials, this season, she's gone back to her roots. Take the "Step" rings, which bear resemblance to a Mayan or Aztecan temple, or cage-structured rings studded at the center with amethyst and gold, or spiked, half-moon-shaped earrings that will literally make the sun shine on you. Not a bad ask from a piece of jewelry. 

    Shop all Pamela Love here
    Lookbook photo by Skye Parrott. Courtesy of Pamela Love
    Cuff in vintage silver

    Solar Ring in brass/turquoise

    Solar Ring in brass/moonstone

    Sun Ray Studs in brass/turquoise

    Sun Ray Studs brass/moonstone

    Step Ring in brass/amethyst

    Path Ring in silver/amethyst

    Sunburst Earrings in brass/onyx

    Step Ring in antique silver

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    It's common knowledge that guys are impossible to shop for—and dads are the worst. But this year, don't rely on the same ol' standbys. For the dapper dad, choose from accessories like sleek Le Gramme bracelets or a Wi-Fi-ready Leica camera. For the audiophile, Master & Dynamic headphones and Marshall mini-speakers are excellent choices, while the portable sous-vide machine Nomiku will appeal to his foodie side. Trust, you'll fight the urge to keep these for yourselves. 

    Shop the Father's Day Gift Guide HERE 

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    Or shall we say, "Thank you, come again!" King of quirk Jeremy Scott takes his kitschy-couture design aesthetic to new heights in his debut collection for Italian cult label Moschino. Making a splash with a parody of consumerism, Scott brings fast food to fast fashion with caricatures of Hershey's, SpongeBob SquarePants, and McDonald’s, fitted in elegant, '80s-inspired silhouettes. The most notable feature of the collection is the play on the signature golden arches, featured on cushioned clutches, sweater dresses, and the highly-coveted iPhone 5 case that reaffirmed Scott's commentary on "need-it-now" culture—it sold out at OC in a matter of days. Now, we've restocked this limited-edition case featuring the famous red-and-yellow color combo, complete with a bold, heart-shaped "M for Moschino" insignia in a butter-soft rubber fabrication. Get this “to-go” before it’s too late.

    Shop all Moschino here 
    iPhone 5 Case in red

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  • 06/04/14--21:00: Tipsy And Tan: Mouth
  • In our #ThirstyThursday series, TIPSY AND TAN, we ask consummate mixologists from New York City’s white-hot new restaurants and bars to create OC-exclusive drinks for our readers. Drinking on the job? Don't mind if we do...

    The mark of a party-savvy host or hostess might just be the punch bowl: the best punches leave guests tipsy, balancing booze, sugar, and citrus just right. The worst punches simply get everyone a little too drunk too quickly, leading the party directly into the booze-filled sessions that summers are meant for. 

    The beauty of the punch bowl is in the effort, or rather, the lack thereof: Make the concentrate in advance, and add water, fixings, and a giant ice cube (made from a bundt-cake mold) the day of. To come up with the perfectly tart, boozy, and fruity concoction, we hit up the founders of MOUTH.COM, the indie food purveyor with a new small-batch spirits and wine SHOP in Brooklyn. The result? A bright rhubarb-centric punch, with ruby red grapefruit juice and a dash of bitters. 

    “We wanted a summer recipe, and I personally love rhubarb as a flavor myself so I’m always looking for new recipes for this rhubarb tea liqueur,” Mouth CEO Craig Kanarick says. “It’s also not your classic fruit punch. When I think fruit punch I think Kool-Aid, or a red fruit punch, something where you don't know what you're drinking. What’s great about this is the flavor of the rhubarb comes in clean.”

    From behind the bar...

    Name: Craig Kanarick

    If this drink had a soundtrack what would it be?
     "Birth in Reverse" by St. Vincent

    Your summer getaway: 
    Grand Isle, Lake Champlain, Vermont

    Best place to get day drunk: 
    Grand Isle, Lake Champlain, Vermont

    Signs of being overserved: Nonstop eating of the pickles; Eating the rinds of the cheese; Hugging the dog; Taking a selfie

    What’s the secret to making great punch? 
    The real trick to punch is to make sure it’s cold when you first start out, so when you put the ice in it, it doesn’t melt immediately. If you’re serving punch outside, and it’s really hot, make sure you fill the punch bowl in portions so it doesn’t water down; just put out enough and make sure you’re attending it over and over again. Or start it really strong and let it water down. 

    Tell me about the punch—why is it a great party drink? Well, these are great, American-made indie spirits that maybe your friends aren’t going to know about, and there’s a story behind these spirits. So this punch has an, I’m going to say it, ice breaker built in. They’ll say, “Tell me about the punch!” and you can say, “Well, let me tell you rhubarb. Did you know that rhubarb leaves are poisonous but the stems are not? And Benjamin Franklin originally brought rhubarb to Philadelphia as a gift to a friend who was a botanist?” 

    What’s your favorite hangover cure? 
    My biggest hangover cure is kids. They force you to wake up really quickly and get over it. But some of my friends swear by Switchel; it&rs

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  • 06/04/14--21:00: In A World Of Plastic
  • We live in a world full of plastic. By the time you’ve made it to work in the morning, you’ve probably come in contact with dozens of plastics like polystyrene, which is used in disposable cutlery, plates, and cups; Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, which is manufactured for traffic cones, electrical cable, and inflatables; or thermoplastic polyurethanes, which are fabricated for flexible foam found in furniture and shoe soles. There are plant-derived plastics like cellophane and packaging plastics like high-density polyethylene produced to make “Have a nice day” supermarket bags––the list going on and on. 

    So, are you ready for the best part? These plastics and their derivatives are also used by some of our favorite designers like Wanda Nylon, Undercover, Ammerman Schlosberg, Mame, and 202 Factory—to make brilliant, glossy clothing and accessories that are irresistibly cool and have a sleek, sexy quality like patent leather or silk. And when you add plasticisers (the most common being phthalates) to plastics like PVC, it becomes soft and flexible giving it a range of qualities. For instance, the Wanda Nylon Caban Victoire Hooded Coat looks buttery-soft and sheer like chiffon, while the Johnny Biker Jacket feels tailored and structured. 
    We dreamed up what a world in this diverse material would look like...

    Shop the look here

    Photograper: James Parker
    Models: Jessi Wade and Tiffany Nicole Clark 
    Concept/Styling: Shannan Elinor Smith
    Styling Assistant: Rika Nurrahmah 
    Makeup/Hair: Madison Signore 

    Jessi is wearing the Wanda Nylon Caban Victoire Hooded Coat in powder, Full Court Racerback Tank in black, Fannie Schiavoni Spiked PVC Cropped Top in white (in OC stores), Opening Ceremony Moon Sunglasses in royal blue, and 202 Factory Medium Glitter Clutch in orange. 

    Jessi is wearing the Wanda Nylon Johnny Biker Jacket in navy, Full Court 

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    We say, if you've got love to show, wear it on your shirt. This season, Opening Ceremony is reintroducing its popular logo tee, but with some subtle, well-placed upgrades.

    First, we've integrated elements like longer sleeves, more defined necklines, and in the case of one shirt, a cropped waist for undercover layering. What's more, we've placed an emphasis on the oversized logo, seen on both the front, and reversed on the back. So, whether you're planning to wear one over a collared dress shirt or simply as is, these cotton-fleece, unisex iterations yield a chic, style blog-worthy juxtaposition. And no, we’re not talking a mix of high- and low-end, this is new versus old school: refined meets sporty.

    Shop all OC Logo here
    OC Cut-Off Logo Sweat Tee in black/white

    OC Cut-Off Logo Sweat Tee in white multi

    OC Logo T-Shirt in black/white

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    "Most Wanted" presents our favorite and most coveted items available at OC.

    We're not throwing shade when we say the Kenzo Tie-Dye Strap 3-Point Watch is the sharpest timepiece out there. With its gorgeously dyed leather strap and pearly metal face, you'll be fashionable even if you're not fashionably late.

    Shop all Kenzo MEN'S and WOMEN'S 

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    Here at OC, we are struck by how often we end up in everyday conundrums. The ones that land you in the thick of semi (or full-blown) awkwardness, or maybe, the doghouse. 

    So, we turned to Simon Collins, the
     dean of the School of Fashion at Parsons. Collins recently penned a TOME that explores how and why people get to be so dang successful. To glean a bit of that for ourselves, we're launching the weekly series Simon Says, in which he lends tongue-in-cheek, Brit-bloke advice to pain-point questions and social entanglements.

    Q: If you really, truly think your girlfriend looks fat in those jeans, what do you say? 
    One of the 20th century's finest writers, Sir Kingsley Amis wrote—and I freely paraphrase since I can't be bothered to look it up—"In marriage you can be one of two things: right or happy."  [Editor's Note: Amis also wrote, "If you can't annoy somebody, there is little point in writing."] The way forward is clear. As an honest and truthful soul, go on, tell her she looks fat in those jeans. Congratulate yourself that honesty is, after all, a virtue and you've simply told the truth as you see it. Now, sit back and enjoy your righteousness. Oh, and resign yourself to a lifetime of cold shoulder recrimination, critiques of your performance in everything, and quality time sleeping alone on the couch. And the knowledge that you upset someone you love to make yourself feel better. 
    So, back to Amis. For a question like this, you can end up with a fat lip, the cold shoulder, and a life of permanent penitence. Or you can be happy. I strongly advise the latter. 


    Q: It's wedding season! In the same circle of friends, is there etiquette for politely declining one wedding invitation for another? 

    Just as night follows day, you are going to upset someone. Best advice is show up a week early and then demand to know why you weren't told the date was changed. When they apologize (people getting married always want to be nice), you can say you forgive them, but you can't come to the real date because you already accepted something else. Though, do try to keep your lies simple as they will be much easier to remember. Or, you could go to none of them and cry yourself to sleep because you're only ever the bridesmaid and never the bride and no one loves you and you'll probably die alone and unloved. Or you could get a therapist—or a cat. 
    Actually, you should probably ask yourself which is most likely to yield one or more of the following: a decent Bordeaux, attractive bridesmaids or groomsmen, least agro for not showing up. Work it out on a napkin and have a few drinks before you text that you can't make it: this never fails. But, real friends will understand.

    Simon Collins

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    If there's any combination that screams decadence, jewelry and feathers might be it. DELFINA DELETTREZ hits them both with this statement hammered bracelet in her recent collaboration with Fendi.

    "I think that both fur and stones have a powerful presence," Delettrez (granddaughter to Adele Fendi and daughter of Silvia Fendi) told Opening Ceremony, and when put in motion, the results are breathtaking. So, OC's Michael Elijah took this Delfina cuff for a spin, emphasizing its beautiful Swarovski-encrusted round eye and detachable pastel-pink fox fur by surrounding it with even more luxurious bolts of color. Very Art Deco, and very italiano

    Shop the Delfina Delettrez for Fendi collection in OC stores. You can also place a phone order for the collection by calling (646) 237-6078, Mon–Fri 10am–6pm EST!
    The Round Eye Hammered Bracelet Photos by Michael Elijah 

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    In TOP CHEF, TOP EATS, we ask top NYC chefs where and what they eat.

    You’ve heard about New England-style Brooklyn taverns and you’ve heard about Manhattan tour cruises, but have you heard about the two combined? Well, that’s exactly what Sue Walsh (graphic designer at Milton Glaser) and Kelli Farwell (who’s worked at Gramercy Tavern, Rye, and DuMont) set out to do with their new restaurant, The Water Table, that takes New York residents out of the subway and onto the water, serving them delicious lobster mac 'n' cheese and crab cakes while they watch a pink sun set over the New York skyline. The couple, who married last year, restored an old wooden WWII vessel (named The Revolution) and, as Kelli told us, “everything about the boat is MacGyvered.” We met Kelli and Sue at Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg and chatted about the restaurant that just opened this winter.

    Names: Sue Walsh and Kelli Farwell

    Astrological signs:
    SW: Pisces
    KF: Leo

    SW: Oak Park, IL
    KF: Millinocket, ME

    Current neighborhood:
    SW & KF: Williamsburg

    Tell us about the food on the boat.
    SW: We draw on classic recipes from our New England roots.
    KF: We get our seafood sourced in Maine from an old-school operation that’s generations deep. It’s called Hancock Lobster. They are really, really Down East. It’s all people that know each other.
    SW: And almost all the cocktails contain bitters, which historically have been used to help seasickness.

    Signature dish at home?
    SW: Kale, eggs, and beans with miso glaze
    KF: If Sue cooks, it’s usually something healthy with greens. Left to my own devices, cold cereal and pizza.

    Guilty pleasures?
    SW: Those unbelievably expensive veggie juices like BluePrint. After working on the boat, I almost started smoking. At the end of each shift, it just seemed like the best way to chill out and I've never smoked one cigarette in my life! But, instead, I would get some crazy expensive beet juice or something.
    KF: Drinking an expensive glass of wine and posting old Stevie Nicks videos on Facebook.

    What was it like restoring the boat?
    KF: When I first went to see it in Boston and walked on, a couple pigeons flew out. There weren’t doors. We put those on. It’s great now. I just felt it immediately. The cabin had old oak wood floors, wrap-around windows, [and] every seat was a good seat. It was set up like a tour bus with all the seats facing forward, so one of the first things I did was take the fire axe on the boat and just started chopping up the benches.

    Where does the boat go?
    KF: We go around Roosevelt Island, and under the bridges because it’s really calm. We don’t usually go down around the Statue [of Liberty] where the rivers come together. It’s really choppy because there’s tons of traffic with the ferries. It’s like you’re in a washing machine.

    Has anyone ever gone overboard?
    KF: No! There was only one woman that I remember getting seasick. It was a surprise cruise that her boyfriend brought her on. She was not well. She was sitting there trying to go somewhere with her mind. We gave her some Advil and she

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    To celebrate our new partnership with Casio and the twentieth anniversary of the company's iconic Baby-G watch, Opening Ceremony Japan is hosting a Baby-G pop-up shop at Opening Ceremony Omotesando. The shop will sell three exclusive Baby-G x OC watches––reissues of the original Baby-G model with OC custom prints! Or should we say fingerprints? Inspired by our Fall/Winter 2014 collection, the three colorways take OC's signature hand motif to a new level. 

    On Friday, Opening Ceremony Omotesando hosted a party to celebrate the collab, where custom-made fixtures showcased the watches along with items from the Baby-G collection. Stop by until June 29 to see it for yourself, and pick up a special gift from us when you buy a watch––a Baby-G x OC T-shirt, tote bag, or pin badge! There were only a limited number of watches produced, so make sure to get yours before they sell out...

    The BABY-G x OC pop-up will be open from from June 7 to 29.

    Photos by Rei Shito

    Baby-G x OC watches in Blue x Black, Yellow x Black, and White x Black

    DJ Arisa Ueno

    Detto K

    Rei Shito

    Dan and Joe of TOKYO DANDY 

    DJ Maar

    Photographer Mika Ninagawa

    At the Baby-G x OC photo booth, guests printed out stickers of their pictures.


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    This year, to celebrate Humberto's birthday on Saturday, we enlisted help from the one person who has known him since birth: his mother Wendy. She sent along these hush-hush pictures, along with this sweet message: "Happy birthday, Humberto! We all love you so much and are so proud of you." 

    Scroll down to see candid snaps of the man of the hour—and sartorial moments in the making. 

    "Here, Humberto's three months old. Mazzy [his daughter] takes after him." — Wendy Leon

    "In this one, he's four. He's lounging on the couch, calling me at work to complain that his sisters [Rica and Josa] are giving him a hard time!" 

    "He's about six here; we were in Lake Tahoe for a family vacation. We used to go up there all the time, especially when the kids were young." 

    "This was taken in Hong Kong, picking up our family in China. He's only eight here, but he was already showing us what true fashion looks like (especially to our family in China who needed the education!)."

    "Humberto would always pose with his hands in his pockets!"

    "Humberto loves fashion, but he also loves cooking, family, kids, and friends. He's never given me a hard time. His two daughters are so lucky to have him and Patrick as parents." 

    "In college, he had a Superman project at school. He was always so interested in superheros, probably because he wanted to be Superman, too. And to the family, he is." 

    "Here's the family in LA, for my goddaughter's wedding. Humberto loves a good party!"

    "He was in the middle of doing art, here, with a pencil in his mouth. He was actually making a card for MY birthday." 

    0 0

    Sure, you can order a pommes-frites with curry ketchup and pronounce Dries Van Noten's name without a hitch. But can you really get by in Belgium? Our Slang Dictionary will make sure of it. 

    The frietkot, or baraque à frites in French-speaking Belgium, is one of the most recognizable staples of the Belgian landscape, so ingrained in Belgian culture that last year, it was officially recognized as part of our “immaterial cultural heritage.” Every village, no matter how small, has one of these stalls, which comes in every possible size or set-up, from little trailers to full-on restaurants. On the menu: fries, a seemingly inexhaustible list of sauces (ketchup is boring), and any type of fried meat imaginable. It’s the quintessential Belgian fast food, loved by young and old, and everyone’s go-to spot after a good night of drinking. 
    Example sentence: I’m hungry, why don’t we go to the frietkot? / Ik heb honger, gaan we niet naar ‘t frietkot?
    We'll be rolling out more Belgian slang throughout the month of June! Submit your own words to with the subject line "Belgian Slang". 

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    For centuries, Mexico’s culture and customs have given the nation’s northern neighbors some serious life. I thought there was nothing more I could ask from the homeland of all that is good—from tacos to tequila, Frida to Selena—but I was wrong. For their first collection, TRUSS founders, leg-end-ar-y (insert the clapping emoji at every syllable break) OC alumna, and all around homegirls Gillian Tozer and Elise Durbecq have partnered with a group of weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico to produce a series of bold custom bags based on the region’s traditional market totes. On a visit back to Elise’s native Mexico City, the pair fell in love with the Southwestern Mexican community’s killer carry-all, immediately picturing its vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and straight-up sturdiness a part of every girl’s life back in New York City. But beyond the bags’ quality and aesthetic, TRUSS is all about the preservation of Oaxaca’s artisanal network, and supporting those who help it thrive by donating a portion of their profits.

    Realizing that not everyone has had the gift of watching the pair drain a couple Mezcals before launching into a karaoke duet of Mariah Carey’s “Honey,” I figured I better let y'all get to know the hilarious TRUSS team, too. After shooting at FAO Schwartz, I caught up with Gillian and Elise about how they became best friends, texting via Tinder, and the best places to stay tipsy in Mexico City.

    Shop TRUSS Here

    EMILY MANNING: What do you guys do, outside of TRUSS?
    GILLIAN TOZER: I’m a content director. Basically, I create and produce photos and words for digital platforms—it's fun and I feel very lucky to do what I do.
    ELISE DURBECQ: I design spaces—mostly sets and retail, among other things. I also love my job! It’s such a thrill to see your ideas come to life, and it’s really hands on.

    How did you guys meet?
    ED: Opening Ceremony! We never actually worked together as we were in separate offices, but we had mutual friends, notably Anna Mackenzie.
    GT: I was having my, um, "twenty-first" birthday party at Tatiana (a Russian cabaret in Brighton Beach that's a little like Cirque du Soleil on a shoestring) and I thought, I need fun people to come to this. So, I just asked Elise to come and we started hanging out after that.
    ED: Let’s just say, it was love at first BYO vodka shot.

    If you had to describe the one another using only three emojis, what would they be?
    GT: That's really hard 'cause Elise is A LOT of things: Let’s go with, winky smiley face with tongue out + two beers clinking + the “perfect” hand emoji
    ED: Definitely cry-laugh face + the monkey sitting + the Pina Colada!

    What do you guys like to do together?
    GT: We really like talking about SNL [and] relaying our favorite skits. This season past we died a million deaths over the SoCal skit...
    ED: "It's just a kicker dude..." 
    GT: ROFL. We’re constantly fantasizing about quitting our jobs (but not TRUSS) so that we can focus on becoming SNL script writers.
    ED: We are

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  • 06/05/14--21:00: Week In Haiku: June 2
  • WEEK IN HAIKU is a week in review for the well-dressed––and the well-versed.

    Will June be my month?
    Astrology IRL,
    please give me answers!

    In Belgian slang this
    is what it means to send your
    cat to a party.

    The designer of
    RiRi's nipple-baring gown
    shares how it was made.

    This just in: plastic
    is the new patent leather.
    OC shows you why.

    Lobster mac ‘n cheese
    on a boat? The best summer
    date you’ve ever had.

    clockwise, from top left: In A World of PlasticAdam Selman Talks Rihanna And #FreeTheNippleTop Chef Top Eats: The Water TableMake Mercury Retrograde Your #Frenemy

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  • 06/05/14--21:00: The Look: Luke James
  • In THE LOOK, OC friends drop by to try on our favorite new arrivals and tell us about their wardrobe preferences past and present. This week, OC's Mecca James-Williams interviews Luke James.

    Luke James’ reputation precedes him. Before I had the pleasure of shooting and styling the up-and-comer in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, this week, I already knew him from his songs penned for everyone from Justin Bieber to Chris Brown, his new single “Options” ft. Rick Ross, which dropped this week, and yes, his dance moves in the seminal "Run the World” Beyoncé video. Okay, so the man is multi-talented. He’s also easy to hang out with: While I was styling this fella, he was crooning songs (the voice is quite impeccable), quoting Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues, and discussing the astrology signs of his friends (incredibly, they’re all Virgos, including Bey). Read the interview to find out where he got the nickname “Wolf James,” his favorite spots for Southern food in NYC, and how his style evolved from pants four sizes too big to Dries Van Noten.

    Name: Luke James
    Hometown: New Orleans, LA
    Why did you move to NY? And why Harlem? Well, originally I moved to New York to shoot a movie, Black Nativity [based on the Langston Hughes musical]. I played a local worker. As for Harlem, I just had a lot of friends that lived in Harlem, and in NY in general, and I just needed change. I love the culture, I love the way of living, and I just love the city. That’s my reason for staying in [NY] and moving to Harlem.
    What have you been wearing lately? You know what, I’m not really much into brands. I’m just into style, I guess. I just know what I like when I see it. I can throw on a pair of ripped up Levis and keep it moving. 
    Favorite places to shop? Back home and in NY? I go thrift shopping a lot, mostly on Sundays. Lower East Side—they have a lot of little flea markets here and there. I like jumping in and out of Opening Ceremony. There’s always great pieces in there. Pieces you won’t find anywhere else, so every now and then I’ll jump in there and snatch up something and treat myself. Back home: you know what? I really didn’t get into fashion or style there, so I really couldn’t tell you any place. Buffalo Exchange if anything. Again, I like to go thrifting.
    Being from the South, what is the best taste of home in New York? Georgio’s! Georgio’s Country Grill, the food is absolutely good. Anything you ask them to make is just amazing. And for seafood, I would say Pearl Oyster Bar. It’s absolutely good. They have this lobster roll that’s absolutely delicious.
    Where did the name Wolf James come from? Well, I’ve taken a liking to wolves just in general. When I was young, I loved wolves. For Halloween I was always a werewolf or something like that. I just love the hell out them and it just adapted to my personality. Luke in Greek actually means wolf. Pronounces LUK-OS, I believe. And that’s something I found out only two years ago. I guess it was just divine that it be something I’d fancy a lot—that they’d be an animal I’d fancy.
    You’re currently wearing Umit Benan, Dries Van Noten, and Acne Studios. Why did you choose these pieces? You kn

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    As the adage goes, “one awesome eyewear brand plus another awesome eyewear brand equals a really, really awesome eyewear brand.” Did we just make that up? Perhaps. But, that's exactly what happened when a German manufacturer known for craftsmanship and technology teamed up with a French maison known for elegant, avant-garde design.

    Welcome to MYKITA Haus and Maison Martin Margiela's latest cross-country pursuit: an eyewear collaboration that will have the whole neighborhood doing double takes. Their Dual line combines two acetate frame shapes into a single, defined style that is as stunning as it is functional. And, the Essential line is just like it sounds: minimal, classic, and perfect for letting a misty beach breeze wash over your face while still protecting you against the sun. Take a look at the beauties to the left. 

    Shop all MYKITA + Maison Martin Margiela HERE
    Photo courtesy of MYKITA
    Dual 002 Sunglasses in nude/black

    Dual 001 Sunglasses in nude/black

    Dual 003 Sunglasses in nude/black

    Dual 004 Sunglasses in nude/black

    Essential 004 Sunglasses

    Essential 001 Sunglasses in gold

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    In STRAIGHT TRIPPIN', OC friends and family share tidbits from their latest travels. This time around, photographer SOÑA of Opening Ceremony shares some of her snaps from a recent trip to Japan.

    Occupation: Adult
    Travel destination: BENESSE ART SITE, Naoshima; Tokyo; Kyoto, Japan
    Carry-on necessities: SUNBLOCK, CHARMS, BASICS
    Most over-played tracks on your iPhone this trip: Travel is a good time to unplug into the ambient, but I did catch the [William] Onyeabor wave. 
    Reading material: RISD STREETWALKERS BOOK 
    Favorite outfit to travel in: Depends on my mood
    Highlight of your trip: Landscapes seen at 180 mph on the bullet train
    Souvenirs you brought back: Harajuku Condomania store

    "Benesse Art Site is possibly the most thrilling museum out there. It's on a tiny island five hours south of Tokyo, where Tadao Ando built three capsule museums integrated into the landscape." -Soña
    "A five hour bullet train southward from Tokyo and a ferry boat later brings you to the many open horizons of Naoshima."
    "The raw beaches of Naoshima, where hidden artworks await the adventurous."
    "Landscape or artscape? Benesse is like Dia Beacon meets Storm King––by the beach."
    "The viewing experience reinvents itself throughout the museums. Monet's Water Lilies for instance, float in a room with a beaded floor under our bare feet."
    "Historic Kyoto holding down the mountain temples."
    "The Broadway of Kyoto."
    "Back in Tokyo. Japanese urban living spaces are compact and minimal, yet the shower and toilet always get their own separate rooms.""Nakagin Capsule flats in Ginza quarter embody the Metabolism movement popular in 1960s Japan. This replaced the traditional wooden-panel house with modular containers. On the other hand, Tokyo's many parks with fish ponds

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