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    "Most Wanted" presents our favorite and most coveted items available at OC.

    Who ever said it was bad to be two-faced? Our SHEHERAZADE REVERSIBLE BOMBER is printed with not one, but two images from the oeuvre of Surrealist painter René Magritte. Detailed beadwork and structured neoprene reinforce the jacket's otherworldly beauty.
    Shop all Opening Ceremony & Magritte MEN'S and WOMEN'S

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    Don’t let yourself be caught in a blue-skied, sun-filled photo-op without your shades this summer. Impromptu trips to the beach and picnics in the park will be that much better with one of OC's sweet pairs of sunglasses, which come in a bouquet of shapes and colors to flatter every face. Channel your inner Italian starlet with Barton Perreira or go intergalactic with OC’s Moon Sunglasses. They’ll be your companion all summer long, whether you’re blocking sunlight from your beautiful blinkers or recovering from last night's party or just straight-up looking cool.

    Shop all sunglasses for MEN and Women

    These sunset-reflecting OC DART SUNGLASSES, inspired by Humberto and Carol's teen years in suburban LA, make us want to speed down Mulholland Drive in springtime. With our seatbelts buckled, of course.

    You'll feel like a character in a Fellini film in these timeless Barton Perreira aviator-shaped BAILEY BOTTLE GREEN SUNGLASSES. Just grab your Bianchi bike and you're ready to go.

    Designer Linda Farrow began making sunglasses in 1970 and her look never goes out of style. These Metal Bar Oversized Cat-Eye SunglaSses, part of her collaboration with SUNO, remind us of pretty much every delicious summer dessert: milkshakes, popsicles, maraschino cherries.

    Of course the designer who made Farrah Fawcett's famous red swimsuit also made this glamorous pair of shades. The green and pink color combo on Kamali Kulture's SQUARE CAT-EYE sunglasses makes me think of golf courses, Arnold Palmers, and yacht rock.
    Sunpockets were originally designed for the French ski slops in the 1970s, so obviously we love them. Pair these 

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    For Spring/Summer 2014, Antwerp-based designer Christian Wijnants presented a collection of soft pastels and muted greys, up against light-as-air woven materials and sophisticated tailoring. Though relaxed in its approach (we'd be remiss to mention our visions of poolside lounging), the clothing still retains a classic, chic vibe. And, what’s amazing about this collection is in the dual-purpose pieces. Take the short-sleeved jumper or textured trench coat: either can be paired with flat sandals for a casual day look, or dressed up with a heeled platform for the evening. Really, what could be more brilliant than effortless dressing? Right, nothing.

    Shop all Christian Wijnants HERE

    Short-Sleeve Jumper with Pants in light grey stripe

    Long Trenchcoat in stripes

    Long-Sleeve Sweater in white with Front Detail Mini Skirt in light denim 

    Striped Long-Sleeve Top in light grey

    Tie Front Spaghetti Strap Bralette Top in light denim 

    Tie Front Spaghetti Strap Bralette Top in light grey stripe

    Drawstring Pants in stripe 

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    By now, you might have seen the OPENING CEREMONY & MAGRITTE collection, where OC took 12 of René Magritte's most iconic images—like The Lovers, The King's Museum, and Sheherazade—and created an over 30-piece collection that invites frequent return visits. In fact, we've turned the first floor of our flagship New York store into a type of art exhibition unto itself, with a front-and-center mannequin brigade displaying some of our favorite looks. To top it off, the mannequins are decked in insanely cool hair.

    The gurus behind the hair project are Bumble & bumble stylists Mischa G and Edward Lampley, who created a whopping 22 crazy 'dos in under two weeks (it took about four hours to finish just one). Below, Mischa dishes on the whole nitty-gritty, gilded process, and for the daredevils-slash-dreamers among us, how to recreate the look at home.  

    The Inspiration:
    "Heather Neuburger, OC's Visual Director, came to me and hair stylist Edward Lampley with this project. She talked about finding inspiration in the work of French hairdresser Julien d'Ys—certainly one of the most incredible, artistic hair stylists around. We wanted to be inspired by his work, and then make our hair even more surreal, with a kind of twisted fantasy to match the collection."

    The Aesthetic: 

    "Essentially, we wanted the hair to look windblown and frozen, weird and wild. We decided to choose accent colors from the clothing collection, like pinks from the Hegel's Holiday Crewneck sweater and blondes from the Sheherazade Sleeveless Flare Dress. We also had different running themes for all the wigs. For example, the yellow wig I made to resemble a face cage, or armor-like hair."

    The Process:

    "Edward and I started talking, and the first thing we decided to do was use a gel medium from our favorite art store (the gel starts off as whitish, and then dries into a clear shine), to create that stiff, frozen, cartoony/anime look on synthetic Cosplay wigs—platinum blondes and jet-black ones. Then, we mixed in drops of acrylic paint (for example, pinks and yellows for the blonde wig), and set them all up on different wig heads, spraying them down with water to soften them a bit. We used paintbrushes to saturate the wigs directly with the mixture, section by section. Then, we clipped various pieces into swirls and curls. To get the perfect S-curve curl, we set the gel into little pin curls, then diffused the hair to sort of freeze it into place before removing the pin curls. We did a

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  • 05/15/14--21:00: The Look: Alice Lancaster
  • In THE LOOK, OC friends drop by to try on our favorite new arrivals and tell us about their wardrobe preferences past and present.

    Alice Lancaster doesn't take herself too seriously. In the two hours we spent with her, she treated herself to a head scratcher, gleefully jumped on her couch, and pretended to paint on an (almost) finished painting. Alright, so we asked her to do all of those things, but she didn't hesitate to have a good time with us. Lancaster's apartment seemed to bare her soul, equal parts cultivated and playful. Her vibrant portraits and figures decorated the walls while another more postmodern piece (a dried out spaghetti noodle hung on a nail) caught our eye. Lancaster jokingly remarked, “that's a really important piece."  

    At the border of her kitchen, a large painting rested on an easel with a Post-it note that bore the phrase "Fuck Vaginas" on it, a statement that Lancaster does not mean literally. She was just venting about the problem area on her latest nude. Last October, the Bushwick-based painter made waves over a different vagina of the menstruating and masturbating variety. The illustration Lancaster drew at the request of friend PETRA COLLINS  for the Period Power Tee sold at American Apparel caused a media frenzy. Since then, the artist has been featured in several exhibitions including a recent group show at the National Arts Club. When we were done horsing around, we chatted with the painter about art, Law & Order, and beauty. 

    Name: Alice Lancaster 
    Hometown: St. Louis
    Why did you move to NY? Living the dream, you know
    What have you been wearing lately? A lot of black, gray, and white
    Favorite spots to shop? I like Uniqlo because I wear so much black and it’s so good for basics. I also find Beacon's Closet pretty good.
    Can you tell us about the customized clothing you make? When I started off I just painted on pieces of my own and then I was like, “Hey, who wants these?” Then I had people requesting specific things, like, “I want a red sweatshirt with zebras painted on it.” So then I started doing things like that.
    Do you go thrifting for pieces and then paint on them? I haven't done too many recently because I don't want to make stuff and have it sit around my apartment, because that was what I was doing for a while and I don’t want to fill up my whole house with stuff that people might not want. But I do want to do more, so I like to do customization when people tell me exactly what they want.
    Does that curtail into you wanting to do your own designs or prints? I would love to create prints or collaborate with a big designer.
    Tell us about your involvement with the

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    Supply and demand is a tricky thing. Our latest series, GOING, GOING, is your siren call to OC's most covetable items that are flying off our shelves at lighting speed!
    Visionaire x Gap's fantastic line of T-shirts are selling out quick, and we're nowhere near surprised. Not only do the shirts feature artwork and photography from the likes of Mario Sorrenti, Peter Lindbergh, Tony Oursler, and Yoko Ono, but also are printed with UV-sensitive SOLAR ink that changes color in the sun. In this video from Visionaire, the shirts transform before your eyes.

    Shop Visionaire x Gap HERE |
     Read our interview with Visionaire founder Cecilia Dean HERE

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    "Most Wanted" presents our favorite and most coveted items available at OC.

    You’ll be walking on clouds with these Sheherazade Manolos from the new Opening Ceremony & Magritte collection. Elegant and a little bit mysterious, these heels will turn your world upside down. Wherever you go, your night is bound to be just a little more surreal.

    Shop the Sheherazade Manolos in Opening Ceremony stores
    Shop Opening Ceremony & Magritte MEN'S and WOMEN'S

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  • 05/15/14--21:00: Week In Haiku: May 12
  • Week in Haiku is a week in review for the well-dressed––and the well-versed.

    Surfing pineapples
    will free you from the prison
    of a suit and tie.
    The camera is on.
    Ai Weiwei is transparent
    as a sheet of glass.
    lights are flashing, faster now––
    dance like a drifter.
    Sip the coconut 
    swish it ‘round––see what evil
    rises from your depths.
    This is not a pipe,
    René Magritte once declared.
    What's surrealist hair?

    clockwise, from top left: Screening Room: Ai Weiwei The Fake Case; Vintage Hardcore Techno Comes To The City Of Love; Hair Gel On Canvas: How Did They Do It?!; Meet The Man With The World's Largest Collection Of Hawaiian Shirts 

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    A new blog series, in which OC staff procures the wackiest, most buzzed about junk-slash-fad food on the global market, then conducts highly professional taste tests.


    Kit Kat, Wasabi (Tamaruya-honten) Flavor 
    Price: $19.99, on Amazon
    Quantity: 12 mini pieces, 5.2 ounces
    Origin: Japan
    Color: Green, like a new leaf
    Smell: Nice, like Pocky

    While a few tasters liked the "creamy vanilla," others said it "kind of just tastes like vanilla," as in, "meh." One discerning palate detected "earthy and grassy notes, in a weird way," while another raved, "OMG! The best new flavor everrr! A genius, subtle taste of wasabi." (We want what she's having.) Besides being "zero party in my mouth" with "no real complexity," some were left to wonder, "Where did the wasabi go?" Off-flavors like "plastic-coated wax," "chocolate left out in a hot car," and "stale chalk" were identified.

    As a general consensus, the lingering notes served as an upswing. Observations included a "hint of spice" and a "very slight tingle at the end of your tongue," while others described a "slightly nutty, salty aftertaste, with that "trademark, styrofoam-y crunch." One colorful commentator wrote, "reminiscent of that wasabi you'd get in a cheap box of sushi." Overall, most agreed: If you're looking for a spicy dessert, look elsewhere. This was "freakin' expensive white chocolate" and "you're better off with a bulk bag of Nestlé Toll House."

    Photo by Jessica Chou 

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    In Straight Trippin', OC friends and family share tidbits from their latest travels. This time around, Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods shares some photos from a recent trip to Peru with OC's Jessica Chou.

    Name: Jason Wang
    Occupation: CEO of Xi'an Famous Foods
    Travel destination: Peru
    Carry-on necessities: Smartphone with some recent movies loaded onto the hard drive; neck pillow
    Reading materials: Reading is bad for your uhh, eyes, on the plane. Movies are recommended. This trip: Iron Man 3, World War Z, and 12 Years a Slave.
    Most over-played tracks on your iPhone this trip: Spotify makes everything so accessible! This trip: C.L. Smooth, eMC.
    Favorite outfit to travel in: Comfortable pants (in my case, sometimes chef pants), and Uniqlo shirts to layer with a zip-up hoodie for versatility when the temperature changes.
    Highlight of your trip: Sitting on top of Wayna Picchu and admiring the view of everything far below
    Souvenirs you brought back: A poncho, baby alpaca fur slippers, and vicuña scarf for the family; llama figurines for the apartment; coca tea leaves
    Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods with a fertility cup at a street market in Cuzco, Peru.

    Some fruits we tried from San Pedro: Lúcuma (bright orange interior), prickly pear (bright red), pepino (pale yellow), passionfruit, and noni (grey and black seeds). The best: prickly pear and pepino. The worst: Noni.

    A plate of cuy (guinea pig) from a local restaurant.

    With OC's Jessica at Sacred Valley

    Handwoven llama wool fabrics in the making at Awanacancha
    Feeding llamas at Awanacancha. This one was particularly hungry!
    The adorable (and endangered) vicuña. Although they look sweet and Bambi-like, some can be pretty vicious. One bit my friend Lulu's arm while she was petting him, and another spat in my face. Their fur, however, is incredibly soft (like a sturdier cashmere), and pretty rare—a vicuña scarf costs some $800.
    San Pedro Market in Cusco, a giant warehouse full of juiceries, butchers, fishmongerers, and fruit stands

    Machu Picchu at 7 AM. Time for a four hour hike!

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    No matter where you go this season, there is sure to be an occasion fit for a T-shirt. And while the simplicity of a basic tee will never lose its luster, fashionably speaking, summer is synonymous with color. And who needs just one hue when you can wear two or three or four… sometimes in a single eye-catching print? 

    We've rounded up 11 of our best graphic tees, all of which are perfect under a hoodie or on their own for single-layer summer bliss. No matter how you rock them, by their colors alone, they’ll make themselves known.

    Shop all T-shirts HERE

    Feel like you're being watched? You certainly will get noticed in the vivid colors of this Keenkeee FURY TEE.

    In celebration of Mickey Mouse’s sartorial resurgence, the Mickey Mouse / Opening Ceremony SCRAPBOOK STEAMBOAT WILLIE TEE serves up the cartoon icon in an array of attitudes and poses. Like the 1928 film, they're all black and white.

    Kenzo made quite a splash this season with its campaign to protect marine ecosystems from overfishing. Show your support––and illuminate the room––with the bright, summer-friendly, Big Fish Printed T-Shirt.

    PLASTICTOKYO's Graphic Dry Tee takes images of everything from flowers to skyscrapers and layers them for a kaleidoscopic effect.

    Visionaire x Gap's Marc Quinn Flowers Tee represents a season in bloom, not only through its magnified fruits and florals, but also its warm, striking colors. 

    Surely a sign of the times, Itokawa Film's Digital Print T-Shirt reminds us of a shimmering LED screen.

    Juun.J's Marble 35 T-Shirt makes us think of what precious stones must look like underneath a microscope. 

    Made to resemble decor in the designer's home (hence the dog's wooden neck), Walter Van Beirendonck's Woolf T-Shirt is the perfect way to express your love of design.

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    A master of prints, London-based designer Christopher Shannon took inspiration from the club scenes in both Manchester and Liverpool for his current Kidda! collection. This time around, Shannon used images of belts and chains alongside signature symbols like peace signs and interlocking hearts, to give his warm-weather tanks, shorts, and T-shirts an almost three-dimensional effect. What's more, Shannon is literally dressing us head-to-toe, collaborating with New Era to produce unique, special edition caps that employ the same patterns as in his jersey dressing. 

    Shop all Kidda! by Christopher Shannon here
    AOP Peace Sweatshirt and AOP Peace Shorts in black/white
    AOP Belt Shirt in blue/white

    AOP Peace T-Shirt and AOP Peace Trackpants in pale grey/white
    AOP Belt Tank in blue/white

    AOP Baroque Tank and AOP Baroque shorts in yellow/grey/charcoal
    Kidda x New Era Chain Cap in red

    Kidda x New Era Chain Cap in navy

    Kidda x New Era AOP Cap in pale grey/white

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    DIME, HUMBLEBRAG, JANSPORT, VALLEY GIRL. This list of words sounds like it was taken from Rihanna’s Twitter feed, but in fact, it’s a list of answers from one of Anna Shechtman’s crossword puzzles. The 23-year-old native New Yorker, who published her first crossword in the Times at just 19, has recently been injecting some swag into the traditionally conservative New York Times puzzle as editor Will Shortz’s assistant.

    I first saw Anna at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Brooklyn, when crossword-celeb Shortz summoned his assistant and the constructor of the tournament’s final puzzle onstage. To pretty much everyone’s surprise, out walked a pint-size stunner (or shall we say a dime?) with a refined yet humble vibe. In case you weren’t impressed already, the Swarthmore grad is heading to Yale in the fall for a PhD in English and Film, a program whose only attendee to this date has been James Franco (though we’re betting Anna won’t be spending her spring break in St. Petersburg).

    For many, the New York Times crossword puzzle is vaguely known of: a niche hobby, perhaps something that you associate with your grandmother or that weird guy who sat behind you in math class. To others like myself, it’s simply “the puzzle”: the best part of the day. As I told a friend about this article, I explained: “If I had to choose between going out on Friday night or getting the Friday puzzle, I’d choose the puzzle every time.” (Though after six years, I can’t dependably finish a Saturday).

    I met up with Anna at Bubby’s in Tribeca (which, she informed me, is open 24 hours and has the best pancakes ever), where we talked about OkCupid, ex-boyfriends, and shtupping––though not in the context of getting down so much as Across vs. Down.

    Make sure to check out Anna's puzzle in today's New York Times. But if you're already a puzzler, beware: the following interview includes spoilers!

    KATIE BARNWELL: When did you construct your first crossword?
    ANNA SHECHTMAN: I constructed my first crossword right after I saw the movie Wordplay. I saw it when I was 14 and I had, I think it’s fair to say, my first moment of cinematic identification, which I probably should have been having with Drew Barrymore or Greta Garbo, but instead I had with Will Shortz and Merl Reagle. I was editing my high school newspaper at the time, so I started constructing puzzles for it. They were pretty bad! They were pretty topical, related to high-school gossip and the midterms that were coming up. I fell madly in love with this very niche pastime.

    I first saw your name at the top of Puzzle #7 at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. It was my and my friends’ favorite puzzle by far; we loved JANSPORT, had the standard mixed feelings about the Girls reference, laughed at the OkCupid clue, and wondered what it would be like to be a generation or two older and have to get DIME from the clue, “attractive female, in modern slang.” Tell me about your conversation with Will Shortz about this puzzle.
    Yeah, I had the very unique, kind of surreal privilege of constructing this puzzle for the tournament. I came up with a theme and I had total free range in cluing until it was time for us to edit the puzzle together. I did have to sell Will on a few things. I had to sell him for sure on JESSA. With JESSA, I googled her and we watched some YouTube trailers for the upcoming seasons. For DIME, I explained to him the rough etymology; he knows about calling a girl a "ten,"—that’s inscri

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  • 05/28/14--21:00: Come Again: Radarte Tees
  • We just love it when a brand is rad enough to poke fun at itself. Rodarte is a prime example, with its T-shirts that cheekily parody the brand's own logo. Now, the wildly coveted and effortlessly cool “RADARTE" tees are back for the Spring/Summer 2014 season! A favorite of sartorial trailblazers including Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, the playful tee epitomizes the union between high fashion and street aesthetics. Founders Kate and Laura Mulleavy prove they can tone down their exquisitely eccentric runway looks in these fun, effortlessly worn tees. Featuring the clever play on words in signature block lettering crafted from a butter-soft cotton blend, these statement pieces are the ultimate expression of slick, urban sensibilities.

    Shop all Rodarte here

    Barbed Wire Radarte Sweatshirt in heather grey

    Barbed Wire Radarte T-Shirt in pink

    Barbed Wire Radarte T-Shirt in heather grey

    Barbed Wire Radarte T-Shirt in ivory

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  • 05/28/14--21:00: Tipsy And Tan: Estela
  • In our #ThirstyThursday series, TIPSY AND TAN, we ask consummate mixologists from New York City’s white-hot new restaurants and bars to create OC-exclusive drinks for our readers. Drinking on the job? Don't mind if we do...

    Bartender Michael Klein might not have the rotary evaporator machine of his dreams behind the bar at ESTELA, but what he does have is a keen eye for flavor and a knack for making pared-down drinks that won’t “blow your palate away” before sampling some of chef IGNACIO MATTOS' mouthwatering dishes. 

    We were in the mood for TEQUILA, so Michael whipped up “Dangerous Vines,” a refreshing blast of watermelon with a smoky aftertaste.  

    From behind the bar...

    Name: Michael Klein

    If this drink had a soundtrack what would it be? "CRUEL SUMMER" by Bananarama

    Best place to get day drunk:
     AMOR Y AMARGO in the East Village. They have Americanos on draft. Catch them right when they open and when the sun’s out. 

    Hangover cure: I love Bloody Marys, but usually I’m getting out of bed, taking a couple of Advil, and sleeping all day. That’s the way I do it. 

    Your summer getaway: Rockaway Beach or home to Texas

    Favorite summer tradition: A friend of mine has access to a rooftop in the West Village, so I’ve been up there to see the fireworks on July 4th. 

    What are some red-light signs that someone’s been overserved? Falling asleep on the bar… [Laughs] 

    Are there any personality traits essential to a being a bartender? Obviously, you want to be outgoing and friendly. I consider myself to be an introverted person, so it definitely doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m not one of the lucky ones that has the gift of gab. 

    Exclusive Recipe: Dangerous Vines

    .75 oz. blanco tequila 
    .75 oz. fino sherry
    1.5 oz. watermelon juice
    .5 oz. lime juice
    .25 oz. cinnamon syrup

    1. Shake all ingredients and strain into rocks glass with ice. 
    2. Garnish with lime wheel and cinnamon stick. 

    OC Alcohol Scale*: 6
    In terms of the alcohol content, it’s a 6, but it’s not that bold in terms of flavor.

    *OC's Alcohol Scale ranges from 1 ("like sippin' from a juice box") to 10 ("take me home—right now")

    Photos by Jessica Chou

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    "Most Wanted" presents our favorite and most coveted items available at OC.

    Before you reach for your usual denim jacket, check out this Faustine Steinmetz Handwoven BouclÉ Mohair Jacket. Completely handmade in an East London studio, this piece stands entirely on its own. (Sometimes literally.)

    Shop all Faustine Steinmetz here

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    Sure, you can order a pommes-frites with curry ketchup and pronounce Dries Van Noten's name without a hitch. But can you really get by in Belgium? Our Slang Dictionary will make sure of it. 

    A marcelleke is a white sleeveless shirt (or wife-beater), the fashion item of choice for bodybuilders and sofa spuds alike. Known colloquially in French as un marcel (a term of contested origins whose etymology has been attributed to everyone from French boxers to ninteenth-century clothiers) it made its way into the Flemish vocabulary, where it’s referred to endearingly as “a little Marcel.” While the white tank top might make you think of the sweat-drenched virility of Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire or Robert De Niro in Raging Bull, your Belgian friend will probably associate it with the sweat-drenched virility of his dad mowing the lawn on weekends.
    Example: Dad is mowing the lawn in his marcelleke. / 
    Pa is het gras aan ‘t afrijden in zijn marcelleke.

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  • 05/28/14--21:00: All Together Now: For Keeps

  • Don't let the bride and groom have all the attention. From bright golds to soft pinks and pastels galore, here are our wedding season essentials. 
    Clockwise from far left: Anndra Neen Cage Envelope Bag; Isa Arfen Embroidered Sweatshirt (in OC Stores); Ami Candy Striped Long-Sleeve Button-Down; Anndra Neen Triangle Necklace; Venessa Arizaga Pink Flamingo Necklace and Pearly Shells Necklace; Ek Thongprasert Babiana Rubrocyanea Crystal Earrings; Tonya Hawkes Dizzy Viper Snakeskin Box Clutch; Nova OC-Exclusive 80s Pop Perfume Kit; Acne Studios Drifter T Tux pants (in OC Stores); Comme Des Garcons Patchwork Metal Zip-Top Pouch; Acne Studios Alivia Suede 2 Heels; Pablo Bronstein for Opening Ceremony Silk Scarf; Joomi

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    Well-positioned in Japan’s new guard of fashion labels, Toyko-based Sunsea has made a name for itself with fresh, unorthodox silhouettes. And for Spring/Summer 2014, there was a strong focus on dressing a man during that period of the year when temperatures fluctuate (yes, that would be now). Take the Nice Material Coat or the Reversible Blouson; both can be worn from late spring well into summer, giving that extra layer while still maintaining a certain stylish presence.

    Then there are thick hoodies for chilly evenings on the coast, long-sleeved T-shirts, and knitted sweaters that resemble something a character might have worn in The Matrix (coincidentally, it's dubbed the “Neo Sweater”). if classic simplicity mixed with a bit of modern tailoring is what this season is all about, Sunsea has (literally) got you covered.

    Shop all Sunsea here
    Nice Material Coat in navy

    Reversible Blouson in black/light blue

    Reversible Space Sweat Parka in off white

    Neo Sweater in black

    Layered Long-Sleeve Tee in ultramarine

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    How did Sufjan Stevens, the indie-folk singer known for songs about Illinois, end up in the ballet scene? Just ask Justin Peck, the 26-year-old soloist at New York City Ballet making waves for his innovative and playful choreography. 

    Peck, who collaborated with Stevens for "Year of the Rabbit" back in 2012, once again brings Stevens onboard for his latest piece, "Everywhere We Go," with a new orchestral composition commissioned by NYCB. The result is a vibrant, kaleidoscopic work set to an ever-changing nine-movement orchestral score. (Such effects are only enhanced by the graphic-striped costumes designed by former NYCB principal dancer, Janie Taylor).

    We snuck backstage before their latest performance on May 30 to see what goes on behind the scenes and on the stage. As expected, there were boxes and boxes of bobby pins, rows of hairspray, and stacks of makeup everywhere. And the performance? Well, let's just say it made us want to put on our ballet shoes and prance about once more.

    "Everywhere We Go" will only be performed two more times this season, on Saturday May 31 at 2 PM and 8 PM. Tickets are still available at New York City Ballet. It will return for NYCB's fall season.
    During intermission, the dancers from Sufjan Stevens and Justin Peck's collaboration, "Everywhere We Go," warm up and tie on their pointe shoes, sewing the straps together to keep them secure. Photos by Jessica Chou

    The inspiration board for the makeup and hair department, led by Suzy Alvarez and Karla Elie. Most dancers do their own makeup, but certain roles require the pros.

    The dressing room for principal dancers Tiler Peck and Teresa Reichlen

    Teresa Reichlen finishing up her eye makeup
    Dancers usually go through one pair of shoes per show. Used shoes are oftentimes signed and given to fans.
    The hair for "Everywhere We Go" is unusual for classical ballet: A pouf up front and a bun in the back. Rumor has it, it's the signature hairdo for "Everywhere We Go" costume designer Janie Taylor.
    Tiler Peck, getting her hair done before the show
    And yes, even male dancers have to put on makeup. Meet Amar Ramasar (below), the principal dancer who was blasting Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" while getting ready. 

    All those cans of hairspray get put to good use, holding every strand of hair in place while the dancers spin, jump, and pas de bourrée across the stage. 

    Each dancer has a different method for prepping his or her shoes; for Peck, it starts with banging them against the wall.
    Andrew Veyette works to cover his third tattoo, which he got during the last NYCB Japan t

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